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Cialis generic levitra viagra When it’s 87 degrees at 5AM you just know it’s going to be a day when putting a complete thought together is going to rough (or rougher than usual) so as I wipe the svitz off my forehead he are some thought’s for a Friday where my fingers and toes are crossed that Con Edison doesn’t fuck us over today.

Cialis generic levitra viagra Last night, cialis generic levitra viagra I attended maybe the worst baseball game I have ever seen . Cialis generic levitra viagra It was a tilt between the Staten Island Highlanders against the Tamp Bay Rays NY-Penn League affiliate the Hudson Valley Renegades . Cialis generic levitra viagra It wasn’t bad enough that the heat and humidity in the soulless Richmond County Ballpark was suffocating, cialis generic levitra viagra the play on the field was atrocious. Cialis generic levitra viagra Both teams combined for NINE ERRORS, cialis generic levitra viagra the baby Highlanders account for six of them. Cialis generic levitra viagra The home plate ump Brain Miller made the night even more unbearable, cialis generic levitra viagra allowing both teams to conducted marathon visits to the mound to the point I had to scream out to him “Blue com’on move it along” which could be heard clearly by the umpire as the stands were inhabited by about 1, cialis generic levitra viagra000 or so sweaty ass’s in the seats and I was right behind home plate. Cialis generic levitra viagra Umpire Miller glared at me and I gave him an “are you fucking kidding me look” when he used his best judgment of the night and put his mask back on and continued the game. Cialis generic levitra viagra Asshole.

Cialis generic levitra viagra Oh by the way, cialis generic levitra viagra the baby Highlanders won 8-7 and have an incredible 25-8 record that no one on Staten Island gives a rat’s ass about. Cialis generic levitra viagra This is one of the biggest head scratchers for me, cialis generic levitra viagra Staten Island is Highlander country, cialis generic levitra viagra you see about 10 Highlanders t-shirts/jersey’s to every Mets piece of apparel but for some reason the Baby Highlanders can’t draw anyone to the downtown ball park except when the Brooklyn Cyclones make the trip over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Cialis generic levitra viagra  I get a few different reasons from Highlander friends and acquaintances on why they don’t patronize the minor league team. Cialis generic levitra viagra Some tell me they’d rather see the “real” Highlanders, cialis generic levitra viagra some live on the South Shore of the Island and hate making the trek downtown. Cialis generic levitra viagra Some will go on the weekends when the club draws a bit better but the biggest segment of the fan base comes by ferry from Manhattan. Cialis generic levitra viagra  Manny of the fans at last night’s game were Manhattanites who live in Tribeca or SoHo and love taking the ferry over watching the game and then head back to the city. Cialis generic levitra viagra  

Cialis generic levitra viagra Give me MCU Park and the  Coney Island Boardwalk anytime.

Cialis generic levitra viagra David Wright is back tonight (as is Kevin Burkhardt on SNY) so it will be interesting to see how the offense works with Reyes lighting the fuse at the top and Beltran, cialis generic levitra viagra Wright and Murph in the middle of the lineup. Cialis generic levitra viagra How long Beltran will be a Met is an ongoing saga. Cialis generic levitra viagra It seems from what you read Alderson is more than willing to trade your team Carlos Beltran and about $6 mil to cover his paychecks for the rest of the year for one of your prized farm hands. Cialis generic levitra viagra If you feel Beltran is the missing piece to your post season run you can have him, cialis generic levitra viagra but he’s not coming cheap. Cialis generic levitra viagra Seems most of the GM’s who are in position to deal suffer from irritable bowel syndrome when Sandy Alderson rings the phone. Cialis generic levitra viagra  Bottom line, cialis generic levitra viagra one of these contenders will cave as the bat of Beltran is too powerful to pass up and the Mets will get a top prospect in return.

Cialis generic levitra viagra I can’t stand the NJ Devils but I am very sad that Doc Emrick is leaving MSG and Devils play by play to be the exclusive voice of the NHL on NBC/Versus. Cialis generic levitra viagra I’m sure most of you have read the articles on Emrick on what a great guy he is and his play by play of hockey is unmatched and having met Doc I can tell it’s all true.

Cialis generic levitra viagra About 5 or so years ago, cialis generic levitra viagra my wife and I were Christmas shopping at the Paramus Mall. Cialis generic levitra viagra As usual I had  enough of shopping and Christmas, cialis generic levitra viagra so I told my wife to continue her spending spree while I hit the bench with a Starbucks Latte for a while. Cialis generic levitra viagra  A few minutes after I took a load off, cialis generic levitra viagra a gentleman sat next to me, cialis generic levitra viagra it was none other than Doc Emrick. Cialis generic levitra viagra I sat and talked hockey and baseball l with him for about a half hour when he had to leave. Cialis generic levitra viagra When he got up, cialis generic levitra viagra he put out his hand and said to me “thank you for making this trip to the mall worthwhile for me, cialis generic levitra viagra I enjoyed our conversation” I was like, cialis generic levitra viagra “are you kidding, cialis generic levitra viagra thank you for making me  glad I came here” we both laughed  and shook hands. Cialis generic levitra viagra Great guy that Doc.

Cialis generic levitra viagra (Sorry the link button is not working)

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Cheapest Viagra Anywhere

Cheapest viagra There is no better place on earth than New York City on the first crisp cool fall day even though we haven’t had one of those classic “Con Edison can’t handle the electrical demand summers” there is something invigorating when you step out the door and it’s 51 degrees with a chilly breeze. Cheapest viagra The afternoons are even better as the shadows of the sky scrapers bring back memories of Seaver/Cuellar and Koosman/McNally and just makes me root harder for the Mets to get into the post season as this season HAS TO KEEP GOING. Cheapest viagra Not just because fall baseball is the ultimate sporting event (made even better that my son was asked to play on a team in a fall baseball league today even though he didn’t sign up as he rather play soccer this time of year but the coach knew of him from Little League and asked him to play for his team today. Cheapest viagra Talk about your late season call up)  but it’s only fitting that the team from the South Bronx which has looked down it’s nose at us for years closes it’s stadium doors with no post season game but a with a meaningless play out the string game tomorrow night and that Shea the old clapboard house that many an insult has been hurled at it finishes out in style with post season baseball. 

Cheapest viagra Last night’s game was no work of art by any means but OP was great, cheapest viagra Brain Stokes had his fastball back and Daniel Murphy will find a place to play for the Mets this post season and for many seasons to come.

Cheapest viagra Is FOX kidding by putting Cards-Cubs on in NYC with the Brewers-Reds on at the same time?

Cheapest viagra Let’s hope Petey has some magic left in that right arm tonight

Cheapest viagra I can’t say this enough please Skill Sets and Omar shut down John Maine for the season get him the surgery he needs and let the cow chips of the bullpen fall where they may.

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