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Prescription cialis Back in the day I used to place a dollar or two wagers on sporting events. Prescription cialis In 1985 Dwight Gooden was having one of the greatest pitching seasons in the history of baseball going 24-4 for the new day is dawning NY Mets. Prescription cialis Not only was I caught up in the jubilation of Doc as a Mets fan, prescription cialis I was cashing in as an investor in Gooden’s pitching performances as well. Prescription cialis  Gooden’s season that year helped me take some chances with investments on underdogs since if I lost some money on a longshot I always had Doc as my U.S. Prescription cialis Steel.

Prescription cialis On August 25 of 1985, prescription cialis Dwight Gooden was going for his 20th win of the season and I was down a couple a three hundred bucks. Prescription cialis The Mets were playing the Padres at Shea and I was not missing this game for anything, prescription cialis but before going to the game, prescription cialis I called my “investment banker” to make a substantial investment in this game as it had break even or better written all over it. Prescription cialis The call went something like this:

Prescription cialis Me: “Yo what’s up?  it’s me, prescription cialis Irish” (We were the only Irish family in the heavily Italian /Jewish area of Boro Park)

Prescription cialis Investment Banker (IB) “Hey how’s it hangin’

Prescription cialis Me: “A little to the left HA! HA! (Brooklyn humor) wadda ya got on Mets-Padres

Prescription cialis IB: 4

Prescription cialis Me: 4? 4 what?

Prescription cialis IB: 4 runs

Prescription cialis Me: what da fuck is 4 runs?

Prescription cialis IB: da line on da game. Prescription cialis Mets is favored by 4 runs

Prescription cialis Me: since when do you make a line with runs?

Prescription cialis IB: Since Gooden started winning every fuckin’ start and costin’ me money

Prescription cialis Me: but the Daily News has a line of 11-12 (the line there would be if you bet the Mets you would have to bet 11 bucks to win 5, prescription cialis if you bet the Pads you would bet 5 to win 12 really $5.50 the $.50 the vigorish)

Prescription cialis IB: Then call da fuckin’ Daily News and bet wit dem. Prescription cialis Ya lucky I’m takin’ any bets on dis game, prescription cialis only my regulars are getting a line everybody else its off da board so you should feel special you fuckin’ ingrate.

Prescription cialis Me: OHHHH Whad da fuck ? Fine gimee da Mets 100 times

Prescription cialis So what I did was bet $550 that the Mets behind Doc Gooden would not only beat the Padres but they would beat them by more the 4 runs. Prescription cialis  The Mets won 9-3 but it took 4 runs in the 7th and 1 in the 8th to seal my winning bet WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Prescription cialis I thought about this game and some other games I’d bet on while watching R.A. Prescription cialis Dickey pitch last night for the Mets. Prescription cialis When was the last time the Mets had such a dominant pitcher in the rotation?  Pedro Martinez in 2005 was great but not dominant as Dickey. Prescription cialis You have to go back to Dwight Gooden to find a Mets pitcher who was as good as R.A. Prescription cialis Dickey has been this year for the Mets. Prescription cialis Could you find two pitchers who are more opposite? I’ve haven’t looked a pitching betting line in a while, prescription cialis next time The Dickster starts I may have to peak. Prescription cialis I wonder where that investment bankers number is and if he’ still in business?

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Generic viagra The other day I posted about MODELLS on 42 & 7th having Dwight Gooden there to promote the MO’ ZONE and MODELLS CLUBHOUSE well Brooklyn Mets Fan was at the festivities and not only did he get to meet Doc he went to $iti Field with the Gooden entourage for the game. Generic viagra WOW!

Generic viagra It’s all here in his post. Generic viagra Great job by Gooden and an outstanding job by BMF.

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Former Mets great Dwight Gooden will be at MODELLS at W 42 ST & 7 Ave tomorrow Wednesday April 15th  from 3:30PM to 4:45 PM to celebrate the new MO’S ZONE and MODELLS CLUBHOUSE at Citi Field. Pal pay pill viagra Doc Gooden will be joined by Seth Horowitz, pal pay pill viagra the President of MODELLS SPORTING GOODS and Mitchell Modell the CEO of MODELLS.


Here is what you get at THE MO ZONE and MODELLS CLUBHOUSE:

      The Mo¹s

Zone area of Citi Field is an exciting area in the brand new ball

park that will quickly become a fan-favorite destination for passionate fans

to cheer on their NY Mets.

* This area will be the new home for the best Mets fans in New York!


* In right/right-center field at Citi Field, pal pay pill viagra there are two field-level

sections of seating that together make up an area which will quickly become

known as The Mo’s Zone.


* The Mo¹s Zone area is led-off by a 72 foot span across the outfield

warning track where the traditional padded outfield wall is replaced by a

chain link fence.

* Directly above this span of fence is the Mo¹s Zone fan section

(specifically seating sections #101 & #102). Pal pay pill viagra Within this area will sit

nearly 400 of the most passionate Mets fans known to mankind.  The area will

be full of energy and is uniquely tucked beneath the porch overhead which

hangs 18 feet out and over the playing field.


* Beneath the Mo’s Zone lives The Modell’s Clubhouse.  The Modell¹s

Clubhouse is set behind the chain link fence and will consist of

dugout-style benches backed by five full sized garage-style overhead doors.

Those doors open up to a private fan hospitality area which can accommodate

up to 70 fans.  The only thing that will separate fans in the Modell¹s

Clubhouse from the playing field is the chain link fence.  Fans attending a

game inside the Modell¹s Clubhouse will be as close to the playing field


during the game as you can get without being one of the players!


MAKING THE MO¹S ZONEŠ. Pal pay pill viagra THE MO¹S ZONE

 The Mo’s Zone and Modell’s Clubhouse will surely become areas in high

demand for those fans looking to experience the game in a truly memorable



So come on out tomorrow between 3:30-4:45 at MODELLS at W 42 ST & 7 Ave to meet Doc Gooden and find at more about the MO ZONE and MODELLS CLUBHOUSE at Citi Field 

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I have had the pleasure of meeting both Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry and both are delightful guys. Cyalis levitra sales viagra Even with all the troubles they have had in their personnel lives, cyalis levitra sales viagra they are still embraced by Mets fans and they have both found renewed love for the franchise and it’s fans. Cyalis levitra sales viagra A Doc Gooden start at Shea was a happening, cyalis levitra sales viagra a festival a celebration of Mets baseball that has not been matched since. Cyalis levitra sales viagra The sight of Darryl Strawberry whipping that bat and hitting tape measure home runs reminds us of when the Mets were the toast of the town and I am so happy that both guys have come home again and have nuzzled in the Mets family bosoms but with all that I’m not ready to retire their numbers. Cyalis levitra sales viagra


I agree 100 % that management needs to embrace its past more and the one knock I’ve heard about $iti Field is the lack of a presence of Mets history. Cyalis levitra sales viagra I’m still waiting to here what the plans are the 40th Anniversary of one of the most famous teams in baseball history winning the World Series (and why no patch on the uni top sleeve for this anniversary?) . Cyalis levitra sales viagra Not just that, cyalis levitra sales viagra in this the first season of $iti why couldn’t management bring back the old fan favorites like Banner Day or an Old Timers Day (I still like my idea of brining back every player who ever played for the Mets for the opening day ceremony to start a new era in Mets history and passing of the torch if you will)


Maybe someday the Skill Sets will re-connect with its fan base a fan base that is true Orange and Blue and gives way more to the organization than it ever gets in return.


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