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Oh man am I ever tired and cranky today as opposed to every other day when I’m just cranky. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry So today I don’t want to do shit or be bothered by shit because I really don’t give a shit (see where I’m going here, sildenafil citrate voltammetry it’s not pretty and I’m sure it’s going to get worse so if you step out at this point in the post I understand for those of you decide stay on, sildenafil citrate voltammetry then get on with reading this fucking post. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry See, sildenafil citrate voltammetry I ain’t lying about being cranky) so today is officially LAZY ASS BLOGGING DAY where I read all the other bloggers out there, sildenafil citrate voltammetry link to there stories and make wise ass remarks, sildenafil citrate voltammetry so on we go:


Ed Barkowitz at the Philly Daily News has a quick synopsis of the NL East. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry He also posts the odds of each team to win the division, sildenafil citrate voltammetry pennant and World Series and the Mets and Phillies are at the same numbers:


 Division: 3-2


NLCS: 9-2


World Series: 9-1


The team that worries me as much as the Phillies are the Marlins (A big thank you to Craig Strain of FISH STRIPES for joining Joe McDonald and myself last night on Pro Baseball Central check out the podcast here)


Why is Big Pelf driving a golf cart?  Shouldn’t that be a job for Jay Horowitz?


For those of us who watch Bradley Holt pitch on Coney Island last summer we understand that awe of watching his fastball explode. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Holt is on the fast track to Flushing


Will Ohman was ready to sign with the Mets until he learned he was going to get paid with a Dunkin Dounts gift card


I’m happy Tim Redding has a burr in his saddle when asked if he is in contention for the 5th spot in the rotation. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry We need a few more “red ass’s” in that clubhouse. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry That being said I am rooting hard for Freddy Garcia to grab that spot.


Note to self: I must go to the Mets Clubhouse store today and buy a MURPHY 28 shirt!!! He’s just dreamy!!!!!!!!


Mike Steffanos of Mike Mets thinks the Used Car Salesman has been derelict of duty as baseball commissioner during the steroids scandal and as usual Mike is 100 % right. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Feel better Mike.


Dave Singer at NY Sports Dog gives us the vile and nasty lowdown of Alex Rodriguez weekend in the Bahamas. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry I know when things are getting me down I look for some three way canoodling too.


That’s it for me I’m done as I am now hungry and still very tired and cranky so all of you “GET OFF MY LAWN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Viagra canada generic Some days when I write a post it’s tougher to hit that publish button than others. Viagra canada generic Yesterday when I was ready to hit the button, viagra canada generic I paused for a moment and re-read the post again thinking that maybe calling out the Mets relievers as a bunch of no balls sissy’s that I may have gone over the top. Viagra canada generic But I hit the button knowing that was just how I felt that no one has stepped up in time of adversity as you are supposed to do when injuries hit. Viagra canada generic Well, viagra canada generic last night Warlord Jerry not only gave me his seal of approval of that post he in fact added to what I felt as he called out his bullpen dwellers by responding to questions of his pen by saying that he was ready to hand the closers role over to Eddie Kunz (until Billy Wags finishes his rehab and zeppole’s on Coney Island ) as he stated no one else has risen to the occasion. Viagra canada generic Which was the polite way of saying that the pen lacks testosterone. Viagra canada generic Then he laid out his plan to take either OP, viagra canada generic John Maine, viagra canada generic or Big Pelf into the pen for the rest of the season which was J-Man’s way of embarrassing the relievers. Viagra canada generic One bullpen bottom feeder, viagra canada generic Scott Schoenewies, viagra canada generic finally strapped on a pair of nuts and called a meeting of Men Without Testicles to see if any of his fellow arsonists are embarrassed enough to get some male enhancement and take the J-Man, viagra canada generic Kranepool Society challenge and prove us wrong. 

Viagra canada generic  

Viagra canada generic It worked last night as J-Man brought in Joe Smith for the 8th and Pedro Feliciano for the 9th with Eddie Kunz warming away in the pen just in case. Viagra canada generic Give Warlord Jerry credit, viagra canada generic if going to call out you players, viagra canada generic it’s best to do it when your playing the worst team in baseball. Viagra canada generic  Joe Smith had tons of movement on his pitches last night and Feliciano after getting  lefty swinging Willie Harris  out he looked into the dugout toward J-Man waiting for him to trot out and raise his right hand high for Big Eddie. Viagra canada generic But J-Man just stared at Feliciano and made no movement, viagra canada generic in effect telling the Other Pedro to show his balls to him and get out of the inning. Viagra canada generic And he did. Viagra canada generic Again it was the Nationals one of the suckiest teams I’ve seen a long time (the bloom is off the Manny Acta rose but the way) so let’s not wet our draws over the win last night. Viagra canada generic When I see the relievers taking on Chase Utley, viagra canada generic Ryan Howard, viagra canada generic and Pat Burrell and beating their ass then we will have something to celebrate.’  

Viagra canada generic  

Viagra canada generic I had more stuff to spew venom about but I have a ton of stuff to do today soooooo I think I’ll do some live blogging tonight during Mets-Nats and the return of John Maine. Viagra canada generic I’ll also flip around to the Cards-Marlins game for some commentary on that one so hopefully I’ll see you later.

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UGHHHHHH! Back to Work This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But before I hit the pile of work I have here on my desk (I need some real motivation here to get to work) a few observations:


The walking wounded are ready to come back as it looks like Gimp Castillo is ready to rejoin the big club in DC tomorrow. Buy generic viagra That means most likely that Argenis “The Other” Reyes will be sent back to NOLA until September 1 or the next time Gimp falls off his Rascal. Buy generic viagra Billy Wags will grab a hot dog at Nathan’s and a round of “Shoot The Freak” while rehabbing with the Cyclones in Coney Island, buy generic viagra which spells the end most likely for Eddie Kunz on the big league roster. Buy generic viagra Me personally I’d send back Carlos Muniz who has been a huge disappointment to me as I thought he’d excel as a late inning guy but he just gets a reprieve until John Maine is activated on Wednesday. Buy generic viagra It looks like Brain Stokes off his start Saturday will stay as the long man in what is a mess of a bullpen. Buy generic viagra If there is one critsisim of Omar Minaya that is justified it is he has not upgraded the bullpen from last year and that was the main culprit in the Collapse of “07. Buy generic viagra Ryan Church is down in St. Buy generic viagra Lonesome and if that doesn’t make his head hurt hopefully he’ll bounce back but I don’t here much optimism coming from the Ivory Tower of Shea.


Sad weekend with both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes passing away. Buy generic viagra Mac was a no hold bared comic who was extremely funny and that’s because he spoke the truth and didn’t give a shit who was offended. Buy generic viagra Hayes made one of the great records of the 70’s with the theme from the movie SHAFT (“Who’s the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks-SHAFT-You’re damn right”)  and later gained fame as Chef on South Park R.I.P. Buy generic viagra Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes!!!!


This whole PSL bullshit has me shaking my head. Buy generic viagra Today I read a story in the Post about NY Football Giants fans dipping into their retirement accounts and taking out loans to buy the PSL at the new Stadium. Buy generic viagra I understand that these folks have had the tickets for years and years but when you start raiding your IRA and 401-K for tickets to a sporting even that is just fucked up. Buy generic viagra Really I love the Mets more than any other team I root for but the Wilpons can kiss my Royal Irish Ass if they jack the price of tickets so high that I have to go into my pension for a loan to watch them. Buy generic viagra Anyone who does that needs their fucking head examined.


I love the site The Gowanus Lounge because it post shit like this that makes laugh until it hurts. Buy generic viagra I love when the Yuppies who took over Park Slope and gentrified it get riled up when they see unsavory behavior like this. Buy generic viagra Back in the70’s there would have been a line. Buy generic viagra for that.


Sure now that I’m back from Boston those egg heads a MIT figure out a way to hack into the Charlie Card.


I tune into the end of the Nats-Brewers game yesterday when I got home from Shea and Bob Carpenter and Don Sutton got into a discussion that proved they were both retarded.

L Millz was up in the top of the 12th and Carpenter was going on about the shadows on the field and how tough it was to see the ball as a batter. Buy generic viagra Carpenter then made a statement that made my head snap, buy generic viagra “Can you imagine these shadows if the Brewers make the post season and they have to play at 4 PM” HUH? Bob, buy generic viagra the post season starts in OCTOBER where sunset in Wisconsin is at 6:30 PM not at 8:05 PM as it is now so  they shadows will be different if any and besides maybe it will be a cloudy day when the Brew Crew play did that ever cross your mind?  Shit, buy generic viagra it could even snow for that fact and the roof will be closed. Buy generic viagra Did I tell you how much I love Gary, buy generic viagra Keith and Ron?


Mets are on a 1PM today which will be a big help in me getting through the mounds of paper work on my desk. Buy generic viagra     

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