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Indian cialis canada About last night:

Indian cialis canada So how many folks suffered a sprain or broken leg jumping back on the Johan Santana bandwagon?  I guess he’s back to being the Ace of the staff eh?

Indian cialis canada Funny I’m hearing any of the Carlos Beltran’ range is shot talk either ?

Indian cialis canada And how about Angel Pagan playing a mean right field? Let me help you with those bags Mr. Indian cialis canada Francoeur!

Indian cialis canada Even though Jerry Manuel was tossed from the game in the second inning, indian cialis canada we still were treated to some “Jerry Ball” in the 8th inning. Indian cialis canada With the Mets up 2-1, indian cialis canada Jose Reyes leads off with a walk off Vicente (Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka look a like) Padillia. Indian cialis canada Reyes procedes to steal 2nd base. Indian cialis canada Luis Castillo then walks as well, indian cialis canada so maybe the Mets are getting set for that elusive big inning we al have been waiting for. Indian cialis canada But hold on there you Earl Waever devotees, indian cialis canada J-Man will have none of that big inning stuff, indian cialis canada no way. Indian cialis canada From the bowels of Dodger Stadium, indian cialis canada the Gansta’ sends word to Dave Jauss the pretend manager, indian cialis canada to have Angel Pagan sacrifice the runners over. Indian cialis canada Pagan by the way has a .940 OPS with runners on base and an even more impressive 1.072 OPS with runners in scoring position. Indian cialis canada Some where in a retirement home in Florida, indian cialis canada Earl Weaver lit up a Raleigh and muttered, indian cialis canada “what a fuckin’ moron”

Indian cialis canada Not to be outdone, indian cialis canada St Joseph of Torre decided to go reliever for batter in the inning helping the Mets and the struggling Jason Bay break the game open via Bay’s three run double. Indian cialis canada My eyes were bleeding after that inning.

Indian cialis canada Darryl Strawberry wants this current Mets team to turn back the clock and play like the 86ers. It’s a nice thought but it’ll never happen. Indian cialis canada This group is too fragile psychologically. Indian cialis canada When the going is good, indian cialis canada they are all smiles and back slaps, indian cialis canada but as soon as adversity rears it’s ugly head, indian cialis canada they dive under the bed instead of meeting it head on. Indian cialis canada Part of it is the makeup of the team and part of it is the manager who plays not to lose (as we saw in last nights 8th inning) Players are too cautious especially the relievers as the slightest slip could cost you a job. Indian cialis canada The front office takes a big brunt of this as well by telling the world that the team is solvent but still won’t pay off  or trade off non productive players. Indian cialis canada A big move for this organization is to DFA Fernando Nieve and bring up Manny Acosta. Indian cialis canada Then when Nieve clears waivers, indian cialis canada they will resign him and send him to Buffalo and bring him back up sometime in August. Indian cialis canada So predictable.  The team mirrors it’s owner, indian cialis canada it talks a good fight but lacks the balls to back it up.

Indian cialis canada Let’s hope Big Pelf fixed whatever was broken and pitches a gem today in LA LA Land

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