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Generic viagra canada Well, generic viagra canada Freddy Skill Sets came pretty close to being truthful with the fan base when he was interviewed by Brain Costa of the WSJ. Generic viagra canada Fred was in Arizona (wow Bolt goes to Phoenix?) for the quarterly owners meeting.  When asked about his financial struggle and the toll it is taking on him, generic viagra canada the Mets organization and its fan base, generic viagra canada Freddy Sez:

Generic viagra canada “How could anybody deny that it’s been a challenging time?” Wilpon said. Generic viagra canada “But I came from nothing. Generic viagra canada I meet the challenges. Generic viagra canada So does Saul and Jeff and our whole family. Generic viagra canada We’re meeting the challenges and I think we’ll be fine.”

Generic viagra canada “I think we’ll be fine”? Really?  How so Freddy ? What’ch ya keepin’ on the down low from us? The new minority shares are a band aid on a gaping wound but you know what, generic viagra canada maybe the Skill Sets luck is changing as his Guardian Angel, generic viagra canada Bud Selig is staying on for 2 more years as baseball czar and Wilpon enabler and as always has Freddy’s back:

Generic viagra canada “He’s been a great owner, generic viagra canada” Selig said. Generic viagra canada “Loves his team. Generic viagra canada He’s everything you’d want in a local owner. Generic viagra canada He’s had some economic problems, generic viagra canada not caused by himself, generic viagra canada and I have a lot of faith in him that he’s working his way through them.”

Generic viagra canada And he’s oh, generic viagra canada so good, generic viagra canada

Generic viagra canada And he’s oh, generic viagra canada so fine, generic viagra canada

Generic viagra canada And he’s oh, generic viagra canada so healthy, generic viagra canada

Generic viagra canada In his body and his mind.

Generic viagra canada He’s a well respected man about town, generic viagra canada

Generic viagra canada Doing the best things so conservatively.

Generic viagra canada Then Freddy was asked about Jose Reyes and his thoughts on Reyes:

Generic viagra canada “Reyes was 17 years old when I met him, generic viagra canada” Wilpon said. Generic viagra canada “He spoke pretty good English at that time, generic viagra canada too. Generic viagra canada He said to me, generic viagra canada ‘Can you give me some advice?’ I said, generic viagra canada ‘Yeah, generic viagra canada never wipe that smile off your face.'”

Generic viagra canada Humm, generic viagra canada “never wipe that smile off your face” looks like Freddy eats at Wo Hop like I do. Generic viagra canada Thankfully for Reyes’ sake Freddy didn’t hit him up with “Kid, generic viagra canada I know a guy who can make you rich beyond belief”

Generic viagra canada Here is a nice picture on a rainy, generic viagra canada windy, generic viagra canada cold New York afternoon

Generic viagra canada Years before we would get to the 50th Anniversary of the NY Mets, generic viagra canada Dana Brand was all pumped up about putting together a symposium at Hofstra University where he taught, generic viagra canada on the history of the Mets. Generic viagra canada As you all know Dana passed away last year but his dream of having a conference at Hofstra will become a reality on April 26-28. Please check out all the details here and hopefully we can all meet up at Hofstra that weekend and celebrate not just the legacy of the NY Mets but of Dana Brand as well.

Generic viagra canada Steve Popper, generic viagra canada the Mets beat writer for the Bergen Record is leaving the Mets beat and will become the Records man at MSG following the NY Knickerbockers. Not only is this a big loss for Mets fans but a huge loss for Mets bloggers like myself and other bloggers who have had the privilege of meeting Steve at various team functions. Generic viagra canada Many of the beat writers and media folk won’t even give us a response to a hello but Popper (as well as Adam Rubin and Kevin Kernan ) has always been friendly to us and has been gracious in sharing his thoughts with us about the Mets. Generic viagra canada Good luck Steve and thanks.

Generic viagra canada  

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Viagra female u k As we await the non-tender floodgates to open, viagra female u k the Mets have four players who fit the offer/non-offer list so let’s see who stays and who goes:

Viagra female u k John Maine-I think we all agree the days of Maine are done in Queens. Viagra female u k Maine did himself no favor by hiding his injuries and less than honest with the coaching staff and front office. Viagra female u k With Old School Dan Werthan staying on as the Pitching Czar and the fact that Old School can’t stand the sight of Maine then add in his arbitration price could go to $4mil, viagra female u k it’s safe to say we can add John Maine to that long list of former Mets

Viagra female u k R.A. Viagra female u k Dickey-Look, viagra female u k we all love Dickey wait that didn’t come out right, viagra female u k We all love R.A. Viagra female u k and he was a revelation both on the mound and in the clubhouse as Dickey was the only player when interviewed that I paid attention to as he would always say something of substance. Viagra female u k But (and you knew the BUT was coming) let’s not go crazy with talk of multi-year deals for R.A.  I’d go 1yr plus an option $1.5 mil which is about double what he made last year.

Viagra female u k Angel Pagan-Now Pagan is a different story. Viagra female u k Pagan not only took his offensive game to a higher level but right now he’s the best centerfielder on the Mets roster. Viagra female u k Pagan went from being a baseball dunderhead in 2009 to arguably the Mets MVP last season (Yes I know David Wright had a great offensive year but the case can be made that the best all-around season by a Met last year was Pagan) Angel made $1.45 mil last season and it would be hard for the Mets to win an arbitration case but what price is right for Pagan? 2yrs/$4.5-5mil?

Viagra female u k Sean Green-We’re tendering him a contract, viagra female u k why?

Viagra female u k Mike Pelfrey-Ahhhhhh Big Pelf.  The sticking point he is Pelf’s agent, viagra female u k Scott Boras. Viagra female u k  Pelf cannot test the free agent waters until 2014, viagra female u k so the Mets hold the hammer on him as well. Viagra female u k Pelfrey has made some coin off his ML contract he signed when drafted in 2005 to the tune of a shade under $5mil so this negotiation should be quite interesting. Viagra female u k As the Mets hold all the cards they don’t have to offer a multi year deal but figure with Boras as his agent, viagra female u k I’m sure he will make up one of those elaborate books to present at the arbitration hearing to make Big Pelf look like Cy Young .

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Hysterectomy libido viagra All this great talk about Sandy Alderson has me very edgy as he would be my first choice to come in to run the Mets and it seems all signs are pointing to Alderson becoming the Mets Baseball Czar if Jeffey and Freddy Skill Sets give the A-OK.

Hysterectomy libido viagra If all that purging of their souls on execusion day was real, hysterectomy libido viagra then Sandy Alderson will be running the Mets by the end of the month. Hysterectomy libido viagra If it does happen I promise to start calling the Skill Sets by their proper names and I will buy a ticket plan for 2011 and I will wear a piece of Mets clothing everyday this off season. Hysterectomy libido viagra That’s how much I want to see a Sandy Alderson presser at Citi Field.

Hysterectomy libido viagra So Jeffey, hysterectomy libido viagra Freddy and Uncle Saul this is your time to stop being pinheads and act like real baseball owners.

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Viagra high blood pressure Still waiting to get back to my normal routine as office still under renovation. Viagra high blood pressure This was one longggggggggggg day and my ass is dragging.  I get to do it all over again tomorrow as well, viagra high blood pressure yippeee!

Viagra high blood pressure But at least the night should be great as I’m going to see LOMBARDI the new play based on the book When Pride Still Mattered by David Maranis, viagra high blood pressure one of my all time favorite books about the great Vince Lombardi.  Can’t wait for that, viagra high blood pressure but for now I’m ready to fall face first into my bed as 5AM is right around the corner, viagra high blood pressure so I’ll leave you with this, viagra high blood pressure it’s pretty, viagra high blood pressure pretty, viagra high blood pressure pppprrreeetttty funny that Stan Kasten resigned his position as President of the Washington Nationals just when the word on the street is the Mets are looking for a Baseball Czar. Viagra high blood pressure Successful baseball exec, viagra high blood pressure NYU, viagra high blood pressure Columbia Law School grad, viagra high blood pressure Jersey Guy ? It all makes sense, viagra high blood pressure What do you think Stan Kasten running the Mets ? Works for me.

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I admit I have no patience especially when it come to the Mets and the way they go about their business both on and off the field, non prescription viagra but for some reason so far this off season I’m content with sitting back and waiting for Omar Minaya to make his move because from the look of the off season landscape no one else is jumping in either. Non prescription viagra Of course the Highlanders have to make their splash with the Nick Swisher deal and looking to pay CC Sabthia by the pound, non prescription viagra by the way I’ll take off me “Highlander Hater” hat for a moment to say if I were a fan of the team from the South Bronx I’d be screaming for them to make signing Leo Mazzone to a big free agent contract and put him in charge as an origination Pitching Czar. Non prescription viagra Then Baby Boss Hal should tell Billy Connors he has till the count of ten to clean out his office in Tampa and hit the road. Non prescription viagra But I’m not a Highlander fan (Thank God!) and I have enough to do here sticking my nose in the Mets business.


I highly recommend you listen to Mike Silvas’a NY Baseball Digest podcast from last night as he had Ted Berg of SNY and Howard Megdal of the NY Observer along with Phil Alder of WCBS88 in what was an in depth and informative look at the needs of the Mets and Highlanders. Non prescription viagra Definitely a must listen.


I can’t imagine the Mets will let either Fransisco Rodriguez or Brain Fuentes get away from them in a bidding war with the Brewers or Rangers. Non prescription viagra From all reports it looks like K-Rod is the pitcher of choice to close games for the Mets but unlike the Highlanders and their bid for Sabathia, non prescription viagra Omar is playing this very close to the vest waiting to see if there is any competition for Rodriguez’ services. Non prescription viagra It’s intriguing watching this first month of the off season as clubs are being so cautious on making bids or dealing I don’t know if it has as much to do with the current economic problems or if it’s parity that has most teams thinking they have a Tampa Bay shot in hell of reaching the World Series that they would rather go young and cheap to win?


I listened to half of Chinese Democracy this morning while walking to work and so far I like it. Non prescription viagra It’s not 14 years in the making masterpiece of rock music but it’s very good.


I’m sure Diane Sawyer is adding her Ashley Dupree interview to her scrap book of great interviews. Non prescription viagra “Here I am interviewing President Bush, non prescription viagra and here I am with Nelson Mandela, non prescription viagra and here I am with the young lady who is famous for banging the Governor of New York”.


One of the best things going for the Mets and Highlanders is that football frenzy has taken over NYC as Giants and Jets fans have visions of a Super Bowl match up in Tampa this February. Non prescription viagra I’m not ready to take a seat on that bandwagon just yet but I’ll throw this out there. Non prescription viagra The MVP of the NFL this season will be a NY quarterback.


If Charlie Weiss were a man of honor, non prescription viagra he would place his resignation on the desk of ND president Rev John Jenkins and have him donate his remaining salary to Catholic Charities. Non prescription viagra You can not lose to Syracuse at home with a lame duck coach and expect to keep your job.


I’m very disappointed in Paulie Malignaggi as he didn’t put up too much of a fight losing to Ricky Hatton but what has me crazy is I can’t get that song out of my head that the band who follows Hatton to all his fights played Saturday night to the tune of Winter Wonderland:


“Walkin’ along

Singin’ a song

Walkin’in a Hatton wonderland”


The New York Rangers better come out tonight against the Coyotes like they have bottle rockets up their ass. Non prescription viagra With Scott Gomez back in the lineup that helps immensely but the defense especially Dimitri Kalinin who I am really starting to dislike a lot, non prescription viagra  better protect his zone and man up. Can someone contact the Man Behind the Curtin (Slats Sather) and tell him time tomake a move? 




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