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Cialis no rx My good buddy Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus over at The Real Dirty Mets has a very good column posted this morning on the patients Mets fans will have for the team this coming season. Cialis no rx Ed asks the questions will fans show up at Citi Field, cialis no rx if the team gets off to a slow start will fans call for Terry Collins and Sandy Aldersons head and how much more cat calls will we hear from the stands of Citi Field for the Skill Sets to sell? All very good questions.

Cialis no rx This off season has been as dormant of any positive Mets news in a long long time. Cialis no rx The specter of the Madoff trustee law suit and the teams financial straits have overshadowed any baseball move made by the club as all the moves and non-moves have been money driven. Cialis no rx That being said, cialis no rx I can’t wait until training camp opens as we can finally get back to discussing hitting, cialis no rx pitching and defense and hopefully some baseball related story lines.

Cialis no rx The die hard “the Mets are in my blood” fan will come out to Citi Field no matter what this coming season brings.  With all the talk of boycotts and protest and insurrection by a part of the fan base, cialis no rx let me say don’t count on me for support. Cialis no rx Am I pissed off about the way the Skill Sets have run this franchise and besmirched the good name of the New York Mets? Oh hell yeah! Do I wish they were gone from their seat of power as owner of the team? Double oh hell yeah? But will I abandon my Mets fandom? Infinity hell no!

Cialis no rx If Terry Collins can continue to move this team in the direction he has and improve on how they fundamentally play baseball, cialis no rx then this could be a very interesting season. Cialis no rx Two major things have to happen for the Mets to play above all expectations this coming season, cialis no rx they must master the fundamentals of baseball and they have to stay healthy, cialis no rx those two aspects of the game will be the difference in whether the dormant Mets fan will come out to Citi Field or will stay home. Cialis no rx The Mets do not have the raw talent to be a contender for a division or a wild card berth, cialis no rx but if they limit the mistakes on defense and on the bases along with staying healthy, cialis no rx especially the very fragile starting pitching, cialis no rx the Mets could be the big story of the 2012 baseball season.

Cialis no rx If the Mets do become this out of the blue story , cialis no rxno one in the fan base will give a rat’s ass about the owner. Cialis no rx We care about the Skill Sets now because we’re bored and angry, cialis no rx bored because there hasn’t been anything baseball related to discuss thus we’ve started to turn on ourselves (just check out Twitter any afternoon) and angry because we want to have a team we can be proud to call ourselves fans of. Cialis no rx  What the Skill Sets have to worry about is that the die hards don’t become the minority among the fan base.

Cialis no rx  

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Viagra pills It’s been one of those days.  I was in every boro of the city except for the Boggie Down Bronx and I’m guessing I may hit the home of the Highlanders, viagra pills a 5 broro cycle if you will, viagra pills tomorrow. Viagra pills  So I’m just getting in to read e mails and news and also draft my fantasy hockey team so hold on to your hats:

Viagra pills I was asked to write a guest blog at the site 85% Sports. It’s about  how the corporate-ization of sporting events have killed the die hard fans influence for the home team and total “at the game” expirence.

Viagra pills The primaries are over. Viagra pills The acceptance speech has been given. Viagra pills Now Howard Megdal has thrown down the gauntlet to Jeffey Skill Sets with this summit letter, viagra pills putting the Mets owner on notice that the people have spoken and Jeffey owes Howard an interview for the Mets General Managers job. Viagra pills  Let’s see if the Skill Sets understand the concept of LOGIC, viagra pills PASSION and TRANSPARENCY

Viagra pills Oh yeah, viagra pills by the way, viagra pills the Mets GM job is wide open as it’s as good as a lead pipe cinch that Omar Minaya will be stripped of his GM duties. Viagra pills Guess what I bet, viagra pills Jerry Manuel gets fired at season’s end too. Viagra pills DUH!!!

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Add buy online url viagra Just heard the sad news that former NY Giant, add buy online url viagraand the man who hit the most famous home run in baseball history, add buy online url viagra Bobby Thomson has passed away.

Add buy online url viagra I had the great pleasure of meeting Thomson and if you didn’t better, add buy online url viagra you’d never know he was not just an ex-baseball player but a player who hit the Shot Heard Around The World. Add buy online url viagra He was very soft spoken and awfully polite when I met hm at an event to commemorate the 1951 season (my dad was a die-hard Giants fan and Thomson and Carl Hubbell were his two favorite Giants of all time)  but when the name of Sal Yvars was brought up, add buy online url viagra it brought out the Scottsman’ temper. Add buy online url viagra Yvars was the player who claimed he gave Thomson and other Giants tip offs on what pitches were coming by stealing the opposing catchers signs using a telescope while Yvars was perched by a window in centerfield of the Polo Grounds.

Add buy online url viagra Condolences to the Thomson family

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Free sample pack of viagra No one is talking baseball in NYC today as the Jets have taken over this town as they ready themselves  for the AFC Title game against the Colts.

Free sample pack of viagra Even though I’m a die hard NY Football Giants fan, free sample pack of viagra I hope the Jets win today as I know too many Jets fans who have never seen thier team win a cahmpionship and that’s sad.

Free sample pack of viagra What I can do without and it is one of the biggest flaws that NYC has are the front running bandwagoners.Every local news cast is full of these assholes who all of a sudden discovered football and are Jets fans. Free sample pack of viagra They were Highlander fans in October and now Jets fans in January. Free sample pack of viagra Must be nice to pick and choose who and when to root for a team.

Free sample pack of viagra As much as I rant against the Mets here, free sample pack of viagra I love this team more than an grown up should. Free sample pack of viagra In fact it scares me a bit how much I care about the NY Mets.  Sure I’d love to see them win championships and be the talk of the town like the Jets are now and the Bronx Bastards seem to always be but right now I’d settle for a team and organization that is respected and plays good hard fundamental baseball.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask for is it?

Free sample pack of viagra Jets 19

Free sample pack of viagra Colts 17

Free sample pack of viagra Lito Sheppard with the game winning TD with .30 seconds left in game

Free sample pack of viagra Saints 35

Free sample pack of viagra Vikings 17

Free sample pack of viagra The Who Dat’s vs. Free sample pack of viagra Gang Green in South New York City Fl.

Free sample pack of viagra who is that player in the pic? and don’t cheat

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Uk alternative viagra  

Uk alternative viagra So Jason Marquis signed with the Washington Nats for 2yrs/$15 mil. Uk alternative viagra It seems the Mets were adamant about Marquis signing for minimum of 5 yrs/$40 mil.

Uk alternative viagra  

Uk alternative viagra Of course if the Mets signed Marquis for the same deal it would have been very nice but let’s not make him out to be Don Drysdale, uk alternative viagra okay, uk alternative viagra he’s a plow horse who takes the ball every 5th day and most days keeps his team in games.

Uk alternative viagra  

Uk alternative viagra The big problem for the Mets if John Harpers’ info is correct, uk alternative viagra the team has placed a priority on adding offense first then seeing how much is left in the bank account to go for pitching. Uk alternative viagra If that’s the case, uk alternative viagra this Mets team is destined for doom.

Uk alternative viagra  

Uk alternative viagra Does it really pay to get mad anymore? I have no idea what the Mets plan is this off-season and I’m at the point that I couldn’t give a shit if Jason Bay signs here or not. Uk alternative viagra In fact, uk alternative viagra my mindset for this coming season is of a late 70’s type mode. Uk alternative viagra I see myself going to as many games as I can at $iti Field because for all the screaming, uk alternative viagra cursing and acting like baby bullshit I do here, uk alternative viagra I’m still a die hard Mets fan. Uk alternative viagra I’ll be there (hopefully) on Opening Day and for a lot of other days/nights at $iti Field. Uk alternative viagra So the Mets don’t have to do anything to appease me because even if they were still playing in our beloved Shea with it’s leaky toilets and broken seats, uk alternative viagra I’d still be there bitching and moaning but with cash and credit card in hand, uk alternative viagra wearing a Mets jersey, uk alternative viagra Mets cap, uk alternative viagra Mets socks (yeah that’s right I have about 5 pair of Mets socks) and standing and applauding when Alex Anthony says “And here they are your 2010 New York Mets”.  You say I’m a jerk and ass whatever but the bottom line is I love the Mets it’s the owner whose guts I hate. Uk alternative viagra  Even Jimmy (Welcome to my Garden Party) Dolan laughs at Jeffey Skill Sets.

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Drug viagra Every spring there are loads of baseball annuals at the newsstand but if you are a die hard Mets fan you need to pick up the 2009 Mets Annual published by Maple Street Press.

Drug viagra The Annual is chock full of information for every Mets fans taste. Drug viagra You like numbers? There are your basic stats and there are in depth numbers like pitch selection and hit placement all from the Inside Edge scouting service. Drug viagra There are articles on Shea Staduim and our birthplace the Polo Grounds.  There are stories on the 40th annivseray of the 1969 Amazin’s (by Greg Prince) and a great article by Howard Megdal on the Mets uncanny ability to finish in second place (that says it all about Mets fandom WE’RE #2!!!!)

Drug viagra Greg Spira and Matt Silveman have but the best sports annual out there so look for it at newsstands, drug viagra bookstores or at the Maple Street Press web site  

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I guess it’s tough for Mike Francesa to come to the realization that he is no longer relevant in this town when it comes to sports talk radio. Buy gel viagra Sure his ratings are as solid as they were when he was teamed with Chris Russo (it’s hard to fault a guy for taking more cash and the freedom to do his own show but Chris Russo right now is a non-entity in the sports talkie world) as that is more out of habit than getting anything newsworthy from the show as the man is so out of touch with the modern media world and what we have seen since the Mike and the Mad Dog breakup is Russo while off the mark many times, buy gel viagra is 1, buy gel viagra000 times for entertaining than Mike. Buy gel viagra Francesa’ ego will not allow him to have another co-host and the ones who were brought in all had to bow to the altar of the Sports Pope. Buy gel viagra Worship is not what’s needed from 1-6 Monday to Friday they need someone to tweak the Tank and have some real sports talk debate. Buy gel viagra


The problem is, buy gel viagra Francesa is so set in his way he would never allow that. Buy gel viagra Mike can not comprehend that his listeners are as informed of not more informed than he is and his slip is showing. Buy gel viagra Last week he had some political hack on discussing President Obama’ address to Congress. Buy gel viagra Are you kidding me? Where was Mark Chernoff with the white towel?  I know what you’re saying “why listen to the show then”? And you’re right. Buy gel viagra I was a die hard Mike and the Mad Dog fan as my desk radio would be on the whole 5 hours but now I usually tune in and out while listening to music most of the day. Buy gel viagra I bring all this up because Francesa has been very underhanded in his treatment of David Wright and Ryan Church. Buy gel viagra By not concededing that Wright is one of the top 10 players in the game today, buy gel viagra just showed Francesa’ ignorance and his nastiness. Buy gel viagra Make no mistake Mike Francesa is one nasty fuck and both Wright and Church gave him their ass to kiss and rightly so. Buy gel viagra Francesa can not get the big name NY athlete to do his show because of his piss poor personality, buy gel viagra I mean for David Wright not to agree to come on his show, buy gel viagra that’s all you need to know that Francesa either needs to get a personality transplant –a la Tom Coughlin-or he needs to pack it in as no one is tuning in to here his political views or reviews of movies made 60 years ago. Buy gel viagra  Check out Mike Silva’s NYBD as he posts about Francesa talking about he and Wright meeting in St Lonesome. Buy gel viagra

I tuned in more than usual to the show this week because Mike was in St Lonesome. Buy gel viagra It would have helped if Francesa did a little homework before he did his interviews. Buy gel viagra His one on one with Fernando Martinez was embarrassing as he really had no clue on the kids accomplishments, buy gel viagra his age or what he has accomplished as a 20 year old playing in the Double A while most kids his age are Juniors in college and eligible to be drafted to a big league team come June. Buy gel viagra No all Francesa could talk about was the injury factor, buy gel viagra not taking into account that maybe the young man was still transforming from a kid to a man. Buy gel viagra The best interview was with Oliver Perez who blew Francesa off after two questions. Buy gel viagra Of course there is the Wright/ Church matter that both players who made it known to Jay Horowitz that no way in hell were they going on with Francesa. Buy gel viagra So WFAN wasted all that money to send Mike down there just to wear those hideous sunglasses andto model his collection of black shirts. Buy gel viagra


Hey Mark Chernoff it’s TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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