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Original brand cialis Take out that Mets jacket.  Bend the brim of your Mets cap. Original brand cialis Start putting some cash away to buy tickets to the 2011 season, original brand cialis my fellow Mets fans  WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!

Original brand cialis Our suffering summer has been replaced by a spectacular autumn. Original brand cialis This has been the best October the Mets have had in 24 years. Original brand cialis  First the Highlanders and Phuck Phaces went down in flames. Original brand cialis  Then the cretins of the Mall of the South Bronx have been exposed by Mrs. Original brand cialis Cliff Lee who was subjected to taunts, original brand cialis thrown objects and general fan disobedience to the point that Pee Wee Cashman better rethink putting all his eggs in a Cliff Lee free agent basket. Original brand cialis Then the news today that CC Sabathia’s knees have given up holding up all that girth to the point his meniscus ripped, original brand cialis you had to wonder if the baseball gods decided that we Mets fans have had enough penance and are now due a reward.

Original brand cialis The adults of the Skill Sets family have taken to bring back credibility, original brand cialis accountability and authority by naming Sandy Alderson as the new GM of the New York Mets. Original brand cialis The pride in Flushing has returned.

Original brand cialis Maybe I’m going a bit overboard on the Alderson hiring but I can’t hide my giddiness. Original brand cialis Sandy Alderson was the name that first popped into my head when it was a fait accompli that Omar Minaya was done as the baseball boss. Original brand cialis It just made so much sense to hire Alderson, original brand cialis the man had everything that was needed to bring back the respect this organization has lacked for years.

Original brand cialis There is a segment of Mets fans who wanted the young hipster type of GM and I’d have had no problem with that but in Alderson you get the Mr. Original brand cialis Myiagi of baseball execs. Original brand cialis Alderson was baseball analytical before baseball analytical was cool. Original brand cialis Billy Beane, original brand cialis Theo Epstein and Paul DePodesta (a name to keep an eye on Mets fans as he could be brought in to the Alderson Cabinet) all learned the trade from Alderson.

Original brand cialis This hiring also sends word to fan base that the days of Little Jeffey meddling in adult decisions are over. Original brand cialis A man of Alderson’ resume and stature in baseball did not take this job to have a no nothing like Jeffey lurk over his shoulder. Original brand cialis This is Freddy and Uncle Saul putting Jeffey in the time out chair.

Original brand cialis It looks as if Friday will be the day that Alderson will enjoy his day in the sun at Citi Field for his inaugural presser and I can’t wait to hear what his plan of attack is. Original brand cialis It’s nice to have a guy in charge that has a plan, original brand cialis we haven’t had that around here since the days of Frank Cashen.

Original brand cialis The biggest decision Alderson will have will be to name a manager. Original brand cialis A majority of Mets fans want Wally Backman to get the job and I would count myself as a Backman supporter. Original brand cialis  From reading this post from Mike Silva’ NY Baseball Digest, original brand cialis Backman could be exactly the guy Alderson is looking for. Original brand cialis Backman has no problem being a manager that carries out the organizational orders from the GM. Original brand cialis From reading the quotes in Silva’s post, original brand cialis Backman to me, original brand cialis looks like a strong choice for manager.

Original brand cialis That discussion will be now on the front burner and I have a ton of faith that whoever Alderson picks he will do his due diligence on that choice. Original brand cialis It’s so nice to have someone in charge that makes me feel optimistic that the Mets will be back as one the best teams in baseball.

Original brand cialis By Friday the weather in NYC will be what it should be; autumnal so it would be nice is all Mets fans wear their Mets jackets or sweatshirts to celebrate the new day dawning in Flushing as the Alderson Era begins.

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Buy cialis online canada I love the outrage from Highlander fans that Mets fan and other non-believers in the Pinstripe religion have the gall to mock the former World Series champs as they went down in flames to a team from a football mad state. Buy cialis online canada Maybe the Flock form the Bronx will now realize that there are 29 other fan bases out there all deserving of their slice of the World Series pie. Buy cialis online canada Nah, buy cialis online canada those who don the “look at my 27 TIME WORLD CHAMPION jacket” or the my favorite the big gas guzzling SUV with the huge NY on the back window, buy cialis online canada a staple for Highlander fans from Staten Island, buy cialis online canada only care about winning, buy cialis online canada as rooting for the Highlanders makes up for some deficiency in their lives.  Now I’m not saying all Highlander fans are like that and not even the majority but mostly the younger 20-30 year old fans are that way. Buy cialis online canada There whole grasp of Highlander history is the organization has won 27 World Series titles and that’s it. Buy cialis online canada So maybe with their team out of the post season they could sit down and do some research on the history of their team ? Nah never happen all they want to here is Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford are signed for a quarter of a million dollars, buy cialis online canada because it’s not scouting or sabermetric analysis that fuels the Highlanders it’s dead presidents baby.

Buy cialis online canada Congratulations to the SF Giants for winning the 2010 NL Pennant and for playing in one of the best baseball games I’ve seen a long time. Buy cialis online canada I have to tip my Mets cap to Bruce Bochy, buy cialis online canada who I’ve never been a fan of, buy cialis online canada for bring in The Freak to pitch the 8th inning. Buy cialis online canada What a concept, buy cialis online canada bringing in your best pitcher to win a game. Buy cialis online canada Even though Lincecum got in trouble with two on and one out, buy cialis online canada Brain Wilson came in and did what he did a lot of this season, buy cialis online canada get a 5 out save.

Buy cialis online canada As a Mets fan it’s tough to root for Cody Ross who as a Fishhead killed the Mets and rubbed their noses in it but to go from cast off to NLCS MVP is impressive.

Buy cialis online canada How about Bengi Molina? No matter what he gets a World Series ring and a check.

Buy cialis online canada The one thing that has me skittish about Sandy Alderson taking over as Mets GM, buy cialis online canada is his philosophy of hiring non-descript managers. Buy cialis online canada Alderson like the guy in the white short sleeve dress shirt with the blue tie and tie clip. Buy cialis online canada Mets fans are looking for more of an aggressive Carhartt wearing type of dock boss as field general. Buy cialis online canada Maybe that’s why this process is dragging out and that Josh Byrnes is getting a call back interview. Buy cialis online canada Could it be the guy who says, buy cialis online canada he’s cool with Wally Backman being the manager gets the job?

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