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Herbal viagra equivalent While we as a nation mourn and reflect on the attack that happened ten years ago today, herbal viagra equivalent I’d like to look back on what happen on September 12th 2001.

Herbal viagra equivalent Myself and many New Yorkers did what we do most days, herbal viagra equivalent we got up and went to work. Herbal viagra equivalent It wasn’t easy as roads were still blocked off and some subway lines were still not running but like I say most of us got up and found a way to get to work. Herbal viagra equivalent Why? Because that is how the American working class is programed, herbal viagra equivalent especially someone like myself who is American born and raised in Brooklyn by Irish parents, herbal viagra equivalent no matter what, herbal viagra equivalent snowstorm, herbal viagra equivalent hurricane, herbal viagra equivalent transit strike, herbal viagra equivalent whatever , herbal viagra equivalentwe are taught to keep on keeping on.

Herbal viagra equivalent If I take anything from what happened ten years ago at the World Trade Center it’s you can take down two buildings and kill over 3, herbal viagra equivalent000 people but there is no Army or collection of cowards that hide behind religion that can take down the United States of America or the American people and what we believe in life, herbal viagra equivalent liberty and the pursuit of happiness is as strong as ever.

Herbal viagra equivalent So tomorrow morning when I arrive at my office, herbal viagra equivalent in the shadow  of the new trade center tower that’s going up after all the politicians and TV trucks are gone, herbal viagra equivalent the construction workers will be on the job, herbal viagra equivalent the coffee trucks will be serving coffee and bagels, herbal viagra equivalent kids will be headed to school and their moms and dads headed to work, herbal viagra equivalent because that’s how we New Yorkers roll.

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I’ve been consumed by all the Rangers news this morning that I haven’t scratched the surface on the news out of St Lonesome but I am starting to think that Warlord Jerry spent the off season studying psychology  books as early in this camp of ’09 it seems it’s all about the mental prep work as much as the physical.


Just from the early dispatches, canada viagra it looks as though J-Man feels since I have the same cast of characters that ended the season save for the two studs at the back end of the pen, canada viagra there has to be a different way to motivate this group by going after their weak points (in case you haven’t heard, canada viagra the Mets choked the last two years, canada viagra just ask Cole Hamels he’ll tell you)


With the bullpen fortified with Putz and Rodriguez, canada viagra the other big reason for the two season collapse has been the lack of situational hitting and not scoring runs late in the game. Canada viagra The Mets biggest scoring inning last year was the first and the lowest was the ninth, canada viagra so Manuel has put an emphasis on hitting behind the runner and giving oneself up for the team. Canada viagra It’s clear that J-Man felt the team he took over was a selfish bunch and he wants that mind set erased and he came right out a pointed the finger at the guys he felt fit that category.


The player Manuel went after first was Jose Reyes, canada viagra who it seems was more worried about stealing bases just to pad his stats and was the least grown up of the Big Three of Wright-Beltran-Reyes so saying it was time for Jose to take a little more responsibility around the team really meant time to grow up . Canada viagra So to see what Reyes was made of J-Man declares the Reyes could be the #3 hitter and we all waited for the fallout. Canada viagra Well, canada viagra we’re still waiting as Reyes came in and said all the right things just like a grown up. Canada viagra


Manuel then went on to Gimp Castillo but took a different tact, canada viagra as everyone associated with the team from the fans, canada viagra front office, canada viagra ushers, canada viagra $iti Field construction workers all felt Castillo needed to shipped out. Canada viagra So Manuel went the opposite praising the second baseman for coming into camp 10 lbs lighter and with a better attitude that moved Manuel to say that Castillo looked like his old Marlins self and would be used in the top spot of the order and so far everyday Manuel finds a way to get a positive quote about Castillo into the Mets news of the day. Canada viagra That makes Gimp a happy camper


I guess after watching the baseball version of a gym rat in Daniel Murphy, canada viagra Manuel knew that even with ordaining Murph as the left fielder the kid would still continue to work his ass off and Murphy’ response of I have to keep working like my job is on the line, canada viagra proved that Manuel made the right read.


Now it’s on to Ryan Church who has the carrot out in front of him by J-Man who stated that Murph was a better hitter than Church and of course that pissed off Church big time. Canada viagra Exactly what Manuel wanted to do, canada viagra Sometime guys get a bit complacent and need a little nudge but instead of a nudge Manuel gave Church a shove.


What coaching comes down to his knowing the personalities of your players as fans we get a bit to wrapped up in the in game strategy when in reality when the game starts there is only so much a coach or manager can do as you can’t hit, canada viagra pitch or field for your guys. Canada viagra I like what Manuel is trying to do here as he is looking to motivate each player individually to get them to come together collectively as a total team. Canada viagra This game plan might just work.

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So Omar and his lieutenants sat down with Scott Boras at $it Field yesterday and while Omar sent Jeffey down the block on Roosevelt Ave to pick up some empanadas and plantains, herbal risk viagra the big boys talked contract with Borras’ stable of stars.


The top starlet on the list is Derek Lowe who won’t settle for the 3yr/$36 mil initial offer from the Mets but a face saving 3yr/$42 mil with a vesting option on a 4th year could make for a deal as it seems the propaganda out of the Lowe/Boras camp of suitors lining up is pure hearsay.

(UPDATE: Lowe will now meet with the Braves as they look to fill the void left by Smoltz shipping off to Boston. Now the off season is heating up GIDDY UP!!!!) 


Could there be a way for the Mets to sign both Lowe and OP? I’m not even going in the Manny direction as it looks like that won’t happen but is there a way that Omar could squeeze a few more million out of the Skill Sets to make arguably the best starting rotation in baseball?


Talk about out of nowhere? John Smoltz to the Red Sox?


Dear Joe Girardi, herbal risk viagra


                          Please excuse my husband Mark for being absent for last nights game. He did not finish his chores at home and had to be punished. Herbal risk viagra Hopefully Mark learned his lesson and will make sure there are no dishes left in the sink over night and use coupons when I send him to the Stop and Shop.


                       I know the team really needs Mark, herbal risk viagra put as you know sometimes you just have to put your foot down. Herbal risk viagra I’m sure you understand my predicament.


                                                                         Sincerely, herbal risk viagra

                                                                         Leigh Teixeira




“WHO LET THE DOGS OUT”- Seems a stray dog from the junk yards of Willets Point ran a muck over $iti Field yesterday and was captured by construction workers and animal control officers. Herbal risk viagra When questioned the dog stated she was just looking for the season ticket office as she wanted to buy 4 seats in the Sterling Section. Herbal risk viagra Jeffey loves his Bitches!


Don’t forget to set you alarm for 9PM tonight and join myself and Joe McDonald for our first Pro Baseball Central of the new year on Blog Talk Radio. Herbal risk viagra We want you to join in on the show so call in at (646) 595-4462 



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