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Buy cheap viagra I don’t get all the hub-bub over naming David Wright the Captain of the New York Mets. Buy cheap viagra Who amongst players, buy cheap viagra fans and media hasn’t grasped that Wright is the Face of the Franchise? Is there anyone who follows the Mets not know who the go to guy is on this club?

Buy cheap viagra In hockey and football the naming of captains are for the sole purpose of having a designated player act as a liaison  between the bench and the officials, buy cheap viagra this is especially true in hockey where only the captain or one the assistant captains are the players a referee or linesman go to with an explanation  or a warning. Buy cheap viagra That’s why the hockey captains wear the “C” and the assistant captains were the “A”. Buy cheap viagra In football there is a captain for offense, buy cheap viagra defense and special teams for basically the same reason they have them in hockey. Buy cheap viagra The referee will consult with the captain on acceptance of penalties or a question on spotting the ball at line of scrimmage or to relay a message from the sideline by the head coach, buy cheap viagra so again the designation of wearing the “C” on the uniform is needed. Buy cheap viagra But when it comes to baseball, buy cheap viagra wearing a captains “C” is just plain tacky.

Buy cheap viagra When a baseball umpire needs to give an explanation on a rule or a call, buy cheap viagra he summons the team’s manager to the field for consultation. Buy cheap viagra Now a player of stature like Wright, buy cheap viagra may get more leeway with an umpire that and average player but majority of the time when something needs to be explained the umpire is going right to the man in charge, buy cheap viagra the manager.

Buy cheap viagra I have no problems with the Mets naming Wright the Captain of the team, buy cheap viagra it seems with so many young players ready to join the big league squad there is a bit of collegiate feel around the club so having that veteran designated to be their sounding board or the guy to show them the right way to handle big league life, buy cheap viagra there is no better man for the job than David Wright.

Buy cheap viagra Wright is the perfect example of the rah-rah cheerleader type of leader is vastly overrated. Buy cheap viagra Wright surely leads by example with the way he handles himself on and off the field. Buy cheap viagra Wright has always been one of the first to report to spring training and the last to leave the St. Buy cheap viagra Lonesome complex. Buy cheap viagra He is always available to the media win or lose and no one in the history of the New York Mets has represented the organization as at more charity and fan events with class and dignity like Wright has.

Buy cheap viagra So if Terry Collins wants to name Wright the Captain of the team go right ahead but it’s just a mere formality everyone knows who is the team leader now and for the next 8 seasons at least, buy cheap viagra it’s David Wright. Buy cheap viagra Just don’t put that tacky “C” on his jersey

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Herbal vigor Maybe all is not gloom and doom with the Mets as we see not only is David Wright ready to hit St. Herbal vigor Lonesome but Matt Harvey can’t wait to get to camp as well. Herbal vigor Harvey says all the right things in this story about competing this year and not using the coming season as a warm up for 2014. Herbal vigor That’s why it would seem in Terry Collins best interest for this team to not only get off to a good start but show more fight than in past years  or Wally Backman will be large and in charge by Memorial Day.

Herbal vigor It’s bad enough the Mets have not had a FanFest or Winter Caravan in a while but to add insult to injury, herbal vigor the former New York Giants are bringing their World Series trophy they won last year as the San Francisco Giants, herbal vigor back to their homeland this coming Saturday at Finnerty’s Bar at 2nd Avenue between E 13 St and E 14 St. Herbal vigor  When the Giants won the World Series in 2010, herbal vigor Managing General Partner, herbal vigor Peter Magowan   a born and raised New Yorker and NY Giants fan, herbal vigor felt it would be a nice gesture to bring the World Series trophy back to his and his baseball teams hometown. Herbal vigor Magowan is not with the club anymore but the tradition lives on. Herbal vigor  Is anyone in Flushing paying attention????????

Herbal vigor Give the Mets credit though as they have not forgotten that there are still victims of Hurricane Sandy who are still hurting. Herbal vigor Tomorrow from 1PM to 2PM Daniel Murphy will be at the Church of the Nazarene 1414 Central Avenue in Far Rockaway to distribute food and supplies along with New York Cares Volunteers to residents still trying to rebuild their homes and their lives since the storm.

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Viagra england  

Viagra england Every day I sit down to write a post about the Mets and every day I just stare at the screen, viagra england which is as blank as my mind. Viagra england  At the end of another disappointing Mets season, viagra england I felt this was going to be the off seasons of off seasons, viagra england heads rolling down Roosevelt Avenue and more of a purge of the losers personality that has permeated the Mets clubhouse the last few seasons but so far, viagra england other than David Wright committing to the club for the rest of his natural baseball life and R.A. Viagra england Dickey getting exported to Canada, viagra england this Mets off season has been more a fart in the wind than a lion’s roar in the jungle.

Viagra england I can see how and why many Mets fans are totally pissed off and feel the team is tanking the 2013 season and I guess I am too but for some reason I’ve comes to terms that this Mets team as put together right now will not be very good as I am buying in to the plan set forth by the baseball operations unit of the team. Viagra england There is a plan in place and it’s to get younger and not be reliant on building the team via free agency. Viagra england The Mets are the only team that hasn’t signed a ML free agent. Viagra england Some fans are annoyed by this but me? I’m totally fine with it. Viagra england I advocated the pursuit of Cody Ross, viagra england Shane Victorino and AJ Pierzynski but being that the supply of talent in the free agent market hasn’t met the demand those three players received more money and years than I ever thought they would.

Viagra england No one can disagree that the outfielders on the Mets 40 man roster are less than major league caliber and I’m sure no one knows than better than Sandy Alderson and I’m sure Alderson will make some type of move to add at least one quality major league fly shagger before opening day.  So while we wait for that move to be made, viagra england we can while away the time venting our outrage when we find out Mike Piazza has not been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame due to the ineptness of the Baseball Writers Association of McCarthyism.

Viagra england Another distraction has been my monitoring of the other teams I root for. Viagra england Last night was as bad of a night I’ve had as a fan since Adam Wainright broke off that nasty curve to Carlos Beltran. Viagra england I wasn’t confident that Notre Dame was going to beat Alabama but never did I think they would tank like they did. Viagra england There’s not much more to say about the game other than it was an embarrassment but one thing I will address is the amount of Catholic bashing that I saw in my Twitter timeline last night. Viagra england It’s one thing to attack ND as an institution but when you use the hashtag #CatholicsSuck that’s just shows what kind of  person you are and most likely it’s not just Catholics you hate but figure it’s the one group you can vent your hatred about without repercussion.

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Herbal viagra cartridge Yesterday on SNY I watched the coronation of David Wright as The Franchise II (Wright would have to win a couple of MVP’s and some World Series Championships before I’d even consider him as The Franchise) Everyone was yucking it up on the SNY set about Wright having a “Burger and a Beer” with Jeffey Skill Sets in Miami after the last game of the most recent second half collapse to end a season. Herbal viagra cartridge Between Jonas Schwartz and Ed Coleman you would think that was the equivalent of Camp David Accords of 1978. Herbal viagra cartridge Sure it’s nice that Jeffy wants to be BFF’s with Wright and as we know from our long time Jeffey viewing, herbal viagra cartridge he acts like a teenybopper at a Justin Bieber concert when he’s around ball players. Herbal viagra cartridge So it makes me wonder, herbal viagra cartridge why Jeffey not only hasn’t invited R.A. Herbal viagra cartridge Dickey out for a little nosh but seems be a hard ass with the knuckleballing CY Young Winner.

Herbal viagra cartridge Take a gander at this quote from The Little Emperor about Dickey’s status with the Mets:

Herbal viagra cartridge  

Herbal viagra cartridge At Wednesday’s news conference at the Opryland Hotel to announce David Wright’s eight-year contract extension, herbal viagra cartridge chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon reiterated earlier comments that the Mets were willing to allow Dickey to simply play out next season on the pre-existing $5 million club option, herbal viagra cartridge and become a free agent.

Herbal viagra cartridge “We’re in the process now, herbal viagra cartridge” Wilpon said. Herbal viagra cartridge “It’s a negotiation. Herbal viagra cartridge They want more than we’re willing to give right now. Herbal viagra cartridge We want to do it for less than they want to accept right now. Herbal viagra cartridge Somewhere in between there’s probably a deal to be done. Herbal viagra cartridge If not, herbal viagra cartridge he’ll be a great bargain at $5 million playing out next season for us.”

Herbal viagra cartridge  

Herbal viagra cartridge Pretty condescending comment if you ask me. Herbal viagra cartridge  If the reports we are getting are correct, herbal viagra cartridge Dickey is not asking to break the bank, herbal viagra cartridge in fact his offer of 2yrs/$30mil is a somewhat low if you ask me. Herbal viagra cartridge As much as Wright is the bright shinny face of The Franchise, herbal viagra cartridge Dickey is the team’s heart, herbal viagra cartridge soul and inspiration and the holder of a post season award, herbal viagra cartridge something Wright does not possess. Herbal viagra cartridge So why the hard line and disrespect for Dickey?  I think if you caught Sandy Alderson in a candid moment he tell you he’d love to send Jeffey to Langley and let Saul Berenson handle him  CIA style as Jeffey doesn’t make his job any easier.

Herbal viagra cartridge Alderson does not want to go into the season with Dickey as a lame duck, herbal viagra cartridge he either wants to deal him for a rewarding return or sign him to an extension. Herbal viagra cartridge It serves the Mets no purpose to start the season with Dickey not under contract for more than the season, herbal viagra cartridge his trade value will never be higher than it is now. Herbal viagra cartridge Logic says Alderson is waiting for Zack Greinke to sign somewhere, herbal viagra cartridge in hopes that the runner-ups panic and over pay for Dickey. Herbal viagra cartridge If the return is not to his liking then I’m sure Alderson and Dickey’s people sit down and settle on a contract extension. Herbal viagra cartridge This plan is not very difficult to decipher except of course for Jeffey.

Herbal viagra cartridge Let’s face if Jeffey and Dickey sat down to talk it would be kind of awkward. Herbal viagra cartridge Dickey reads books, herbal viagra cartridge Jeffey colors in books. Herbal viagra cartridge Dickey is charismatic; Jeffey takes the air out of a room. Herbal viagra cartridge Jeffey like to hang around with jocks he loves being one of the guys where Dickey would rather visit a museum than a country club. Herbal viagra cartridge Jeffey doesn’t grasp what he has in R.A. Herbal viagra cartridge Dickey, herbal viagra cartridge He doesn’t comprehend that Mets fans have not just embraced a baseball player but a man that they look up to and admire. Herbal viagra cartridge I’ve always agreed with Charles Barkley when he said “I am not a role model” athletes shouldn’t be looked at that way as most have been given privileges and perks that other’s more worthy never get  but R.A. Herbal viagra cartridge Dickey is THE exception to that. Herbal viagra cartridge Dickey has fought and worked to reach this point in his baseball and personal life to where he not only can provide big for his family but to reach out to others with charity. Herbal viagra cartridge That’s the part that seems to be lost on Jeffey Skill Sets. Herbal viagra cartridge  

Herbal viagra cartridge If Sandy Alderson deals Dickey and gets back some pieces that will be of value to the Mets and help curtail this endless spiral of losing and giving up then that’s fine but if Dickey plays out this season and walks because Jeffey Wilpon thinks a 2yr/$30 mil extension is too much for one of the most honorable men to ever don a Mets uniform, herbal viagra cartridge then it may be time for me to reflect if all this support I give to this team is worth it.

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Viagra and sexual performance Even the self-hating Mets fans are happy today. Viagra and sexual performance Happy that David Wright will be a Met for the next 8 seasons and beyond taking the reins from Tom Seaver as the Mets Ambassador of Goodwill   . Viagra and sexual performance If you want to bitch and moan about length of contract or the amount of money that’s your prerogative, viagra and sexual performance but for me today is to sit back and smile and enjoy that Wright will continue his career as a Met and hopefully more moves will be made to get this team back into the post season.

Viagra and sexual performance So far Sandy Alderson has rid the club of the albatross that was Jason Bay (the Alderson bashers never mention that he has had no problem getting ownership to cut all the deadwood he has inherited ) and re-signed Wright and seems he’s also on the verge of finalizing a deal with R.A. Viagra and sexual performance Dickey. Viagra and sexual performance For some, viagra and sexual performance his moves aren’t coming fast enough but it looks as if his plan is in motion. Viagra and sexual performance Hopefully we will hear more news out of Nashville next week with either the Mets landing a catcher and power hitting outfielder or at least laying the ground work to obtain those two vital pieces for the team. Viagra and sexual performance  

Viagra and sexual performance Alderson’s work is far from done as positive as it is to have Wright signed long term, viagra and sexual performance he still needs to be protected in the lineup to be effective and I’m sure Alderson knows that and has sat with Wright to explain what he is working on doing to bring that to fruition. Viagra and sexual performance  Sure Wright took the money and security but I’m sure if he didn’t hear a positive outlook from the Mets GM he wouldn’t have signed this deal so quickly. Viagra and sexual performance  

Viagra and sexual performance By the way, viagra and sexual performance I have to tip my Mets cap to Ed Coleman who broke this story early this morning. Viagra and sexual performance I’ve been a critic of Coleman’s but I have to give credit where it’s due.

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Soft gel viagra tablets Yo! this one goes out to my boy D-Wright, soft gel viagra tablets I feel ya D I feel ya!

Soft gel viagra tablets Yesterday on Twitter I tweeted out that I felt the Mets were the drunken uncle at the holidays of baseball, soft gel viagra tablets meaning that no fan base feels more uncomfortable about their team and ownership than Mets fans. Soft gel viagra tablets It seems that every piece of baseball business that the Mets get involved in makes Mets fans feel as awkward as going on a double date and the other couple fights the whole night. Soft gel viagra tablets The latest issue with the club that has the fan base squirming is the now public David Wright contract re-negotiation.

Soft gel viagra tablets In a perfect baseball world, soft gel viagra tablets a world we of the orange and blue persuasion will never inhabit, soft gel viagra tablets the star player of the team would sit down with management and hash out a deal that makes everyone look like a winner. Soft gel viagra tablets They would hold these negotiations in a quiet business-like manner. Soft gel viagra tablets Instead, soft gel viagra tablets we get a leak from a Mets Jeff Wilpon source that the club has made a starting offer of 6 yrs/$100 mil extension to the  Face and Future Team Ambassador (as one org member stated “Tom Seaver won’t live forever”)David Wright. Soft gel viagra tablets As soon as that offer hit the social media, soft gel viagra tablets the magpies were chirping, soft gel viagra tablets “Cheap ass Mets are lowballing Wright”, soft gel viagra tablets “Mets are going overboard on offer Wright they should trade him” “Don’t buy tickets to Mets games” (that one is the morning prayer for some) Word came from the Wilpon propaganda machine, soft gel viagra tablets the Daily Lupica, soft gel viagra tablets that Wright was angry with that the offer was made public, soft gel viagra tablets so the Wilpon house organ played a tune called “did we say 6 yr at $100mil? What we meant to say is 8 yrs at $140 mil”. Soft gel viagra tablets To which Wright and his agents screamed that the song was out of key.

Soft gel viagra tablets Now there a couple of ways to look at this, soft gel viagra tablets first, soft gel viagra tablets it puts Wright in a spot where he has to choose between being a Met 4 Life at some nice coin or decide to go to another team that has a better chance at winning and a better lineup that would protect him in the lineup. Soft gel viagra tablets David Wright has to do what’s best for David Wright. Soft gel viagra tablets So what right for Wright?

Soft gel viagra tablets If he turns down this Mets offer (and why would we not believe the Daily Snooze with men of integrity like Andy Martino and John Harper doing the reporting that this offer is legit? Yes the captain has activated the sarcasm sign) then the Mets have no choice but to trade him and Wright becomes public enemy #1 greedy bastard in the eyes of Mets fans. Soft gel viagra tablets If Wright takes the offer then everyone is a winner, soft gel viagra tablets Wright a Met 4 Life and set financially, soft gel viagra tablets the Mets show they are back in business and the fans get a glimmer of hope that all is not as awful as some perceive in Flushing.

Soft gel viagra tablets Again this is the biggest decision of David Wright’s baseball life. Soft gel viagra tablets I’ve always felt that Wright needs to be protected in the lineup to play at his best. Soft gel viagra tablets Put Wright on the Reds between Joey Votto and Jay Bruce or the Dodgers between Adrian Gonzalez and Hanley Ramirez with the Dodgers or even to Toronto with Joey Bats and his brother from another mother Jose Reyes (would that be a kick in the nuts to Mets fans if Wright turned down Mets offer and he’s shipped up North and he and Reyes lead the Jays to a World Series championship? YIKES!)

Soft gel viagra tablets The Mets have not made it easy for Wright, soft gel viagra tablets yes that sounds a bit ridiculous but think about this, soft gel viagra tablets the Mets are not going to up that offer, soft gel viagra tablets so Wright and his agents have to decide to take the Mets offer and the word of Sandy Alderson that the team will be making moves to improve and that the future of the franchise is not the unmitigated mess that some media and fans portray it to be or make a new start of his baseball life where the grass may be greener or it could be all crab grass. Soft gel viagra tablets   

Soft gel viagra tablets It seems many Mets fans worry about the Mets back loading this deal to defer money in the late stages of the contract.  Yes the Skill Sets have made the back loaded contract their benchmark in these type of negotiations but with the new network money coming in in 2014, soft gel viagra tablets and the team in some dire financial straits now, soft gel viagra tablets it would seem to be in the clubs best interest to free up some cash to add the players needed to place around Wright and Ike Davis in a lineup that could help support the starting pitching that is as good as any team in baseball. Soft gel viagra tablets   

Soft gel viagra tablets Any plan that keeps Wright and R.A. Soft gel viagra tablets Dickey as Mets and frees up some money to add a first string catcher and a power hitting outfielder I support 100 %. Soft gel viagra tablets When you get past the entire Mets fan and Twitter nit wits belly aching bullshit, soft gel viagra tablets the bottom line is I want the Mets to win by any means necessary.

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Listen to internet radio with Ivie League Prod on Blog Talk Radio

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Cost of viagra Last night on The Kult of Mets Personalities we were joined by Mike Silva as we discussed the ongoing saga of David Wright and R.A. Cost of viagra Dickey’s contract extensions or lack thereof

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Best way to use cialis  I’m pretty sure the hold up in the R.A. Best way to use cialis Dickey, best way to use cialis David Wright contract negotiations is how to deal with the Sanity Claus  

Best way to use cialis I’ve been off the blogging grid the past week so I missed out on commenting on some Mets news of the past few days. Best way to use cialis So with sometime to pontificate let me do so without further ado.

Best way to use cialis The $63 opening day Promenade Reserved ticket price was received by the Mets fan base as expected, best way to use cialis with anger, best way to use cialis vile threats, best way to use cialis and calls for ownership to get the hell out of the baseball business also known as business as usual.

Best way to use cialis Seriously, best way to use cialis how did the policy makers of the Mets organization think this would go over?  I was SHOCKED when I clicked on the BUY TICKETS icon to secure a couple of opening day tickets as Christmas presents but when I saw the $63 price tag (that’s before the all-important handling charges and the fee that that you are charged to print your tickets at home using your own computer, best way to use cialis printer and ink…I need more coffee….I’ll be right back….) I thought I clicked on the wrong section or was I suffering from a sudden case of dyslexia but low and behold that was the” outrageous inflated you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” price. Best way to use cialis Thank you but I’ll pass.

Best way to use cialis The Mets can charge whatever price they want for tickets and you and I as Mets fans/consumers can either buy or pass em’ by and from the reaction of sticker shock by Mets fans it seems they are ready to pass em’ by.

Best way to use cialis Buying tickets for Mets games has become a real chore.  I would love to buy a weekend plan except you are not guaranteed the time of the game on your ticket is the time the game will start. Best way to use cialis How many times have you bought a ticket for a 1PM Saturday afternoon game and thought this is great, best way to use cialis I can go to the game and still have time to plan a late afternoon early evening date with friends or other event. Best way to use cialis But then you find out that the game has been taken hostage by FOX and game time is now 4PM. Best way to use cialis So now you have to rearrange your plans which as us married folks/parents know is a huge pain in the ass. Best way to use cialis Even worse is buying a Sunday game that was advertised as a 1PM game only to be hijacked by ESPN for the very family unfriendly and extremely unpopular 8PM start time. Best way to use cialis I don’t know about you but I’m fed up.

Best way to use cialis No more buying tickets in advance for me, best way to use cialis I’ll pick the games I want to see and I’ll go to Stub Hub on that day and buy my tickets. Best way to use cialis It’s the beauty of supply and demand and I’m not going out on a limp when I say when it comes to Mets tickets they will be a huge supply and little demand in 2013.

Best way to use cialis Jeffy Skill Sets strikes again. Best way to use cialis Jeffy went out with Johan Santana to Coney Island  (word id Uncle Saul Katz was upset to find out that Nathan’s has not re-opened yet as he wanted Jeffy to bring back an order of frogs legs)  and with Matt Harvey to Far Rockaway to serve food to those still suffering from Hurricane Sandy (what? Staten Island wasn’t on the team’s radar? I would have personally squired young Jeffery down to South Beach for a photo op) a noble gesture indeed by the ball club. Best way to use cialis But as usually happens when Jeffy is left alone without parental accompaniment, best way to use cialis he starts talking “Wilponese” and makes everyone’s head spin:

Best way to use cialis But chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon said Tuesday that trades would be only a last resort, best way to use cialis and that if deals can’t be reached, best way to use cialis he’d rather have both play out the final year of their deals. Best way to use cialis The goal remains signing both to long-term extensions.

Best way to use cialis  

Best way to use cialis “That’s the first preference; that has been the first preference, best way to use cialis” Wilpon said. Best way to use cialis “Second preference is probably keep them and have them play out the season. Best way to use cialis Third preference would be to trade them. Best way to use cialis They’re both very important to the franchise; they’re both fan favorites, best way to use cialis so we’d like to keep it that way.”

Best way to use cialis Wilpon declined to elaborate on why he believes trades are the least desirable option.

Best way to use cialis “We’re dealing in hypothetical now, best way to use cialis” he said. Best way to use cialis “So I don’t want to go there. Best way to use cialis In terms of right now, best way to use cialis the process is ongoing, best way to use cialis and we want to get something done.”

Best way to use cialis Oh brother!!!! I love the last paragraph as it seems Jeffy realizes that he is talking out of turn and knows that Big Daddy Fred has the Time Out chair waiting for him when he gets home. Best way to use cialis The guy just can’t help himself, best way to use cialis instead of telling the media at the event that he was here to give food and comfort to those whose lives have been affected by the storm and this was not the appropriate time or place to talk about baseball and his daddy’s line “Talk to Sandy about that” Jeffy did what Jeffy does, best way to use cialis talk nonsense.

Best way to use cialis There are only two options, best way to use cialis re-signed Wright and Dickey or trade Wright and Dickey. Best way to use cialis No way both players make opening day as Mets without new deals. Best way to use cialis Now should both players get new deals? That’s the great debate. Best way to use cialis  I’d love to have both players in the fold for the long term but what I’d like better is for Sandy Alderson to make a solid baseball decision. Best way to use cialis If trading Dickey or Wright brings back pieces of solid value then make a deal. Best way to use cialis  Sure I’d miss them and the fan out cry would be fierce but I want Alderson to do what is best for the NY Mets in the long term not appease the fan base and worry about selling tickets. Best way to use cialis If Dickey and Wright can bring back a young power hitting outfielder, best way to use cialis a front line catcher and some bullpen depth then pull the trigger.

Best way to use cialis Congratulations to Ike Davis who will be honored at the 33rd Annual Thurman Munson Dinner on Tuesday February 5th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Best way to use cialis Davis will be given an award for his work with charities that help children stricken with cancer. Best way to use cialis For tickets and information about the dinner call (212) 249-6188

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Cialis soft tablets  

Cialis soft tablets Today we take time out to acknowledge the anniversary of Felix Unger’s wife asking him to remove himself from their place of residence.

Cialis soft tablets The Mets have hired Jim Malone as their new strength and conditioning coach and as we all know if there is a team in MLB that is dire need of strength and conditioning it’s the Mets. Cialis soft tablets Hopefully Malone will work closely with Ruben Tejada to help fortify his stamina so the poor kid doesn’t suffer from fatigue in August like last season. Cialis soft tablets Maybe mega-doses of Flintstones vitamins will do the trick. Cialis soft tablets Yaba-Daba-Doo.

Cialis soft tablets Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing is conducting a fantastic contest titled 50 Sheas of Krane in which you answer 50 questions about the legendary and iconic Mets player Ed Kranepool (bows head). Cialis soft tablets The winner of this contest will be awarded the must have item for everyone who calls themselves a Loyal to the Orange and Blue Mets fan, cialis soft tablets the New York Mets 10 disc 50th Anniversary Edition DVD package.

Cialis soft tablets Speaking of must have Mets memorabilia, cialis soft tablets the folks at have put together a  reprint compilation of New York Times stories highlighting great moments in Mets history  all printed on newspaper stock and encased in a acid free envelope to protect this fantastic Mets keepsake.

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Viagra tablet Well, viagra tablet instead of worrying about David Wright’s and R.A. Viagra tablet Dickey’s contracts and how the Mets would put a contending team on the field for 2013, viagra tablet me and every other person in the NY Metro area’s lives has been side tracked by the devastation Hurricane Sandy brought upon us.

Viagra tablet As you see in the picture up top, viagra tablet I lost the roof over the extension of my house. Viagra tablet Underneath that roof is my living room that had rain coming through it on Monday night during the height of the storm. Viagra tablet After grabbing some tarps from my basement and running to the yard to grab garbage cans, viagra tablet hoping the tree in my yard did snap while I was out there, viagra tablet we staved off a disaster.

Viagra tablet Thankfully my contractor that I’ve used for renovations on my house, viagra tablet sent his guys over Tuesday to fix my roof and tear down the ceiling in my living room and as I type this they are re-sheet rocking the ceiling they just put in a year ago. Viagra tablet But I am a very lucky guy.

Viagra tablet The Atlantic Ocean is a mile and a half from my house. Viagra tablet In the summer it’s a nice walk straight down from my door to the fishing pier and boardwalk on Father Capadano Blvd. Viagra tablet My daughter plays soccer on a beautiful Field Turf pitch by the pier and I’ve used the baseball fields next to it for many baseball practices, viagra tablet from t-ball through high school. Viagra tablet It’s one of the best spots in Staten Island. Viagra tablet Today it is a Federal disaster area.

Viagra tablet Never ever in my wildest imagination did I think the Atlantic Ocean would ever land on my doorstep. Viagra tablet The ocean water came within two blocks of my house, viagra tablet just think, viagra tablet the ocean is a mile and half from my house and the surge just miss my front door.

Viagra tablet Television doesn’t do justice to the devastation in the area of South Beach or the whole south coast of Staten Island. Viagra tablet The death toll from this disaster has been under reported. Viagra tablet Many cops and firemen have told us they are finding bodies under the ruins where homes used to stand. Viagra tablet Yes, viagra tablet the area is in Zone A and yes folks were given ample warning to leave but you have to remember the folks who live down there are veterans of hurricanes and severe Nor’easters and have toughed out many a storm. Viagra tablet But there has never been a storm that hit like Hurricane Sandy.

Viagra tablet Like I say myself and my family were spared in fact I never lost electricity so friends and family who needed to charge phones, viagra tablet computers or needed a hot shower or a cup of coffee came over. Viagra tablet In the wake of such a hearting breaking tragedy, viagra tablet it was amazing having friends over for pot luck dinners and hearing kids laughing in my basement as they played games or watched TV.

Viagra tablet It’ll get better here on Staten Island and in Breezy Point where my aunt and uncle had a home  for years when as a kid my father would tell us we were headed to visit relations on the “Irish Rivera” to have lots of food, viagra tablet lots of drink and watch lots of Mets baseball. Viagra tablet What is stunning is the two hardest hit areas of NYC, viagra tablet Staten Island and Breezy Point, viagra tablet are home to the largest concentration of the city’s first responders.

Viagra tablet Give me a couple of more days and I’ll be back worrying about David Wright’s contract and whether it’s better to keep R.A. Viagra tablet Dickey or trade him and which outfielders the Mets should be in hot pursuit of it’s just right now I got a few other things on  my mind.

and that’s the ceiling or what used to be the ceiling

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