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Viagra picture I’m exhausted. Viagra picture After sitting through last nights game, viagra picture then heading home and getting to bed about four hours before I needed to get up to go to work, viagra picture I’m going to need three XL Dunkin’ Dounts coffee’s to get through the work day.

Viagra picture My day at Citi Field started out with a great surprise. Viagra picture As we were walking from the car to the front of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, viagra picture I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Ed Kranepool. Viagra picture Yes, viagra picture THE Ed Kranepool, viagra picture my FME (Favorite Met Ever). Viagra picture He was with a bunch of people and was busy distributing tickets to them when I went over to say hello. Viagra picture I reminded him that we met at a luncheon at Gallagher’s for the 69 Champs and that I run this blog named after him, viagra picture he started laughing and said “Oh now I remember you” we just chatted for a minute or two before we shook hands and bid each other well. Viagra picture  That was my “Let It Be” moment as a Mets fan. Viagra picture Just when I wonder is all this worth it, viagra picture as I get more and more aggravated with the ownership, viagra picture front office and manager and question why I actually give a shit about this team, viagra picture I hear that song in my head:

Viagra picture When I find myself in times of trouble, viagra picture

Viagra picture Eddie Kranepool comes to me, viagra picture

Viagra picture Speaking words of wisdom, viagra picture

Viagra picture Let it be, viagra picture let it be.

Viagra picture After my Kranepool encounter, viagra picture we then took a stroll through the Mets Museum. Viagra picture This was just my third trip to Citi Field this season (now that my baseball season has come to a close with a second round ousting in the playoffs, viagra picture I hope to make a few more trips this summer to Flushing) but the first time I had the time to go a look around the Hall of Fame. Viagra picture I must say, viagra picture I was thoroughly impressed. Viagra picture I love the fact that the two World Series trophies are on displayed for us, viagra picture the great unwashed, viagra picture to look at and enjoy instead of the days at Shea when the swells in the suites and Diamond Club, viagra picture the folks who have zero attachment to them, viagra picture had them in plain view. Viagra picture I also like how the plaques are made just like the one’s in Cooperstown. Viagra picture The display of Mets uniforms of the past is a treat as well and the baseballs from the first and last games at the Polo Grounds and Shea Stadium scream of our history. Viagra picture I don’t say this too many times but bravo Mets management on putting together a great place for Mets fans to relive and learn Mets history.

Viagra picture A few thoughts on last night’s game:

Viagra picture This team is madding. Viagra picture How does Johan Santana go from throwing batting practice in the first inning to morphing back into an Ace from innings 2-5?    

Viagra picture We sat in seats last night that allowed us access to the Caesars Club, viagra picture as my wife said we needed to splurge since it was my birthday. Viagra picture Our seats were great, viagra picture section 326 between third and home, viagra picture but I’m just not cut out to be among the people who frequent that area. Viagra picture We may have been the only ones in the section actually watching the action on the field.  I was not impressed with the surroundings of the Cesar’s Club either. Viagra picture The furnishings look like the came off the set of Mad Men, viagra picture with the couches and coffee tables that looked just like the furniture in my living room when I celebrated my 6th birthday in 1964. Viagra picture One very nice feature though was the air conditioning which was welcome relief on a stifling night.

Viagra picture I also grew weary of telling all the “Johnny Come Lately” Mets fans that life story of Mike Hessman.

Viagra picture I’m sure Jerry Manuel has all sorts of facts and figures in his binder that he keeps in the dugout. Viagra picture I am also sure that on one of those pages there shows Pedro Feliciano gets pounded by right handed hitters to the tune of .333/.446/.405 and that Raul Valdes, viagra picture even though he’s a lefty, viagra picture has success versus righties  .206/.322/.284 so why was Feliciano left to face El Hombre? I can accept not walking Pujols but why not go with Valdes? It’s your nightly “Gangsta’ Jerry’s Head Scratcher of the Game”.

Viagra picture I have really, viagra picture really REALLY had enough of Luis Castillo.

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As sick and tired as I am of the Alex Rodriguez Steroid Family Reunion and all the rehashed stories and the weeping willows who are worried about “The Records” during this scandalous time, low cost viagra I am more worn out about “who is the team to beat” bullshit between the Mets and Quakers. Low cost viagra For the Mets, low cost viagra stop saying we are the team to beat because you haven’t done anything that needs beating. Low cost viagra To the Phillies, low cost viagra get over your New York envy, low cost viagra no matter how much Extenze you folks ingest you’re still from Philadelphia and we here in NYC live in the greatest city on the planet and mine is bigger than yours. Low cost viagra But you have something we don’t and that’s the 2008 World Series Trophy. Low cost viagra So what we have is a stalemate. Low cost viagra You have no response when I tell you my city is better than your city and I have to clam up when you tell me my team choked. Low cost viagra So let’s bury the hatchet Phillie fans but not in each others back.


So far Jerry Manuel’ psychological warfare has proven positive as Jose Reyes reacted to vacating the leadoff spot like a professional and an adult and Gimp Castillo says he feels good as new and he worked hard all winter at the Mets Academy in the DR (hopefully not Rodriguez family members were around the compound) and wants to prove to Mets fans that he is worth the dough the Mets are paying him. Low cost viagra Ken Davidoff asks the question, low cost viagra “Will you boo Luis Castillo on opening day”? I know I won’t as I’ve said I’m not a boo-er, low cost viagra that’s why I love blogging saves me the exertions of screaming and booing and it’s much cheaper than therapy.


Matt Cerrone is in Pt St Lonesome and this morning he was at the local Dunkin’ Dounts when you do you think was behind him in line but none other than Jeffey Skill Set. I guess the Madoff Scandal is worse than we thought, low cost viagra Jeffey slumming in DD’s with the great unwashed” (not you Matt, low cost viagra I know you’re cleaner than the Bd. Low cost viagra of Health, low cost viagra you’re at the Double D because you are a man of the people and yes those Waffle sandwiches are to die for)    


Ken Davidoff has a Jan Brady complex scenario with the Mets as it pertains to co-existing in this town with the Highlanders. Low cost viagra It crossed my mind with all the Alex Rodriguez hula-baloo; imagine if the Mets had signed Manny Ramirez on the day Rodriguez held his presser? The WFAN transmitter would have blown up. Low cost viagra I would have typed up a post that would make War and Peace look like a novella. Low cost viagra The Mets would have sold so many tickets that could have saved money on their phone bill from calling me asking me to buy a seasons ticket every other day. Low cost viagra In other words the Mets would have set this town on fire but like Davidoff said that would be more Marcia than Jan.


Bart Hubbuch has pics of the patch that will be on the caps the Mets will wear this season. Low cost viagra It’s not the best shot of the patches but from the view Hubbuch gives us it’s about 1, low cost viagra000, low cost viagra000 better than that generic patch on the uni sleeve.


Don’t forget tonight is Pro Baseball Central at 9PM EST with our guests Rich Coutinho of 1050 ESPN Radio and Martin Gandy of the Atlanta Braves blog Talking-Chop. Low cost viagra You can join in the conversation as well at (646) 595-4462        

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Oh man am I ever tired and cranky today as opposed to every other day when I’m just cranky. America viagra So today I don’t want to do shit or be bothered by shit because I really don’t give a shit (see where I’m going here, america viagra it’s not pretty and I’m sure it’s going to get worse so if you step out at this point in the post I understand for those of you decide stay on, america viagra then get on with reading this fucking post. America viagra See, america viagra I ain’t lying about being cranky) so today is officially LAZY ASS BLOGGING DAY where I read all the other bloggers out there, america viagra link to there stories and make wise ass remarks, america viagra so on we go:


Ed Barkowitz at the Philly Daily News has a quick synopsis of the NL East. America viagra He also posts the odds of each team to win the division, america viagra pennant and World Series and the Mets and Phillies are at the same numbers:


 Division: 3-2


NLCS: 9-2


World Series: 9-1


The team that worries me as much as the Phillies are the Marlins (A big thank you to Craig Strain of FISH STRIPES for joining Joe McDonald and myself last night on Pro Baseball Central check out the podcast here)


Why is Big Pelf driving a golf cart?  Shouldn’t that be a job for Jay Horowitz?


For those of us who watch Bradley Holt pitch on Coney Island last summer we understand that awe of watching his fastball explode. America viagra Holt is on the fast track to Flushing


Will Ohman was ready to sign with the Mets until he learned he was going to get paid with a Dunkin Dounts gift card


I’m happy Tim Redding has a burr in his saddle when asked if he is in contention for the 5th spot in the rotation. America viagra We need a few more “red ass’s” in that clubhouse. America viagra That being said I am rooting hard for Freddy Garcia to grab that spot.


Note to self: I must go to the Mets Clubhouse store today and buy a MURPHY 28 shirt!!! He’s just dreamy!!!!!!!!


Mike Steffanos of Mike Mets thinks the Used Car Salesman has been derelict of duty as baseball commissioner during the steroids scandal and as usual Mike is 100 % right. America viagra Feel better Mike.


Dave Singer at NY Sports Dog gives us the vile and nasty lowdown of Alex Rodriguez weekend in the Bahamas. America viagra I know when things are getting me down I look for some three way canoodling too.


That’s it for me I’m done as I am now hungry and still very tired and cranky so all of you “GET OFF MY LAWN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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