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Buying viagra without perscription Welcome to July. Buying viagra without perscription Time for some Mets-cellaneous views and opinions as our favorite baseball team closes out yet another losing month:

Buying viagra without perscription The angst expressed by some Mets fans and know nothings in the media over Zack Wheelers start yesterday was stunning. Buying viagra without perscription  It wasn’t a great start for Wheeler but his problems came from lack of command and poor choice of pitches, buying viagra without perscription two things that can be fixed. Buying viagra without perscription Wheeler also altered his delivery which I’m not a big fan of doing this between starts as I’m starting to think there is too much information overload given to Wheeler than just letting him go out there and pitch comfortably.

Buying viagra without perscription If you watched Wheeler pitch yesterday and think he’s a bust then you need to stop watching baseball and also stop going on social media with your dumb ass opinions because all you do is embarrass yourself. Buying viagra without perscription  Pitchers like Matt Harvey come around once generations so just enjoy watching him pitch and enjoy watching him wear a Mets uniform and stop comparing every young pitcher in the Mets system to him.

Buying viagra without perscription My only concerned with Wheeler is that he gets his instructions from Dan Warthen. Buying viagra without perscription If Wheeler and the rest of the Mets pitchers can survive the next 3 months of Dandy Dan’s Guide to Pitching, buying viagra without perscription next season should bring a new voice to the Mets pitching staff. Buying viagra without perscription I’d have to think that there will be a new manager and coaching staff installed for the Mets 2014 season, buying viagra without perscription and those hiring’s could be the most important free agent hiring’s of the Mets off season.

Buying viagra without perscription Last Friday I saw a tweet from 95.7 The Game in San Francisco that Dave Duncan was going to be a guest on their morning show. Buying viagra without perscription You can listen to the interview here. Buying viagra without perscription As I listened to Duncan speak about pitching I went into full J. Buying viagra without perscription Peterman mode, buying viagra without perscription screaming at my computer screen, buying viagra without perscription “NAME YOU’RE PRICE, buying viagra without perscription MAN”!!!!!!!!

Buying viagra without perscription Duncan left the Cardinals in 2012 to care for his ailing wife who unfortunately lost her fight with cancer in early June. Buying viagra without perscription  From listening to Duncan in that interview it’s clear he still watched what’s going on in MLB and it would not be a reach to say he’d like to get back into the game.

Buying viagra without perscription Sandy Alderson had a very successful relationship with Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan back in the late 80’s when Alderson ran the Oakland A’s, buying viagra without perscription winning a World Series title in 1989. Buying viagra without perscription Could Alderson place a call to LaRussa and Duncan offering them to get the band back together? As much as LaRussa annoyed me during his St Louis Cardinal days, buying viagra without perscription I would be totally on board bringing LaRusa and Dave Duncan to the Mets. Buying viagra without perscription Mets fans have discussed and debated who could be the next Keith Hernandez or the Gary Carter, buying viagra without perscription the player who would bring the Mets back to prominence, buying viagra without perscription maybe Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan in Mets uni’s fit that bill in a supervisory position?

Buying viagra without perscription Now I know my whole scenario is pretty much a pipe dream, buying viagra without perscription I mean who am I kidding, buying viagra without perscription Freddy & Jeffy Skill Sets own this team not Mikhail Prokhorov SIGH!

Buying viagra without perscription  

Buying viagra without perscription Anyone miss Ike Davis? Would a Lucas Duda/Josh Satin platoon at 1B be more productive than trotting out Ike every game? What happens when Ike returns or better yet does Ike return?

Buying viagra without perscription A big THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To David Aardsma for hitting Ian Desmond to lead off the 6th inning yesterday. Buying viagra without perscription  Finally a pitcher with onions!

Buying viagra without perscription And so it goes and so it goes and so it goes and so it goes

Buying viagra without perscription Where it’s going no one knows:

Buying viagra without perscription The Mets have not had a winning month since June of last year. Buying viagra without perscription Here is the W/L record for the Amazin’s from July 201 to June 2013:

Buying viagra without perscription July 2012 7-18

Buying viagra without perscription Aug 2012 12-16

Buying viagra without perscription Sept 2012 11-16

Buying viagra without perscription Oct 2012 1-2

Buying viagra without perscription Apr 2013 10-15

Buying viagra without perscription May 2013 12-15

Buying viagra without perscription June 2013 11-15

Buying viagra without perscription That comes out to a grand total of 161 games and a 64-97 .397 winning percentage.

Buying viagra without perscription Enjoy your Monday!

Buying viagra without perscription  

Buying viagra without perscription  

Buying viagra without perscription  

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Vigorex forte Adam Wainwright looks to be headed for Tommy John surgery so now would be the time for Sandy Alderson to put the hard sell on Cardinals GM John Mozeliak taking Oliver Perez off the Mets hands. Vigorex forte Think about it, vigorex forte Alderson just has gush about having the Genius and the greatest pitching coach in the history of baseball take on the biggest bust in baseball. Vigorex forte Who but the great Dave Duncan could rehabilitate the wayward Ollie and turn him in a serviceable ML arm.

Vigorex forte Say the Mets eat half of Perez’ $12 million ransom you would think with Wainwright (before you folks kill me more in no way am I saying Perez is a replacement of Wainwright as the only thing they have in common is they are both dues paying members of the MLBPA) out and Alderson having a past relationship with The Genius and the world’s greatest pitching coach, vigorex forte he could pursued  them to talk Mozeliak into taking OP on as a their greatest reclamation project ever, vigorex forte their very own Billy Ray Valentine.

Vigorex forte If Alderson pulls this off I will forever refer to him as Jesus Alderson

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Viagra high blood pressure I hope Frankie Rodriguez can pick up a fork and knife this morning to eat his breakfast, viagra high blood pressure I mean the guy had to come in to pitch in the 8th inning last night instead of his customary 9th inning to get a (GASP!!!!) 5 out save!!!!!! Rodriguez had to throw 25 pitches to complete this unbelievable test of endurance and I’m hopping the 6ft 200lbd K-Rod is not just totally exhausted from that heavy duty work load.

Viagra high blood pressure All sarcasm aside here, viagra high blood pressure when did baseball lose its way when it comes to pitching? Sure we could throw this all on The Genius as he reinvented bullpen use with the A’s and Denis Eckersley in the late 80’s but why did the rest of the sport follow suit and turn TLR into the baseball version of L. Viagra high blood pressure Ron Hubbard? Why hasn’t any organization stepped  up and denounced LaRussa-ology ? I know Nolan Ryan has as he is going about changing the mind set of the Texas Rangers organization into developing starting pitchers to go deep into there starts, viagra high blood pressure but why are other organization so scared to follow The Express’ as an example?

Viagra high blood pressure As far as I know, viagra high blood pressure TLR was a marginal journeyman player and as much as I can’t stand his hide behind his Foster Grants ass, viagra high blood pressure he knows baseball. Viagra high blood pressure Just ask him he’ll tell you but when it comes to pitching if it comes down to TLR or even his top disciple Dave Duncan, viagra high blood pressure or Nolan Ryan, viagra high blood pressure I’m going with the Hall of Famer fireballer.

Viagra high blood pressure Watching Jerry Manuel work this bullpen drives me up a fucking wall. Viagra high blood pressure Fernando Nieve pitches in every game, viagra high blood pressure as does Vitamin Pedro. Viagra high blood pressure Jenry Mejia, viagra high blood pressure the kid who Manuel told management he needed desperately is being totally misused. Viagra high blood pressure Now that Ryota Igarhasi is on the DL look for Ruben Valdes to become an everyday pitcher.

Viagra high blood pressure Manuel manages his pen like he still in the American League, viagra high blood pressure it’s excruciating to watch. Viagra high blood pressure But back to my original question, viagra high blood pressure why does it have to be this way?

Viagra high blood pressure Yesterday I wrote about the 40th anniversary of Tom Seaver’ 19 K game against the SD Padres. Viagra high blood pressure That year the 25 year old Seaver threw a baseball in 290 innings. Viagra high blood pressure That’s almost two seasons worth of innings in today’s game. Viagra high blood pressure Seaver threw for the fourth most innings that season in the NL as Bob Gibson was third with 294 IP, viagra high blood pressure Fergie Jenkins was second with 313 and Gaylord Perry led the league with 328.2 IP.

Viagra high blood pressure In 2009 Justin Verlander led MLB pitchers in innings pitched with 240. Viagra high blood pressure In 1970 that would have ranked him 29th overall (Dick Drago of the Royals threw 240 IP in 1970) Bronson Arroyo was10th overall in IP last year with 220.1 IP. Viagra high blood pressure In 1970 Rick Wise of the Phillies threw for 220.1 IP good for 40th overall.

Viagra high blood pressure One would think with the advancements today in the physical training and with all the computer and video that teams have they could come up with some kind of pitching program that would get more length and production out of starting pitchers. Viagra high blood pressure Instead of paying tens of millions of dollars to a guy to come in and work one inning and throw 15-20 pitches wouldn’t it make sense to spend those millions on cultivating an organizational pitching program to train pitchers go deeper into games they’ve started ? Call it Reverse-LaRussa-ology.

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Pfizer viagra canada  

Pfizer viagra canada Dave Duncan is pissed off at the Cardinals and the St. Pfizer viagra canada Louis media for the treatment of his son Chris who was sent to the Red Sox for nothing. Pfizer viagra canada Duncan is in the last year of his contract (as is the Stinkin’ Genius Tony LaRussa) and is talking like he wants to go elsewhere. Pfizer viagra canada And what a better place to go but Flushing NY.

Pfizer viagra canada So if the Skill Sets want to prove they mean business then make Dave Duncan the number one targeted free agent this winter. 

Pfizer viagra canada How much is it worth to the Mets to have Duncan work with Big Pelf and Bobby Parnell? Or how about Ollie Perez? If Duncan can get anything positive out of OP he gets a street named after him in Queens

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