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Cheap viagra I think that’s the proper word to describe yesterday’s Mets home opener. Cheap viagra The weather turned from not bad to uncomfortable rather quickly.  I know there have been reports of empty seats and there were pockets of them through the ball park but you have to understand that Citi Field was built for those who like to stroll and for those who like to remain inside.  I’m sure all the ritzy clubs were filled with sissy fans and folks at the game that could not care less that the Mets went 0 for 10 with RISP. Cheap viagra Then there is the Shea Bridge, cheap viagra which has become the meeting spot for fans to meet with friends at the game. Cheap viagra Yesterday I met up with Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus, cheap viagra Kerel Cooper, cheap viagra Taryn Cooper, cheap viagra Ed Leyro and Shannon for a pre game summit that should have been covered by SNY. Cheap viagra That’s what SNY is missing, cheap viagra a Meet the Press type show with Mets bloggers in a round table setting. Cheap viagra I bet it would beat any show on the network in ratings.

Cheap viagra Citi Field is starting to grow on me. Cheap viagra  There were a few issues. Cheap viagra  I went to get a hot dog on the Concourse to enjoy while watching batting practice. Cheap viagra The concession stand is one of the self service ones that reminds me of a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike. Cheap viagra I get my hot dog, cheap viagra pay for it and then head over to the toppings island. Cheap viagra There is a  woman stationed there who puts the onions and sauerkraut on for you. Cheap viagra I can not believe this is the woman’s sole function. Cheap viagra I mean, cheap viagra how much do you pay a person to be a condiments distributor? Is there special training needed to execute this task? Next time I have a bar-b-que at my house, cheap viagra I think I’m going to offer the job of condiment distributor to one of my kids, cheap viagra  next time I go to Citi Field I’ll ask the woman how much she makes so I know where to start my salary negotiations. Cheap viagra By the way, cheap viagra by the time I put on the mustard and the fine condiment lady lathered my hot dog in onions, cheap viagra the frankfurter was cold. Cheap viagra UGH!

Cheap viagra They have added a Hot Pastrami station on the Concourse where you can get a kinish as well. Cheap viagra I never understood why the team never put a full deli concession in the Worlds Fare Market to go along with Mama’s of Corona. Cheap viagra Suhi. Cheap viagra YUCK!!!

Cheap viagra Outside the Worlds Fare Market they have added an area that makes frozen daiquiris. Cheap viagra The drinks look very refreshing and would be great on an 85 degree day but when it’s 45 and damp, cheap viagra I’ll pass.

Cheap viagra The opening day ceremonies were very good, cheap viagra  except for the booing of Mike Pelfrey and Frankie Rodriquez, cheap viagra Pelfrey gave a little smile which was good and Rodriquez stood stone faced which was good too as he must have known what to expect. Cheap viagra M ookie Wilson got a great ovation but then again if Tim Corcoran was introduced he’d get a round of applause as well since he has a ’86 World Series ring  for the 7 at bats he had in helping the cause that season. Cheap viagra Anyone associated with the 1986 Mets is an immortal.

Cheap viagra (Update: What a schmuck I am for forgetting to mention Ralph Kiner tossing out the first pitch. Cheap viagra Ralphie was a picture of sartorial splendor in his fur collared over coat. Cheap viagra When Mets toast master general Georgie Jessel, cheap viagra Howie Rose announced  him to the crowd, cheap viagra a roar went up throughout the ballpark. Cheap viagra Kiner then doffed the overcoat like a boxer does his robe at the start of a prize fight and headed to a spot near home plate, cheap viagra assisted by his daughter and son in law. Cheap viagra He then tossed the first pitch to Mookie Wilson, cheap viagra who ran out to give Kiner a big hug. Cheap viagra I guess I’m a Mets romantic because I love moments like this)

Cheap viagra The shocker of the day for me was Alex Cora getting cheers and applause when he was introduced as a Nats bench warmer. Cheap viagra So Mets fans boo Big Pelf and cheer Cora. Cheap viagra Mets fans are fucked up.

Cheap viagra So on to the game. Cheap viagra Right away you could see R.A. Cheap viagra Dickey was in distress after a 1-2-3 first inning. Cheap viagra I thought it was the cold weather that was causing his grip on the knuckle ball to cause him problems, cheap viagra it wasn’t until after the game I found out about his split finger nail but I’ll tell you this, cheap viagra when the temperature is in the mid-40’s and it’s damp sitting at a game of deep counts and a tone of walks is not fun.

Cheap viagra Jose Reyes made a spectacular play to get an inning ending double play to avert a big inning by the Nats but at the plate he was woeful. Cheap viagra  I’m sure Sandy Alderson has that 7th inning AB etched into his mind. Cheap viagra I can’t put all the blame on Reyes. Cheap viagra Angel Pagan hasn’t hit and came up short in the 7th as well and Ike Davis, cheap viagra who I adore, cheap viagra really needs to stop contesting every strike call by the umpires. Cheap viagra He’s going to get a bad rep and one of these days either Douche Bag Joe West or Incompetent Angel Hernandez will behind the plate  and either stick it to him with a phony strike call or toss him  from the game for just glancing over his shoulder.

Cheap viagra I know Willie Harris has been hitting and playing real well in LF but I’d much rather see Lucas Duda out there every day until Jason Bay comes back. Cheap viagra If you’re not playing Duda every day, cheap viagra then why is he here?

Cheap viagra If I were Jason Issringhausen I’d be on the phone this morning asking to be promoted or released. Cheap viagra As bad as the bullpen has been the starting pitching has been as bad as well. Cheap viagra Bad pitching and the inability to drive runners in with less than two outs is a recipe for disaster.

Cheap viagra I just wonder when does Sandy Alderson’ patients run out. Cheap viagra  I’m not saying he needs to do anything now but after a month if the team is floundering does he shake it up with a blockbuster deal or a release of players or demotions to the minors. Cheap viagra I guess this is what happens when you freeze your ass off at an opening day stinker  it leads your mind to Armageddon.

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Viagra stores Well one thing the 2010 Mets aren’t lacking in is drama, viagra stores with ex-Mets trying to school new Mets and the bullpen coach telling the Diva Closer to shut the fuck up and the manager’s job status as volatile as the Dow Jones this is becoming a lot of fun.

Viagra stores I remarked on Twitter last night that I wondered where R.A. Viagra stores Dickey leaves his shopping cart during games. Viagra stores Dickey looks like the guys you avoid at the supermarket who bring in cans and bottles for the nickel deposit. Viagra stores Dickey has been outstanding in these last two starts and a huge upgrade over the Ritalin Kid that’s for sure. Viagra stores Plus the Dickey jokes on Twitter never get old.

Viagra stores Speaking of Dickey, viagra stores did you get a look at what has been reported as Evan Longoria’s manhood? If I were packing something like that it would be the picture on my drivers license. Viagra stores Most definitely NSFW

Viagra stores I saw the video of the squirrel that ran on the grass at Target Field during last nights Twins-Highlanders game. Viagra stores The squirrel really looked lost and confused as he ran around out of control to the point the game had to be held up. Viagra stores The squirrel, viagra stores who was identified as Rocket J. Viagra stores Squirrel of Frost Bite Falls MN said he was looking for the Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich concession stand when he got disoriented, viagra stores he claims with the ball park’ so new he was still trying to find his way around the place.

Viagra stores I am definitely getting myself an I LIKE IKE t-shirt

Viagra stores Nelson Figueroa is the first player in the history of professional sports to get screwed over by a team. Viagra stores Give it a break Nelly Figs will ya!

Viagra stores After the Mets defeated the Phuck Phaces last night I had the pleasure of talking to Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley a member of ESPN Sweet Zone blogs (as well as Baseball Prospectus Baseball Digest Daily and Heater Magazine) on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show last night. Viagra stores You can check out the podcast right there a Kranepool Society (see the player on the lower left sidebar) or at my show page at Blog Talk Radio or downloaded it to your iPhone, viagra stores iTouch, viagra stores or iPod at iTunes.

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The one bright spot in Daniel Murphy’s error yesterday was it verified my rant to every Little Leaguer I’ve ever coached “CATCH THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!


Murphy the outfielder is a work in progress and if you just read the headline you’d think Johan Santana was looking to jack up Murphy for costing him and the Mets a win but after you read the quotes, cheap generic viagra Santana came off showing leadership qualities instead of being a finger pointer:


 “It’s one mistake that he made. Cheap generic viagra It cost us the whole ballgame, cheap generic viagra but its part of the game, cheap generic viagra” Santana said of Murphy’s gaffe. Cheap generic viagra “I know he’s in a learning process. Cheap generic viagra This is not going to be the first time. Cheap generic viagra I don’t think it’s going to be the last one, cheap generic viagra either. Cheap generic viagra The only thing is we learn from our mistakes. Cheap generic viagra That’s all I can say. Cheap generic viagra I’m pretty sure he’ll be back and try to do better.”


“We cannot afford to make a lot of mistakes, cheap generic viagra” he continued. Cheap generic viagra “We were out by one game last year. Cheap generic viagra Every game is very important. Cheap generic viagra We have to do the routine plays, cheap generic viagra and I’m pretty sure (Murphy) was trying his best there and it didn’t work out.”


I have no problem with want Santana said as it’s true. Cheap generic viagra Its basic baseball, cheap generic viagra don’t give the opposition more than 3 outs. Cheap generic viagra When you do, cheap generic viagra you lose and Murphy’s error was negligence. Cheap generic viagra I still love you Danny Boy but next time “TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you get the feeling that if J-Man could have one wish it would be to have someone other than Gimp Castillo playing 2nd base?


How about this, cheap generic viagra on this day in 1962 the New York Mets had their inaugural home opener at the Polo Grounds losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3. Cheap generic viagra The “crowd” that day was 12, cheap generic viagra 447 which will be the same amount standing in the cue at the Shake Shack concession stand tonight at the Grand Opening of $iti Field.


Wouldn’t have been a nice idea to incorporate the first ever home game for the Mets with the first game at the Shea and $iti? You could introduce the starting lineups from each Mets team (or a surviving member of the players family) and how about this, cheap generic viagra Shea opened on April 17th 1964 also against the Pirates and the Pirates won that one 4-3 as well. Cheap generic viagra If MLB had used their heads and made the Pirates the Mets opponent in this first series then maybe Opening Day at $iti would have been in the day time?


Check out Adam Rubin’s Mets-Padres preview and to all you are headed to $ti tonight, cheap generic viagra ENJOY!!!!!!!  






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How can i get some cialis When is a day off not a day off? When it comes at Christmas time that’s when. How can i get some cialis While I’m out at the most remote ass end of Staten Island at the Tar-GJAY (Target to the rest of you folks) buying video games for my kids and nieces and nephews when I heard that the Highlanders dropped a 7 yr/ $160 mil contract on Mr. How can i get some cialis Carsten Charles Sabathia who the baseball world lovingly calls C C . 

How can i get some cialis  

How can i get some cialis The Highlanders needed Sabathia desperately so desperately that they had to blow the Dodgers, how can i get some cialis Giants, how can i get some cialis Angles and Brewers out of the water with a mind boggling $160 mil. How can i get some cialis So much for his love of the Golden State as the former head of the NY Giants George Young always said “when they say it’s not about the money, how can i get some cialis it’s about the money” 

How can i get some cialis  

How can i get some cialis As ridiculous as the 23 mil a yr in salary is for C C what tops it on the crazy shit meter is the 7 yrs length of the deal. How can i get some cialis Sabathia is a rather large man who with this much coin will be a regular at the best dining establishments in NYC so if I were the Highlanders I’d work an advertising deal with NutriSystem very soon.

How can i get some cialis  

How can i get some cialis It’s not my money and all the Highlander fans who are rejoicing that Hal The Horse Whisper gave Pee Wee Cashman a blank check and an airline ticket and told him to “Get it done” better not bitch and moan when their game tickets go to $100 bucks for the upper deck and when you go to the concession stand and hand the cashier a 20 for a beer and hot dog and have her look at you as you come up short.

How can i get some cialis  

How can i get some cialis Do not forget tonight at a new time 8PM Joe McDonald and I will be back with another episode of Pro Baseball Central on Blog Talk Radio. How can i get some cialis Last night we covered the Francisco Rodriguez signing and the Mets outfield and a note to Joe Mac after further review I’m not happy with a Tatis/Murphy platoon in the outfield (if you want to be in on this click on the link and listen to last night show) plus tonight we will look at the next moves the Mets will make and discuss if it’s worth it for the Mets to even think of brining Petey back for a swan song tonight on Pro Baseball Central. 

How can i get some cialis  

How can i get some cialis Now I’m off to the Staten Island Mall, how can i get some cialis a place that ranks right up there with going to the dentist for a root canal and a trip for my yearly colonoscopy as my destinations of doom as I try to finish my Christmas shopping. How can i get some cialis Something tells me by 8 PM tonight I should be in some charming mood.

How can i get some cialis  

How can i get some cialis Oh shit, how can i get some cialis  I almost forgot tuning in to the Great Bloviator is a must today as he roast the living shit out of CC Sabathia last night I have got to hear how this wind bag tap dances today at 1:05PM also check out MikeFrancesa.com for some of the funniest commentary on the web.

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Veega No new Mets news today as we await Omar making his first move of the off season with an offer to any of the free agent closers showing up at the $iti Field (how long do you thing the name $iti Field will be atop the new ball park? Maybe we should start a pool for the day Citigroup goes belly up and the ball park name goes to bankruptcy court. Veega Then what would the Skill Sets do for naming rights? Maybe Gold’s Horseradish Park?) with baseball cap in hand looking for a deal or is there a trade in the works? Stay tuned I guess.

Veega As for me, veega I’m stocking up can goods and water for LBJ 2010 as Boogie Down Donnie Walsh is a man with a plan gearing up the Kinckerbockers for not just LeBron but one more big ticket item as well. Veega I heard Frank Isola on Daily News Live say that Steve Nash is on the Walsh/D’Antoni radar too bad Knick fans have to wait two years for this vison to come to fruiton.

Veega How about the balls on Stephon Marbury saying “no mas” to playing last night infact if he refused to dress the Knicks would have had to forfeit the game last night to the Bucks. Veega Not that it mattered. Veega If I were Jimmy (The Cable Guy) Dolan I send “Starbury’s” sorry ass to the concession stand in the blue seats to sell hot dogs and beer tonight.

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