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Viagra wholesalers Most jobs are not that much different from sports teams when it comes to problem players/workers. Viagra wholesalers There are always coaches/supervisors who feel they can take someone else’s problem or malcontent and turn them into a productive member of the organization. Viagra wholesalers  But then there are exceptions and if this case with the Mets that exception is Oliver Perez.

Viagra wholesalers In today’s NY Post, viagra wholesalers Kevin Kernan writes about OP not joining the early campers club in St Lonesome. Viagra wholesalers So here we are on the eve of the official opening of camp and Oliver Perez is the lead in a Mets story and of course it’s of a negative nature. Viagra wholesalers Everything  is of a negative nature when it comes to Perez.

Viagra wholesalers It all started on July 30, viagra wholesalers2006. Viagra wholesalers The Mets had just finished a sweep of the Atlanta Braves on the road to bring their record to 63-41 and a hard to believe 13 ½ game lead in the NL East. Viagra wholesalers Mets management and fans had visions of the post season and of parades and tons of World Series memorabilia for us to waste our discretionary income on. Viagra wholesalers  Man, viagra wholesalers we Mets fans were living the high baseball life until Duaner Sanchez decided he just HAD to have some rice and beans when he hit Miami, viagra wholesalers so he hopped in a cab with some friends and a drunk driver crashed into the cab and Dirty Duaner wrecked his shoulder and the Mets season. Viagra wholesalers With the trade deadline that day, viagra wholesalers Omar Minaya in a state of panic dealt of productive Xavier Nady to the Pirates for Roberto Hernandez who would fill nicely in the bullpen. Viagra wholesalers In order to get Hernandez though, viagra wholesalers the Mets had to take Perez as well.

Viagra wholesalers Perez had his good moments like game 4 of the 2006 NLCS and was very good in 2007 but injuries and ineffectiveness took it’s toll on Perez’ velocity on his fastball and the bad Ollie from Pittsburgh came back to haunt the Mets. Viagra wholesalers  The big debate after the 2008 season was should the Mets re-sign Perez or go for Derek Lowe. Viagra wholesalers  Another deal gone wrong.

Viagra wholesalers Perez, viagra wholesalers as well as Luis Castillo, viagra wholesalers are the remains of the failure of Omar Minaya. Viagra wholesalers The more Mets fans see both these players the more they are reminded of the failures of the last administration.  If the Alderson regime is serious about a change in philosophy and in restoring responsibility and accountability back to the franchise, viagra wholesalers they need to give both Perez and Castillo their release. Viagra wholesalers Both players are untradeable and there is no way in the world either player is making this team.

Viagra wholesalers The organization is having a tough time business wise. Viagra wholesalers Even without the Wilponzi scandal, viagra wholesalers the Mets would have a tough time selling tickets and finding people to believe the organization is moving forward.  The Mets can come up with exotic ticket plans but the bottom line is if you want the fans believe that winning is paramount and that is not business as usual when it comes to player development and competing for jobs, viagra wholesalers send them a sign, viagra wholesalers tell Ollie and Luis to stay home and let them know check is in the mail.

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Mail order for viagra tablets  

Mail order for viagra tablets Gotta love Tony Bernazard the man has a way with words, mail order for viagra tablets especially when it come to the Mets catching situation and bringing in Pudge Rodriguez:

Mail order for viagra tablets Some of us wished we could have him (Rodriguez) with us, mail order for viagra tablets but the truth is that we have two catchers under contract, mail order for viagra tablets” Bernazard told El Nuevo Dia. Mail order for viagra tablets “It’s not so easy to make a move right now to make it possible to have him with us.”

Mail order for viagra tablets This goes more to Ramon Castro than to Brain Schneider as the word is the Mets feel that Castro is an underachieving lump of shit who finds excuse after excuse to not step up when he’s needed.

Mail order for viagra tablets The Mets look to have taken a more tough love approach this spring to see how the players in the cross hairs would react. Mail order for viagra tablets Gimp Castillo was the first as he was shopped around more than a ‘ho on the Hunts Point stroll. Mail order for viagra tablets He has responded so far this spring with a better work ethic and attitude. Mail order for viagra tablets Ryan Church was next to given a shove by Warlord Jerry and he has taken it and used it to his advantage.  Duaner Sanchez was the first casualty of the tough love and was given severance pay and a well deserved kick to the curb.

Mail order for viagra tablets Now come the catchers who if they have been paying attention realize the front office isn’t joking about making players accountable and have been told bluntly that the only reason your two sorry ass’s are here is no one else wants you and we wish we could dump you off and sign a has been, mail order for viagra tablets performance enhancing broken down catcher who even in that state of decline is better than you two.

Mail order for viagra tablets Now let’s see how Shrek/Schienderhandled this diss down.

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Viagra sales u.k As per METSBLOG Duaner Sanchez has been given his release as so the Mets are off the hook for the majority of his salary. Viagra sales u.k This goes to my post yesterday that money is tight in the Kingdom of Skill Set and in order to add a player you have to cut some payroll.

Viagra sales u.k The question is does this mean they are saving up to bring Petey back or is Will Ohman on his way to St Lonesome?

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Some interesting linkage today dealing with our Mets and other baseball topics also remember tonight at 9PM EST its Pro Baseball Central with our guest tonight Craig from the Marlins blog FISH STRIPES as we continue our segment of keeping the NL East enemy close.


Looks like Omar has decided to solidify the pen by offering LOOGY extraordinaire Will Ohman a contract, cialis soft tabs 100 mg who if he signs would be the final pieced in the pen.  I liked Omar’s idea of having some spots up for grabs as to infuse some competion in camp but after two seasons of bullpen malaise Minaya wants to build the best bullpen he can and by adding Ohman (.197/.285/.318 vs. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg LH) he would do just that.


It would set the pen up to look like quite strong:


Frankie Rodriguez

J J Putz


Sean Green

Duaner Sanchez

Tim Redding


Pedro Feliciano L

Will Ohman L


The back end with Rodriguez and Putz is solid. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg Green could be the guy that guy that breaks out big if Old School Dan Werthen can get him to keep his fastball down and work his slider as when he does he gets ground ball out. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg He doesn’t give up a lot of extra base hits but he needs to work on his control as his BB/K rate of 36/62 needs improvement. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg Hopefully Duaner returns to his Dirty days after battling injury and bad attitude. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg Redding will compete for the 5th spot with the Chief but I have confidence that Freddy Garcia will win that battle and Redding will be the long/swing man. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg That leaves Feliciano and maybe Ohman as two top lefties in the pen. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg On paper it’s a pretty impressive pen and one Omar should be proud of putting together but let’s see how it plays out on the field.


Brain Schneider doesn’t want to be a part of a platoon at catcher. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg That’s fine but for that to happen he needs to do three things, cialis soft tabs 100 mg (1) Stay healthy, cialis soft tabs 100 mg last year he pulled a hammy in spring training and that hurt him in more ways than one (2) Tell Team USA thanks but no thanks if they call for him at the WBC and (3) Don’t suck. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg Not just with the bat even though that was a problem but more so with his glove and calling a game, cialis soft tabs 100 mg the two areas he was a big disappointment with last year. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg Schneider needs to understand he’s not here for his stick.


Welcome to the MIKE FRANCESA IS A BIG BLOW HARD CLUB, cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Ryan Church. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg The club meets Monday-Friday from 1-6 at this location.


The more the Used Car Salesman opens his mouth the more he proves my point that he is a total asshole.


Neil Best of the outstanding WATCHDOG blog (some day Neil will reciprocate a link) has a transcript of Ron Darlings appearence on MLB Network. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg I was intrigued about this quote:




“The leaders were Hernandez and Carter, cialis soft tabs 100 mg guys who had come over and learned winning baseball from where they played, cialis soft tabs 100 mg but I think even more importantly you say ‘had fun’ and you’re right, cialis soft tabs 100 mg it is a different time [now], cialis soft tabs 100 mg a lot of the stuff that happened in ’86 certainly couldn’t happen now in 2008 and 2009 but that team was so solid and I’ll tell you the nature of that team. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg We were coming back we had lost a 4 game series in Chicago, cialis soft tabs 100 mg we get into St. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg Louis about 8 o’clock at night and Davey Johnson pulls the bus over at a Morton’s Steakhouse. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg He rushes the entire team in and we all go in there and sit, cialis soft tabs 100 mg after a 4 game loss, cialis soft tabs 100 mg heads down, cialis soft tabs 100 mg the whole team sat in there for 3-4 hours and just kind of discussed how the game went. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg That’s how close they were.”


I can’t imagine what this site would be like if I was bloging back in the day. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg I’d would have started a blog just on the comings and goings at Rusty’s as that was the place to be back in the day.



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So here we sit on a new era in the history of the United States and I’m just wondering is Barrack Obama taking over as President or as Messiah? Make no mistake I am a big Obama supporter but I think people are getting a bit carried away with what the new leader of the U.S.can or will accomplish. Buy viagra china Believe me, buy viagra china I am 100 % in President Obama’ corner but the ills that effect this country will not be solved with a wave of the president’ hand (we all know only Mike Francesa can make things happen with a hand wave). Buy viagra china I’m confident that President Obama’s administration will be much more successful than the reign of error that just ended in the White House but I’ll hold of on the coronation for a while.


Maybe Scott Boras is not the genius he thinks he is? By advising Jason Varitek not to file for arbitration he may have cost his client a few million bucks.He looks to be doing the same with Oliver Perez who quite frankly needs the Mets more than the Mets need him and if the reports are true that the Mets are looking over the medical records of Ben Sheets and are working on deal (yes they are far apart but at least they’re taking to the Sheets camp) and that comes to fruition then OP will be shit out of luck when it comes to landing back with the Mets.


Mets have resigned Duaner Sanchez to a $737.5K raise and Jeremy Reed to a $925K, buy viagra china if that doesn’t say NL Pennant then what does?


Joe McDonald on his NY Mets Report site has pics of the demolition of Shea Stadium. Why can’t the let die with some dignity?


I’m so happy to have found Tim Marchman’ website as I have missed his columns since the NY Sun shut down. Buy viagra china Here is a post from his site on our beloved NY Mets:


{I was talking to a well-placed baseball person this week, buy viagra china and he made two points that made me reconsider the Mets’ winter. Buy viagra china The first is that the team is effectively under new ownership. Buy viagra china The second—and it goes to a point they’ve been kicking around over at Faith and Fear—is that there’s no real pride in ownership in Flushing. Buy viagra china I haven’t seen the new offices, buy viagra china for instance, buy viagra china but I understand that rather than what you might expect—a World Series trophy, buy viagra china a Tom Seaver jersey, buy viagra china life-sized prints of an ebullient Jose Reyes—they’re decorated with blueprints of the Fed. Buy viagra china Which is fine enough, buy viagra china but conveys a certain ill ease that the Wilpon family has always betrayed, buy viagra china nostalgia for a dead team and a disdain for the live one.}


I’ve heard that Jeffey wanted to buy more stock in Citi Group but he needed four more bottles to return for deposit to make an even 3 bucks to buy another share of stock to wipe his arse with.

The Mayor of Hartford, buy viagra china Ct is looking to bring back NHL hockey to the city that had the Whalers stolen from them and moved to that hockey hot bed of Charlotte NC. I am behind any movement to “Bring Back the Whalers” and especially this outstanding piece of music.


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Where did viagra come from Allan Schwartz has a piece in the NY Times today about the Mets finding it tough to get rid of the dead wood that wash up on the shores of Flushing Bay that became the 2007 Mets bullpen. Where did viagra come from As much as I’m a Aaron Heilman fan his time in NY has come and gone he really needs a new start and I’m sure there is a team out there that would trade for him to stick in the back of their rotation as he does have some nasty movement on his pitches and he’s cheap. Where did viagra come from Scott Schoenweis could be dealt as well due to the fact he throws baseballs with his left arm. Where did viagra come from Not very effectively but left handed just the same. Where did viagra come from Duaner Sanchez if not traded should just be non-tender he is ineffective and just too goddamn lazy for me. Where did viagra come from That three relievers gone without even me getting up off my couch and laptop so how hard could it be for Omar to dump these guys? Tip of the Mets cap to Eagle for the link.

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Only the New York Mets can go 6-1 on a road trip and have the fan base hold their chest and moan in agony, when was viagra discovered why? The bullpen of course. When was viagra discovered Ah yes the Mets bullpen the underachieving child in a family of successful children. When was viagra discovered Why can’t Aaron Heilman, when was viagra discovered Scott Schoenewies, when was viagra discovered Duaner Sanchez, when was viagra discovered Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano be the pitching equivalent of Jose Reyes, when was viagra discovered David Wright, when was viagra discovered Carlos Beltran, when was viagra discovered Carlos Delgado and Daniel Murphy? Now we have another adopted child from DC in Luis Ayala who could not believe is good fortune to go from a group home in the Nations Capital to the Buena Vista Social Club. When was viagra discovered Hopefully the new surrounding rejuvenates him and a couple of sessions with Dean of Old School Warthen get him straight as the call to the pen is literally all hands on deck.


What I’m about to write may get me flamed worse than any forest fire in Cali but I have to let it out. When was viagra discovered I have a hard time hating Larry Jones and the Atlanta Braves. When was viagra discovered In fact it’s so strange because all the teams I root for I have a deep despise for their arch rival. When was viagra discovered The Boston Celtics, when was viagra discovered I puke at the site of Purple and Gold. When was viagra discovered The NY Rangers, when was viagra discovered I would love to get the chant “BEAT YOUR WIFE POTVIN, when was viagra discovered BEAT YOU WIFE” as a ring tone. When was viagra discovered The NY Football Giants, when was viagra discovered “How about those Cowgirls”? but when it comes to the Braves a team I should have a deep seeded hatred for, when was viagra discovered I have admiration. When was viagra discovered Most of that is for the front office especially John Shuerholz who took a franchise that was nothing but TV programming on a little bullshit cable channel and turned into a model sports franchise. When was viagra discovered So it was interesting to read Ray Glider’ piece in the NY Times this morning about Larry Jones and his last trip to Shea Stadium. When was viagra discovered Jones was a guy who got what NY was all about and he played the heel role better than anyone who strode through Flushing. When was viagra discovered As a kid Mets fans were known for acknowledging great players from other teams. When was viagra discovered Of course when the Giants and Dodgers came to town Mets fans still had a glow in their heart for Willie Mays and Sandy Koufax but also when the Pirates came in Willie Stargell was revered as well. When was viagra discovered Times change and fans are more hostile than back then but I always felt that Mets fans respected Larry Jones and I know he appreciate the passion of Mets fans.


Ryan Church played 5 innings last night and went 0 for 2 but the best part is he felt great in the field no headaches or dizziness. When was viagra discovered Mojo Nixon also played last night and looked fit as well. When was viagra discovered The only problem is they both not pitchers.


But a pitcher who did a rehab last night was Ambiorix Burgos who may become a big player come September 1


Due to last nights heist of a Gold medal of America anorexic gymnast Nasta Linkum to undeveloped Chinese gymnast He (She?) Kexin, when was viagra discovered I will be boycotting the Wo Hop Chinese Restaurant for 2 weeks. When was viagra discovered I’d boycott something Australian as well but what has that Penal Colony given the world?


Joe West is a big fat tool for calling A. When was viagra discovered Reyes out at first base saying he made a baseball move toward second base, when was viagra discovered Argenis flinched his shoulder left in the direction to second base and yes according to the rules he could be called out but sometimes you have to use the pea size brain that God gave you for more than contemplating if you want a glazed or Boston cream dount.


I watched the last two innings of the Brewers-Astros game last night and the look on Brewski manger Ned Yosts face while watching C.C. When was viagra discovered (Carniverous Creature as that is one big fella) Sabathia as he closed in on the 130 pitch mark. When was viagra discovered Sabathia got Hunter Pence to fly out for the first out of the inning. When was viagra discovered C C then gave up a single and then J J (lots of initials on the M B’s) Hardy booted a ground ball that could have been a game ending double play but instead it left the ‘Stros with 1 st and 2nd 1 out. When was viagra discovered Darin Erstad reached base on an infield hit and now the Astros had the bags juiced with one out and Yost’s sphincter tightens by the second. When was viagra discovered Mike Maddux went out to talk to Sabathia and Yost paced the dugout floor as Mark Loretta came to bat. When was viagra discovered Loretta got a SAC Fly to left and now there were two outs. When was viagra discovered Miggy Tejada up and he walks. When was viagra discovered Now Yost is on the top step of the dugout like a guy on a roof top getting chased and has to make a decision jump to the next roof which is about 10 feet away or just stay and fight. When was viagra discovered Yost takes on the mob and let the leftie Sabathia face Lance Berkman from the right side. When was viagra discovered It pays off with Berkman grounding out 3rd to 1st but it was the 130th pitch of the night for C.C. When was viagra discovered The MRI will be on Thursday.



Happy Birthday RJ.!!!!

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