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What is cialis professional Just  a few more comments on last nights conference call with Sandy Alderson, what is cialis professional a doff of my Mets cap and a bow to the guys at Amazin’ Avenue for transcribing the entire call, what is cialis professional thank you guys.

What is cialis professional Last year at this time I was quite disgusted with the Mets front office, what is cialis professional the manager, what is cialis professional players and the owner. What is cialis professional After listening to Alderson last night my attitude has done the ol’ 180 degree spin. What is cialis professional  He took over an organization that had some huge cracks in its foundation and as any home owner knows cracks in the foundation spell disaster.  Alderson is not just going to patch the foundation of the Mets, what is cialis professional he is going to rebuild it so it’s rock solid.

What is cialis professional The Tea Party segment of the Mets fans base are clueless in their negativity on the direction of the team. What is cialis professional For all of you dolts who are calling talk radio and ranting how you’re not going to buy tickets or Met merchandise, what is cialis professional I guess you were happy with the past administration (for now on the past GM name will not appear on this site ever again) and maybe if the former GM get another job running a team (doubt it) you can switch your rooting interest.

What is cialis professional Howard Megdal ran a campaign for GM this past summer on a platform of Logic, what is cialis professional Transparency and Passion well we didn’t get Howard as Mets GM but Sandy Alderson has embraced those three characteristics very well.

What is cialis professional So all you disgruntled so-called Mets it’s fine that you stay away from Citi Field but when the ship gets back on course don’t be a hypocrite and jump on the band wagon, what is cialis professional use your heads and jump on now.

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Who sells generic viagra Even if the Mets take the next three from the Phuck Phaces as the series starts tonight at $iti Field, who sells generic viagra it looks like Jerry Manuel could still be out as manager of the Mets. Who sells generic viagra There are some serious cracks in the foundation.

Who sells generic viagra First there was the confrontation between Frankie Rodriguez and Randy Neimann the bullpen Sunday night. Who sells generic viagra At first glance, who sells generic viagra I chalked this to shit happens in the heat of battle but upon closer inspection it seems Rodriguez is getting annoyed by the way Maunel is using him and made it known when the call came in to get up and get warm. Who sells generic viagra It’s not really known what was said but I could guess that Rodriguez made it known that he’s getting tired of the way he’s being used, who sells generic viagra getting up, who sells generic viagra sitting down, who sells generic viagra being told you won’t be used then having to get ready and come in and get a 5 out save as it seems he’s not just saving games but saving the managers job.

Who sells generic viagra The second incident has to do with a couple of “prominent Mets” upset that Darryl Strawberry has been in the clubhouse trying to help players relax and focus on winning. Who sells generic viagra I mean we can speculate on who’s “wittle feelings” were hurt that big bad Straw. Who sells generic viagra It’s not like Straw said anything critical of inflammatory:

Who sells generic viagra   “He was saying you’re better than last place. Who sells generic viagra He told them it was ‘rough’ watching them play, who sells generic viagra but you’re better than what you showed, who sells generic viagra” a Mets insider said. Who sells generic viagra “Some of the guys who don’t know Darryl that well, who sells generic viagra don’t know he still bleeds Mets blue might have thought it (his advice) was too tough.”

Who sells generic viagra  

Who sells generic viagra “If they don’t know Darryl they might have wondered why he was coming on so strong, who sells generic viagra” the spy said. Who sells generic viagra “He is sincere. Who sells generic viagra He still cares. Who sells generic viagra That’s why.”

Who sells generic viagra  

Who sells generic viagra  

Who sells generic viagra WOW if they think that was too tough they’d cry like a baby reading what I write. Who sells generic viagra I don’t think it’s Wright or Reyes doing the complaining as they’ve been around and know what Strawberry and all the 86’ers mean to the organization and the fan base but it would be leader-like for Wright and Reyes to step up and defend Darryl and his fellow World Champs and tell those who are complaining to shut the fuck up. Who sells generic viagra If I ever find out who the players are who are crying about Strawberry in the clubhouse, who sells generic viagra I promise to expose these frauds for the fucking losers that they are.

Who sells generic viagra It’s these little outbursts that show whether the manager is losing his team or not and add this in with the Maine blowout and the total misuse of his bullpen and the fact that David Wright was benched and Jeff Francoeur gets his name in the lineup every day and produces nothing but failure tells you it’s time to let Jerry Manuel go.

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