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Cheapest generic viagra Poor Freddy Skill Sets, cheapest generic viagra whenever he speaks Mets fans shout “BULLSHIT”. Cheapest generic viagra Every spring, cheapest generic viagra Freddy usually with his sidekick/brother in law Uncle Saul Katz, cheapest generic viagra putz around on a golf cart and stop long enough to tell the main stream media that covers the Mets that everything surrounding the team is sunshine and fucking lollipops. Cheapest generic viagra This spring is no exception except for Freddy tag team partner Uncle Saul not in attendance.

Cheapest generic viagra There is nothing more side splitting funny than following along on my Twitter timeline when Freddy gives his State of the Mets Spring Speech. You know the old expression “If bullshit were electricity you’d be a powerhouse”? Well, cheapest generic viagra if I had a buck for every time the word “bullshit” came up in Tweets on my timeline, cheapest generic viagra I’d have enough money to buy a ML outfield and donate it to the Freddy’s club.

Cheapest generic viagra Freddy told the masses today at Port St. Cheapest generic viagra Lonesome that he and his family are flush with cash, cheapest generic viagra thank you very much for asking. Cheapest generic viagra Between the real estate businesses and his stock holdings rebounding and the success of SNY (which puzzles the living shit out me because other than Mets games what the hell is there to watch on the network? Beer Money???? Loudmouths???? Suckitude TV) has helped the Skill Sets Empire to rise again. Cheapest generic viagra In fact, cheapest generic viagra Freddy says that times are so good, cheapest generic viagra we Mets fans could see the payroll rise to the heights it was at during the Minaya administration, cheapest generic viagra when Ex-GM Omar Minaya was handing out overinflated contracts like he ran Haliburton. Cheapest generic viagra And to that the Mets fan base rises as one and replies “BULLSHIT”

Cheapest generic viagra Poor Freddy not matter how he tries to convince Mets fan that he has enough Dead Presidents to sign players that will make major contributions to his team and make Septembers in Flushing meaningful again, cheapest generic viagra no one believes him. Cheapest generic viagra It’s got to suck to be Freddy.

Cheapest generic viagra Maybe Freddy is telling the truth, cheapest generic viagra maybe there is cash to be spent. Cheapest generic viagra It seems the Mets were willing to give Michael Bourn 4 years and $48 million dollars to be a Met but when Bourn and his agent wanted that 5th year vested option that it seems would be easy to attain, cheapest generic viagra Sandy Alderson pulled the plug on the negotiation leaving the Cleveland Indians to get bamboozled into give giving Bourn/Boras what they wanted. Cheapest generic viagra Can’t say I blame Alderson for not going 5 years on Bourn.

Cheapest generic viagra Alderson was very forthcoming with Pope Mikey I when he stated that they miscalculated on the dealing with Scott Hairston. Cheapest generic viagra It seems from listening to Alderson, cheapest generic viagra Justin Upton was his number one target to trade for and he thought he had enough trade chips to make a deal but it seems Kevin Towers insisted on either Zack Wheeler or Matt Harvey as headliners in any deal for Upton, cheapest generic viagra which of course killed that dialog. Cheapest generic viagra So Plan B was go after Bourn but that draft pick, cheapest generic viagra slot money and vested option became a major road block and that went south as well. Cheapest generic viagra During all this Hairston signed with the Cubs and as Alderson said letting Hairston go wasn’t due to contract reasons but playing times issues as it seems the Mets GM was sure of landing either Upton or Bourn and instead he has neither.

Cheapest generic viagra Now for this next part, cheapest generic viagra you will have to put on your Freddy Says Decoder Ring because I’m pretty sure Freddy is speaking on code or in tongues, cheapest generic viagra I’m not sure:

Cheapest generic viagra “I think we would anticipate being big investors if that were appropriate, cheapest generic viagra” Wilpon said. Cheapest generic viagra “That depends on what the market is. Cheapest generic viagra If the market is such that that’s where we have to be to be competitive and winners, cheapest generic viagra yeah.

Cheapest generic viagra Let’s see the Mets need better players and since many of the better players in the organization are barely old enough to shave I’d say yeah to be competitive you will have to invested in some proven major league talent and that will cost money, cheapest generic viagra but if Freddy is on the level, cheapest generic viagra he claims he has the cash to make that dash.

Cheapest generic viagra “This is, cheapest generic viagra to me, cheapest generic viagra a breakeven business. Cheapest generic viagra I always strive to break even. Cheapest generic viagra I’m not looking to make any money. Cheapest generic viagra I strive to break even. Cheapest generic viagra So if [fans] don’t show up, cheapest generic viagra that’s hard. Cheapest generic viagra So you have to balance it. Cheapest generic viagra We fed it pretty good the last five or six years. Cheapest generic viagra I think if the market was such, cheapest generic viagra yes, cheapest generic viagra the payroll could go up, cheapest generic viagra but not to just have payroll go up so you can write headlines — if that, cheapest generic viagra in fact, cheapest generic viagra improves the team.

Cheapest generic viagra OK now this is Bullshit. Cheapest generic viagra  When did the New York Mets become a no-profit organization? What did you feed that last five or six years? Your attorney’s? CRG Partners to access the damage of the Madoff mess? Sure wasn’t invested in baseball players.

Cheapest generic viagra “I don’t know what the market will be at that point. Cheapest generic viagra But the payroll will be commensurate with anything we’ve ever done because we can do it. Cheapest generic viagra Remember, cheapest generic viagra the people have to come to the ballpark obviously. Cheapest generic viagra If you have a competitive team, cheapest generic viagra they will. Cheapest generic viagra Everything that was in the past, cheapest generic viagra that you guys saw the pain that we went through, cheapest generic viagra is gone. Cheapest generic viagra It’s gone.

Cheapest generic viagra Freddy, cheapest generic viagra Freddy, cheapest generic viagra Freddy there are only a few of us diehards left who support your team in good times and bad. Cheapest generic viagra You have lost a whole generation of fans to the Bronx Bastards. Cheapest generic viagra If you have the financial wherewithal you claim now would be a good time to show it off. Cheapest generic viagra The amount of diehard fans for any sports franchise in this town is much less than the bandwagon “I love a New York event “crowd. Cheapest generic viagra If what you are telling us is correct and you are ready to go back to being Big Bad Freddy and make an investment in quality Major League players that will have your team in contention for a pennant and GULP!!! A World Championship, cheapest generic viagra Citi Field will be overflowing with customers on a nightly basis. Cheapest generic viagra Remember the 80”s Fred? Remember 3 million customers making the Shea Stadium turnstiles wiz like a carousel of cash ? Remember the television ratings that boosted a thrid rate TV station called SportsChannel into a must buy for FOX Sports? Break even? Freddy if you do this right and you are being honest with us, cheapest generic viagra you and Uncle Saul will be farting through silk boxers my friend. Cheapest generic viagra JUST DON”T BULLSHIT US AGAIN!!!!!

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Buy viagra online  

Buy viagra online There is a growing segment of the Mets fan base that have quite the thick craniums, buy viagra online they have a problem of figuring out fact from fiction and if they are not directly told the facts about something they have a tough time comprehending events that go on in the Mets front office.

Buy viagra online Terry Collins is Jason Bay’s Kevlar vest; question after question to Collins at his press conferences deal with answering questions about Bay and the bullpen but now Bay is the beat the dead horse subject of the week. Buy viagra online Collins has tried and tried to resuscitate Bay’s offensive game even though it flat lined a long time ago. Buy viagra online From where I sit, buy viagra online I can see the baseball ops folks telling Collins it’s time to cut bait on Bay but Collins asked for more time with the front office saying Bay has the end of the road trip to show a pulse or he’s done.

Buy viagra online Back from a 6-5 trip Collins was met at the door by Sandy Alderson with his hand up saying here is how we will deal with Jason Bay, buy viagra online he will now play against left handed pitching only. Buy viagra online No discussion. Buy viagra online  Now fast forward to the afternoon and the quote by Alderson pertaining to Bay:

Buy viagra online “Certainly, buy viagra online there are times when it is appropriate to eat a contract; there are other times when it is not. Buy viagra online Jason Bay is not going anywhere, buy viagra online nor is his contract.”  

Buy viagra online Does that mean you will see Jason Bay in LF for the Mets in 2013?  Of course not. Buy viagra online As Alderson stated there are times to eat a contract when it’s appropriate, buy viagra online on August 8th it’s not the time to chow down on dead presidents. Buy viagra online Why would you? The plan going forward is to platoon Bay with Jordany Valdespin in left and I’d guess Mike Baxter and Scott Hairston will spilt the time on right, buy viagra online which is the best game plan available right now.

Buy viagra online If you are a Mets fan who wants Jason Bay out of town, buy viagra online you had better root hard that he shows some ability to produce some offense against left handed pitching so it makes him a more attractive trade chip.

Buy viagra online So today Alderson explains that Bay is still a Met and will be a Met for the rest of the season, buy viagra online he will try hard to deal Bay to save some Skill Sets cash but please don’t tell me you are that naive to think that plan C, buy viagra online buying out Bay’s contract has not been discussed. Buy viagra online You don’t believe the GM should tell you today “yeah Bay looks done as Sunday dinner and no one is ringing my phone to obtain him. Buy viagra online Can you blame them? Yup we are up the creek without a paddle”

Buy viagra online Do not be shocked and dismayed if Bay reports to St. Buy viagra online Lonesome in February if he’s not dealt its part of the plan but I would bet Jason Bay won’t be on the opening day roster in 2013.

Buy viagra online  

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Woman testimonial of cialis I think I’m just about making my final landing from my Giants Super Bowl high to where I’m ready to concentrate on baseball. Woman testimonial of cialis  In fact I have to go to a meeting tonight to place my Babe Ruth team in a league for this coming season. Woman testimonial of cialis What has me excited about the league we are about to join is we will play some of our games at the College of Staten Island field that was once home to the Staten Island Highlanders and we will play games in Brooklyn at the field at Bay 8th St where many of my childhood sports highs (ROCKNE football league championship as a 12 year old) and lows (getting a tooth knocked out with a forearm playing same league as a 13 year old).

Woman testimonial of cialis As for our Amazin’ Mets well there finally is some Mets news to talk about so let’s take a look see shall we:

Woman testimonial of cialis Story in today’s NY Times tells us something we all know, woman testimonial of cialis the Mets are under that old Sicilian curse  “Fundsalow” thus Sandy Alderson and his troops have had to be creative with the nickels and dimes that are at their disposal. Woman testimonial of cialis  The real trick to see if Alderson can truly turn water into a microbrew when one or two of the starting pitchers go down with injury and he has to find help from outside. Woman testimonial of cialis With his options limited and desire to leave the crown jewel arms on the farm we as Mets fans should start to follow the Atlantic League and some of the other Independent baseball leagues around the country as I wouldn’t be shocked it a Long Island Duck or two pitch in Flushing this season.

Woman testimonial of cialis Dear Mayor Bloomberg, woman testimonial of cialis

Woman testimonial of cialis In regard to you buying the New York Mets and your response of “Who would want to own a sports team”?  Let’s me just say “I WOULD! I WOULD!” problem is a lack of dead presidents to accomplish this. Woman testimonial of cialis  Now you sir are a man of considerable financial means of many billions of dollars, woman testimonial of cialis all you would have to do is donate about $1 or $1.2 billion of those tens of billions to me so I can buy the NY Mets, woman testimonial of cialis with all due respect your honor, woman testimonial of cialis Bill Gates and warren Buffet are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of you when it comes to philanthropic ventures, woman testimonial of cialis a move of this magnitude would most definitely raise your charitable profile. Woman testimonial of cialis    

Woman testimonial of cialis Big Pelf is looking to get the sinking feeling again on the mound in 2012

Woman testimonial of cialis What in the name of Joe Verbanic is going on in with the Bronx Bastards? First, woman testimonial of cialis Pee Wee Cashman’ wayward ways seemed to get out of hand as the trollop he has been stepping out on Mrs. Woman testimonial of cialis Pee Wee  with has gone into full fatal attraction mode and now we find out that the face of the YUCK network, woman testimonial of cialis Bob Lorenz, woman testimonial of cialis was sippin’ too much Old Grand Dad, woman testimonial of cialis got behind the wheel of his fine automobile and was pulled over by Connecticut’s Finest. Woman testimonial of cialis  Is this just the being of the end of the Highlander reign of terror?

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Natural viagra I don’t understand how some members of our Flushing congregation have a hard time comprehending that due to the financial problems of our beloved Skill Sets, natural viagra it is not business as usual when it comes to restructuring this Mets team. Natural viagra  There will be no more careless bidding on free agents (I’ll see your 4th year and raise you a 6th year) as has been done in the past. Natural viagra Let’s put the cards on the table right now, natural viagra the Mets will not sign Albert Pujols, natural viagra Prince Fielder, natural viagra CC Sabathia or Ted Williams severed head.

Natural viagra Now that does not mean it will be a quiet off season, natural viagra in fact I’m looking at what will be the busiest off season in Mets history. Natural viagra When you look around and the needs of this team (again as opposed to years past when the Mets focused on wants instead ) there are so many, natural viagra it could take two off seasons to fill the gaps.

Natural viagra There is still a need at 2nd base, natural viagra Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy are not every day 2nd basemen. Natural viagra Turner, natural viagra while a hustler, natural viagra leaves much to be desired in the field and as for Murph, natural viagra he may get killed trying to turn a double play. Natural viagra So a bonafide 2nd baseman is on the want list. Natural viagra Ben Zobrist would look nice in a Mets throwback uni.

Natural viagra Shortstop will be manned by Ruben Tejeda. Natural viagra Get used to reading that.

Natural viagra In a perfect world, natural viagra the Mets would have a whole new outfield in 2012. Natural viagra But we Mets fans live in the most imperfect world on baseball earth. Natural viagra  I’m sure Sandy Alderson will try very hard to move Bay and his cement shoes contract. Natural viagra Unless he is willing to eat a lot of dead presidents or take back another unseemly contract, natural viagra this will be near impossible to do. Natural viagra Angel Pagan should be an ex-Met soon and Lucas Duda looks to be attractive trade chum. Natural viagra Of course the name Grady Sizemore comes up as a choice for center field but his injury history is a huge caveat. Natural viagra There will be suitors for Sizemore among teams that have outfield depth, natural viagra something the Mets lack. Natural viagra Coco Crisp and David DeJesus are nice fall backs or how about BJ Upton (get him with Zobrist in a mega deal with the Rays?  Would the Rays take a package of Murphy, natural viagra Duda, natural viagra Parnell and another minor league pitcher for both?) or how about a deal with the Orioles for Adam Jones (is Mike Pelfrey a viable trade chip? Would you trade Jon Niese for Jones? Hummmmm?)

Natural viagra The bullpen and starting pitching will be the toughest to fill as we have seen in this past post season, natural viagra pitching is at a real premium these days. Natural viagra  There is a glut of closers on the market and one, natural viagra Joe Nathan has declared the Mets a destination of choice, natural viagra if a two year deal with incentives could be worked out with Nathan that would be a great signing by Alderson.

Natural viagra Josh Thole is not an everyday catcher, natural viagra in fact he may be better off in Buffalo learning the tools of the trade but that won’t happen, natural viagra I don’t think. Natural viagra  I’d love the Mets to get their hands on Chris Iannetta or Nick Hundley but I think I’d settle for Kelly Shoppach as a tag team partner for Thole. Natural viagra A top flight catcher is hard to find.

Natural viagra I can see the Mets making a lot of deals this winter, natural viagra when you are strapped for cash, natural viagra the barter system is the way to go. Natural viagra As the late Bob Murphy said “Fasten your seatbelt” and be careful of getting whiplash.

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Buy in vancouver viagra There is a segment of Mets fans who I bet are envious of the fans of the Washington Nats today as the D.C. Buy in vancouver viagra rooters are reveling in the fact that their owner ponied up stupid money for Jayson Werth. Buy in vancouver viagra Some of you miss those good old days when the Mets tossed around those dead presidents like they were Penny Saver coupons in an apartment building lobby, buy in vancouver viagra but I guess you all suffer from temporary amnesia since the last Championship flag to fly over a facility where the Mets work was 25 years ago. Buy in vancouver viagra  I mean some of you are bitching about the Mets not going balls in on free agent, buy in vancouver viagra GET OVER IT those days a done, buy in vancouver viagra instead of going over the free agent lists I strongly advise you take a strong interest in the high school and college players eligible for the June entry draft

Buy in vancouver viagra The Nationals are where the Mets were five years ago when they had to bribe players to wear the Mets uni with more years and more money than anyone else in baseball would. Buy in vancouver viagra How did it work out? Pedro Martinez spent more time in St Lonesome than Flushing. Buy in vancouver viagra Carlos Beltran and Scott Boras went to the Highlander with a last minute plea to make an offer as they hemmed and hawed about taking the Mets deal to either match or come close to the Mets offer so Beltran could patrol the green pastures of the South Bronx.  Then of course there are the deals that will live in franchise infamy like OP, buy in vancouver viagra Castillo and the Grand Daddy of them all, buy in vancouver viagra Bobby Bonilla’s contract of perpetuity and I’m not even counting Johan Santana and K-Rod’s deal that will take up $126 mil combined over the next four seasons and you want to know why after surveying this payroll carnage, buy in vancouver viagra Sandy Alderson has decided to stop the madness?

Buy in vancouver viagra Really get over yourselves Mets fans, buy in vancouver viagra stop the bullshit about “oh we’re gonna suck next season” and “I can’t believe they cut Chris Carter, buy in vancouver viagra he was a warrior” “There’s no way they can trade Reyes or Beltran and if they do I’ll never root for this team again” WHAAAAA! WHAAAA! WHAAA!  you sound like a bunch of fucking rubes.  THIS ORGANZIATION TRADED THE GREATEST PLAYER IN FRANCHISE HISTORY AND THOSE US WHO WERE AROUND THEN ARE STILL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew!!! Sorry for screaming but this “whole woe is a Mets fans” shit is making my blood boil.

Buy in vancouver viagra I have no idea if Sandy Alderson will make this team a contender or if he can build the farm system for players that can useful playing for the Mets or for barter but I’m willing to wait and see if he can. Buy in vancouver viagra I’m much more excited about 2011 as I was about 2010. Buy in vancouver viagra I’m not in the gloom and doom mood I was last winter with this organization, buy in vancouver viagra shi, buy in vancouver viagrat I haven’t said anything nasty about Jeffey Skill  Sets in a month, buy in vancouver viagra that’s what you call progress. Buy in vancouver viagra  Alderson has a track record of success so that’s why I feel the future looks brighter than most of you do.

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Buy viagra mexico Eat the Rich: there’s only one thing they’re good for
Eat the Rich: take one bite now – come back for more
Eat the Rich: I gotta get this off my chest
Eat the Rich: take one bite now, buy viagra mexico spit out the rest

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Buy viagra mexico I love the outrage from Highlander fans that Mets fan and other non-believers in the Pinstripe religion have the gall to mock the former World Series champs as they went down in flames to a team from a football mad state. Buy viagra mexico Maybe the Flock form the Bronx will now realize that there are 29 other fan bases out there all deserving of their slice of the World Series pie. Buy viagra mexico Nah, buy viagra mexico those who don the “look at my 27 TIME WORLD CHAMPION jacket” or the my favorite the big gas guzzling SUV with the huge NY on the back window, buy viagra mexico a staple for Highlander fans from Staten Island, buy viagra mexico only care about winning, buy viagra mexico as rooting for the Highlanders makes up for some deficiency in their lives.  Now I’m not saying all Highlander fans are like that and not even the majority but mostly the younger 20-30 year old fans are that way. Buy viagra mexico There whole grasp of Highlander history is the organization has won 27 World Series titles and that’s it. Buy viagra mexico So maybe with their team out of the post season they could sit down and do some research on the history of their team ? Nah never happen all they want to here is Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford are signed for a quarter of a million dollars, buy viagra mexico because it’s not scouting or sabermetric analysis that fuels the Highlanders it’s dead presidents baby.

Buy viagra mexico Congratulations to the SF Giants for winning the 2010 NL Pennant and for playing in one of the best baseball games I’ve seen a long time. Buy viagra mexico I have to tip my Mets cap to Bruce Bochy, buy viagra mexico who I’ve never been a fan of, buy viagra mexico for bring in The Freak to pitch the 8th inning. Buy viagra mexico What a concept, buy viagra mexico bringing in your best pitcher to win a game. Buy viagra mexico Even though Lincecum got in trouble with two on and one out, buy viagra mexico Brain Wilson came in and did what he did a lot of this season, buy viagra mexico get a 5 out save.

Buy viagra mexico As a Mets fan it’s tough to root for Cody Ross who as a Fishhead killed the Mets and rubbed their noses in it but to go from cast off to NLCS MVP is impressive.

Buy viagra mexico How about Bengi Molina? No matter what he gets a World Series ring and a check.

Buy viagra mexico The one thing that has me skittish about Sandy Alderson taking over as Mets GM, buy viagra mexico is his philosophy of hiring non-descript managers. Buy viagra mexico Alderson like the guy in the white short sleeve dress shirt with the blue tie and tie clip. Buy viagra mexico Mets fans are looking for more of an aggressive Carhartt wearing type of dock boss as field general. Buy viagra mexico Maybe that’s why this process is dragging out and that Josh Byrnes is getting a call back interview. Buy viagra mexico Could it be the guy who says, buy viagra mexico he’s cool with Wally Backman being the manager gets the job?

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How to make viagra No much to say about last night’s game except Big Pelf has had trouble with the Snakes for his whole career and maybe that neck of his was still stiff, how to make viagra but you still have to take into account that Pelfrey hasn’t pitched well in a month. How to make viagra No worries, how to make viagra because Ollie Perez is back, how to make viagra pass the Imodium AD.

How to make viagra The concern over Francoeur riding the pine still has be stupefied, how to make viagra as does the call fro Jason Bay to sit. How to make viagra Forget for a moment that Bay is being paid a shit load of dough, how to make viagra he also has a body of work that Francoeur could only dream about. How to make viagra The one good move that Jerry Manuel has made this month is telling Angel Pagan he will play day in, how to make viagra day out.

How to make viagra On top of this awful second half start, how to make viagra it seems like the Mets will not be players in either the Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren sweepstakes. How to make viagra From trying to piece together the reasons it seems a combination of not wanting to over pay in prospects, how to make viagra which is fine by me, how to make viagra and the lack of dead presidents in the Skill Sets bank account. How to make viagra That part worries me. How to make viagra    

How to make viagra Remember when Rod Barajas was a stud? That was when? Back in May? I know Josh Thole is up as showcase item but maybe it’s time to put young Thole on the protected list?

How to make viagra While most of us clicked off the television in disgust last night, how to make viagra Greg Prince hung in there long enough to report that Justin Turner came in to play for David Wright in the 7th and thus, how to make viagra became the 141st third baseman in the history of the NY Mets. How to make viagra Where have you gone, how to make viagra Roy Staiger?

How to make viagra Don’t forget to join me tonight THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN RADIO SHOW on Blog Talk Radio 10PM ET  

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50 mg cialis dose According to Jason Stark at The Dodgers are ready to talk with the agent for Adam Dunn which if he signs with the Hollywood Bums would knock them out of the Manny Sweepstakes and if that does happen will put big time pressure on the Skill Sets to loosen up the purse strings and make Jeffey Skill Set put or shut up as to how the Mets have plenty of Dead Presidents to spend. 50 mg cialis dose Well walk the walk Jeffey Boy walk the walk.

50 mg cialis dose Big tip of the Mets cap tap to long time Kranepool Society reader Nik for the Manny pic.

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Cialis soft tabs discount sale Taking time out from counting the receipts from the luxury suites at the new Skill Set Pleasure Palace Jeffey Skill Sets came on WFAN with the Francesa the Bloviator to what was about 10 minutes of nothing.

Cialis soft tabs discount sale Jeffey was happy that the Mets have re-upped with the WFAN and Francesa then morphed into a persona that resembled his ex-partner and gave Jeffey a thorough tounge bath saying how WFAN and the Mets have been long time partners and how the station is glad to have the team on it’s air waves and on and on. Cialis soft tabs discount sale Jeffy said the organization is happy as well as Mets fan always know what station their on all the time but he would not state the real reason that the Mets stayed with the FAN and that’s all the dead presidents the station is paying them for the radio rights. Cialis soft tabs discount sale So when the Bloviator asked about changes to the team Jeffey claims that Omar has total control over personnel and that their is no set budget. Cialis soft tabs discount sale Jeffey did seem a perturbed that the Famous Rays with a payroll of about the price of two luxury suites are in the World Series and his team with one of the highest payrolls in the game are home watching on TV.

Cialis soft tabs discount sale The bulk of the interview was all about &iti Field and the dismantling of Shea which should be an empty lot by January.

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