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Viagra alternative merck As a baseball fan you can’t ask for more that this first round division series has given us. Viagra alternative merck Four series all going five games is a baseball fans nirvana especially for those of us who detest the NY Highlanders. Viagra alternative merck It’s a good thing I have unlimited texting in my phone plan since my Highlander fan pals were relentless in their venting to me even though they know I’m rooting hard for the Orioles.

Viagra alternative merck All season my Highlander buddies spoke about how the power display their team put on this season was good for plenty of oooo’s and ahhhhhhh’s but come the post season they will have to be able to manufacture some runs. Viagra alternative merck Now me as a Mets fan rooting for a team that has the power of a 10 watt bulb, viagra alternative merck andwith the distain I look at customers at the bank who complain that the teller gave them all $100’s and $50’s when cashing a check, viagra alternative merck  just wants to say why you no good greedy bastards. Viagra alternative merck  But what do you know; the Highlanders have had a world of trouble pushing a run across the plate with good old fashion small ball. Viagra alternative merck The long ball though has saved their season and when you get past the dramatic way Raul Ibanez went about tying and winning Game 3, viagra alternative merck if not for those two knocks, viagra alternative merck the fish wraps and social media would be in a three alarm tizzy over the demise of the Highlanders. Viagra alternative merck     

Viagra alternative merck Even if the Bronx Bastards win today and I think they will as CC Sabathia is only second to Derek Jeter on this team to show up when needed (sorry Ibanez still has a Philadelphia  size horse shoe up his ass) and I think both of them will find a way to win this game, viagra alternative merck it safe to say those of the Highlander persuasion need to reflect on this series and if they are honest and clear thinking which is hard to find in that demographic , viagra alternative merck they will admit the days of champagne baths and championships the next few years will be few and far between. Viagra alternative merck I have news for those of you in denial Highlander fans, viagra alternative merck the team you love to mock; the NY Mets are in better shape organizational wise than your Highlanders and that’s counting our broke ass ownership.

Viagra alternative merck Hal Steinbrenner is no chip off the block, viagra alternative merck where Daddy George would spend to mask mistakes and take on contracts no matter what; Prince Hal has one goal in mind, viagra alternative merck to bring the payroll down to where he’s no longer paying into the MLB welfare system known as revenue sharing. Viagra alternative merck  With a minor league system barren of talent what will the Highlanders do? Does ownership have confidence in Pee Wee Cashman that he can rebuild the talent base a la Stick Michael and Buck Showalter? Why do I give a shit? Well, viagra alternative merck until this post season is done with, viagra alternative merck the Mets won’t be making moves so I guess I have nothing better to do but to eavesdrop on my neighbors who I thought had it all and find out they just might have less than me.

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Buy href viagra I know many of you have sworn off the Mets for the rest of this season due to poor play, buy href viagra rotten second half or your distain for ownership but if you are true blue and orange Mets fan and can get out of work or play hooky from school, buy href viagra you have to be at Citi Field on Thursday afternoon to root on R.A. Buy href viagra Dickey to win number 20.

Buy href viagra We can all hope that Dickey wins the CY Young Award that he so richly deserves but the voting for that is out of our hands as fans. Buy href viagra What we do control is the ability to put aside our angst and anger over this season and seasons past and how we all wish the For Sale sign would go up at 126 St and Roosevelt Avenue, buy href viagra but if anyone has made be a Mets fan worth its while to cheer, buy href viagra it’s been R.A. Buy href viagra Dickey.

Buy href viagra I can’t wait to get to Citi Field on Thursday for maybe the second time this year we will have a Mets Moment at Ball Park worth cheering about. Buy href viagra If there is one player on this Mets team that is deserving of the fan support we Mets fans a famous for its R.A. Buy href viagra Dickey.

Buy href viagra Face it, buy href viagra you’re sick of being a depressed Mets fan , buy href viagra you’re sick of hearing about the teams finances, buy href viagra you’re sick of the loss after loss second half  so Thursday is your chance to go to Citi Field with a genuine purpose to root for the Mets, buy href viagra so that R.A. Buy href viagra Dicey not only gets his 20th win but to show our appreciation for him and what he has done this season. Buy href viagra The Man deserves it.

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Generic viagra usa David Wright held his Vegas Night charity event in Virginia Beach last night and gave some quotes to the media about the upcoming season. Generic viagra usa  I don’t know if this means much of anything but Wright it seems, generic viagra usa has spent a lot of time back home in Virginia that I can remember in an off season. Generic viagra usa He was at Citi Field for the unveiling of the new uni’s but since then there hasn’t been much site of Wright around town.

Generic viagra usa Wright seems already agitated about hearing about trade rumors and being quizzed on a daily basis about his next baseball destination. Generic viagra usa He’s quoted as seeing Jose Reyes getting grilled about relocation last season and he doesn’t want to go through that. Generic viagra usa I wonder what that says about Wright? Maybe I’m being too critical of Wright but maybe it’s time he grew up and realized he’s not going to be a Met 4 Life.

Generic viagra usa Doesn’t Wright see the handwriting on the wall? First, generic viagra usa he plays for a team whose owner is like a co-worker who lives pay check to pay check and for a GM who has no emotional ties to him. Generic viagra usa Just like the GM had none to Jose Reyes. Generic viagra usa He will make $15 mil this season and has a $16mil team option for 2013 with a club buyout of $1mil. Generic viagra usa You know how many bargain basement pitchers you can buy for $16 mil?

Generic viagra usa Wright should take a page from Reyes and Carlos Beltran, generic viagra usa especially Beltran who knew his Mets days were numbered and used it as motivation to bounce back and get sent to a contender. Generic viagra usa Wright needs to get in the same mind set, generic viagra usa stop worrying about being traded (for Christ sake Babe Ruth, generic viagra usa was dealt away) and not worry about the Mets and just worry about himself.

Generic viagra usa Between the Wilpon’s money woes and Sandy Alderson’s distain for long term contracts, generic viagra usa it’s easy to see that these are the final days of David Wright as a member of the NY Mets. Generic viagra usa Is it sad? Sure it is. Generic viagra usa We all wanted to see Wright play his full career as a Met with a couple of championships and Hall of Fame credentials on his resume but neither is going to happen. Generic viagra usa Maybe the fan base needs to grow up a bit as well.

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Cialis diarrhea I agree 100 % with Terry Collins that Luis Castillo should have gotten to camp early since his job is on the line. Cialis diarrhea You would think a guy who the majority of Mets fans look at with distain and a big part of the failures of past management knowing that there are three guys lining up every morning in St Lonesome, cialis diarrhea auditioning for the manager to be the next Mets 2nd base Idol. Cialis diarrhea No matter which side of the Castillo fence you fall on, cialis diarrhea every Mets fan has to agree that at this stage of his baseball career, cialis diarrhea Castillo cannot just waltz into camp with a cavalier attitude that was tolerated in years past in this organization. Cialis diarrhea  Whereas Castillo would have been met with and hug and a laugh by management in the past he will now be greeted with a “Where the fuck have you been”? It’s about time.

Cialis diarrhea My doubts about Terry Collins are starting to lessen. Cialis diarrhea When I met him at the Mets Christmas Party the first questioned I had for him was about getting this team to be more aggressive and passionate and to stop being patsies for the division. Cialis diarrhea I told Collins in my opinion, cialis diarrhea every team in the NL East thinks of the Mets as a bunch of chumps, cialis diarrhea how do you change that mind set? Collins assured me that was one of the first things he wanted to change. Cialis diarrhea He tried not to disparage his predecessor but he said he agreed with me about the team allowing the opposition to intimate them and it will be a big part of his job to change that immediately. Cialis diarrhea  From reading John Harper’s story today, cialis diarrhea it looks like Collins has started his one for all all for one campaign:

Cialis diarrhea Indeed, cialis diarrhea the new manager of the Mets thinks it’s important to instill some toughness, cialis diarrhea some brothers-in-arms spirit, cialis diarrhea in his ballclub. Cialis diarrhea Remember the famous Chase Utley take-out slide of Ruben Tejada last September? The one the Mets took without retaliation?

Cialis diarrhea Collins wouldn’t have stood for such a passive response.

Cialis diarrhea “In Philly there would have been a fight, cialis diarrhea” he said Friday, cialis diarrhea “no doubt about it.”

Cialis diarrhea Collins made it clear he wasn’t looking to criticize Jerry Manuel when I asked him Friday how he would have handled such a situation. Cialis diarrhea In fact, cialis diarrhea he said a manager always walks a fine line on such matters, cialis diarrhea as not all players respond well to being put in a position where retaliation is expected.

Cialis diarrhea “But there’s still an unwritten code about how to protect your teammates, cialis diarrhea” Collins said. Cialis diarrhea “So I do believe in situations like that, cialis diarrhea there’s a right way to handle it.

Cialis diarrhea “And that’s something that starts right here in spring training. Cialis diarrhea That’s going to be part of my message on Monday when I speak to the team. Cialis diarrhea We’re going to bring a team together and we’re going to watch each other’s backs.”

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Purchasing cialis …where Hector was the first of the gang

Purchasing cialis with a gun in his hand

Purchasing cialis and the first to do time

Purchasing cialis the first of the gang to die. Purchasing cialis Oh my.

Purchasing cialis Hector was the first of the gang

Purchasing cialis with a gun in his hand

Purchasing cialis and the first to do time

Purchasing cialis the first of the gang to die. Purchasing cialis Oh my.

Purchasing cialis

Purchasing cialis

Purchasing cialis So, purchasing cialis what now? I’ll say this, purchasing cialis making a managerial move at this moment would just be window dressing. Purchasing cialis I’d like to see and new face in the mgr’s office sure, purchasing cialis  but right now there is not a baseball manager alive (or dead) that could get this team to play better. Purchasing cialis The decay of the Mets starts at the top with Jeffey Skill Sets and I’ve beat this horse to death, purchasing cialis resurrected it and beat it’s ass again. Purchasing cialis I’m not going to waste your time and mine going over my distain for management. Purchasing cialis But the masses are looking for a scalp. Purchasing cialis Talk radio, purchasing cialis the message boards any place Mets can voice their wrath, purchasing cialis are looking for a trophy. Purchasing cialis It’s like The Passion of The Mets, purchasing cialis where we all stand in front of $iti Field screaming “ CRUCIFY HIM, purchasing cialis CRUCIFY HIM” .

Purchasing cialis The anger and nastiness from the Mets fan right now is not out of hate but the biggest show of love you could ever see or hear. Purchasing cialis There is a thin line between love and hate for sure. Purchasing cialis That’s passion, purchasing cialis something that the owners of this team sorely lack. Purchasing cialis Jeff Wilpon and David Howard do not posses a baseball soul, purchasing cialis that’s why they can’t understand us. Purchasing cialis The improvements at $iti Field while pleasing to Mets fans, purchasing cialis we must remember these rich fat ass’s had to be embarrassed in order to make it right.

Purchasing cialis The new message that ownership needs to hear is that while the passion of rabid Mets fan still burns white hot, purchasing cialis that flame could go out very soon. Purchasing cialis Hate is still passion, purchasing cialis but when the fan base turns apathetic, purchasing cialis that’s failure and the Wilpon’s, purchasing cialis Saul Katz and David Howard are on the express lane with an EZ-Pass  to failure.

Purchasing cialis Ok we fire Manuel and who takes over, purchasing cialis Bob Melvin? Tim Tuefel? Joe Frazier ? Does it matter? The best  move the club could make today is assign Jenry Mejia to Bingo, purchasing cialis bring up Ike Davis to play first base everyday, purchasing cialis release Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis. Purchasing cialis Then send John Maine to Dr. Purchasing cialis James Andrews for a full physical evaluation. Purchasing cialis If every thing checks out a-okay, purchasing cialis then give him a copy of this book, purchasing cialis if that fails then time to release him. Purchasing cialis Show your fan base you’re not broke or cheap by releasing Luis Castillo. Purchasing cialis Put Ollie Perez on waivers and when he clears assign him to Buffalo (I don’t know if they can do this but I’m so fucking mad, purchasing cialis spittle is flying out of my mouth just typing this post) in essence my message to Mets management is do something, purchasing cialis show me you actually give a fuck about this franchise and in turn give us Mets fans a reason to buy a ticket and go to $iti Field. Purchasing cialis Last night the Orioles had just under 14, purchasing cialis000 fans at Camden Yards. Purchasing cialis Monday they had less than 10, purchasing cialis000 the reason they had 4, purchasing cialis000 more fans last night was two fold, purchasing cialis rookie stud pitcher Brian Matsuz was on the mound and the team was giving away t shirts. Purchasing cialis Someone in the Mets front office has to have a scintilla of common sense to see the Mets and $iti Field are headed in that direction.

Purchasing cialis Don’t say I didn’t warn you Skill Sets. Purchasing cialis Pretty soon every day will be like Sunday.

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Cialis next day One of the Mets sites I check on a regular basis is Mack’s Mets. Cialis next day I checked out his latest post today and I was relived to see I’m not the only one who feels helpless every day trying to write something about the Mets.

Cialis next day To tell you the truth, cialis next day I pretty much sick and tired about reading about Matt Holiday, cialis next day Roy Halladay , cialis next day John Lackey and most of all Orlando Hudson. Cialis next day Let me say this if you think O-Hudson is the answer as an up grade at second base on as a so called leader in the words of Mike Francesa “Yer Lawst”

Cialis next day The more reports I read the more pessimistic I get about the 2010 season and it all comes back to the ownership/management of this team.  As Mets fans I feel we must get it through our heads that the Mets will not contend for a post season berth in 2010. Cialis next day You hear people in sports say that teams take on the persona of its manager or head coach, cialis next day well the Mets have taken on the persona of its ownership, cialis next day weak, cialis next day clueless and a lack of guts.

Cialis next day You all know my distain for Jeffey Wilpon and after reading “The Road to Hockeytown” by Jimmy Devellano, cialis next day my disgust about the ownership of the Mets has increased.

Cialis next day For those of you are not hockey fans, cialis next day Jimmy D is one of the best scouts/ front office men in NHL history. Cialis next day He started out as an unpaid scout for the then expansion St Louis Blues and worked his way to head scout of the NY Islanders and worked with Bill Torrey to build the Islander dynasty and then went on to become the GM of the Detroit Red Wings and lead them back into NHL Stanley Cup Champions. Cialis next day In his career Jimmy D was responsible for the personnel of 7 Stanley Cup Winners.

Cialis next day The one place where Devellano felt was a lost opportunity to win was in St. Cialis next day Louis. Cialis next day The Blues at the time were managed by Lynn Partick  and Scotty Bowman, cialis next day two hockey legends  but the reason why in Jimmy D’s view the Blues didn’t win the Cup was due to Sid Solomon III, cialis next day the son of the Blues owner Sid Solomon. Cialis next day Here is Devellano’ view of life with a son who knows nothing about a sports team he inherited:

Cialis next day {When I first got to St. Cialis next day Louis in 1967 there were two pretty good hockey people already there, cialis next day by the names of Lynn Patrick and Scotty Bowman.

Cialis next day

Cialis next day That St. Cialis next day Louis Blues team might have one day become a great organization and the Blues might have eventually won Stanley Cups after starting with two fine hockey people like that. Cialis next day Who knows, cialis next day they could have had a dynasty there after the great start they had in their first three seasons.

Cialis next day

Cialis next day But unfortunately, cialis next day the owners son, cialis next day Sid Solomon III, cialis next day while a very nice guy, cialis next day was awfully involved with the hockey club and was an awful meddler. Cialis next day We couldn’t keep mangers and coaches like Scotty Bowman because of his constant meddling. Cialis next day Sid was a good but he wasn’t a hockey person. Cialis next day He just didn’t know hockey. Cialis next day How could he have? He made his money in the insurance business, cialis next day not the hockey business. Cialis next day He didn’t have a feel for the game.

Cialis next day His interference caused a lot of turmoil in St. Cialis next day Louis. Cialis next day They couldn’t retain good people they had in place, cialis next day like Bowman an (Al) Arbour and it cost them dearly. Cialis next day The Solomons eventually lost their team through bankruptcy and that didn’t need to happen}

Cialis next day Is that not the Mets? Is Jeffey not Sid the IV? It’s not just Jeffey, cialis next day I am totally sick and tired of David Howard, cialis next day who really needs a heaping plate full of Shut the Fuck Up.

Cialis next day The Skill Sets have been very successful in the real estate world that’s what they are good at but when it comes to running a baseball team they are an out and out disaster. Cialis next day They have no clue on how to build a team and they have absolutely no people skills (I should call them the Non-Skill Sets) in other words they are not the Mets but the Mess.

Cialis next day This Mets team has a ton of holes. Cialis next day Starting pitching is the biggest followed by a strong defensive catcher, cialis next day a big corner bat and a solid second baseman. Cialis next day The injuries of last season are a smoke screen to what this team needs to get back to being a contender. Cialis next day Even with a healthy Jose Reyes, cialis next day Carlos Beltran, cialis next day Johan Santana and a rejuvenated David Wright, cialis next day this team still has no grasp of the fundamentals of baseball and a lack of physical and metal toughness. Cialis next day If you were a major league free agent why would you want to play for the Mets?

Cialis next day Maybe the best move the Mets could make this winter is to put up a for sale sign.

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