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Viagra online 50mgs Wherefore art thou Nelly D?  

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Viagra online 50mgs Down in St. Viagra online 50mgs Lonesome, viagra online 50mgs it’s a day off for both the big league and minor leaguers but for the Skill Sets it’s far from an off day in fact it’s day one of the most important fortnight of their lives as the Madoff trustees claw back suit finally makes its way to court with jury collection and optimistically, viagra online 50mgs opening arguments.

Viagra online 50mgs There has been some speculation that there could be a settlement reached today with the thinking being maybe both sides knowing that they are dealing with a floor amount of $83 mil and a ceiling of $386 mil but if you’re Irv Piccard and the Madoff victims the thought has to go through your mind “will I ever see any money from the Wilpon’s”?

Viagra online 50mgs Do the Skill Sets have $83 mil? I have no idea, viagra online 50mgs I do know they don’t have the funds to assemble a decent bench for their baseball team or enough funds to fortify the depth of their starting pitching, viagra online 50mgs so if I had to guess $83 mil might as well be $83 billion. Viagra online 50mgs   

Viagra online 50mgs I’m with the majority of Mets fans who would rejoice if the Skill Sets were to sell, viagra online 50mgs but the one caveat I throw out there before I donate a bunch of cardboard boxes for the Freddy, viagra online 50mgs Uncle Saul and Jeffy to pack their bags and get out of Flushing is, viagra online 50mgs who is going to buy the team?

Viagra online 50mgs If you tell me there is some big fancy Wall Street mogul or one of the Titians of industry that will follow the Nelson Doubleday way of running the team which is to let the baseball operations people run the show and make sure the bartenders have a heavy pour, viagra online 50mgs well then I’m all in.

Viagra online 50mgs If you tell me that another member of the lucky sperm club or a guy with money who loves to see his name in the paper and feels he’s a “baseball guy” and wants to run the team his or her way, viagra online 50mgs then maybe keeping the Skill Sets isn’t as bad as it seems. Viagra online 50mgs I mean as bad as Jeffy Skill Sets is, viagra online 50mgs he’s not worse than David Samson is he?

Viagra online 50mgs See anger over ownership is the same as anger over a manager when the team is going bad, viagra online 50mgs everyone screams fire the manager but when you ask “ok but who is the replacement”, viagra online 50mgs you get crickets.

Viagra online 50mgs See if you are going to dump a manager or in this case an owner, viagra online 50mgs you have to have a better replacement ready to take over.

Viagra online 50mgs I am certainly no fan of the Wilpon’s, viagra online 50mgs their meddling (Jeffy in particular) in how the team is run is the reason the club is in the mess it’s in right now. Viagra online 50mgs They’ve always worried more about winning the back pages of the tabloids in December and January than building a solid foundation to keep the team in contention for years to come. Viagra online 50mgs But again is it better to have the Skill Sets as owners or James Dolan? The devil you know is sometimes better than the devil you don’t know. Viagra online 50mgs      

Viagra online 50mgs  

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Viagra facts uk Yes, viagra facts uk that is Marlins President Davis Sampson checking out his new office at Marlins Park

Viagra facts uk Why would anyone be surprised to hear stupid shit whenever  Marlins President David Samson  opens his mouth?  In the Land of the Asshat, viagra facts uk Samson is its Ten Gallon King. Viagra facts uk If I were a taxpayer/Marlins fans I’d be totally pissed off by Samson’s gloating over fleecing local bureaucrats to build his team a new ballpark to the point of laughing in their faces about re-locating the Marlins to San Antonio or Las Vegas like an extortionist.

Viagra facts uk Of all the stupid shit that Samson has said, viagra facts uk his remarks about Jose Reyes were quite tame. Viagra facts uk Why Mets fans would be pissed that Reyes wanted as much money as he could get is puzzling. Viagra facts uk There was no way the Mets were going to match or better the Marlins offer, viagra facts uk nor in my opinion should they have. Viagra facts uk I loved having Reyes on the Mets and enjoyed watching him play shortstop but he’s gone and I wish him well except when he plays the Mets. Viagra facts uk Our Mets fan lives go on.

Viagra facts uk Greg Prince reports that new Mets radio voice Josh Lewin sounds PRE-TTTTTTT-YYYYYY, viagra facts uk PRE-TTTTTTT-YYYYYYY good and seems like he and Howie Rose will be a good mix like U-Bets Chocolate Syrup, viagra facts uk a dash of milk and seltzer. Viagra facts uk I will take Greg to task on one thing, viagra facts uk his omission of the straw that stirs the radio drink the Immortal Chris Majkowski  (MetsWFAN on your Twitter dial) in his post, viagra facts uk gotta give Maj his props.

Viagra facts uk I would love to be sitting in the courtroom when jury selection gets under way in the Wilpon/Madoff trustees trial, viagra facts uk just to see which potential juror goes off the rails when they are asked if they are Mets fans.

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Viagra purchase by phone I don’t know about you but I’m bored to tears already by the search for the next Mets Manager. Viagra purchase by phone It’s starting to take on an American Idol feel to it.  Sandy Alderson playing the Randy Jackson role as he tells each managerial interviewee, viagra purchase by phone” Yo dawg, viagra purchase by phone I dun know man, viagra purchase by phone when you walked in the door I was like WHOA! But then you got some pipes dude, viagra purchase by phone and then that resume Dawg, viagra purchase by phone you were killin’ it, viagra purchase by phone good lookin’ out dawg. Viagra purchase by phone  Then J.P. Viagra purchase by phone Ricciardi doing his Simon Cowell “ so tell me, viagra purchase by phone have you had any formal managerial experience ? No? I didn’t think so. Viagra purchase by phone This is a managerial interview and really if you know you have no bloody shot why waste our time and your time? Off you go? And then there is Jeffey Skill Sets the Paula Abdul of the trio “Ohhhhhhhhh Wally YOU COMPLETE ME<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Viagra purchase by phone I’ll say this for Sandy Alderson every coach, viagra purchase by phone ex-manager or minor league coordinator is getting a shot at the job, viagra purchase by phone but when I think of it did Alderson miss the boat by not getting Ron Roenicke in for an interview before the Brewski’s hired him? Roenicke comes from the Mike Scioscia coach tree. Viagra purchase by phone The same tree that bore fruit like Joe Maddon, viagra purchase by phone and Bud Black and now Roenicke.

Viagra purchase by phone So anyone interested in Dan Uggla ? If you look past his defensive shortcomings, viagra purchase by phone his bat at the 2nd base position would look mighty purdy as a Met. Viagra purchase by phone Uggla turned down a contract extension of 4yr/$48mil but it might not be because of money. It seems that Uggla has not gotten over his BFF Cody Ross getting exiled to San Francisco and may be feed up with that the Lord of Douchenberry, viagra purchase by phone David Samson.

Viagra purchase by phone The Oakland A’s have made the highest bid for the rights of Japanese RHP Hisashi Iwakuma. Viagra purchase by phone The 29 year old Iwakuma has some impressive numbers pitching for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Viagra purchase by phone Iwakuma’ won-lost record doesn’t do justice to his overall numbers. Viagra purchase by phone A 10-9 record doesn’t measure up to 201 IP 2.82 ERA, viagra purchase by phone 1.15 WHIP, viagra purchase by phone 8.52 K/9IP and 1.61 BB/9IP. Viagra purchase by phone Details of the amount of the bid have been reported. Viagra purchase by phone The A’s now have 30 days to get Iwakuma’ to sign on the dotted line.

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