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Order viagra prescription What, order viagra prescription you didn’t see it coming? Of course the Mets were going to lose that game last night just the fact that Warlord Jerry was caught a bit short in the pen. Order viagra prescription Luis Ayala was a sore hammy and Mush Schoeneweies has his period. Order viagra prescription That left him Feliciano, order viagra prescription Smith, order viagra prescription Sanchez, order viagra prescription Figs, order viagra prescription Stokes and of course Heilman. Order viagra prescription  With that group available I have an issue with the way J-Man used them.

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Order viagra prescription Big Pelf came up big again with a very good 6 2/3 inning and I have no problem with the Feliciano and Sanchez to end the inning but why do you come back with Dirty in the 8th when your best reliever Brain Stokes is warmed up in the pen? You go Stokes and then Heilman in the 9th to close then I have no problem but to try to go further with Dirty when he flat out sucks has not gotten through a full inning of relief since 8/11 was a big mistake. Order viagra prescription This mix and matching bullshit has to stop. Order viagra prescription Stokes has been great and Ayala has been fine in the 9th even with J-Man trying to exhaust him Friday night. Order viagra prescription As it stand now the late innings should be Feliciano/Smith, order viagra prescription Stokes, order viagra prescription Ayala and let the chips and earned runs fall where they may.

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Order viagra prescription You just knew that after giving up a earned walk then throwing eight intentional balls, order viagra prescription Heilman was a dead duck. Order viagra prescription This bullpen is not hard to figure. Order viagra prescription If the Mets do not score in double figures there in trouble of losing a game. Order viagra prescription That’s sad.

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Order viagra prescription Maybe it’s time for J-Man to take a page out of Brewer GM Doug Melvin’ and my book on pitching and start your relievers in the beginning of a game. Order viagra prescription Melvin is on record as saying if the Brewers were not in the pennant race he would like to start his closer for the first two innings and then come in with a starter. Order viagra prescription This is a tactic I used this season in Little League and it worked. Order viagra prescription I did it due to strict pitch counts in the LL rule book. Order viagra prescription My 11 yr old pitchers could not pitch more that 85 pitches and if they hit that mark they required three full days of rest AND had to skip one game. Order viagra prescription Silly and unproductive rule. Order viagra prescription Three days rest yes but an additional game is ridiculous but I digress. Order viagra prescription Since I saw a pattern that my top guys were hitting that 85 pitch mark towards the late fourth inning, order viagra prescription early fifth inning (LL games are six innings) it set up having to bring in lesser taltent kids to close out close games. Order viagra prescription After dropping three game like this I decided to start my lesser guys and let them give me 20 pitches (this way they needed no days of rest) the worst that could happen is we’re down five runs as there is a mercy rule of no more than five runs scored in an inning and five runs in a little league game like a Mets game is no big deficit. Order viagra prescription So I would use two lesser pitchers for two innings (unless I was down more than five runs in the second then I went with my best guy) and bring one of the two best pitchers I had to get through the rest of the game. Order viagra prescription So every game I had at least one of my better pitchers available. Order viagra prescription If this worked for me why not for J-Man.

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Order viagra prescription Look Aaron Heilman wants to be a starter in the worst way right so let him start and pitch two innings, order viagra prescription then say Stokes for an inning then come with your starter. Order viagra prescription Now this wouldn’t work with Johan Santana or even Petey (more due to his psyche than anything else) but how about having Big Pelf pitch the last five innings of a game or even OP? What’s the worst that could happen? This bullpen save for Stokes, order viagra prescription is a crap shoot so why not flip the order around and see if that works. Order viagra prescription   

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