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Viagra generic canada Remember when I had to clean out a closet for my daughter, viagra generic canada so I had to relocate my baseball cards and memorabilia? Well I took pictures of some of the items:

The NY Daily News were selling these pins for a buck back in 1969. Viagra generic canada My father went over to the News Building to get me a couple of these pins. Viagra generic canada My dad worked downtown so he had to head to midtown on his lunch hour to get these for me. Viagra generic canada I miss that man everyday.

Check it out Jets fans, viagra generic canada 2 tickets from the 1968 AFL Championship Game played at Shea Stadium Jets 27 Oakland Raiders 23

The first game EVER for the Colorado Rockies was played at Shea Stadium and I was there allllllllllll the way up in the Upper Deck Reserve. Viagra generic canada Check out that price less that cheeseburger at Shake Shack

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Map of france with cialis Just heard the sad news that former NY Giant, map of france with cialisand the man who hit the most famous home run in baseball history, map of france with cialis Bobby Thomson has passed away.

Map of france with cialis I had the great pleasure of meeting Thomson and if you didn’t better, map of france with cialis you’d never know he was not just an ex-baseball player but a player who hit the Shot Heard Around The World. Map of france with cialis He was very soft spoken and awfully polite when I met hm at an event to commemorate the 1951 season (my dad was a die-hard Giants fan and Thomson and Carl Hubbell were his two favorite Giants of all time)  but when the name of Sal Yvars was brought up, map of france with cialis it brought out the Scottsman’ temper. Map of france with cialis Yvars was the player who claimed he gave Thomson and other Giants tip offs on what pitches were coming by stealing the opposing catchers signs using a telescope while Yvars was perched by a window in centerfield of the Polo Grounds.

Map of france with cialis Condolences to the Thomson family

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Viagra viagra nude My blogging the rest of the week will be sporadic as last night my mother, viagra viagra nude who was just short of turning 97 years old, viagra viagra nude passed away.

Viagra viagra nude My mother was born in  County Sligo Ireland and came to America when she was 16 years old. Viagra viagra nude Her and my Dad were married for 57 years until he passed away back in 1994.  She leaves behind four children, viagra viagra nude twelve  grand children, viagra viagra nude eight great grand children and more neices and nephews than I can count both  here in the U.S., viagra viagra nude Ireland and England.

Viagra viagra nude She was like no other woman of her generation, viagra viagra nude  if you think I’m an opinionated, viagra viagra nude my mom had me beat. Viagra viagra nude She did read this blog once and awhile and didn’t care for the language I sometime use and she felt I was a little too much of a wise ass but between her and my dad we were raised in such a way that you were free to express yourself as wanted.  When most mom’s  fought with their son’s to get haircuts, viagra viagra nude mine encouraged me to grow mine long.  She couldn’t stand Rock music but never told me to turn it down.  Our home was filled with books and music, viagra viagra nude lot’s of friends and lots and lots of good times.

Viagra viagra nude Even though she lived a long and fabulous life, viagra viagra nude as a son my heart aches but she would smack me upside the head if she knew I’d moped around after her death.

Viagra viagra nude After my dad died mom was asked how she was coping living alone.  Her answer always was “I don’t live alone, viagra viagra nude I live by myself”  She was never alone there was always someone around her, viagra viagra nude either me or my brothers, viagra viagra nude my sister, viagra viagra nude my wife my sister in law, viagra viagra nude her grand kids, viagra viagra nude her great grand kids her friends, viagra viagra nude it was because of that whenever she would see an elderly person pushing a shopping cart or walking to the store alone, viagra viagra nude or god forbid eating a meal by themselves, viagra viagra nude  it sadden her.  She loved it when we’d take her to the mall how we fought over who was going to pay for her dress or shoes? She said she hated it when we made a fuss over her but I never believed it. Viagra viagra nude How could we not?   She wonder how is it she could pick the phone call one of us and get picked up and taken anywhere she wanted? We told her it was payback for the way she took care of us our whole lives.

Viagra viagra nude If you go to a house of worshiper this weekend in your prayers think of all the people in the world that are alone and have no family to watch over them. Viagra viagra nude Prayer for parents who are estranged from their children, viagra viagra nude that they can find a way to settle whatever difference it is that split them apart.

Viagra viagra nude That’s was another lesson my mother taught us, viagra viagra nude always look out for the less fortunate because of how blessed we were.

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Viagra u.k Nice bounce bacDDk by the Mets with Fernando Nieve throwing another gem. Viagra u.k I would have liked to see him come out for the 7th inning last night but apparently he was suffering form a stomach aliment that had him tossing his cookie or soup in this instance.

Viagra u.k If I’m Ed Wade I’d make my self scares over at Minute Maid Park. Viagra u.k How could let this guy Nieve get away for nothing? 

Viagra u.k I think  Bobby Parnell could use a day or two off. Viagra u.k Maybe join A-Rod in South Beach for some R & R

Viagra u.k Brian Schneider had a big 3 run HR last night good for him but he stinks behind the plate More Santos please!!!

Viagra u.k Keith Hernandez was talking about Daniel Murphy’s foot work at 1st base as he looked a little awkward on a 4-3 ground ball. Viagra u.k Has anyone in the Mets front office asked Mex to work with Danny Boy before a game? I’m sure Keith could take time out from trimming his ‘stache to help the kid out?

Viagra u.k We have a 12PM game and it is getting darker and darker my the minute and if we don’t get this one in today that will make 6 rain outs and looking at radar it doesn’ t look good. <sigh!>

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