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Viagra pill A quick note before I get rolling here, viagra pill posting will be sporadic the next four days as I head off to a mini family vacation in Pennsylvania, viagra pill after an 8:30AM baseball game tomorrow I’ll be off to the Pocono’s where I may or may not have a lot of internet access. Viagra pill I will try to fit in some posts in the mornings if I do since I get up with the roosters even on days off if not here I may just throw some stuff out on Twitter (follow me there @ kranepool )

Viagra pill My heartfelt condolences go out to Willie Harris and his wife on the loss of their child. Viagra pill I cannot think of anything more heartbreaking than what the Harris’ are going through. Viagra pill My prayers and thoughts are with them.

Viagra pill I thought that gesture the Mets make when they reach base when the put their hand over there head was a way to say the spotlight is on you. Viagra pill I thought I read that or heard some place early this season but I guess it’s not. Viagra pill It seems it’s similar to what the Texas Rangers made famous last season as the Antler but the Mets call it the “Claw” which is quite ironic since the owners are involved in a claw back suit against them by the Madoff trustees. Viagra pill If Irv Picard wins this case and wipes out the skill sets I wonder if he will give the “Claw” in the courtroom.

Viagra pill Being that I’ll be away for the Subway Series, viagra pill I doubt I’ll get to see any of the games live (my  wife decided tonight would be a good night to go see “Catch Me If You Can” on Broadway) unless of course I can get everyone to agree to a late lunch/early dinner at restaurant with a TV, viagra pill a good possibility, viagra pill but this should be one of the better Subway Series in a while. Viagra pill Both teams are playing winning baseball; the Highlanders are the hottest team in the game, viagra pill closing in on the Phuck Phaces for the best record in MLB. Viagra pill They have gone 21-9 in their last 30 games. Viagra pill The Mets though are not that far behind them winning 18 of their last 30. Viagra pill As it is, viagra pill this series is more important for the Mets as they try to continue to keep pace in the NL Wild Card Race. Viagra pill They come into the series on a high note (Yesterday’s loss the exception as Mike Pelfrey was bad again, viagra pill more on Pelf in a minute) taking 4 of 6 on the road from the Rangers and Tigers and really needing to keep winning series. Viagra pill We have reached July 1 with the end of the month the trade deadline so if the Mets want to put the pressure on the front office and ownership to decide to buy and not sell at the end of the month they need to continue this string of winning. Viagra pill If the team is in striking distance of a Wild Card spot, viagra pill no more than 5 games behind, viagra pill Sandy Alderson will have to make an effort to upgrade the bullpen as it’s the bullpen that will decide if the Mets stay in the post season hunt. Viagra pill As well as the team has played the last two months, viagra pill the bullpen is a problem and it doesn’t look like there are any candidates in Buffalo or Bingo to help out. Viagra pill Since Jeffey Skill Sets proclaimed that Alderson can add whatever he feels is necessary to make run. Viagra pill We’ll see. Viagra pill Talk is cheap. Viagra pill   

Viagra pill What to do with Big Pelf? Yesterday was his second straight bad start as he proclaimed after the game that just like Arlington, viagra pill he could not command his fastball for strikes. Viagra pill So his fastball contributed to his walking 5 batters and falling behind in the count and coming in with pitches that were quite hittable, viagra pill led to Pelf’s downfall. Viagra pill You wonder what the front office makes of Pelfrey? Terry Collins does what any good manager would do, viagra pill he protects his player, viagra pill although I don’t think he even believes the positive spin he has put on Pelfrey’s last two starts but I’m sure Alderson already feels like Mike Pelfrey will not be a Met in 2012. Viagra pill Pelfrey makes a shade under $4mil and is arbitration eligible I believe for the last time this off season so what kind of deal do you offer him?  A multi year deal? Hell no! A one year deal at $5mil+ ? Not with the tight budget the club is projecting for next season. Viagra pill So with that it looks like either Big Plef gets dealt or non-tendered. Viagra pill Kinda sad though but deserved.

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