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Herbal viagra affiliate I’m sure by now most of you have either heard or read the attack article by T.J. Herbal viagra affiliate Simmers of the LA Times about Marcus Thames. There have been a whole lot of opinions on how Simmers went after Thames with the nastiest of attitudes, herbal viagra affiliate basically calling Thames are no talent bum and also calling out Don Matingly as being clueless on how to manage a big league team. Herbal viagra affiliate If you have ever read Simmers columns before this one, herbal viagra affiliate you know he plays the Angry Old White Guy perfectly and he takes pride in being an asshole. Herbal viagra affiliate  As much of an asshole as Simmers may be, herbal viagra affiliate I have to give him credit for being an accountable asshole.

Herbal viagra affiliate Everything Simmers said about Thames and Matingly he said to their faces and both knew it doesn’t pay to argue with and asshole, herbal viagra affiliate especially an Angry Old White Asshole but again he wrote what he wrote and walked into the Dodger Clubhouse the next day to face the men he besmirched. Herbal viagra affiliate Got give him credit for that.

Herbal viagra affiliate Yesterday on Twitter, herbal viagra affiliate I got into a bit of a “Tweet debate” with Evan Roberts of WFAN. Herbal viagra affiliate Roberts sent out this Tweet that I felt made him look like an ignoramus:

Herbal viagra affiliate “ I’m certainly not a booer, herbal viagra affiliate but the guy I will be first to get on if he doesn’t perform would be Jason Bay…”

Herbal viagra affiliate My response to Roberts was:

Herbal viagra affiliate “why would you boo Bay? by the way have you ever been in a pro clubhouse or locker room to interview players?”

Herbal viagra affiliate The reason for the second part of my question was, herbal viagra affiliate Roberts and his partner Joe Benigno love to rip players, herbal viagra affiliate managers/coaches , herbal viagra affiliate GM’s and owners on the air, herbal viagra affiliate which is fine but I never remember either of them ever saying they have been in a locker room or clubhouse of the area teams to confront the folks they’ve blasted. Herbal viagra affiliate I felt the statement that Roberts made was unbelievably stupid.

Herbal viagra affiliate The Tweets went back and forth with Roberts refusing to answer my question of facing the guys he criticizes but when he finally answered, herbal viagra affiliate I felt bad for him:

Herbal viagra affiliate   @kranepool You think higher of me and my co workers then I do…most of these players don’t know or care who I am.. Herbal viagra affiliate   

Herbal viagra affiliate My Tweet before that was about Roberts doing a mid morning show on a 50K watt NYC radio station, herbal viagra affiliate and doesn’t think the players know who he is? I call bullshit. Herbal viagra affiliate I think Roberts is either scared or intimidated by the folks he goes after. Herbal viagra affiliate  Roberts loves to tell listeners that he buys his own tickets to Mets and Nets games and would rather watch the game in the stands than in a press box. Herbal viagra affiliate Nothing wrong with that. Herbal viagra affiliate But why not go into the clubhouse after a game and talk to the players or manager/coaches about the game or team’s performance? If Roberts put as much time and effort into his craft as he did in his Twitter baseball games, herbal viagra affiliate maybe the players would know who he is.

Herbal viagra affiliate I think the reason I was so stunned by Roberts’ comments is the fact that the Mets have been gracious in granting Mets bloggers access to players, herbal viagra affiliate Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson and I’m not going to lie any time I can talk to someone affiliated with the Mets, herbal viagra affiliate I jump at it.

Herbal viagra affiliate I’m very critical of the ownership of the Mets but believe me I would love to sit down with Fred, herbal viagra affiliate Jeff and Dave Howard for an interview. Herbal viagra affiliate  If they wanted to rip me for sucky writing and poor grammar that would be fine with me, herbal viagra affiliate hell they could tell me to hit the gym and drop a few pounds, herbal viagra affiliate I’d be glad to take it because if you dish it out, herbal viagra affiliate you have to take it, herbal viagra affiliate but seriously a sit down between myself and management would allow them to see where I’m coming from as a long time Mets fan who just wants to see the team he roots for given more respect, herbal viagra affiliate  work on building a winner, herbal viagra affiliate and treating the Mets fans better that they do. Herbal viagra affiliate  No screaming or yelling just conversation and debate. Herbal viagra affiliate  I can act like adult when I have to.

Herbal viagra affiliate I all come back to accountability, herbal viagra affiliate I stand by whatever I write and I have no problem going into the clubhouse and talking to whoever I have a beef with.

Herbal viagra affiliate How the media tide has turned, herbal viagra affiliate it’s the bloggers now who are now the most responsible reporters of news.

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