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The truth about cialis No much to say about last night’s game except Big Pelf has had trouble with the Snakes for his whole career and maybe that neck of his was still stiff, the truth about cialis but you still have to take into account that Pelfrey hasn’t pitched well in a month. The truth about cialis No worries, the truth about cialis because Ollie Perez is back, the truth about cialis pass the Imodium AD.

The truth about cialis The concern over Francoeur riding the pine still has be stupefied, the truth about cialis as does the call fro Jason Bay to sit. The truth about cialis Forget for a moment that Bay is being paid a shit load of dough, the truth about cialis he also has a body of work that Francoeur could only dream about. The truth about cialis The one good move that Jerry Manuel has made this month is telling Angel Pagan he will play day in, the truth about cialis day out.

The truth about cialis On top of this awful second half start, the truth about cialis it seems like the Mets will not be players in either the Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren sweepstakes. The truth about cialis From trying to piece together the reasons it seems a combination of not wanting to over pay in prospects, the truth about cialis which is fine by me, the truth about cialis and the lack of dead presidents in the Skill Sets bank account. The truth about cialis That part worries me. The truth about cialis    

The truth about cialis Remember when Rod Barajas was a stud? That was when? Back in May? I know Josh Thole is up as showcase item but maybe it’s time to put young Thole on the protected list?

The truth about cialis While most of us clicked off the television in disgust last night, the truth about cialis Greg Prince hung in there long enough to report that Justin Turner came in to play for David Wright in the 7th and thus, the truth about cialis became the 141st third baseman in the history of the NY Mets. The truth about cialis Where have you gone, the truth about cialis Roy Staiger?

The truth about cialis Don’t forget to join me tonight THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN RADIO SHOW on Blog Talk Radio 10PM ET  

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Cialis profesional It’s not the loss that has me pissed, cialis profesional it the way it happened that makes me wonder if under the stewardship on Mr. Cialis profesional Jerry Manuel, cialis profesional this team can make the post season as the manager has absolutely no feel for in game managing.

Cialis profesional First there was the lineup. Cialis profesional With both Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan ailing, cialis profesional was it wise to give Jason Bay the day off? I’ve advocated giving Chris Carter some playing time but again the manager has to have a feel for knowing when to play guys and when to let them sit, cialis profesional you can’t keep Bay out the line up when your two offensive catalysts are sitting. Cialis profesional Wouldn’t giving Bay a game off in Puerto Rico be more beneficial since he wouldn’t have to run on an artificial turf laded outfield?

Cialis profesional Then we have this whole “I wanted to get Johan out on a positive note” line of bullshit? Santana pitched his best game in over a month and not just that he is still the Ace of the staff. Cialis profesional Maybe it’s just a figurehead title but can you imagine Roy Halladay, cialis profesional Tim Lincecum, cialis profesional CC Sabathia or Cliff Lee coming out of a game like last night? I know Johan said he wanted to stay in the game but acquiesced to the managers move, cialis profesional maybe he should have demanded to stay in I bet those pitchers I mentioned would get into a fist fight with their skipper to finish a game like that.

Cialis profesional The 9th inning was just a pure disaster as Manuel let Ryota Igarashi, cialis profesional a guy who walks as many batters as he strikes out, cialis profesional pitch in bases loaded spot one out and Ryan Zimmerman up. Cialis profesional I can buy the notion of saving Frankie Rodriguez for the save spot as the Mets are the road team, cialis profesional but if you’re not going to use Bobby Parnell in that spot, cialis profesional then why is Parnell here?    

Cialis profesional You could hear the disgust in Ron Darling’ voice as Igarashi fell behind 2-0 to Zimmerman by throwing tow breaking balls, cialis profesional when the situation called for challenging the hitter with fastballs. Cialis profesional That’s why this situation cried out for Parnell to be brought in. Cialis profesional If Zim hits a 98 mph fastball for a game winning hit, cialis profesional tip your hat and move on. Cialis profesional I just wonder if Igarashi would have walked in the winning run, cialis profesional would that be grounds for the manager’s dismissal?

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Cheapest prices on viagra All-Stars, cheapest prices on viagra Shmall Stars to day is Game 1 of the 13 year old division of our Babe Ruth League and my team takes on the top team in the division in a best 2 of 3. Cheapest prices on viagra We have won 4 of our last 6 and have been tabbed as the team “no one wants to play” this is the most excited I’ve been about a baseball game all year so much so I can’t even concentrate on work. Cheapest prices on viagra I’ve gone over my line up for about two hours and finally settled on one after about four drafts so pardon me today for being distracted as I watch the clock waiting for 3 PM so I can get out of work and get to the field.

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Cheapest prices on viagra What’s the big deal about Johan Santana pitching in the All Star Game? I know he threw 114 pitches on Saturday but com’on if he gets in the game he’ll only toss one inning anyway which is maybe 17-20 pitches tops. Cheapest prices on viagra Nolan Ryan shakes his head in disgust.

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Cheapest prices on viagra I’m piss at Petey for the fact that he is signing with the Phillies. Cheapest prices on viagra If he signed any place else even the South Bronx I would be as pissed. Cheapest prices on viagra I defend Petey here as I’ve been a fan since his Expo days and looked at his signing as a big jump in creditability. Cheapest prices on viagra Petey for the most part never lived up to his contract with the Mets but was always received like a King by the fans. Cheapest prices on viagra But the Phillies?  Petey you disgust me!!!!!

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Cheapest prices on viagra So the question is, cheapest prices on viagra have we seen the best of A-Rod? Welcome to the post PED Baseball Era. Cheapest prices on viagra This is why sure I’d love Roy Halliday on my team but I’m not giving him a new contract and Halliday is last player the Mets need. Cheapest prices on viagra Your seeing the shift already with younger, cheapest prices on viagra faster players taking center stage in baseball hopefully Omar takes notice.

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Cheapest prices on viagra “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea”……….. Cheapest prices on viagra Maybe Spongebob Square Pants could buy the Mets?

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Cheapest prices on viagra The Mets Police has a clip from NEWSDAY on the Mets making adjustment to $iti Field like a video board in RF, cheapest prices on viagra more Mets-centric memorabilia throughout the park and getting the thumbs up from MLB to show the game live on the video scream to help those with obstructed views. Cheapest prices on viagra Now if they can find a way to mange the line at the Shake Shack where you don’t have to get into a fist fight when some asshole tries to cut the line I’ll be happy.

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Cheapest prices on viagra I watched the Home Run Derby last night and here are some thoughts that ran through my head:

  • It’s too bad Michael Jackson is dead as he could have put the Home Run Derby on a continuous loop to help him with his sleeping problems. Cheapest prices on viagra In fact next year I’m going to take drugs before watching the HRD again

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  • Can someone get Erin Andrews a meal? Christ, cheapest prices on viagra she is so gaunt she could star in her own After School Special. Cheapest prices on viagra I don’t get the fascination with Andrews, cheapest prices on viagra I can walk out right now on West Broadway and find 20 women way hotter than her, cheapest prices on viagra guys who need to put on pants and get out of Moms basement.
  • I had this awful nightmare, cheapest prices on viagra Steve Phillips, cheapest prices on viagra Joe Morgan, cheapest prices on viagra and Chris Berman were announcing the Home Run Derby, cheapest prices on viagra then Doofus Joe Buck showed up and all the did was talk about Doofus Joe’s dead father. Cheapest prices on viagra Then Berman kept using these tired old nicknames and calls and he was sitting in this huge container that was collecting the cascade of sweat that was pouring off him that was used like generated the electricity back to Bristol. Cheapest prices on viagra Then Joe Morgan started speaking in tongues and all kinds of snakes and serpents were flying out of his ears, cheapest prices on viagra and Steve Phillips was having sex with a midget who was toweling off Albert Pujols. Cheapest prices on viagra WHOA that was scary…….what that wasn’t a dream? It was real? AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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