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Viagra clones Mets GM Sandy Alderson was on with Mike Francesa yesterday to answer some questions about where the 2013 Mets currently stand. Viagra clones The team stands in the same spot as it stood since the R.A. Viagra clones Dickey deal, viagra clones stalled. Viagra clones The picture Alderson gave of this upcoming Mets team was not very rosy but seriously what did you expect?  Some of you in the fan base love having smoke blown up your ass, viagra clones all you want to hear is positives and unfortunately for you the GM is not the smoke blowin’ type. Viagra clones Others are shocked; SHOCKED when the Alderson is candid and tells you the truth, viagra clones that the outfield is not one he wants to put on the field and that he is having a hard time constructing a bullpen that doesn’t contend for the worst in baseball. Viagra clones He also is on the level when he tells you there isn’t much out there in either trade or free agency that would make a whole helluva lot of difference so why just spend precious Skill Sets Bucks to prove that he has precious Sill Sets Bucks to spend.

Viagra clones Let’s look at some of the highlights from Alderson’ call with ’ ZAUN:

Viagra clones On what his ball club looks like right now and how he’ll improve it going forward Alderson said:

Viagra clones Well I’d say right now it’s an incomplete. Viagra clones But there’s still time in the semester, viagra clones to give an educational metaphor. Viagra clones We’ve been watching the market, viagra clones we know what’s available, viagra clones we’ve known what’s available. Viagra clones We reconvene and review periodically, viagra clones meaning every couple of days. Viagra clones There are a number of things that we’re currently involved in pursuing. Viagra clones But we’re hopeful we’ll have some additions before spring training starts, viagra clones and I expect that we will have some additions, viagra clones but at this point to say we’ve been patient is probably an understatement but that’s what we’ve been.

Viagra clones I get the idea that Alderson would have loved to have made further renovations to this roster but the over value of many of this year’s uninspiring free agent class and unreasonable trade options have hinder that plan. Viagra clones  Would Alderson like to trade for Justin Upton? Sure. Viagra clones Would he deal away Zack Wheeler for him? Hell no. Viagra clones Would he like to bring in a veteran outfielder? Of course. Viagra clones But  would he go 3years/$39mil (Shane Victorino to the Red Sox) or even 3 years/$26 mil (Cody Ross to the D’Backs) ? Nope, viagra clones and if he did you know you’d scream holy hell.

Viagra clones On Travis d’Arnaud making the club’s opening day roster:

Viagra clones Yeah, viagra clones I think it would be unfair given his situation, viagra clones the level of his development to say, viagra clones look, viagra clones he can’t make the team out of spring training, viagra clones but we had a somewhat open situation with Matt Harvey last year, viagra clones too, viagra clones and he had a fairly good spring training, viagra clones and yet he opened the season at the minor league level. Viagra clones I just don’t want to rule anything out. Viagra clones At the same time, viagra clones I don’t want to create false expectations on the part of our fans or any sense of pressure on Travis himself. Viagra clones But look, viagra clones he hasn’t played since last June, viagra clones he was out all the second half of last season with the knee injury. Viagra clones He would have been in the big leagues last year had he not been injured. Viagra clones Had he not been injured and played last year, viagra clones I doubt he would have been available to us in a trade. Viagra clones So you take the good with the bad. Viagra clones But as far as Opening Day is concerned, viagra clones he could be with us, viagra clones but we do have a very capable veteran in John Buck as well. Viagra clones      

Viagra clones Ok now Alderson is blowing smoke up your ass. Viagra clones d’Arnaud only breaks camp with the team if Buck gets hurt, viagra clones otherwise his arbitrational clock is more important than early season big league at bats. Viagra clones Last season’s knee injury and lack of playing in the second half of last season will come in handy to justify this decision.

Viagra clones The next topic to come up from ‘ZAUN was the outfield:

Viagra clones Well, viagra clones the outfield is not a strength at this point, viagra clones there’s no question about that. Viagra clones There’s a need for an upgrade at almost every one of those positions. Viagra clones Some of it could come internally. Viagra clones We may see Lucas Duda substantially improve defensively and offensively.

Viagra clones Or we may not see Lucas Duda substantially improve defensively and offensively. Viagra clones Duda is a liability in the outfield and would be a perfect DH if he could…you…know….HIT! Is it me or does Duda also strike you as a guy you makes playing baseball a chore?

Viagra clones Alderson then laid out what the outfield could look like on opening day:

Viagra clones We’re looking at him(Duda) in left. Viagra clones Center field right now is probably [Kirk] Nieuwenhuis and a player we obtained from the A’s, viagra clones Colin Cowgill, viagra clones who I think will be an interesting player to watch in spring training.

Viagra clones Ah yes Colin Cowgill. Viagra clones I too am interested in seeing Cowgill play as he looks to be the player that Mets have been waiting for the Alderson regime to bring in, viagra clones the under the radar AAA to AAAA player who gets a chance to play regularly and makes an a strong contribution. Viagra clones  From looking at Cowgill’s minor league numbers he’s shown the ability to get on base, viagra clones to steal a base and not get caught hit with a bit of power and his defense is a major plus and he bats right handed. Viagra clones Cowgill is an upgrade over Scott Hairstion and speaking of Scott Hairstion he is the exchange between ‘Zaun (‘Zaun is a play on the name of Francesa’s show Mike’s On but when the singers of his theme song make it sound like “MIKE ZAUN”) and Alderson:

Viagra clones  Francesa: You expect to have a Hairston back or another player in the mix before the season starts?

Viagra clones Alderson: Oh, viagra clones we’re working on it. Viagra clones Yeah. Viagra clones And I think there’s been speculation about Scott. Viagra clones I think that…

Viagra clones Francesa: That he asked for too much money…

Viagra clones Alderson: You know, viagra clones money’s always an issue and I wouldn’t deny that, viagra clones but it’s also a question of playing time and he wants to play — we understand that — and one of the things that exists for us right now, viagra clones the dynamic is, viagra clones that in order for us to sign Scott we want to be able to commit a certain amount of playing time. Viagra clones This is where you balance two or three things going on at the same time. Viagra clones If one or two other things were to happen, viagra clones it might affect his playing time. Viagra clones So it’s not just about the money, viagra clones it’s also about playing time and what we can readily commit to Scott.

Viagra clones Francesa: You want to see what you can pull off before you commit to him?

Viagra clones Alderson: [Pause] … Uhh, viagra clones yeah.

Viagra clones Francesa: Okay, viagra clones that’s fair. Viagra clones I think that’s fair. Viagra clones I mean, viagra clones it is fair. Viagra clones I mean, viagra clones so it’s not a case of it just being a price, viagra clones it’s also a situation of a couple other things actually can still happen or not.

Viagra clones Alderson: Yeah, viagra clones absolutely. Viagra clones       

Viagra clones Trying to read between the lines here, viagra clones it seems Alderson is waiting and hoping that some GM out there (Kevin Towers) panics and will trade from an over stocked outfield for some fringe prospects. Viagra clones   It goes back to the Upton talk I think Alderson believes he still has a shot at Upton and at his price but it’s going to take some more time and some more patience’s to pull it off. Viagra clones Even if it’s not Upton he gets it, viagra clones seems before he commits those precious Skill Sets Bucks to Hairston, viagra clones he leaves no options uncovered. Viagra clones No one is giving Scott Hairston 2ys/$8mil.

Viagra clones Alderson goes on in the rest of the interview to talk about how he sees both Johan Santana and Dillon Gee bouncing back from injury, viagra clones how he hopes the younger bullpen arms he has will make an impact, viagra clones how he has an eye on 2014 but his ‘dominant eye” is on 2013, viagra clones and how he’s not happy with the way the Mets have finished that lase few seasons.

Viagra clones Big tip of the Mets cap to Amazin’ Avenue and Eric Simon and Steve Flanagan who posted a transcript of Francesa and Alderson’s conversation. Viagra clones Great job guys !  

Viagra clones  

Viagra clones  

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Cialis blood thinner Sorry for not posting for a couple of days, cialis blood thinner it’s that Ihave a lack of subjects to sound off on but my wife decided it would be nice to take a long weekend in Pennnsylvania so between hitting the outlet stores and the smogesboard along with some R & R , cialis blood thinner I figured to take a little , cialis blood thinner Besides it’s a bit tough to knockout a 1, cialis blood thinner000 word post on an iPad (for me anyway)

Cialis blood thinner So. Cialis blood thinner By Sunday I should have some conciseness  rising piece to post.

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Cialis woman

Cialis woman  

Cialis woman I’ve been away from my duties here at Kranepool Society for a couple of days, cialis woman so I’ve got a lot to catch up on:

Cialis woman Anthony McCarron writes about David Wright today in the NY Daily News on how the Mets have for the first time in his close to 8 year career, cialis woman become HIS team. Cialis woman Wright has always been deferential to vets like Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran and made a concerted effort to share the spotlight with Jose Reyes but now that they are dearly departed it’s finally David Wright’s team and though he would never say it, cialis woman he has to be thrilled to death that it is.

Cialis woman Wright is not the rah-rah fiery type, cialis woman although he did show that side of him after the Carrasco-Braun hit by pitch affair, cialis woman Wright shows the leadership a young team like the Mets needs. Cialis woman When a 7+ year vet is the first to report to spring training and the first one to the ball park and the last one to leave, cialis woman plays through pain and never skirts from his responsibility to speak to the media win or lose, cialis woman it sets the tone to the rest of the team that Wright’s Way is the Mets Way. Cialis woman One doesn’t need a long term history lesson to see that this Mets clubhouse is more professional and more cohesive than we’ve seen in a long time and it bodes well for the future of this franchise.

Cialis woman Credit for the professional turnaround has to go to Terry Collins as well. Cialis woman Think back to when TC was hired as Mets manager, cialis woman we all had our doubts due to his previous track record as the manager but it’s a real testament to Collins that he re-invented himself at an age when most folks are rock solid set in their ways.  Most Mets fans clamored for Wally Backman to run this team and while I’m a Wally fan, cialis woman I can’t see anyone else but Terry Collins running this team for the next two seasons at least. Cialis woman If anyone deserves a hike in pay and a two year extension of his contract it’s Terry Collins.

Cialis woman Boy if I could take anything back that I’ve written on this site, cialis woman it may be what I posted the other day about moving Scott Hairston to make room for Jason Bay when he comes back from his rib injury. Cialis woman I’ve taken what Hairston brings to this team for granted and if anything having Mike Baxter and Hairston on the bench for the Mets is a great strength.

Cialis woman Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ bat has cooled off, cialis woman as to be expected but his strikeout rate has to give the front office some concern that the word has gotten out to throw Kirk a steady diet of breaking balls, cialis woman so a trip back upstate may not be the worst thing in the world for Nieuwenhuis who seems to have the mindset to take a demotion not as a negative but a chance to work on his deficiency of hitting breaking pitches as his ticket back to the big leagues for good.

Cialis woman The one thing that could keep Captain Kirk with the Mets is the fact that it is now not if Ike Davis should be sent to Buffalo it’s more like a lock he’s going once Bay comes back. Cialis woman  The Marlins just sent their struggling 1st baseman Gaby Sanchez to Triple A to work his way back to being the All-Star he was last year. Cialis woman The Mets just cannot afford to play Ike every day with zero production and a stint in Buffalo should not be taken as a punishment but as an opportunity for Ike to get his groove back.

Cialis woman It’s amazing that the sports media dickheads in NYC who have been given the assignment to cover the NY Rangers during their playoff run are so lazy and so lacking in talent that they can’t see what this team is built on hard work, cialis woman commitment to the team and the mindset that everyone is responsible for their actions on the ice and if you fuck up, cialis woman you ride the pine. Cialis woman Doesn’t matter if you’re a multimillionaire all-star or a kid fresh off a college campus if you make a mistake that hurts the team you sit, cialis woman you stew and you make damn sure you don’t do it again. Cialis woman It’s the same with some of these idiots who now question the Rangers commitment to blocking shots, cialis woman guess what assholes, cialis woman how do you think this team has gotten to where it is? Oh and for all the fawning you schmucks have been doing over Marty Brodeur, cialis woman stop acting like lemmings calling him the greatest goaltender in hockey history, cialis woman just because you’ve heard some of your overheated brethren say it. Cialis woman Sure it’s easy to look at his career stats and says he’s the best ever and I am by no means saying he isn’t a Hall of Famer but to say he’s the best ever is a slight to Jacques Plante, cialis woman Terry Sawchuck, cialis woman Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy. Cialis woman Take some time to read up on those four before you give Marty the crown of greatest ever and remember as good as Brodeur is, cialis woman he’s no KING!

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Cialis express delivery With the Eddie Kranepool Society World Headquarters (my basement) under some renovations (nothing better than waking up on your day off to the sounds of jackhammers attacking your basement floor) and some family issues that have come up the last couple of days, cialis express delivery I haven’t had time to post on the site, cialis express delivery I hope to have some stuff up tomorrow

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Natural viagra A quick post for today as I’m heading out to Citi Field for another Mets bloggers event.

Natural viagra Former Mets cleanup hitter (still can’t believe this guy was the opening day cleanup hitter last season) Mike Jacobs has become the first professional baseball player to be suspended for HGH usage. Natural viagra Jacobs took the banned substance to help with rejuvenating his body from series of knee and back injuries he suffered as a member of the Colorado Sky Sox . Natural viagra I feel bad for Jacobs as here was a guy who played in the big leagues, natural viagra drawing a big league paycheck but flopped to the point he headed back to the bushes.

Natural viagra Jacobs was worried that he’d become just another guy and be forgotten by MLB GM’s even with his 23 HR and 97 RBI so desperate times call for desperate actions it seems.

Natural viagra To his credit, natural viagra Jacobs has taken full responsibility for his actions:

Natural viagra “A few weeks ago, natural viagra in an attempt to overcome knee and back problems, natural viagra I made the terrible decision to take H.G.H., natural viagra” Jacobs said in the statement, natural viagra a rare confession of doping in a sport where many players who have tested positive denied ever knowingly using a drug. Natural viagra “I immediately stopped a couple of days later after being tested. Natural viagra Taking it was one of the worst decisions I could have ever made, natural viagra one for which I take full responsibility.”

Natural viagra 50 games is a serious sentence and most likely Jacobs’  done as a big leaguer. Natural viagra Sad

Natural viagra The Mets have suffered from a Humpty Dumpty defense this season (All the mangers horses and all the mangers coaches, natural viagra couldn’t put the Mets defense back together again, natural viagra or something like that) Manager Terry Collins to his credit has gotten the team to participate in taking infield before games, natural viagra which no other teams do, natural viagra but as Andy MuCullough lays out nicely in this piece in the Star-Ledger, natural viagra it hasn’t help much as the Mets are statistically one of the defensive bottom feeders in baseball. Natural viagra Add the lousy bullpen and shaky starting pitching it’s quite shocking the club is near the breakeven point in wins and losses.

Natural viagra Welcome back K-Rod, natural viagra the trade the worked out well for both sides. Natural viagra Again, natural viagra well played Mr. Natural viagra Alderson

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Get cialis online

Get cialis online Last couple of days I’ve been  busy as all hell with real work, get cialis online setting up podcasts and coaching so I’m a bit behind with my Mets rants so let me get right to ‘em:

Get cialis online Really were you shocked to hear that Jenry Meija blew out his elbow and is headed for Tommy John surgery? Last night on the BBA Baseball Talk Podcast, get cialis online D.J. Get cialis online Short of Hard Ball Talk and Rotoworld was a guest and we both felt the same way, get cialis online we weren’t surprised. Get cialis online Of course the first reaction is to curse Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel for their misuse of Mejia last season and to say that the organization didn’t do it’s best to work with Mejia to get him to use the proper pitching mechanics to try to help avoid this type of injury but as a baseball layman I really don’t know how much any of this played in Mejia blowing out his elbow.

Get cialis online After speaking to Rick Peterson for a bit during the winter he spoke about working on pitchers mechanics as the easy part of coaching it’s getting that pitcher to repeat the proper mechanic, get cialis online that’s the hard part.

Get cialis online The one bright spot, get cialis online I guess is most pitchers who endure TJ surgery comeback as good as ever with proper rehab and instruction. Get cialis online Let’s hope that’s the case with Jenry Mejia.

Get cialis online Jose Reyes is on fire and it has not gone unnoticed around baseball. Get cialis online Some reports have the Giants looking real hard at making a play for Reyes and to tell you the truth I don’t envy Sandy Alderson with having to make the decision on what to do with Reyes. Get cialis online Part of me wants Reyes to stay and sign a new deal and live happily ever after in Flushing. Get cialis online Then I think well if the Giants are as desperate as the should be (Mike Fontenot batting 3rd?) and you can pry away RHP Zach Wheeler and LHP Eric Surkamp in a Reyes deal that would be hard to turn down. Get cialis online The outcry from a large portion of this fan base will be ear splitting but then again this Mets fan base is the most Bi-polar any fan base in sports. Get cialis online They want to win but they don’t want to deal anyone they have affection for. Get cialis online The Reyes fans want him here forever as does the David Wright fans but as soon as both these Faces of the Franchise slump, get cialis online they blame them for everything but the Skill Sets shity investments. Get cialis online You can’t have it your way all the time. Get cialis online Sometimes the adults have to make the big decisions and even the most casual baseball fan knows you’re nothing without pitching.  So the question you ask yourself is do I want to build a winning team or do I want to keep players I like around and finish in the second division again and again  or do I think it’s time to revamp my team and go with a new game plan? After all that I still don’t know what the Mets should with Reyes and I wonder if Sandy Alderson feels the same way?

Get cialis online I do know this, get cialis online The Skill Sets need to sell the team, get cialis online if not all of it a majority of it as it would break my heart to see the Mets end up like the Dodgers and not be able to meet payroll. Get cialis online Either Fred gets some new cash flowing into this organization or the Skill Sets need to get the fuck out. Get cialis online I’m tired of all this sentimentality bullshit from him, get cialis online his incompetent brother in law and his dopey kid, get cialis online about wanting to keep the team in the family for years and years. Get cialis online You should have though about that when your pal Bernie was fucking you over but you didn’t see it because the money was flowing like a Niagara Falls. Get cialis online Now you want sympathy. Get cialis online You won’t get it here, get cialis online my sympathy is with the team and with Mets fan, get cialis online Fred you love the Mets so much then do the right thing, get cialis online sell the whole fucking kit and caboodle and keep a little piece for you along with a suite and go off into the sunset.

Get cialis online Those caps the Mets wore last night were horrendous, get cialis online I thought I was watching an episode of 30 Rock.

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Cialis dose Psssst….check it out, cialis dose check it out Black Mets jersey’s and caps……check it out, cialis dose check it out…..I got PIAZZA, cialis dose REYES, cialis dose RODRIGUEZ, cialis dose WRIGHT……check it out…………………OH SHIT THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Cialis dose Its almost getting to the point where I’m sympathetic of the plight of the Skill Sets. Cialis dose  It’s bad enough that Bernie Madoff fucked them over but how about their beloved pasty face clubbie Charlie Samuels and the way he took the owners trust and as in turned robbed the team blind?

Cialis dose With all the stories during the off season into spring training about the Madoff scandal and the fall out of the words of the Trustees of the victims of the scandal the Samuels’ saga has gone unnoticed until the last couple of days as the NYPD and Queens DA’s office have descended on St. Cialis dose Lonesome to get some answers and to build a case against Samuels.

Cialis dose The cops are talking to players especially Frankie Rodriguez who was so close to Samuels, cialis dose he slept on his sofa during when he was bounced out of his home after his assault charge, cialis dose and to Mike Piazza who also confided  with Samuels.

Cialis dose While the cops are in Florida getting statements, cialis dose cops here in NYC are trying to match the stolen property from the Mets clubhouse to memorabilia dealers in the area to solidify their case against Samuels  .

Cialis dose This will be just one more bullshit distraction that seems to follow this organization. Cialis dose  If the Skill Sets can save their ownership of the team I hope they learn a lesson from all this and stop being so naïve and start running the Mets like a business instead of some mom and pop candy store

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Viagra prescription for woman A very busy couple of days kept me away from here yesterday. Viagra prescription for woman It all started Tuesday morning. Viagra prescription for woman I had a 5:30 game that evening so I wanted to get my work done in the morning so I could take a couple of hours off. Viagra prescription for woman I get an e-mail from fellow BBA member, viagra prescription for woman Daniel Shoptaw of C 70 at the Bat to see if I could pinch hit as host for the BBA Baseball Talk podcast that night. Viagra prescription for woman With my game at 5:30, viagra prescription for woman there is a curfew of 2 hours after first pitch as we have no lights at the field where we play. Viagra prescription for woman The podcast was scheduled for 11PM so it all works out for me.

Viagra prescription for woman The way the game started for our team I thought it might even be an earlier night as there is a 10 run mercy rule after 5 innings. Viagra prescription for woman We were down 6-0 after 3 as our pitchers didn’t throw many strikes and the one’s they did were hit hard. Viagra prescription for woman After showing my annoyance with my offense for not being aggressive at the plate (“enough window shopping fellows, viagra prescription for woman time to make purchase, viagra prescription for woman swing the bats, viagra prescription for woman next guy who takes a called third strike will need some big tweezers pull the splinters out of their butts”) they took my advice and got aggressive, viagra prescription for woman that and the opposing pitcher getting gased, viagra prescription for woman we get back in the game and make it 6-5 in the bottom of the 6th (we play 7 innings) and it’s getting darker and darker. Viagra prescription for woman Now to this point we have bases loaded two outs and as I say not much offense, viagra prescription for woman I tell my runner on 3rd to get a good lead as he’s not being held and the pitcher is focused on the batter. Viagra prescription for woman First pitch, viagra prescription for woman my runner goes more than half way down the line, viagra prescription for woman and the pitch is a strike. Viagra prescription for woman When he gets back I tell him, viagra prescription for woman if the ball gets past the catcher, viagra prescription for woman run to the plate. Viagra prescription for woman Sure enough the next pitch is in the dirt, viagra prescription for woman I scream to my runner (I coach 3rd base) GO! GO! GO! So he tears down the line and as he attempts his slide in the plate the catcher puts the tag right on his lead leg and is called out. Viagra prescription for woman Game over.

Viagra prescription for woman It took me a good half hour to leave the field. Viagra prescription for woman The kids were pissed off and I told them this loss is on me, viagra prescription for woman I told him to run and if you guys want to be mad at anyone be mad at me. Viagra prescription for woman I know one of my other coaches wasn’t happy with my decision and I’m sure some of the parents weren’t happy either but to tell you the truth I don’t care. Viagra prescription for woman I play aggressive and sometimes it works sometime it bites you in the ass, viagra prescription for woman so Tuesday night I had a sore ass.

Viagra prescription for woman Now by the time I get home, viagra prescription for woman it dawns on me, viagra prescription for woman “oh shit, viagra prescription for woman I’ve got to host the BBA Podcast.” So I scramble to get some material together and at 11PM Daniel and I are on the air. Viagra prescription for woman Check out the show here I think it went pretty good for two guys pinch hitting at the last minute.

Viagra prescription for woman So yesterday I took a mental health day as my managerial decisions were still driving me crazy.

Viagra prescription for woman Metsermized online has a great must read post on the events of April 22, viagra prescription for woman 1970, viagra prescription for woman the day Tom Seaver struck out 19 San Diego Padres, viagra prescription for woman the last 10 batters in a row. Viagra prescription for woman How fitting is it that The Franchise is in town to help inaugurate the new Mets Alumni Association where former Mets players from all eras of Mets history will be on hand at $iti Field and also represent the Mets at community events. Viagra prescription for woman I’m ecstatic over this new Met Alumni Association because, viagra prescription for woman it’s long over due and the initiative of the association of having former Mets on hand at the ball park and having them rep the organization at events has been something I’ve been advocating for some time. Viagra prescription for woman Maybe someone in the front office is reading this stuff if they are, viagra prescription for woman thank you. 

Viagra prescription for woman Looks like my projection of Carlos Beltran coming back to the lineup around the All Star break now looks like an optimistic view.

Viagra prescription for woman If Mets fans want to be ignorant enough to boo David Wright that’s there prerogative, viagra prescription for woman but as bad as Wright has looked at the plate the last week, viagra prescription for woman I still believe if Jason Bay and the suddenly ice cold Frenchy could start getting productive it would help Wright. Viagra prescription for woman No doubt the middle of the batting order is not very productive right now and maybe it’s time for a big shake up like say, viagra prescription for woman moving Wright to the lead off spot and Reyes to the 3 hole? Then move Castillo to 8 and Pagan to 2 ? The lineup would look like this:

Viagra prescription for woman Wright

Viagra prescription for woman Pagan

Viagra prescription for woman Reyes

Viagra prescription for woman Bay

Viagra prescription for woman Francouer

Viagra prescription for woman Davis

Viagra prescription for woman Barajas

Viagra prescription for woman Castillo

Viagra prescription for woman Pitcher

Viagra prescription for woman All this is moot if you have a healthy Beltran and a productive Bay, viagra prescription for woman in fact with both those player in the lineup and productive with the very good pitching the team has gotten early, viagra prescription for woman the 6-9 record the Mets have would be no worse than 9-6 or 10-5 and with the Phillies at 9-5 in first place, viagra prescription for woman Mets fans would be in a much better state of mind.

Viagra prescription for woman Ryota Igarhashi going down with a strained hammy is a killer right now. Viagra prescription for woman I guess Tobi Stoner can’t be called back up for 10 days from the time he was sent down so it looks like we’re stuck with Manny Acosta.

Viagra prescription for woman Now that we know Carlos Beltran is a couple of months away from rejoining the lineup, viagra prescription for woman can we please give GMJ his release and bring up Chris Carter ?

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Brand Name Cialis Overnight

Viagra from canada

Viagra from canada We are told not to take the stats from spring training too seriously especially early, viagra from canada but the quotes coming from John Maine after his cameo appearance yesterday left me a bit unsettled.

Viagra from canada Because of the rain the last couple of days in Florida, viagra from canada the Mets have tried to rearrange the pitching assignments to make sure every one gets in their work. Viagra from canada Maine came into yesterday’s game after Johan Santana pitched four superb innings, viagra from canada starting the fifth inning. Viagra from canada He got two quick outs then the roof caved in as he gave up a couple of walks and a couple of doubles and next thing you know he had to be taken out of the game without completing the inning. Viagra from canada Now if it were just that, viagra from canada I’d say he was working on different pitchers and looks like those pitches need some fine tuning, viagra from canada but it was Maine’ statements after the game that have me concerned.

Viagra from canada  “I felt good, viagra from canada” Maine said. Viagra from canada “It’s just one of those days. Viagra from canada My shoulder and arm feel fine. Viagra from canada Coming in like that – off my routine – I just wasn’t at all prepared. Viagra from canada It was different. Viagra from canada I didn’t get the job done. Viagra from canada …I just wasn’t kind of that into it and just wasn’t that comfortable.”

Viagra from canada  

Viagra from canada So physically Maine claims to be fine but mentally he’s all fucked up for the lack of a better term, viagra from canada if there were ever a poor choice of words, viagra from canada “I just wasn’t kind of into it and just wasn’t comfortable” that quote would be it. Viagra from canada If I’m the manager or GM, viagra from canada I would have left a call to Mr. Viagra from canada Maine to be at the complex at 7AM this morning to explain that quote.

Viagra from canada Maine’ biggest problem he said he’s used to starting a game and getting ready to make the game his, viagra from canada that’s fine but this is an exhibition game, viagra from canada a practice game, viagra from canada the one time during the year where the numbers on the scoreboard mean nothing plus it wasn’t like Maine was coming into the game with the bases loaded and no outs, viagra from canada he was starting the fifth inning. Viagra from canada With all that Maine was still not fit for duty:

Viagra from canada “I am a creature of habit, viagra from canada” Maine said. Viagra from canada “I have a certain routine. Viagra from canada I was out of sync, viagra from canada off my routine. Viagra from canada I just wasn’t prepared. Viagra from canada I didn’t get the job done. Viagra from canada It’s the whole aspect of throwing before the game, viagra from canada sitting down and doing this.”

Viagra from canada The players and management of this team have more excuses than Eric Massa, viagra from canada in fact I’m wondering if someone in the Mets clubhouse tickled Jose Reyes to the point his Thyroid nearly exploded.

Viagra from canada Maine makes his next stat on Saturday and if he’s not into that start, viagra from canada maybe management would be into trading for Andy Sonnerstine who looks to be on the trade market. 

Viagra from canada Management can spin their confidence about the starting rotation in public all they want but I’m sure behind closed door the brain trust feels their desperately need another solid starter and are working the phone lines to feel out the offers. Viagra from canada Give it a day or two but rumors will be flowing like the weekends  rain off your gutters, viagra from canada that the Mets are looking for pitching, viagra from canada especially if Maine has another performances like yesterday .

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What Is Cialis

Indian viagra There is no truth to the rumor that I injured myself blogging about the Mets. Indian viagra In fact I never felt better.

Indian viagra My in-laws have a time share in the Poconos so they invited us up for a couple of days and the only place with WiFi is the lobby of the main buliding so I had a choice, indian viagra write about the latest Mets loss or hit the water park with the kids. Indian viagra Guess what won?

Indian viagra Last night we took a ride to Mount Airy lodge. Indian viagra This used to be the home of the heart shaped tub and mirrors on the bedroom ceiling. Indian viagra Now that’s all gone (which when you reach 50 is a good thing as I don’t even like mirors in the bathroom ) and the big thing now is video gaming machines. Indian viagra After 20 minutes and 40 bucks lost I had enough and luckily there were TV’s by a bar that had the Mets-Marlins game so I watched another Big Pelf inconsistent start. Indian viagra As bad as the loss was, indian viagra I was pissed that I lost 40 bucks. Indian viagra My wife finds it very funny since oneof our favortie vaction spots before we had kids was Las Vegas. Indian viagra I loved to play cards, indian viagra bet sports, indian viagra shoot craps now I’m like a guy on a pension getting all pissed off losing 40 bucks.

Indian viagra I see the Mets won today in Miami by the way how do you schedule a day game in Miami in August? Good to see Tim Redding step up as well as Fernado Tatis and Angel Pagan but the guy who is coming around is Daniel Murphy. Indian viagra Sorry all you Murph haters!!!!!!

Indian viagra Enough Mets, indian viagra there is a water slide waiting for my middle aged ass to hit

Indian viagra Later!

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