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Canadian viagra best deals So the doctors said David Wright could resume baseball activity in six weeks. Canadian viagra best deals The Mets thought that meant six weeks from the time the injury occurred. Canadian viagra best deals But the doctors say no, canadian viagra best deals six weeks from the time of the diagnosis. Canadian viagra best deals What we have here is a breakdown of  communication  (just like in season’s past which was supposed to end with Sandy Alderson as boss) or Alderson was using Abbot and Costello math.

Canadian viagra best deals Either way when the worst news of the night isn’t the fact that  the team has become the first team in the history of MLB to lose six games at home while having a lead after seven innings but that your nice kid somewhat of a superstar third baseman has suffered the first major injury of his career and won’t be back until maybe after the All-Star break well, canadian viagra best deals “you’re snake bitten baby”

Canadian viagra best deals Gary Cohen said last night, canadian viagra best deals there are reasons the Mets blow these leads late in the game and it’s the difference between good teams and bad teams. Canadian viagra best deals It may be a cliché but it’s true the little mistakes add up to turn wins into losses. Canadian viagra best deals Whether it’s Daniel Murphy’ lack of instinct on the base paths, canadian viagra best deals or Izzy coming in a game with two outs and walking a struggling Dan Uggla, canadian viagra best deals Josh Thole unable to stop a pitch in the dirt (again) and Jose Reyes picking the worst time ever to make an error, canadian viagra best deals it all adds up to failure.

Canadian viagra best deals Terry Collins was quite calm after the game. Canadian viagra best deals Maybe he’s come to the realization there are some things a manger can’t dictate, canadian viagra best deals  like instinct .

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Viagra online pharmacy usa In a story today in the New York Post, viagra online pharmacy usa Davey Johnson is quoted as saying that Terry Collins would be the right choice by the Mets to be the next manager. Viagra online pharmacy usa  As much as Johnson loves Wally Backman, viagra online pharmacy usa it’s his opinion that Collins’ experience as the Mets Minor League Coordinator would help with the organization making a determination as to which farm hands are of immediate help to the big league club.

Viagra online pharmacy usa On the same day of this story comes word that Scouting Director Rudy Terrasas will be reassigned in the organization. Viagra online pharmacy usa So if Collins does get the job then the message sent will be that main job by this front office is to rebuild the farm system and the way they draft talent. Viagra online pharmacy usa Even if Bob Melvin gets the job I think the rebuilding of the farm system will still be the Alderson mission statement with Collins staying with the organization and working with DePo in such a capacity.

Viagra online pharmacy usa That’s why as Mets fans you need to forget about any big splash signings of free agents and unless Alderson is bowled over with a great return on a trade, viagra online pharmacy usa the best moves you can hope for this off season would be the release of Ollie Perez (and the more he’s sucks in winter ball the better the chance that Alderson tells the Skill Sets “EAT THE CONTRACT “) and Luis Castillo. Viagra online pharmacy usa I’m fine with that.

Viagra online pharmacy usa There is a segment of Mets fans who feel the Mets should have gone after Dan Uggla. Viagra online pharmacy usa That would be fine if the Mets were a player or two away from being a contender but they’re not, viagra online pharmacy usa so Uggla is not the answer.

Viagra online pharmacy usa This doesn’t mean the winter will be boring around here, viagra online pharmacy usa just the opposite. Viagra online pharmacy usa This will be the most interesting hot stove since 1980 when Frank Cashen came aboard and was handed a mess to clean up and clean it up he did. Viagra online pharmacy usa Let’s hope history repeats itself.

Viagra online pharmacy usa Hojo’s Mojo at Mets Merized Online posts that the Sports Pope broke from his Pop Warner persona this morning to report that the Texas Rangers have inquired about Carlos Beltran and are willing to take on $10-$12 mil of his contract. Viagra online pharmacy usa If this is true, viagra online pharmacy usa the Mets have to make this deal. Viagra online pharmacy usa Even if you get back a couple of prospects just the fact you’re freeing up $6-$8 mil dollars to spend on much needed pitching would push me to make this deal.

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Real cialis online I don’t know about you but I’m bored to tears already by the search for the next Mets Manager. Real cialis online It’s starting to take on an American Idol feel to it.  Sandy Alderson playing the Randy Jackson role as he tells each managerial interviewee, real cialis online” Yo dawg, real cialis online I dun know man, real cialis online when you walked in the door I was like WHOA! But then you got some pipes dude, real cialis online and then that resume Dawg, real cialis online you were killin’ it, real cialis online good lookin’ out dawg. Real cialis online  Then J.P. Real cialis online Ricciardi doing his Simon Cowell “ so tell me, real cialis online have you had any formal managerial experience ? No? I didn’t think so. Real cialis online This is a managerial interview and really if you know you have no bloody shot why waste our time and your time? Off you go? And then there is Jeffey Skill Sets the Paula Abdul of the trio “Ohhhhhhhhh Wally YOU COMPLETE ME<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Real cialis online I’ll say this for Sandy Alderson every coach, real cialis online ex-manager or minor league coordinator is getting a shot at the job, real cialis online but when I think of it did Alderson miss the boat by not getting Ron Roenicke in for an interview before the Brewski’s hired him? Roenicke comes from the Mike Scioscia coach tree. Real cialis online The same tree that bore fruit like Joe Maddon, real cialis online and Bud Black and now Roenicke.

Real cialis online So anyone interested in Dan Uggla ? If you look past his defensive shortcomings, real cialis online his bat at the 2nd base position would look mighty purdy as a Met. Real cialis online Uggla turned down a contract extension of 4yr/$48mil but it might not be because of money. It seems that Uggla has not gotten over his BFF Cody Ross getting exiled to San Francisco and may be feed up with that the Lord of Douchenberry, real cialis online David Samson.

Real cialis online The Oakland A’s have made the highest bid for the rights of Japanese RHP Hisashi Iwakuma. Real cialis online The 29 year old Iwakuma has some impressive numbers pitching for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Real cialis online Iwakuma’ won-lost record doesn’t do justice to his overall numbers. Real cialis online A 10-9 record doesn’t measure up to 201 IP 2.82 ERA, real cialis online 1.15 WHIP, real cialis online 8.52 K/9IP and 1.61 BB/9IP. Real cialis online Details of the amount of the bid have been reported. Real cialis online The A’s now have 30 days to get Iwakuma’ to sign on the dotted line.

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P2 pharmacy uk I think the current state of events sums up the Mets season well. P2 pharmacy uk The team has won three straight (yes it’s the Pirates I know they are Division III but a win is a win is a win) seven of ten and eight of the fourteen games they’ve played in the month of September. P2 pharmacy uk There is a glimmering light of hope as this years team at least competes to win while last years dogs lied down most of the summer. P2 pharmacy uk So we should all be singing a happy song but of this is Metsville where good news dissipates like a fart in the wind as bad news pulls the blanket over our heads.

P2 pharmacy uk Jenry Mejia, p2 pharmacy uk he of the blazing fastball and youthful exuberance, p2 pharmacy uk felt something in his back that had Henry Blanco, p2 pharmacy uk Dan Werthen and Ray Ramirez doing the Flushing Two-Step to the mound. P2 pharmacy uk Meija was done for the night. P2 pharmacy uk As with the Johan Santana injury, p2 pharmacy uk we heard from everyone but a medical school graduate. P2 pharmacy uk Jerry Manuel was still going with the muscle pull diagnosis which he uses for every ailment his players report to him. P2 pharmacy uk So as of this morning , p2 pharmacy ukall we know is a 20 year old neophyte pitcher who was rated as one of the top pitching prospects in the baseball, p2 pharmacy uk was jerked around by a clueless management team will now go for an MRI on his back and shoulder today and you know the news will not be good. P2 pharmacy uk Does JetBlue have flights to Birmingham AL?  

P2 pharmacy uk When the list to fill the second base position for the Mets in 2011, p2 pharmacy uk the guy I wanted to win that job was Reese Havens. P2 pharmacy uk Havens is a Dan Uggla type but with a better glove. P2 pharmacy uk I was hoping his oblique injury would heal fast so he could get back on the field and show the brass his stuff. P2 pharmacy uk Havens has not made it back and after a couple of months of inactivity it’s possible that Havens will need back surgery this winter. P2 pharmacy uk That sucks, p2 pharmacy uk that really really sucks.

P2 pharmacy uk Listen I like Jose Reyes and I hope he’s a Met next year (unless of course there is a blockbuster deal for a front line pitcher then adios Jo-Jo) and Reyes has a loyal fan base but for me after watching a week of Colorado Rockies games and seeing Troy Tulowitzki (TULO to his fans and admirers) if he played for the Mets, p2 pharmacy uk the best selling shirts at Citi Field would be Derek Who?

P2 pharmacy uk Just verifies what we’ve only known for years only thugs wear Highlander caps.

P2 pharmacy uk Why is it a shock that there are over 30, p2 pharmacy uk000 empty seats at Citi Field for this past weeks games ? The team is out of playoff contention, p2 pharmacy uk Mets fans have less than zero confidence in the front office as management for some reason has decided to wait until the Monday after the end of the regular season to tell us the inevitable that Omar will be reassigned and Jerry will be fired, p2 pharmacy uk kids are back to school which means homework, p2 pharmacy uk teams, p2 pharmacy uk clubs which take up as much of mommy and daddy’s time the kids, p2 pharmacy uk the of course there is the ticket prices. P2 pharmacy uk I gave away two tickets to Mets-Brewers for next Thursday night in the Caesars Club section. P2 pharmacy uk It’s just not worth taking two subway trains, p2 pharmacy uk a ferry and another train to get home by maybe midnight and then to get up at 5AM the next day to go to work for two teams playing out the string ? Nah!!!!

P2 pharmacy uk It’s not just the Mets it’s all sports. P2 pharmacy uk Every team is feeling the pinch of the economy. P2 pharmacy uk That $500 bucks who were spending on tickets now goes to the utility bill. P2 pharmacy uk The greed of ownership has ruined the experience of being at a game. P2 pharmacy uk The majority of the people at sporting events are more concerned with the wine and cheese than with the hit and run and hitting to the opposite field. P2 pharmacy uk If these prop fans are not inside the private club sipping and texting, p2 pharmacy uk they are sitting with in range of the centerfield camera on their cell phones waving like retards.

P2 pharmacy uk I like it better in my Man Cave with the remote in one hand and nacho in the other. P2 pharmacy uk Besides it’s nice to be the only retard in the house.

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Cheap canadian viagra I would love to work for Jerry Manuel. Cheap canadian viagra No matter how much you fuck up, cheap canadian viagra the guy never gets angry. Cheap canadian viagra I mean if I were the manager of the Mets, cheap canadian viagra after the Dan Uggla home run in the 3rd inning I’d have gone down to the clubhouse, cheap canadian viagra taken out my cell phone and called Omar Minaya and let him know either you release, cheap canadian viagra waive or trade Ollie Perez or I’m going to keep trotting his sorry ass out there every fifth day and I’d let the media and the fans know that any questions you have about Perez go see Omar or Jeffey.  How much patting on the ass can you do with this guy? Enough! Call Scott Boras, cheap canadian viagra try to work out something to pay Perez off and end this.  And you want to know why the Mets get no respect around baseball. Cheap canadian viagra Same thing when Charley Manuel called out the Mets as sign stealers when the Rockies called out the Phillies for that offense, cheap canadian viagra Jerry Manuel just laughs instead of  sticking up for his team and going off on that inbred hillbilly fuck. Cheap canadian viagra The Mets as a franchise love to get kicked in the ass but never kick back and you want to know why no one is showing up at $iti Field.

Cheap canadian viagra Maybe instead of looking to buy a sucky hockey team, cheap canadian viagra the Skill Sets should make an investment in ridding themselves of Oliver Perez.  By the way, cheap canadian viagra can Gary Cohen put the violin down for Ollie, cheap canadian viagra I don’t feel sorry for him, cheap canadian viagra the guy is set for life financially and he has his health, cheap canadian viagra he can’t pitch anymore he’s done good bye.

Cheap canadian viagra The longer they keep Perez around the closer the Mets get to deflating this team. Cheap canadian viagra I still say with the way the NL is the Mets can still contend for a post season spot but they need some leadership from management. Cheap canadian viagra Show the fans and your players you’re serious about competing and cut Perez, cheap canadian viagra if you have to pay off the whole contract then do it. Cheap canadian viagra Sure it’s not my money but if Jeffey Skill Sets is crowing about buying the Icelanders and building an arena then you have cash that Bernie Madoff didn’t steal from you. Cheap canadian viagra Put that money to good use and buy out Ollie Perez. Cheap canadian viagra Maybe if ownership showed they give a flyin’ fuck about this team they wouldn’t be playing to 30, cheap canadian viagra000 empty seats at $iti Field.

Cheap canadian viagra I’m sure when the players see it’s Perez’ turn to pitch they know that have no chance of winning that game. Cheap canadian viagra Perez is sucking the life out of this team and sending a message that all the talk about committing to winning by the Skill Sets is just a bunch of bullshit . Cheap canadian viagra You want to show a commitment then dump Ollie and quite frankly it may be time to dump the manager as well. Cheap canadian viagra I don’t hate Jerry Manuel and it’s not all his fault this team is inconsistent or his offense is stagnant but maybe a shakeup in the managers office is needed both for Manuel and the Mets. Cheap canadian viagra Its’ tough to manage knowing your on a week to week watch. Cheap canadian viagra I might be time to just get the inevitable over with.

Cheap canadian viagra Mets ownership takes us for jerks but the truth is we are much smarter than they are. Cheap canadian viagra Show you care and we will too.

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