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No prescription viagra I got to see 2011 15th round pick Phil Evans make his Brooklyn Cyclones debut last night and came away very much impressed by the soon to be 19 year old. No prescription viagra  Evans went 1 for 5 at the plate but even his outs were well hit with two of them “hang with em’s” as they were great defensive plays on soild hit balls. No prescription viagra In the field Evans and 2nd baseman Ismael Tijeina had a bit of communication breakdown as to who was to cover 2nd base if the runner on first was to attempt a steal, no prescription viagra but in the 9th inning Evans made two great leaping plays for the 2nd and 3rd outs of the inning to end the game.

No prescription viagra I watched the end of the Mets-Nats game this morning and while I agree with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez on questioning walking Roger Bernadina to pitch to Ryan Zimmerman I feel if this were a game that really mattered Bobby Parmell would have been pulled as Bernadina came to the plate but Collins wants Parnell to show him why he should be the Mets closer in 2012. No prescription viagra So far Parnell has been ineffective and I hate to say it, no prescription viagra looks scared in these pressure spots. No prescription viagra His inability to command his slider has been his biggest downfall. No prescription viagra He falls behind in counts and has to come in with his fastball that is all but telegraphed to the batter.

No prescription viagra Josh Satin makes his Major League debut today at 1st base

No prescription viagra I see that the Daily Lupica has put out a 50th Anniversay Mets book with their Phillies Beat Writer as a contributor. No prescription viagra No way in hell will that book be a part of my library. No prescription viagra If you want a book that details the history of the Mets in detail and with outstanding pictures you need to purchase  New York Mets 50 Amazin’ Seasons by a true Mets fan and historian, no prescription viagra Matthew Silverman.

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Double dose of cialis Blogging will be a bit spotty here next week as I’ll be heading down to Florida for a week of R & R, double dose of cialis unlike the week I spent upstate in the woods camping this is a real vacation.

Double dose of cialis Lots of positives for the Mets organization last night as the club swept a four game series from the Red Legs for the first time ever, double dose of cialis Johan Santana pitched in a rehab game in St Lonesome and his arm did not fall off, double dose of cialis and Daniel Murphy is now 3rd in the NL Batting race behind Ryan Braun and Jose Reyes. Double dose of cialis No Mets player has ever won a Batting Crown and the way Reyes is playing this season there is a very good shot that he will be the first. Double dose of cialis Who knows after that, double dose of cialis maybe Zack Wheeler could be the first Mets pitcher to throw a no-hitter in 2013.

Double dose of cialis Speaking of Mets pitching phenoms, double dose of cialis Matt Harvey was on the mound last night for Bingo against Harrisburg and Nats phenom, double dose of cialis Bryce Harper. Double dose of cialis Harvey had a very strong showing and K’d the much hyped Bryce twice but the B-Mets went down in defeat 2-1 in 14 innings. Double dose of cialis Harvey went 7 innings and K’d 10 and walked only 2.

Double dose of cialis Sad news about Hideki Irabu taking his own life yesterday in California. Double dose of cialis As Mike Silva points out, double dose of cialis Irabu’s downfall in coming to the U.S. Double dose of cialis to pitch was his insistence to pitch for the Highlanders. Double dose of cialis The San Diego Padres held his rights and after a contentious back and forth with Padres ownership, double dose of cialis Irabu forced a  trade Irabu to the Bronx where the pitcher thought it would be just like in the movies. Double dose of cialis He soon found out the myth of the Bronx Bastards failed to mirror the reality of playing for an overheated blow hard  self-promoting owner, double dose of cialis who didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. Double dose of cialis  Maybe Irabu life would have been different if he stayed in San Diego or Japan. Double dose of cialis We’ll never know but playing for the Highlanders did not improve his quality of life. Double dose of cialis    

Double dose of cialis Lost in the euphoria of the Mets four game sweep of the Red Legs and the fact they have been road warriors all season, double dose of cialis is that the dreaded black uniform top and cap has been making many more appearance the last month or so than it did during the early part of the season. Double dose of cialis  I’ll never understand this fixation with the black jersey and hat when the Mets road greys are one of the best looking uniforms in all of baseball. Double dose of cialis Now that Sandy Alderson has put this organization in his vice-grip hands, double dose of cialis I am begging him to order all the black uniforms gathered up for an end of the season bon fire at Citi Field. Double dose of cialis I sure this guy will bring the gasoline and matches. Double dose of cialis   

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Viagra online mexico Bob Melvin is sure sounding like a guy who will be gainfully employed as Mets manager :

Viagra online mexico Bob Melvin, viagra online mexico in his own understated way, viagra online mexico wants to open the door to the Mets’ clubhouse and give players a swift kick in the pants.

Viagra online mexico “It’s not a talent problem, viagra online mexico” Melvin said yesterday after his second interview with Mets officials for the team’s managerial opening. Viagra online mexico “It’s the mindset. Viagra online mexico Get back to the confident mindset this team needs to win and compete in that division.”

Viagra online mexico “I don’t look at it as a rebuilding process, viagra online mexico” he said. Viagra online mexico “I look at it as we have the pieces with this club to compete, viagra online mexico I don’t think there is any doubt about that. Viagra online mexico Certainly with the payroll this team has, viagra online mexico it gives you the resources to compete every year. Viagra online mexico It’s just getting everybody going in the right direction and getting everybody healthy.”

Viagra online mexico I have to agree 100% with Melvin on this. Viagra online mexico I thought Jerry Manuel’ biggest downfall was his lack of leadership and his inability to motivate his players. Viagra online mexico  I’m not talking Knute Rockne “RAH-RAH-RAH WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER” motivation but the ability to put the right people in the right situation to have them succeed. Viagra online mexico  The Mets were always a three game losing streak from turning tail and retreating, viagra online mexico and that’s on the manger. Viagra online mexico  You never got the impression there was any sense of urgency with Manuel, viagra online mexico who loved to say “there’s a lot of baseball left” when the team was floundering. Viagra online mexico “There’s a lot of baseball left”, viagra online mexico is baseball speak for “I’ve got no clue on how to right this team” and that’s the mindset that Sandy Alderson was brought in to change.

Viagra online mexico Getting everybody going in the right direction and getting everybody healthy.” The two words that stand out to me in that quote are direction and healthy. Viagra online mexico The biggest problem the last front office regime had was a lack of organizational direction. Viagra online mexico Omar talked “pitching, viagra online mexico defense and athleticism” but never went out and traded, viagra online mexico signed or drafted with that mindset. Viagra online mexico There was no organizational structure in the minor league system and First Year Entry Draft would have been better served by using copies of Baseball America to draft players, viagra online mexico but that way of doing business is over.

Viagra online mexico I feel there is a large segment of Mets fans that would bitch and moan even if John McGraw, viagra online mexico Branch Rickey and Ed Barrow were all reincarnated and brought into the Mets organization. Viagra online mexico You want to get me excited over a manager? Then name Christina Hendricks the Mets field boss (WHOA!!!!!!!! Is it hot in here or is it Christina???????????)

Viagra online mexico The foundation of the Mets organization has a huge crack in it and the basement has very bad water damage until the farm system and mindset of how the Mets do business gets fixed and back on solid ground, viagra online mexico it doesn’t matter who sits in the manager’s office. Viagra online mexico   If it sounds like I’m drinking the Sandy Alderson Kool –Aid, viagra online mexico you’re damn right I am, viagra online mexico the man has a proven track record of building a strong foundation he’s Tom Silva and Norm Abram all in one package. Viagra online mexico So Mets fans give the man a little room to operate and if Wally Backman is not named manager then buy this DVD and get over it.

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Viagra clones The 6th and 7th innings last night summed up the Mets early and I mean realllllllllll early problem of not busting a game wide open. Viagra clones When the opportunity comes up to administer an ass kicking, viagra clones championship teams kick ass, viagra clones pretenders come up short.

Viagra clones Top of the 6th the Mets catch a break as they couldn’t get a sniff of a rally off Anibal Sanchez but Freddi Gonzalez went to his pen and brought in Dan Meyer who promptly gave up a lead off homer to Carlos Beltran to get the Mets on the board. Viagra clones Ryan Church comes up next and singles and this is where you say “here comes the big inning”. Viagra clones Schneider sac bunts Church to 2nd, viagra clones a good play because odds are Schneider hits in to a DP in that spot, viagra clones Gimp Castillo comes up with a man in scoring position and files out. Viagra clones With Castillo getting lifted for a pinch hitter (Jeremy Reed) in 9th tells you the leash on Gimp is getting shorter and shorter. Viagra clones With 2 outs man on 2nd Gary Sheffield bats for John Maine who was great last night but Dan Meyer wants no part of Sheffield and throws three pitches out of the strike zone and then Gonzalez orders Meyer to walk him. Viagra clones Respect thy names is an intentional walk. Viagra clones Up steps Jose Reyes and an awful at bat.

Viagra clones Meyer was shook up by the sight of Sheffield and couldn’t throw a strike. Viagra clones The first pitch to Reyes was ball 1. Viagra clones On the next pitch Meyers tries to hit the corner low and away put the pitch was out of the strike zone but of course that doesn’t stop Jose from reaching over and popping it up to RF for an easy fly ball out. Viagra clones Ever hear of take a strike Jose?

Viagra clones On to the Mets 7th where Daniel Murphy leads off with a base hit (of course!) In comes non-roster invitee Kiko Calero (this looks to be the Marlins downfall, viagra clones the bullpen that and not being able to play the Mets for 162 games) who walks D-Wright and hits Carlos Delgado with a pitch and the bags are drunk with Carlos Beltran up. Viagra clones Smells like a big inning right ?(“here we are now, viagra clones entertain us”) uhhh NO!. Viagra clones Beltran drives in a run (a cheap Rib Eye Steak though) hitting into an FC but then Church walks and the bags are juiced once again as Fernando Taits bats for Schieder (J-Man ain’t fooling around, viagra clones if you can’t hit you will sit) and misses a Grannie bythismuch and that would have broken this one up big. Viagra clones Wright scores and it’s 3-3 and if you want to take a positive out of the inning it’s that the Mets scored some runs late.

Viagra clones Gimp Castillo came up with 2 out worked the count 3-2 and let strike 3 sail over the plate. Viagra clones The clock is ticking fast on Gimp.

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