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Copycat viagra Tuesday night I Tweeted from Citi Field, copycat viagra the fact that I stood next to Matt Harvey in the Mets dugout during batting practice and just his presences oozed Major Leaguer to me.  He wasn’t one of these rail thin peach fuzz cheeked rookies, copycat viagra nope, copycat viagra he had that thick trunk that the best power pitchers possess and he just carried himself around the dugout, copycat viagra that was boarding on a three ring circus with Mets bloggers, copycat viagra main streamers and models posing by bat racks in tank tops. Copycat viagra None of this fazed Harvey. Copycat viagra I had my voice recorder in hand and wanted to get at least a five minute interview with Harvey but he was headed to the bullpen to get his work in so all I could muster was a quick “how ya doing” and “good luck”

Copycat viagra It was a pleasure watching Harvey pitch last night (you could tell Keith Hernandez in Phoenix doing the game and Ron Darling in the SNY studios in Midtown were enjoying Harvey’s performance as well especially Darling) as I said he, copycat viagra has that thick trunk and uses it to push off the rubber to where he’s not using all arm to pitch. Copycat viagra A guy named Seaver used to that way back when and he was pretty good too. Copycat viagra  Harvey hit a high of 98 MPH with his fastball and averaged 95 for the night. Copycat viagra One thing missing from Harvey’s repertoire was use of his curve ball which according to Brooks Baseball he threw just three times. Copycat viagra It was a mix of fastball/slider for Harvey all night and he was at his most effective when he hit corners, copycat viagra especially the outside corner of the plate and work his fastball up the ladder. Copycat viagra Bobby Parnell should sit with Harvey and watch tape of this performance because if Parnell could approach pitching like Harvey did last night, copycat viagra the Mets would never have another 10 game losing streak.

Copycat viagra It’s hard to harness one’s enthusiasm for Matt Harvey and what’s to come the rest of this season and beyond after last night. Copycat viagra  With the awful start to the second half and the infighting amongst some players and the fans looking for a miracle in Sandy Alderson’s second year of stewardship with the Mets, copycat viagra Matt Harvey gave the team and fans the pick me up both needed, copycat viagra lets’ hope it lasts.

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Order cheap viagra Photo of great catch by Capt. Order cheap viagra Kirk from the NY Daily News

Order cheap viagra There are days the Mets fan base annoys and puzzles me and then there are days I can see they get it, order cheap viagra today they get. Order cheap viagra From reading through my Twitter timeline it seems the majority of Mets fans agree, order cheap viagra last night’s loss was the toughest of the season to take.

Order cheap viagra What has made my day is that Mets blogger extraordinaire, order cheap viagra Metstradamus wrote a post on last night’s game that is exactly how I feel, order cheap viagra so like a hobo hoping on box car for free ride, order cheap viagra if you read Metstradamus post twice, order cheap viagra you will get his take and mine on last night’s game.

Order cheap viagra I will add it was nice to see the maturation of Jon Niese on the mound last night. Order cheap viagra Niese tried to muscle the ball the first three innings going heavily with his fastball and not keeping the ball down. Order cheap viagra In the 4th he started to get a good feel for his curve ball and cutter and then pitched more effectively.

Order cheap viagra I really wish Terry Collins would stop talking about Andres Torres getting the centerfield job back when he returns from the DL. Order cheap viagra Torres is not even a league average player, order cheap viagra so TC and the Mets have to stop acting like there are brining Willie Mays back, order cheap viagra Torres had one solid year, order cheap viagra he’s 33 years old and he’s not the future of the NY Mets, order cheap viagra Kirk Nieuwenhuis is. Order cheap viagra  The young core of this team is what gives me hope that the future is bright for the Mets. Order cheap viagra I don’t expect Nieuwenhuis to keep hitting at a .371 clip but I’d rather he’d stay up here go through a dry spell at the plate and learn how to battle through in the big leagues.

Order cheap viagra It’s easy to dump on Jason Bay for striking out in a big spot but as per the Pitch f/x of his 10th inning at bat against Clay Hensley, order cheap viagra the real villain of that AB was home plate ump Kerwin Danley.

Order cheap viagra Don’t forget tonight is the World Premier of Knuckleball! At the Tribeca Film Festival with a free showing of the film at the Tribeca Drive-In  (World Financial Center Plaza, order cheap viagra West Street between Vesey and Liberty Streets) the festivities kick off at 6PM with the film showing at 8PM

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Cialis generic Another solid start by Jon Niese  and his ever improving curve ball led the Mets to a series win over the Brewski’s . Cialis generic The same Brewski’s who have the best home record in baseball were a late inning Mets collapse away from being swept at home.

Cialis generic These Mets are perplexing to say the least. Cialis generic As much as the rash of late inning collapses infuriate us, cialis generic this is not the same old Mets. Cialis generic Lose a four run lead and lose a game you should have won? No problem, cialis generic come back the next day, cialis generic forget yesterday and win the next game. Cialis generic  A post season berth this season is pie in the sky I know but the renovation of the mind set of this organization is progressing very nicely. Cialis generic The culture of the “woe is me attitude” had been eradicated, cialis generic replaced with “keep plugging along”. Cialis generic It’s very refreshing.

Cialis generic Jason Bay seems to be a very nice guy who is working his ass off to get his bat back to where it should be. Cialis generic He knows what’s at stake and he has been a team guy when Terry Collins has approached him to either drop him in the order or to put him on the bench. Cialis generic His team first attitude is great. Cialis generic But this is big league baseball where winning and losing are paramount to what is to be accomplished and if Bay has to sit or be platooned or relegated to rehab in St Lonesome with a “wink-wink” DL stint, cialis generic then so be it. Cialis generic Sandy Alderson said during the off season that salary will not determine who plays and we’ve seen that with the moves he’s made so far this season. Cialis generic Now comes word that Lucas Duda will be called up from Buffalo and Nick Evans will be DFA. Cialis generic Duda is not here to ride the pine; he will play some LF and 1B. Cialis generic Not sure if TC will go strict platoon with Bay/Duda or give Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada some days off and move Murph to 3rd with Duda playing 1st but what bringing up Duda does is give TC more flexibility and some much needed production from a corner position.

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Cialis testimonial  

Cialis testimonial The Mets have lost their share of games this season that would have you sit an ponder for a few minutes before you get on with  your life outside being a Mets fans , cialis testimonial but last night’s game , cialis testimonial some 12 hours later is still bothering me.  I was lucky enough to have Ed Marcus (rusty Jr.) of The Real Dirty Mets on with me last night after the game on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN podcast and we disscused the game plus a lot of other Mets news and views, cialis testimonial but back to last night’s game.

Cialis testimonial Last night Terry Collins managed more with his heart than his head, cialis testimonial when he left R.A. Cialis testimonial Dickey in the game in the 8th inning. Cialis testimonial I’m not going to kill Collins on the move but I won’t argue with fans who feel  he  left Dickey in too long. Cialis testimonial Where I take Collins to task is, cialis testimonial and not to go all Tim McCarver on you, cialis testimonial why do you have Izzy warming up in the pen, cialis testimonial and then you don’t use him? Sure Collins brought  Izzy in after Neal  Walker’s  two-run single up the middle to break a 1-1 tie, cialis testimonial but the formula all season has been Izzy in the 8th and Frankie Rodz in the 9th which has worked great for most of the season, cialis testimonial so why re-write the strategy now?  Well, cialis testimonial it seems Collins got caught up in the moment as did all the fans at Citi Field.

Cialis testimonial R.A. Cialis testimonial Dickey not only showed guts pitching in pain with his plantar fascia injury that has left him unable to run and walking with a bit of a limp but that did not affect his ability to toss a knuckleball that sashayed better than any contestant on Dancing With The Stars. Cialis testimonial Maybe it was the warm humid night or just that Dickey got his mojo back but he was vintage Dickster last night.

Cialis testimonial Every time Dickey came up to bat he was greeted with an ovation that was Seaver-Godden-ess and deservedly so. Cialis testimonial  Problem for R.A. Cialis testimonial was the lineup that Terry Collins used last night made a journeyman pitcher like James McDonald look like Dock Ellis, cialis testimonial minus the hallucinogenics  of course. Cialis testimonial I will give McDonald props on curve ball that was just a nasty 12 to 6 hook.

Cialis testimonial It seemed that Collins was ready to let Dickey pitch a complete game hopefully with a shutout added to the back of his baseball card. Cialis testimonial Dickey had retired 12 in a row until the 8th inning. Cialis testimonial After a Ronny Cedeno’ leadoff single, cialis testimonial Dickey got two quick outs, cialis testimonial then hit a batter and let young James Harrison get another hit off him bringing up Neal Walker who hits much better from the left side than right, cialis testimonial so maybe bringing  in Brydak or O’Connor would be the move here. Cialis testimonial  Collins didn’t think so, cialis testimonial it was Dickey’s game to win or lose.

Cialis testimonial Now Dickey got two quick strikes on Walker but a combination of Dickey letting a knuckler float in the middle of the plate and Walker using good hitting technique and shorting up his swing with two strikes, cialis testimonial sent the pitch right up the middle for a two run single which was like a swift kick in the nuts.

Cialis testimonial If Dickey strikes out Walker there, cialis testimonial R.A. Cialis testimonial and Collins are heroes instead it’s become a second guesser’s paradise. Cialis testimonial That’s baseball Suzyn.

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How to get cialis  

How to get cialis On this date in Mets historyin 1974, how to get cialis the Mets traded Tug McGraw, how to get cialis Don Hahn and Dave Schneck to the Philadelphia Phillies for Del Unser, how to get cialis John Stearns and the immortal Mac Scarce.

How to get cialis Off season? What off season, how to get cialis there is more baseball news on this 32 degree morning in NYC than any other sports news. How to get cialis  Giants-Redskins? a murmur and some asshole comments. How to get cialis Jets-Pats? For such a big game the main topic is Tom Brady’s hair line. How to get cialis Knicks? Who gives a fuck. How to get cialis  Coach DiAntoni’s view of defense is when the opposition misses a shot. How to get cialis  NY Rangers, how to get cialis second only to the Mets in my fan affection but even with Gaborik’s hat trick and the fact the beat the lowly Fishsticks, how to get cialis not much buzz about the Blueshirts today. How to get cialis The big sports news in NYC, how to get cialis Baseball, how to get cialis Baseball and more Baseball:

How to get cialis The Mets non-tendered went as planned except for the curve ball Sandy Alderson tossed in by releasing Chris Carter. How to get cialis  As much as I like The Animal, how to get cialis and lobbied for more playing time for him last year, how to get cialis this is a very smart move by the Mets. How to get cialis According to Adam Rubin, how to get cialis Carter would have been given a minor league deal and would have been paid $200K but the real reason is Carter has no position on defense in fact you’d be better off signing Jack Cust than Carter.

How to get cialis Looks like the game plan on acquiring pitching will be of the low risk/high reward variety as reports are the Mets are looking to make a deal with injury prone LHP Jeff Francis and former Padre Chris Young. How to get cialis If both can stay healthy (a big IF) they are definitely worth t shot of signing to incentive laden deals. How to get cialis  Young would thrive in Citi Field as he is an extreme fly ball pitcher and to that fact I hope the Mets are looking at RHP Joel Peralta another fly ball pitcher for the bullpen and George Sherrill for the LOOGY spot if Perpetual Pedro proves to expensive.

How to get cialis WOW LMillz may be a LI Duck or a Lancaster Barnstormer  or an Orix Buffalo or maybe a KC Royal ?

How to get cialis Under the prior regime I’d say Joe Janish’s post aboutmoving Francisco Rodriguez to the White Sox would be a pipe dream. How to get cialis Under the Alderson reign, how to get cialis this post makes absolute sense and I could definitely see it happen.

How to get cialis Back in the day, how to get cialis I couldn’t stand Ron Santo especially back in 1969 when Santo would jump up and click his heels after a Cubs victory against the Mets. How to get cialis But I’m still sad to hear of his passing

How to get cialis So when will LeBron and the Heat go to Cleveland? Wait? What? It was last night? Shit. How to get cialis Who knew!

How to get cialis Looks like those cut throats running the Bronx Bastards will let El Capi-Tan save some face and juice up their contract offer today. How to get cialis No matter what happens, how to get cialis for now on Derek Jeter is Randy Levine’s bitch.

How to get cialis Good luck to Hisanori Takahashi on his signing with the Angels. How to get cialis A two-year deal for a 35 year old who can only pitch an inning of relief as the second time through the lineup he gets plastered may work in Anaheim but it sure doesn’t in Flushing .

How to get cialis Happy 62nd Birthday to the Prince of Darkeness. How to get cialis Hope you have bloody good fuckin’ birthday Ozzy!!!!!!!!!   

How to get cialis An Ike Davis Hanukkah, how to get cialis OH……MY…….GOD!!!!!!!

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Mexico pharmacy cialis I had the pleasure last night to attend a presentation at Bloomberg headquarters  by Bloomberg Sports, mexico pharmacy cialis  updating those of us in attendance, mexico pharmacy cialis on the new features that have been added to their baseball analytical application and the unveiling of their Fantasy Football application. Mexico pharmacy cialis I came away quite impressed with both products.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Bloomberg Sports is really making a name for itself when it comes to statistical applications dealing with baseball and the football program, mexico pharmacy cialis which is in pre-production, mexico pharmacy cialis should be just as compelling to fantasy sports players, mexico pharmacy cialis fans and media types alike.  

Mexico pharmacy cialis The first presentation of the evening was a detailed look at the analytical program that Bloomberg Sports has made available to all 30 MLB teams. Mexico pharmacy cialis Part of the presentation dealt with the batter/pitcher match up, mexico pharmacy cialis where every pitch a pitcher has thrown to that batter is broken down to pitch type, mexico pharmacy cialis pitch location, mexico pharmacy cialis velocity, mexico pharmacy cialis and the break of each pitch. Mexico pharmacy cialis There are pie charts that record what pitch type the pitcher has thrown in every conceivable count.   As an added bonus, mexico pharmacy cialis you can click on each individual at bat in the batter/pitcher confrontation and see video of the at bat. Mexico pharmacy cialis The pitcher/batter used in last night’s demo was a Stephen Strasburg/Lastings Milledge matchup where ahead in the count to LMillz, mexico pharmacy cialis Strasburg broke off a hellacious curve ball that Milledge’s initial reaction was the pitch was coming up and in or him and as he was bailing, mexico pharmacy cialis the ball broke right over home plate for strike three. Mexico pharmacy cialis STUNNING!!!!!

Mexico pharmacy cialis For fans, mexico pharmacy cialis Bloomberg uses the technology to help you win your fantasy league, mexico pharmacy cialis in fact when you subscribe to the Bloomberg Sports application, mexico pharmacy cialis you can sync your team into the app and have Bloomberg’s extensive stats and analysis show you the pluses and minuses of your team.

Mexico pharmacy cialis The Fantasy Football package will work the same but right now if you play Fantasy Football on, mexico pharmacy cialis the Bloomberg stat package will be included in the price of the game. Mexico pharmacy cialis If you wish to purchase the app separately (if you play on Yahoo or ESPN) it will cost you a very reasonable $7.95.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Both application are well worth it for fantasy players and non-fantasy players alike.

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Cialis arterial fibrillation When the Mets unveiled the model of $iti Field not only did the envision a state of the art ball park but they also were of the belief that there would be so much money flowing through it’s coffers Freddie Skill Set could afford to buy Jeffey a personality but lo and behold the economy tanked and Bernie Madoff ripped off the Skill Sets fortune leaving the club not exactly swimming in currency. Cialis arterial fibrillation As opening day approches what we thought was a tough ticket, cialis arterial fibrillation the first game at $iti Field, cialis arterial fibrillation are as plentiful as the AM/NY give away newspapers at a Subway station. Cialis arterial fibrillation So what’s a team to do?

Cialis arterial fibrillation Well, cialis arterial fibrillation first you try and bribe the fan base by offering a ticket to game 1 of the $iti Field era for the purchase of 5 more games. Cialis arterial fibrillation This is head spinning because the Mets wanted to be rid of us Seven-Pack ticket buyers as we were a nussience as it wasn’t worth the time and trouble to keep us on because the ticket demand at $iti would be off the charts. Cialis arterial fibrillation Well for the cheaper seats they were but the high rollers who wouldn’t know a curve ball from a High Ball are now hurtin’ for certain in this weak economy.

Cialis arterial fibrillation So becasue of that the Mets are now auctioning off opening day tickets in the exclusive Stuff Shirt section of the ball park so if you have an extra $525 laying around the couch cushions log on and put your bid in or better yet keep that cushion cash, cialis arterial fibrillation order a pizza and watch the game on TV.

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Viagra canada generic Tough to get too upset over last nights loss as Big Pelf was again stellar but The Wife Beater was a bit better. Viagra canada generic The Mets hitters were baffled by the Wife Beaters curve ball that was filthy and again the one area that has crept into this hot second half, viagra canada generic the inability of the offense to get a big hit in a big spot (that means you D-Wright) was on display last night.

Viagra canada generic  

Viagra canada generic As I write this post it’s 10:27 AM and every reoprt on TV says that Hurricane Hannah will hit the area by 2 PM so why haven’t the Mets called off today’s game and announced a day/nighter for tomorrow? Why make the fans risk a trip to Shea espically on a Staurday when a lot of LI and Connecticut fans go to the game? For one once close the ledger book and do right by your supporters Skill Sets.

Viagra canada generic I can’t get too mad at Michael Jack Schmidt for sending an e mail to his former team as a little pick me up in fact I’m jealous that no former Met would do the same. Viagra canada generic No team treats it’s former players in this town like shit the way the Mets do. Viagra canada generic No wonder I’m not asked to go on Mets Weekly anymore LOL

Viagra canada generic Warlord Jerry has laid the law down to Billy Wags welcome back but prove you can still do the job before you get it back. Viagra canada generic When you look over the numbers and the performances and listen to J-Man the team really didn’t miss Wags all that much.

Viagra canada generic  

Viagra canada generic J-Man, viagra canada generic Gimp Castillo in the 7 hole? What were you thinking?

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5 mg cialis Very inconsistent pitching by Jon Niese in his ML debut. 5 mg cialis All of his three innings were a chore as he had base runners and deep counts each of the innings. 5 mg cialis 73 pitches (39K/34B) in three innings is the definition of laboring. 5 mg cialis The first inning Niese was clearly nervous as he gave up a HR to Rickie Weeks on the second  pitch of the game. 5 mg cialis It wasn’t a total loss for Niese as he showed a real good curve ball that had a great break and he was able to change speeds as well, 5 mg cialis hitting 90 mph on the fastball and then coming in with a curve and change in the mid 70’s. 

5 mg cialis Niese’ biggest problem on the night was location early, 5 mg cialis then fatigue from throwing so many pitches early as the Brewers just were teeing off on him in the 3rd. 5 mg cialis Hopefully Niese will have gotten over his bad case of big league-itis before his next start if there is a next start as J-Man has let it be known that this no time for auditions as we are in a pennant race.

5 mg cialis Nelly Figs has come on and pitched well as it’s 5-5 in the top of the 6th so it will be up to the bullpen to keep the Brewskis off the board. 5 mg cialis Secure that pair of Depends folks it could be a rough night.

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