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100mg viagra I’m exhausted. 100mg viagra After sitting through last nights game, 100mg viagra then heading home and getting to bed about four hours before I needed to get up to go to work, 100mg viagra I’m going to need three XL Dunkin’ Dounts coffee’s to get through the work day.

100mg viagra My day at Citi Field started out with a great surprise. 100mg viagra As we were walking from the car to the front of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, 100mg viagra I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Ed Kranepool. 100mg viagra Yes, 100mg viagra THE Ed Kranepool, 100mg viagra my FME (Favorite Met Ever). 100mg viagra He was with a bunch of people and was busy distributing tickets to them when I went over to say hello. 100mg viagra I reminded him that we met at a luncheon at Gallagher’s for the 69 Champs and that I run this blog named after him, 100mg viagra he started laughing and said “Oh now I remember you” we just chatted for a minute or two before we shook hands and bid each other well. 100mg viagra  That was my “Let It Be” moment as a Mets fan. 100mg viagra Just when I wonder is all this worth it, 100mg viagra as I get more and more aggravated with the ownership, 100mg viagra front office and manager and question why I actually give a shit about this team, 100mg viagra I hear that song in my head:

100mg viagra When I find myself in times of trouble, 100mg viagra

100mg viagra Eddie Kranepool comes to me, 100mg viagra

100mg viagra Speaking words of wisdom, 100mg viagra

100mg viagra Let it be, 100mg viagra let it be.

100mg viagra After my Kranepool encounter, 100mg viagra we then took a stroll through the Mets Museum. 100mg viagra This was just my third trip to Citi Field this season (now that my baseball season has come to a close with a second round ousting in the playoffs, 100mg viagra I hope to make a few more trips this summer to Flushing) but the first time I had the time to go a look around the Hall of Fame. 100mg viagra I must say, 100mg viagra I was thoroughly impressed. 100mg viagra I love the fact that the two World Series trophies are on displayed for us, 100mg viagra the great unwashed, 100mg viagra to look at and enjoy instead of the days at Shea when the swells in the suites and Diamond Club, 100mg viagra the folks who have zero attachment to them, 100mg viagra had them in plain view. 100mg viagra I also like how the plaques are made just like the one’s in Cooperstown. 100mg viagra The display of Mets uniforms of the past is a treat as well and the baseballs from the first and last games at the Polo Grounds and Shea Stadium scream of our history. 100mg viagra I don’t say this too many times but bravo Mets management on putting together a great place for Mets fans to relive and learn Mets history.

100mg viagra A few thoughts on last night’s game:

100mg viagra This team is madding. 100mg viagra How does Johan Santana go from throwing batting practice in the first inning to morphing back into an Ace from innings 2-5?    

100mg viagra We sat in seats last night that allowed us access to the Caesars Club, 100mg viagra as my wife said we needed to splurge since it was my birthday. 100mg viagra Our seats were great, 100mg viagra section 326 between third and home, 100mg viagra but I’m just not cut out to be among the people who frequent that area. 100mg viagra We may have been the only ones in the section actually watching the action on the field.  I was not impressed with the surroundings of the Cesar’s Club either. 100mg viagra The furnishings look like the came off the set of Mad Men, 100mg viagra with the couches and coffee tables that looked just like the furniture in my living room when I celebrated my 6th birthday in 1964. 100mg viagra One very nice feature though was the air conditioning which was welcome relief on a stifling night.

100mg viagra I also grew weary of telling all the “Johnny Come Lately” Mets fans that life story of Mike Hessman.

100mg viagra I’m sure Jerry Manuel has all sorts of facts and figures in his binder that he keeps in the dugout. 100mg viagra I am also sure that on one of those pages there shows Pedro Feliciano gets pounded by right handed hitters to the tune of .333/.446/.405 and that Raul Valdes, 100mg viagra even though he’s a lefty, 100mg viagra has success versus righties  .206/.322/.284 so why was Feliciano left to face El Hombre? I can accept not walking Pujols but why not go with Valdes? It’s your nightly “Gangsta’ Jerry’s Head Scratcher of the Game”.

100mg viagra I have really, 100mg viagra really REALLY had enough of Luis Castillo.

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Order viagra I for one, order viagra can not get enough of reading about Gil Hodges and after reading Taryn Cooper’ (a/k/a The COOP) posting on Mets Merized Online, order viagra It gave me time to reflect on this great player, order viagra manager and man.

Order viagra   I always point to the death of Hodges on April 2, order viagra  1972 as one of the two darkest days (the other was June 15, order viagra 1977 and is you don’t know what happened on that date you are reading the wrong blog asshole) and the day the promise of the Mets organization died.

Order viagra I also remember as an 8 year old Mets fan/Brooklyn gutter snipe, order viagra going to Hodges wake with my firends and our dads. Order viagra We wore our baseball uniforms and walked past the resting Hodges and just cried like it was a family member, order viagra HELL he was a family member.

Order viagra As Mets fans we bask in the fact that Hodges was not just the man that led the Mets from misfits to champions but he was also one of us, order viagra as he lived with his born and bred  Brooklynite wife Joan in Mill Basin, order viagra It’s a shame that Mets ownership doesn’t put together a campaign to get Gil Hodges into Cooperstown where he belongs.

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Generic viagra canadian I’m having some major computer issues today so that’s why this post is sooooooo late. Generic viagra canadian I’m internet (as I posted on Twitter) was as slow as Ramon Castro going first to third and has surpassed Mo Vaughn after lunch slow to Bengi Molina slow so that’s why I’m shutting everything down and going out to hang out with James Gandolfini and Steve Shrippa out here in TriBeca. 

Generic viagra canadian Before I write about the Mets today a word or two on Lawrence Taylor. Generic viagra canadian What happened yesterday with  LT is a major kick in the nuts to all NY Giants fans of my generation. Generic viagra canadian Taylor was not just the greatest Giants player of all time but arguably one of if not the greatest football player to ever approach the line of scrimmage. Generic viagra canadian I don’t know if he was set up by the girls pimp or what the whole story is with this girl who was portrayed as a runaway and now from reading the news stories this morning, generic viagra canadian had a falling out with her family and removed from her home to live with an uncle, generic viagra canadian it’s such a sordid affair and a story that will just grow as more information comes out. Generic viagra canadian But with all that the fact that the girl was 16 will be what sends LT to the slammer and if he did have sex with this girl, generic viagra canadian who allegedly was sent to LT against her will and was beat up by the pimp before hooking up with Taylor, generic viagra canadian then LT should go to prison for a long time.

Generic viagra canadian I’m not throwing my 56 jersey in the trash just yet. Generic viagra canadian I’m holding out hope that this was a frame job and that may be naive of me but LT is in my pantheon of New York sports legends so he gets the benefit of the doubt right now.

Generic viagra canadian The Hall Of The Very Good has a Q & A with ex-Met and Hall of Famer, generic viagra canadian Gary Carter. Generic viagra canadian An interesting exchange in this post is Carter’ take on Tim Raines making the Hall of Fame:

Generic viagra canadian HOVG: This July, generic viagra canadian you’ll be on that stage in Cooperstown when “The Hawk” finally makes his way to Cooperstown. Generic viagra canadian How long until Raines gets his call?

Generic viagra canadian  

Generic viagra canadian CARTER: It may be a long time or maybe never. Generic viagra canadian He has good numbers but that is a tough call.

Generic viagra canadian Interesting to say the least

Generic viagra canadian The Mets Police has a couple of interesting items today one is a photo of $iti Field with the walls painted Mets blue and the old skyline that was above the (bow heads) Shea Stadium scoreboard and is now above the Shake Shack and Blue Smoke incorporated into the new scoreboard. Generic viagra canadian This looks fabulous, generic viagra canadian absolutely fabulous. Generic viagra canadian Then Mets Police Chief Shannon Shark brings up an interesting argument, generic viagra canadian should the Mets wear either their Los Mets or a roadie made up with Nueva York when the go to Puerto Rico to play the Fish and then wear them to Phoenix when they play the Snakes ? As Shannon says I don’t want to start a political shit storm here, generic viagra canadian but I’m sure long time readers can figure out where I stand on the law passed in Arizona, generic viagra canadian I would definitely vote to wear Nueva York jersey’s as they make more sense than Los Mets.

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America viagra I don’t give a rats ass about the numbers and Hall of Fame credentials Pepsodent smile and all that, america viagra my favorite Mets catcher of all time is was and may forever be Jerry Grote. America viagra Not even close. America viagra Go ahead flame my ass about this I don’t give a fuck you hear me all you Piazza and Carter fans.  My guy Grote was the original Captain Red Ass.  Nobody fired a ball back to a pitcher (including The Franchise) with purpose like Grote did.  Add in the fact that he wore a wool baseballall cap with the bill turned up (no protective helmet for him) that my young whipper snappers readers was a man’s catcher.

America viagra So why the “Get off my lawn” diatribe you wonder? Well the good folks at The Hardball Time have an outstanding post on the comparison between Mike Piazza, america viagra Pudge Rodriguez and <head bowed> Johnny Bench that fired my middle aged ass up this morning

America viagra For all my love of Grote I also have a deep respect and admiration for JB. America viagra In fact last time I was up in Cooperstown I bought a Reds t-shirt with BENCH 5 on the back. America viagra Check out the posting as it breaks down all three’s offensive and defensive numbers   

America viagra Still, america viagra the guy I want behinf the plate for my team is Jerry Grote.  Now GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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