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Buy viagra pills I guess it doesn’t matter who runs the Mets, buy viagra pills injuries are still more complicated than high school trigonometry. Buy viagra pills Jose Reyes is set to hit the DL except Terry Collins is worried about not having Jose for the Phillies series after the All-Star break. Buy viagra pills I guess TC feels the Mets still have a shot at winning the division and as great as it would be to win that series, buy viagra pills it’s more important to get Reyes healthy and to not play shorthanded. Buy viagra pills The Mets under Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya were raked over the coals for doing this and it seems this way of doing baseball business has spread to the new regime as well. Buy viagra pills Reyes hasn’t played in five days and hasn’t felt any improvement in his tight hammy. Buy viagra pills Now he and his agent have decided to get a second opinion, buy viagra pills fine. Buy viagra pills The original diagnosis was a Grade 1 strain of the hamstring, buy viagra pills which is supposedly the least severe but because no one on the Mets is a fast healer, buy viagra pills this Grade 1 may be worse than first thought, buy viagra pills hence the second opinion.

Buy viagra pills Meanwhile Nick Evans is sitting in an airport in Buffalo waiting to board a plane to LA to join the big club. Buy viagra pills What’s interesting with Evans becoming a Triple A star, buy viagra pills this could be the break he needs. Buy viagra pills If he does take Reyes place on the Mets when Reyes comes back, buy viagra pills the roster move made will be an interesting one. Buy viagra pills Evans has cleared waivers twice this season, buy viagra pills if he can translate his hitting from Buffalo to the big club, buy viagra pills it’s doubtful he’ll pass thorough waivers again. Buy viagra pills  Good for Nick bad for the Mets.

Buy viagra pills I was happy to see Sandy Alderson agree with my premise that the Mets are relevant again if not contenders. Buy viagra pills Still, buy viagra pills Alderson is trying to balance relevancy and being in the hunt for a post season berth with the need to deal off some parts to build a better future for the Mets and keep the fan base interested enough to keep buying tickets and watching on TV. Buy viagra pills That’s a tough task.

Buy viagra pills To deal off Frankie Rodriguez (if Alderson can pull this off he is the GM I thought he’d be) Izzy and Tim Brydak that wouldn’t be a detriment to the team at all, buy viagra pills as you have cheaper and just as efficient if not better replacements in Bobby Parnell, buy viagra pills Pedro Beato and Mike O’Connor. Buy viagra pills The other trade chip will be easier to deal but could take the heart and soul out of this team.

Buy viagra pills No matter if you’re a Beltran fan or foe, buy viagra pills you cannot deny Carlos is having the most fun he ever had as a Met. Buy viagra pills Not only is he more than productive but when you see him giving “The Claw” to his teammates and then have them give him a hard time when he forgets to give the signal to the bench, buy viagra pills a happy Beltran is a productive Beltran, buy viagra pills it’s hard not feel good for him. Buy viagra pills It kills the anti-Beltran faction of the fan base because they can’t find any negatives about Carlos this season. Buy viagra pills Willie Harris has proclaimed him the leader of the team. Buy viagra pills His teammates see him pull on his knee brace and play every day and never complain about the pain that you know he has in that knee. Buy viagra pills With no Wright or Ike in the lineup, buy viagra pills he has taken it on himself to stay out there every day.

Buy viagra pills With all that, buy viagra pills Alderson should trade Beltran for the good of the future of the club and for the good of Beltran. Buy viagra pills The rest of baseball is watching Beltran closely and there will be no shortage of suitors for Alderson to make a deal with. Buy viagra pills It will hurt in the short run but dealing Carlos Beltran may be the best for the long term for the Mets.

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Viagra levitra Listened to the Terry Collins presser on WFAN and the two whinny hosts, viagra levitra Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts who I think were more upset that the Collins intro took away from them rubbing Rex Ryan’ ample belly in worship. Viagra levitra But a couple of observations:

Viagra levitra WHOA!!!! Collins is a bundle of energy that’s for sure and complete opposite from Jerry Manuel. Viagra levitra It felt like Collins picked a couple of Four Lokos at a bodega on Roosevelt Ave before hitting Citi Field.

Viagra levitra Collins said all the right things (all the things we’ve heard in the past 10 of these pressers) about stressing fundi’s, viagra levitra pitching and the big one, viagra levitra ACCOUNTABILITY .  Like a batter spouse, viagra levitra we’ve heard this all before.

Viagra levitra I understand the love for Wally Backman but why turn it to hate towards Collins? That I don’t get. Viagra levitra As I said I would have loved to see Wally on that podium today but Alderson & Co. Viagra levitra thought otherwise, viagra levitra so at this point in the first month of the new management I have to give them the benefit of the doubt .

Viagra levitra By a show of hands (or comments) how many of you think the Mets will be Pennant contenders next year?

Viagra levitra Don’t forget to tune into THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN tonight on BLOG TALK RADIO as Doug Gladstone and George  “The Stork” Theodore will be my guests.

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Viagra prescription Every casual Mets fan can rattle off the names of great pitchers in Mets history, viagra prescription Seaver, viagra prescription Koosman, viagra prescription Matlack, viagra prescription Gooden, viagra prescription Darling, viagra prescription but the die hard Mets fan has guys that when they  here the nam, viagra prescriptione one of those cartoon clouds form over their head with reminisces of terrific performance of the past. Viagra prescription The mention of their name is usually followed with the refrain “What ever happened to that guy”?

Viagra prescription Don Cardwell was one of them, viagra prescription a journeyman who pitched for three full and part of a fourth season for the Mets back in the late 60’s and was on the ’69 World Champion team as a spot/starter long reliever. Viagra prescription Cardwell was better than his record and was one of those guys who when called upon either won a game for you or at worse kept the team in a game.

Viagra prescription Ron Taylor was another ‘69er who was key in the pen and today is a physician in his naïve Toronto and works for the Blue Jays.  His problem was he was overshadowed by a young, viagra prescription brash fellow reliever, viagra prescription Frank (Tug) McGraw

Viagra prescription George Stone came to the Mets with Felix Milan in one of the most underrated deals in Mets history (Danny Frisella and Gary Gentry were shipped to Atlanta) and went 12-3 in 1973 and his misuse by Yogi Berra in the 1973 World Series still bothers me to this day. 

Viagra prescription Rick Reed, viagra prescription Skip Lockwood, viagra prescription Craig Swan, viagra prescription Bruce Berenyi, viagra prescription Bill Pulshiper, viagra prescription Izzy and Neil Allen are guys who I think about now and then, viagra prescription about the contribution to the Mets teams they played or how some like Reed came out of nowhere or Stone who had the year of his life in 1973 or Lockwood an very underrated reliever or poor Puls’ one of the Titanic Trio along with Izzy and Paul Wilson, viagra prescription the ill fated Generation K. Viagra prescription Craig Swan the Ace of some bad pitching staff of the late 70’s. Viagra prescription Berenyi, viagra prescription a June 15th pick up in 1984 when the Mets were starting to turn things around and became pennant contenders. Viagra prescription All these guys forever etched in my Mets fan memory of players. Viagra prescription Now we have one more pitcher who I can add to that list, viagra prescription R.A. Viagra prescription Dickey.

Viagra prescription If the Mets go on to win a seat at the post season table, viagra prescription R.A. Viagra prescription Dickey will have played a major role. Viagra prescription Dickey is the kind of pitcher I’ve always wanted the Mets to have. Viagra prescription He looks like a guy right out of Bull Durham. Viagra prescription The long hair, viagra prescription three day stubble, viagra prescription the southern drawl, viagra prescription a real dirtbag and I say that with the utmost affection. Viagra prescription Sometimes a guy starts to realize he has nothing to lose anymore and stops listening to others and just goes out and does things the way he wants, viagra prescription and it works, viagra prescription you just have to root like hell for him. Viagra prescription I even like the fact that he knows Jerry Manuel wanted no part of him on the team and Dickey saying, viagra prescription He could care less what Manuel thinks as he doesn’t pitch for Manuel he pitches for himself and the team.

Viagra prescription Who knows maybe in the year 2020 at Old Timers Day, viagra prescription R.A. Viagra prescription Dickey will be welcomed with a huge ovation as he’s introduced or maybe he will be a guy that pops in my head when I see a homeless guy with a cap pulled down to his eyes and stubble on his face bringing cans and bottles in for nickel deposit and say “I wonder what ever happened to R.A. Viagra prescription Dickey.”

Viagra prescription Whatever happens, viagra prescription it’s a joy to watch this Mets team play. Viagra prescription As we head toward the end of June, viagra prescription that Mets are a mere ½ game out of first place. Viagra prescription Let the summer fun begin!

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Buying viagra in canada As a Mets fan, buying viagra in canada I’m starting to feel like a weary traveler standing at the airport luggage carrousel waiting for my bags, buying viagra in canada and my bags have gotten lost.

Buying viagra in canada Pitchers have gone around the free agent carrousel and the Mets just stand there waiting and waiting and waiting to the point where they are the lone team standing around with nothing to show.

Buying viagra in canada Ben Sheets for $10 mil is a very steep price to pay but give the A’s and Billy Beane credit for taking a chance with Sheets. Buying viagra in canada Beane is taking a shot that of the three things that can happen with Sheets, buying viagra in canada if  two of the scenarios work in the A’s favor, buying viagra in canada Beane and the A’s come out a winner. Buying viagra in canada  He can stay healthy and become the Ace of a very young and potentially strong starting rotation and the A’s can be big time contenders in the NL West, buying viagra in canada or he can stay healthy and the rest of the team not play up to expectation and fall out the race where by Beane can flip Sheets for a couple of top prospects, buying viagra in canada or the worst case scenario, buying viagra in canada Sheets breaks down like a ’76 Pinto and the A’s are stuck with an expensive invalid.

Buying viagra in canada But then again, buying viagra in canada Beane and the A’s management are competent and have watched Sheets throw and checked his medical reports and have given him a full medical by doctors who have cleared Sheets good to go, buying viagra in canada so with the odds in his favor Beane decides to spend Lew Wolf’s money and go for a post season berth.

Buying viagra in canada Jeffey Skill Sets on the other hand, buying viagra in canada will take the money saved on buying much cheaper baseball labor to build an extension of his Hamptons mansion.

Buying viagra in canada At some point one of our fine beat reporters in this town should really try to get through the Wall of Horowitz and get a sit down interview with Jeffey Skill Sets to get answers on how he feels that the baseball team he runs is the laughingstock of the industry.  The Mets have gone from an organization where every player agent made sure that the Mets were involved with their client during free agency to an organization that has become Plan Z (welcome Jason Bay) The Mets wanted John Lackey but John Lackey wanted no part of the Mets. Buying viagra in canada  A pitcher coming from the American League refused to even talk to a team in the NL, buying viagra in canada that plays in a pitchers ball park, buying viagra in canada in the greatest city in the world, buying viagra in canada for a team with a big income. Buying viagra in canada Stunning.

Buying viagra in canada Jason Marquis begged the Mets to sign him but the Mets treated him like he had cooties. Buying viagra in canada Bengi Molina? He’s a Met the MSM told us, buying viagra in canada it’s just a matter of finding a pen with ink in it. Buying viagra in canada Molina is back with the Giants.  Randy Wolf? Never called Flushing.  “Mr. Buying viagra in canada Minaya, buying viagra in canada Joel Piniero on line 1” WHO? Responds Omar. Buying viagra in canada Jon Garland? No! Chone Figgins? No! Orlando Hudson? No! Aroldis Chapman? No! If he were 45 years old then YES! Russell Branyan? No! and on and on and on…………………………

Buying viagra in canada This perception of the Mets is not a figment of Mets fans imaginations, buying viagra in canada it’s real, buying viagra in canada the baseball world shakes its head and says “How the fuck?” We can rant all day and night about Omar Minaya and Fire Omar, buying viagra in canada and Omar this and Omar that. Buying viagra in canada Get over your Omar hate, buying viagra in canada this is beyond Omar. Buying viagra in canada Omar Minaya is a bit player in the Mets moves these days. Buying viagra in canada  If Omar were the baseball boss, buying viagra in canada Molina and Piniero would be Mets and Carlos Delgado would have a 5 year deal. Buying viagra in canada But nothing gets done until Jeffey Poo says it’s done. Buying viagra in canada That’s why we’re fucked.

Buying viagra in canada I give Johan Santana a ton of credit not just for showing up at the mini camp but for coming on WFAN with Joe Bada Bing and Tinkerbell and being positive and optimistic about this team. Buying viagra in canada The right man in charge could play this “the whole world thinks you guys suck” as a rallying cry but the guy that would play that angle perfectly has to prove himself on Coney Island this summer, buying viagra in canada while Cool Breeze Jerry works on his lounge act in Flushing.

Buying viagra in canada I swear to Henry Chadwick that I hope I’m wrong that Wright and Reyes explode with career years and Daniel Murphy hits like I believe he can and that Bay and Frenchy  prove to be “corner-stones”, buying viagra in canada and Beltran comes back like a track star that hits 30 HR’s  and Big Pelf pounds that strikezone like a blacksmith and this team is not just competitive but contends for the NL East crown.

Buying viagra in canada As negative as I’ve been all winter and I’m sure other Mets fans will say the same thing, buying viagra in canada none of us wants to go through another summer like last year.  As I look down the line on the big decision makers though in this organization though, buying viagra in canada it is very hard to get enthused. Buying viagra in canada  Jeffey is clueless and Omar is ball-less, buying viagra in canada and the manager couldn’t care less.

Buying viagra in canada All I have is my ace pitcher preaching to me like Bob Marley, buying viagra in canada I hope he’s right. Buying viagra in canada It’s hard to find Three Little Birds when it’s so damn cold outside

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Viagra how much  

Viagra how much It’s gone beyond getting aggravated about the way the Mets are going about their non-business so far this off season. Viagra how much I am getting a kick out of Mets fans and non-Mets fans trying to figure out what moves the Mets are ready to make. Well, viagra how much if you know the Mets next move, viagra how much then could you please make a call to (718) 507-METS and ask for Omar and tell him the move because it seems to me he’s out of idea’s.

Viagra how much  

Viagra how much The new bit of pretzel logical coming out of Queens is if the team can’t sign Jason Bay then they will up the offer they’ve made to Bengi Molina. Viagra how much If they can’t sign Molina then they will up their offer to Bay. Viagra how much Go ahead digest that little nugget for a minute I’ll wait……..Hummm so what should I have for lunch? I really could go for a slice but West Broadway is a mess….soup? Yeah, viagra how much it’s a good soup day how about a minestrone and an toasted everything bagel? Yeah soup and bagel it is Oh shit…..I’m sorry….back to Omar Economics………

Viagra how much  

Viagra how much Here’s an astute observation by yours truly, viagra how much The Mets have no plan! Omar is powerless he is under the iron fist of Baby Doc Jeffey Skill Sets and the Minister of Mets Miss Information, viagra how much DiamondVison Dave Howard. Viagra how much Those two, viagra how much my friends, viagra how much are the faces of your franchise. Viagra how much The faces I’d love to smash my fist into.

Viagra how much  

Viagra how much Bay, viagra how much Molina, viagra how much Molina, viagra how much Bay, viagra how much the Mets act like these two are the missing links to competitiveness (we all agree that the Mets are not contenders right? RIGHT????) meanwhile there are about FOUR spots in the starting pitching rotation that needs addressing but I guess there is still plenty of time to fuck that up this winter.

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Is pfizer viagra available in india The Skill Sets went over the slot to sign LHP Steve Matz. Is pfizer viagra available in india YOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAYYYYYY

Is pfizer viagra available in india The Skill Sets spent the least amount of money on this years draft picks. Is pfizer viagra available in india UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

Is pfizer viagra available in india If that doesn’t some up the Skill Sets Era it’s those two sentences. Is pfizer viagra available in india Just when you think their potty trained, is pfizer viagra available in india they shit their pants.

Is pfizer viagra available in india An excellent post on the state of the Mets minors and the lack of aggressiveness can be found here at Productive Outs and Cracker Jacks.

Is pfizer viagra available in india Our only hope is, is pfizer viagra available in india from all accounts, is pfizer viagra available in india John Ricco is a sharp dude, is pfizer viagra available in india maybe he can get through to Jeffey that the draft and farm system are the life blood of a sports organization. Is pfizer viagra available in india Maybe he could put together a flash card presentation showing how the  Rays or the Angels have built pennant contenders.

Is pfizer viagra available in india Or better yet, is pfizer viagra available in india if Ricco can pursued Jeffey to do what he does best and cash his pay check from his daddy’s real esate business the better for the world of Blue and Orange

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