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Viagra and lisinopril I remembered that the good folks at Kiners Korner did an interview with Gary Carter sometime last year their Blog Talk Radio podcast and lo and behold I get an e-mail for Nik Kolidas with a link to the interview and a note saying he thought I’d enjoy hearing it again. Viagra and lisinopril Not only did I enjoy it, viagra and lisinopril I felt I had to share with you folks as well.

Viagra and lisinopril This seems to be the last live interview that Carter participated in

Viagra and lisinopril A big tip of my Mets cap to Nik, viagra and lisinopril Matthew Fazelpoor, viagra and lisinopril Taryn Cooper, viagra and lisinopril Gene Anthony and Rob Z. Viagra and lisinopril on a job well done.

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Generic cialis next day shipping I’m sure many of you have read the stories concerning former Philadelphia Inquirer baseball writer Bill Conlin and the sickening accusation that he sexually abused children, generic cialis next day shipping some who were his niece and nephew, generic cialis next day shipping over 40 years ago. Generic cialis next day shipping It’s so sad that these people have had to carry this burden around with them for all these years and now due to the statute of limitations, generic cialis next day shipping Conlin cannot be arrested and prosecuted for the alleged crime he committed which is a shame. Generic cialis next day shipping    

Generic cialis next day shipping I bring up Conlin here because I got an e mail to moderate a comment on this sight from a poster named Edgy DC who found a post I wrote here back in November 2007 about a feud I had with Conlin back then via e mail. Generic cialis next day shipping  Check out the post from November 23, generic cialis next day shipping 2007 where I discussed with Conlin that a Phillies blogger wrote about how he felt David Wright was more deserving of the NL MVP award than Jimmy Rollins. Generic cialis next day shipping The back and forth I have with Conlin is pretty comical but with the severity of the allegation against Conlin now, generic cialis next day shipping I feel bad I didn’t wait for outside Shea Stadium and beat the living shit out of him. Generic cialis next day shipping    

Generic cialis next day shipping Big thank you to Edgy DC for finding this post and linking it back

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Poker viagra Every morning I check my e mail and Twitter hoping there is some kind of Mets news to read about and to discuss, poker viagra today I’m hoping all is quiet on the Flushing Front because I am exhausted from yesterday even though I didn’t do a damn thing but watch TV. Poker viagra  

Poker viagra One of the best features of having FiOS is the NFL Red Zone Channel. Poker viagra You get live cut ins of every NFL games without commercial interruption and when your team is playing on Sunday or Monday night, poker viagra Red Zone is wonderful. Poker viagra I watched most of Patriots-Redskins (Tom Brady is totally frustrated that the Pat defense is so bad he has turned into an Arena Football League QB having to put up a zillion points to win a football game) and then switched over to Ch 5 to watch Tebow Time (I get that a lot of people are turned off by the religious zealotry of Tebow as people like that get on my nerves as well, poker viagra but you have to put that aside when looking at this guy. Poker viagra The most over used phrase in sports in “he’s a winner” but the fact is Tebow is a winner. Poker viagra He’s won at every level of football he’s played including QBing two National Championship teams and he’s won a Heisman Trophy. Poker viagra  I get that he is as inaccurate a passer as the local weatherman with a winter forecast but he does make big plays when it’s needed and his teammates believe he makes them and the team better. Poker viagra That’s all that counts. Poker viagra )

Poker viagra After all that I was still waiting for the main event of the evening, poker viagra Giants-Cowboys. Poker viagra I was totally pissed off that this game wasn’t the 4PM FOX game as I wanted to watch the finale of Boardwalk Empire. Poker viagra I would have put up with the insufferable team of Joe Buck and Troy Akiman just to find out what happens to Nucky Thompson and Jimmy Darmondy. Poker viagra Giants-Cowboys took precedent over the illegal activities in Atlantic City. Poker viagra     

Poker viagra As much as the Mets put me through the ringer, poker viagra the angst they’ve given me over the last couple of season can’t compare to the love/hate I have for the NY Football Giants of the last couple of years.

Poker viagra I don’t think there is a player or coach on this Giants team I haven’t shouted profanities at my TV at this season? Head Coach Tom Coughlin annoys the living shit out of me with all his reactionary faces to every single play. Poker viagra No one gets more “YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING FIRED” rants than Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride (a Jets fan buddy and I got into a heated discussion over lunch on whose team has the worst OC my Giants with Gilbride or his Jets with “That asshole Shotty”) I cannot stand Brandon Jacobs (not as much as a despised Jeremy Shockey and Palxico Burress when they were G-Men) and there are many times where Eli Manning goes from looking like Johnny Unitas and then like Dave Brown but I never curse at Eli, poker viagra I  like Eli a lot to the point I feel right now he’s the best quarterback in the history of the New York Giants.  That brings me to last night’s Giants-Cowgirls game.

Poker viagra As I’m watching this game I went over in my head how much I hate the Dallas Cowgirls. Poker viagra Then I started thinking what opposing team of my favorite teams do I hate the most? I ran through all the teams I root for Mets, poker viagra Giants, poker viagra NY Rangers, poker viagra Boston Celtics and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and came up with this list:

Poker viagra Los Angeles Lakers

Poker viagra Philadelphia Flyers

Poker viagra Dallas Cowboys

Poker viagra Philadelphia Eagles

Poker viagra USC

Poker viagra Philadelphia Phillies

Poker viagra  I put the Lakers first on the list because in this modern day of teams fraternizing and always hugging and laughing with each other, poker viagra when the C’s meet up with the Fakers there is true unadulterated hate between them. Poker viagra These are the two greatest organizations in the history of the NBA  and neither would piss on the other if they were on fire. Poker viagra I love that.

Poker viagra I guess it goes back to 1974 when the Flyers beat the Rangers in the playoffs and the whole Broad Street Bullies era took off. Poker viagra To this day Bobby Clarke is the opposing player I hate to most.

Poker viagra The Cowboys? Jimmy Jones, poker viagra the whole stupid star at mid-field, poker viagra Americas Team my ass

Poker viagra The hate for the Iggles is a family hand me down. Poker viagra My father never got over Chuck Bednarik’ hit on Frank Gifford.

Poker viagra Still remember how upset my old man was after the Anthony Davis game when USC came back to beat Notre Dame that sealed the end of the Ara Paseghian era at South Bend.

Poker viagra Now when it comes to the Mets it’s hard to find a real rival. Poker viagra When the Mets were good in the 80’s the rivals were the Cubs, poker viagra Pirates, poker viagra Cardinals. Poker viagra Then it was the Braves and lately the Phillies but there has never been that one team with a long history of a rival with the Mets. Poker viagra I never looked at the Highlanders as a Mets rival but more of a neighbor I just ignore.

Poker viagra I was ready to bail from the Giants game right after the Tony Romo 50 yard TD pass to Dez Bryant that put the Cowgirls up 34-22 with like 4 minutes left in the game. Poker viagra I was thisclose to clicking the DVR for Boardwalk Empire but I was just to numb to change the channel. Poker viagra I just kept thinking “well, poker viagra as bad as this loss is at least there will be a house cleaning of the coaching staff and the Chin will take over” next thing I see Eli marching his team down the field, poker viagra shredding a Cowgirls  secondary and going to TE Jake Ballard who looked like Gulliver to the Dallas Lilliput DB’s for a TD that brought the Giants to within 5 of the Cowgirls with just 3 minutes and change left in the game. Poker viagra Unfortunately the Giants had to go back on defense. Poker viagra I have no faith in the D which really really bothers me because the Giants have always been known for their D-Fence. Poker viagra Miraculously the D steps up at the most crucial time in this game, poker viagra well mostly Jason Pierre-Paul and Chirs Canty did the steppin’ and the Cowgirls had to give Eli back the ball.

Poker viagra For all the hype that Tim Tebow gets, poker viagra Eli Manning is becoming one the best QB’s in pressure situations in all of football. Poker viagra Manning would not disappoint leading the Giants to a game winning TD drive. Poker viagra Does K Gilbride ever get it through his head that Eli in the no-huddle is as good as brother Peyton in these situations? Give Eli the keys to the offense and sit back and look like a genius why don’t ya.

Poker viagra Of course even after the Jacobs TD this game wasn’t over not until JPP says it’s over with his huge block of a last minute Dallas attempt of a game winning field goal. Poker viagra The NY Football Giants are in 1st place in the NFC East and control their fate to get to the post season. Poker viagra All this happened in a matter of minutes.

Poker viagra PHEWWwwwwwwwwwwwww! I’m exhausted time to get to bed. Poker viagra Or so I thought. Poker viagra My wife tells me “you have to watch Boardwalk Empire, poker viagra you won’t believe what happened” Aw shit, poker viagra I’m now I have to sacrifice another hour of sleep. Poker viagra It was well worth it, poker viagra I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen yet but HOLY SHIT, poker viagra HOLY SHIT!

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Viagra online cod After the news broke yesterday about the NY Mets Third Annual Adjustment of Ticket Prices, viagra online cod I got an e-mail inviting me to a conference call with Mets Executive VP of Business Operation, viagra online cod David Howard to ask questions about the new dynamic pricing on Mets tickets. Viagra online cod As most of you know, viagra online cod I’m not a fan of Howard’s and from what I hear the feeling is mutual. Viagra online cod After last night’s conference call nothing has change in our relationship.

Viagra online cod Howard started the call by reiterating what was in the press release where the organization has scraped its Platinum, viagra online cod Gold, viagra online cod Silver, viagra online cod Tin Can tier pricing to a new pricing program where Mets tickets will be priced like a commodity. Viagra online cod Just like gold, viagra online cod silver and pork bellies (the Skill Sets have really morphed into the Duke brothers   ) the price of a Mets ticket will now be set by market demand, viagra online cod however there is one caveat, viagra online cod there is a minimum price a ticket will go for and it will be what a season ticket holder paid for their ticket, viagra online cod which is fair as the organization is protecting its best customer. Viagra online cod Ah, viagra online cod  but this being the Mets there always a “read the fine print” moment  and in this case it’s giving season ticket holders a deadline of November 7th to make a payment to commit to 2012 season tickets. Viagra online cod This is a full  month earlier than usual and as Howard Megdal points out right at the time teams can have exclusive negotiating rights with its own free agents.  The Mets fan cynic in me says this means that there is no way the club will resign Jose Reyes and  they want to make sure those who hold season tickets  make an early commitments  before they can decide if a Reyes-less Mets team is one they want to invest their discretionary income.

Viagra online cod I’m not a season ticket holder but I did at one time buy partial plans but with different commitments and such, viagra online cod I decided to buy game tickets when I know I’m free to go to games. Viagra online cod So under this plan I will have to play Russian Roulette Mets style to buy my tickets. Viagra online cod The price of tickets will vary as to who the opponent is and if the team is in contention or an also ran. Viagra online cod So a seat for a game against the San Diego Padres on a Monday night in September will  a whole lot less than a game against the Highlanders on a June Friday night. Viagra online cod  Classic supply and demand.

Viagra online cod The question I posed to Howard was about all the seats with no ass’s in them behind home plate and how watching the current post season games from Citizen Bank Park, viagra online cod Comerica Park and Rangers Ballpark where there are real good old fashion baseball seats with fans in them as opposed to Citi Field where fans would rather sip Chardonnay and talk about how happy they are that the financial intuition they work for is sucking the country’s economy dry, viagra online cod than watch a baseball game. Viagra online cod So courtesy of Amazin’ Avenue, viagra online cod who has done a fantastic job of transcribing the conference call (a big tip of the Mets cap to Chris McShanne and James Kannengieser )  here is my question and Howard’ response:

Viagra online cod Steve Keane, viagra online cod Ed Kranepool Society: This is the 3rd year in a row that the organization has revamped its ticket program and it seems like the organization has a problem reading its fan base. Viagra online cod Watching these postseason games, viagra online cod especially games at Citizens Bank Ballpark, viagra online cod Comerica and Arlington, viagra online cod you see the seats behind home plate are regular stadium seats, viagra online cod whereas at Citi Field they have these big expensive luxury seats. Viagra online cod Has there ever been any thought of taking those seats out by the Champions Club, viagra online cod and putting in seats where fans will actually sit in those seats during games.

Viagra online cod  

Viagra online cod DH: The Champions Club is behind home plate but not immediately behind home plate on the field level. Viagra online cod It’s actually technically off of the field level concourse. Viagra online cod They sit above the Sterling Seats. Viagra online cod With regards to the Champions Club in particular, viagra online cod we are actually changing that club and making it an all-inclusive club. Viagra online cod While the prices are essentially remaining constant, viagra online cod there is going to be complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages served.

Viagra online cod  

Viagra online cod I think in regards to the Delta Club, viagra online cod which is the club that’s on camera from the center field view during games, viagra online cod those are upholstered theater-style seats. Viagra online cod They are very comfortable. Viagra online cod They are a premium seat. Viagra online cod They are basically sold out. Viagra online cod Again, viagra online cod you may not see people sitting in those seats all the time. Viagra online cod They may be in the club, viagra online cod they may be in the back, viagra online cod they may not be there. Viagra online cod Those seats are sold, viagra online cod so we don’t have any plans at this point to change those. Viagra online cod What happens is that the team starts to win more, viagra online cod it gets more exciting; people will be in those seats on an increased basis.

Viagra online cod So in essence, viagra online cod who gives a shit if someone is sitting in the seats, viagra online cod THEY’RE PAID FOR!!!! And they are sold out (I guess those were the tickets that sold like “hotcakes” last season) Howard’s thinking is we can get the corporate suit here to wine and dine during games but it’s you annoying Mets fans with your rent and mortgages and families to take care of and on top of that insisting on having a winning team that we need to buy tickets.  There has to be some bloodline between David Howard and M.Donald Grant .

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Viagra discount codes When I turned on my computer this morning there was a e-mail from the New Yorker with a link to a story written by Jeffery Tobin about Freddy Skill Sets and the rise and fall of the Skill Sets financial world. Viagra discount codes There are quotes it seems from Bernie Madoff, viagra discount codes that makes both Freddy and Uncle Saul look like a couple of patsies when it came to finances.

Viagra discount codes The real bombeshell though is Freddy’s take on some of players, viagra discount codes these comments are sure to start a violent shit storm with the Mets fan base.

Viagra discount codes The piece is long and I’m going to read it now so here’s the link so you can get a gander of it for yourself. Viagra discount codes Sometime later this morning I’ll be back with some comments but from reading Mets Blog and Adam Rubin’s Mets Blog this morning, viagra discount codes losing two of three to the Highlanders will be a fart in the wind after this story gets it fill of eyeballs.

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How to make viagra Turned on my computer this morning to check my e-mail and lo and behold there was a message from Mets manager Terry Collins. How to make viagra What? You got one too? And you? You mean you all got an e-mail from the Mets skipper? Shit, how to make viagra I thought I was special.

How to make viagra The crux of the letter was that after years of awful baseball played in Queens, how to make viagra the Mets will now play the game the right way. How to make viagra In a roundabout way, how to make viagra Collins is letting us now that after his years as minor league coordinator his suggestions fell on deaf ears, how to make viagra that the organization was run by a bunch of clueless dolts who were fundamentally bad at teaching the fundamentals of baseball.

How to make viagra But now the time to talk about the season is done, how to make viagra it’s time to put up and show Mets fans that this is the dawning of the age of good baseball, how to make viagra the kind of baseball we, how to make viagra as paying customers don’t mind being priced gouged over (The Mets still don’t understand that the prices they charge for tickets and concession are, how to make viagra as Jimmy Macmillan would say, how to make viagra “TOO DAMN HIGH” you want to build goodwill with the Mets fans, how to make viagra you should have lowered your ticket prices by 50 %  and allow families to buy kids meals at the food stands at a discount) if the team does all the things that TC said in his opening day missive, how to make viagra the fans will come back. How to make viagra The problems the last few years in Flushing was the fans cared more than the players did about the team but it’s time to put all the horse shit of the past behind us, how to make viagra new front office, how to make viagra new manager, how to make viagra new attitude? I hope so. How to make viagra LET’S GO METS!!!!!!

How to make viagra I’ve always felt NY Ranger fans were the most passionate of all New York Sports Fans (I don’t want to get into the late season swoon by the Blue Shirts as I’m trying to have a positive day even though the Rangers are going into the tank and as I walked from the Subway to my office this morning, how to make viagra I had to deal with ice cold rain hitting my face, how to make viagra so far, how to make viagra so shitty) but I think the Mets fans have taken over the top spot. How to make viagra Yesterday afternoon, how to make viagra the Mets announced their opening day lineup:

How to make viagra Jose Reyes, how to make viagra ss

How to make viagra Willie Harris, how to make viagra lf

How to make viagra David Wright, how to make viagra 3b

How to make viagra Carlos Beltran, how to make viagra rf

How to make viagra Angel Pagan, how to make viagra cf

How to make viagra Ike Davis, how to make viagra 1b

How to make viagra Brad Emaus, how to make viagra 2b

How to make viagra Josh Thole, how to make viagra c

How to make viagra Mike Pelfrey, how to make viagra rhp

How to make viagra With the sight of Harris in the 2 hole and Thole in the 8 spot, how to make viagra a little bit of holy hell broke out on Twitter over this slotting. How to make viagra What other fan base is that passionate that they look at the opening day line up on the eve of the opener and go into shit storm mode? Had they waited to hear Collins reasoning maybe they wouldn’t be popping blood pressure pills today:

How to make viagra “Not only will Willie Harris start on Opening Day in left field in place of injured Jason Bay (left rib-cage strain). How to make viagra Harris also will bat second in Terry Collins’ first lineup as Mets manager.

How to make viagra The reason: Harris is hitting .267 with one homer, how to make viagra two RBIs and seven walks in 22 career plate appearances against Marlins ace Josh Johnson — good for a .500 on-base percentage.

How to make viagra “Strictly numbers, how to make viagra” Collins said about selecting Harris over Lucas Duda or Scott Hairston. How to make viagra “We talked about the importance of getting out of the gate. How to make viagra This guy [Johnson] is one of the best in the league, how to make viagra one of the best in baseball. How to make viagra And if you’ve got a guy who hits this guy, how to make viagra it would seem to me you should get him in there.”

How to make viagra Duda has never faced Josh Johnson, how to make viagra and Scott Hairston is 0 for 5 with a walk and two strikeouts vs. How to make viagra Johnson. How to make viagra If Jason Bay was healthy, how to make viagra all this fan angst would have been avoided as Angel Pagan would have been in the #2 spot and Bay in the 5 spot and Harris on the bench. How to make viagra By the way, how to make viagra to make things worse, how to make viagra Bay is 4 for 9 with a home run vs. How to make viagra Josh Johnson. How to make viagra Can’t we just enjoy the day, how to make viagra Mets fans?

How to make viagra Another stain on the Minaya/Manuel resume, how to make viagra Big Pelf pitched in pain last year.

How to make viagra Hopefully the Mets will be so good this season that Gary, how to make viagra Keith, how to make viagra Ron and Kevin Burkhardt won’t have to discuss the Skill Sets/Madoff financial fiasco. By the way, how to make viagra yesterday at work I listened to the Highlanders-Tigers game on WCBS. How to make viagra I don’t know how Highlander fans do it, how to make viagra listening to Suzyn Waldman made me want to punch someone in the face; the screeching of her voice was making my skin crawl. How to make viagra I thought she was just there to read commercial spots and give out of town scores? Yesterday, how to make viagra she wouldn’t shut up, how to make viagra even as I begged her through the radio (please you annoying yenta SHUT THE FUCK UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP) which kept my co-workers in a jolly mood. How to make viagra Sterling doesn’t bother me that much. How to make viagra Sure he is the worst play by play man in the history of sports broadcasting but for some strange reason I get a kick out him. How to make viagra Even his schmaltzy home run calls make me chuckle (“you’re on the Mark, how to make viagra Texiera” or “The Grandy Man Can” are so lame their hysterical) the TV side is no better as the male version of Waldman, how to make viagra Michael Applegate, how to make viagra is as much a shill as Sterling but nowhere near as entertaining. How to make viagra Mr. How to make viagra Applegate is in fact down right annoying and what pisses me off more is I have no choice if I decide to take in a Highlander game on TV I have to watch YUCK as MLB Extra Innings blocks the feed from the out of town team. How to make viagra Plus I’m spoiled as Gary, how to make viagra Keith, how to make viagra Ron and Kevin are the Gold Standard of baseball broadcasting.

How to make viagra Check out THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Podcast on Blog Talk Radio or as a download on iTunes

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Zocor alternative viagra There  has  been a lot of chatter over a piece that Jeff Pearlman wrote for CNN about tracking down a couple of guys who sent him some hate e-mail over a blog post he made about Jeff Bagwell not being Hall of Fame worthy. Zocor alternative viagra One of the e-mails was cloaked in deception as a civil response to Pealrman’s anti- Bagwell post but when Peralman opened the link he was struck with a pornographic image instead. Zocor alternative viagra What made it worse was he was sitting with his 7 year old daughter when he opened it.

Zocor alternative viagra Pearlman’ naiveté of opening a link sent by a stranger can be debated but what can’t be denied is that Pearlman went  all George Costanza on his ass. Zocor alternative viagra Remember when George was driving  Danny Tartabull to a PBS fund raiser when he thought another driver had given him and Tartabull the finger and chased the guy all the way upstate NY only to find the guys’ finger was in a cast? Well, zocor alternative viagra that sort of what Pearlman did.

Zocor alternative viagra Pearlman doesn’t reveal how he tracked these vile critics down but he did and when he confronted them on the phone, zocor alternative viagra they were shocked and I guess a bit scared that their cloak of anonymity was lifted.

Zocor alternative viagra When you write a blog you have to expect nasty and vile comments. Zocor alternative viagra On this site, zocor alternative viagra I’ve had commentators who have left some awful comments about me personally and some of my posts. Zocor alternative viagra If they are funny or creative I let them stand, zocor alternative viagra but if they are about someone else either a subject I’ve written about or another commentator I delete them. Zocor alternative viagra I can’t tell you how many racists and homophobic comments I’ve had to delete over the last few years. Zocor alternative viagra I won’t ever allow that here.

Zocor alternative viagra Now I wouldn’t go to the extreme that Pearlman did unless someone made a personal threat against me, zocor alternative viagra if that happened I’d probably got to the police with it as my ass kicking days are over. Zocor alternative viagra By the way Pearlman is all wrong about Bagwell, zocor alternative viagra the guys belongs in the Hall of Fame. Zocor alternative viagra If Jeff or anyone else thinks I’m wrong you know where to find me. Zocor alternative viagra I ain’t hiding.

Zocor alternative viagra The San Francisco Giants brought the 2010 World Series trophy to NYC this weekend. Zocor alternative viagra Greg Prince and Caryn Rose both got to lay eyes on the great baseball prize. Zocor alternative viagra As many long time readers here know, zocor alternative viagra my dad was a huge NY Giants fan and even when they left town he still rooted for them until 1962 when the Mets were born. Zocor alternative viagra Not only because it was a new NL team (There was never ever a thought of my dad becoming a Highlanders fan. Zocor alternative viagra You had a better chance of him saying the Queen of England was a pretty good gal than have him say anything nice about the Bronx Bastards)but by playing in the Polo Grounds, zocor alternative viagra he could now get back to his old stomping grounds. Zocor alternative viagra   So for all sons and daughters of old NY Giants fans I’d like to tip my Mets cap to Bill Neukom for not forgetting the franchises roots.

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Cialis daily

Cialis daily I was fortunate to be one of the bloggers  invited  to attend the Mets Holiday Party  yesterday and it was quite the experience.

Cialis daily From the time I arrived at the frozen tundra of Flushing (it was a bit surreal as I was the only passenger getting off at the Citi Field-Willets Pt. Cialis daily stop on the 7 train and the wind was whipping and there was still wisps of snow on the platform. Cialis daily Then walking out of the station there was not a soul around the ball park. Cialis daily  It felt like the kind of dream I’ve had after one too many late night slices of pepperoni pizza before going to bed) and walked into the Seaver entrance of the ball park, cialis daily I had a very awkward feeling. Cialis daily The guard at the door asked me if I was “media” or a guest. Cialis daily  I immediately turned into Ralph Kramden “Aaaaaa Humm-a-na-Hummm-a-ana, cialis daily I don’t know” and with that I shoved a copy of the e mail of my invite at him. Cialis daily The guard made a call and told me to have a seat and when the check in begins, cialis daily look for your name on the “media list”. Cialis daily Say that again but a bit slower? Sure enough on the “media list” we’re my name and my site along with other bloggers. Cialis daily  After checking in, cialis daily I walked to the elevator with Sweeney Murti, cialis daily the Highlander beat man for WFAN. Cialis daily When I asked what he was doing here ( like I’m now the keeper of who belongs and who doesn’t) he told me he was covering this for the MLB Network (oh ok permission to come on board the ship) Knowing that he has mentioned he’s a one time Phillies fan, cialis daily I asked him about the Cliff Lee signing and if he was happy or sad since he covers the Highlanders. Cialis daily It was here where I realized how much difference there is between the MSM and bloggers, cialis daily Murti told be it didn’t matter to him as he has not rooting interest either way. Cialis daily  It finally hit me, cialis daily this is the man’s job. Cialis daily It doesn’t matter who wins or losses or who’s a nice guy or who’s a prick, cialis daily he just covers the Highlanders as that’s his assignment. Cialis daily WFAN could tell him tomorrow that they are going to switch it up and have Ed Coleman cover the Highlanders and him cover the Mets and it would not phase Murti in the slightest.

Cialis daily There’s the difference, cialis daily as a blogger I have an emotional attachment to the New York Mets. Cialis daily  There isn’t any objectivity here. Cialis daily There is anger some (most) times and sarcasm and general wise ass-ness here but it stays within the Mets fandom. Cialis daily We can call the owner names and curse the OP and Castillo contracts for burdening the organization but if someone outside the “family” says anything we get our backs up and we stick up for the team and the organization. Cialis daily Now the last few years, cialis daily this has been quite difficult. Cialis daily So my trek to Flushing yesterday was as much a fact finding mission to see what this new regime will do to cleanse the sins of the past administration as it was to try to find out if the team is headed in the right direction.

Cialis daily As our little group of bloggers stood around basically trying to figure out where to stand, cialis daily where to leave our coats, cialis daily and where the bathrooms were, cialis daily we were saved by Danielle Parillo of the Mets P.R. Cialis daily who gave us the itinerary for the day (and for that I am grateful, cialis daily Danielle) we were led to the media area and split into three groups, cialis daily print, cialis daily TV and bloggers. Cialis daily Yes, cialis daily we had our own section. Cialis daily After the GM, cialis daily MGR and players were done with the first two groups they were led to the bloggers section.

Cialis daily Sandy Alderson was the first to meet with us, cialis daily we introduced ourselves and shook hands with the GM and then began the Q & A. Cialis daily  It’s hard not to be impressed by Alderson. Cialis daily I perceive him as a man of cool and confidence, cialis daily I don’t think much rattles this man. Cialis daily Each question was met with direct eye contact with the inquirer and there were no one or two word answers. Cialis daily  The main questions were of course about pitching , cialis daily Alderson made it known that was his main concern as well. Cialis daily He is not going to sign a pitcher just because his name is familiar with fans; this front office will do its due diligence from scouting reports to in depth analytical study on pitchers to find the right fit. Cialis daily Alderson’ personality is the polar opposite of most Mets fans, cialis daily he’s patient.

Cialis daily Terry Collins was next to talk to us and if anything the man is intense. Cialis daily It is going to be quite intriguing to see how his high energy” if you’re not part of the solution your part of the problem” style will play in the Mets clubhouse. Cialis daily I explained to him my biggest grip with the team and organization over the last few years  was the “woe is us” attitude from the ownership to the front office to manger, cialis daily coaches and players where losing was accepted and injuries were used as a crutch. Cialis daily Collins let me know that this will not happen with this team, cialis daily those days are over. Cialis daily He also said that this will be addressed on day one of spring training. Cialis daily  As with Alderson, cialis daily the Ollie Castillo question came up and Collins gave the same answer as the GM that both these guys won’t stay on the roster if they cannot produce. Cialis daily  Collins also said that Ollie is on the list of starting pitchers come spring, cialis daily so if anything the Ollie Castillo question will not be answered until the end of March. Cialis daily Patients Mets fans, cialis daily patients.

Cialis daily Ike Davis was the first player to talk to us, cialis daily when asked about Dave Hudgens the new hitting coach, cialis daily Davis said he was thrilled as Hudgens is an “ASU (Arizona State University) guy and he also very happy that Ken Oberfell will be on the big league staff telling us that playing in Buffalo for Obie was the best baseball experience he’s had.

Cialis daily Carlos Beltran came by and the first impression I got meeting him in person for the first time, cialis daily was how big he is. Cialis daily He’s very broad in the chest and shoulders so you can see where his gets his power from. Cialis daily He told us his knee feels great and that his has been working out and is ready for spring training. Cialis daily He said the Mets have told him that he is the centerfielder and that he is happy about that but if there is someone in the organization that the club feels is better suited for the position, cialis daily he has no problem moving to right field. Cialis daily I get the sense that he wants to show he’s a team guy but I can tell he wants to show the skeptics he can still man the middle of the outfield. Cialis daily I asked him, cialis daily since the knee is feeling better will we see the speed come back, cialis daily he joked and said that at soon to be 34 years old he can’t run like when he was 24 and then asked me if I can still run when I was 24 (I was the oldest of the group) I laughed and said “I can’t run like I did when I was 44”, cialis daily we laughed and Carlos said “I’m only kidding with you” like I’d take offense? We bonded Beltran and I get that contract extension ready Sandy!

Cialis daily Jason Bay says he is headache free and has no signs or symptoms from his concussion. Cialis daily He looks fit.  Last season is still gnawing on him and spring training can’t come soon enough to suit him. Cialis daily I asked him how do the players stay below the noise and by that  I mean the extensive media coverage, cialis daily the talk radio loudmouths, cialis daily the many bloggers and playing in a city where baseball season is 24/7/365. Cialis daily Bay said that playing in Boston helps with that but he said coming from Pittsburgh to Boston was a definite shock. Cialis daily He said that as professionals they can’t let the outside forces take away their focus.

Cialis daily After entertaining the kids by playing Santa Claus (Marty Noble who was attendance really should have donned that Santa suit he has the physic for the job) David Wright came over to us. Cialis daily I remarked to him “is there anything you won’t do for this organization”? He gave me that patented D-Wright smile and said he will do whatever it takes to help this organization. Cialis daily From talking to Wright, cialis daily the impression I got was, cialis daily he’s happy about the regime change. Cialis daily He didn’t say anything specific but the word he used a lot in our conversation was “discipline”.  This is something that Matt Cerrone spoke about on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show last night, cialis daily the players in the last few years have felt this sense of entitlement like they didn’t have to prove anything to anyone and that playing for the Mets was like a Supreme Court appointment. Cialis daily That is over and done. Cialis daily   When asked about meeting Sandy Alderson, cialis daily Wright  again mentioned the discipline aspect of Alderson and how much he respected his baseball resume and just as important his dedicated service to the country. Cialis daily Wright told the group, cialis dailyhe sees a lot of his father, cialis daily a police officer, cialis daily in Alderson. Cialis daily  Wright also spoke of Collins and again this is just me speculating, cialis daily I don’t think David was a big fan of Jerry Manuel . Cialis daily Wright mentioned how Collins is a motivator and will instill (that word again ) discipline. Cialis daily My take is that the clubhouse has been dominated by a bunch of players who feel they are on scholarship when all they are, cialis daily are walk-ons.  From listening to Wright it seems it the Mets were overdue for this change in management.

Cialis daily For more on the day at Citi Field with the Mets check out the great job that Rob Castellano of Amazin’ Avenue did in putting together a great video recap of the interviews.

Cialis daily Back when I started doing this blog eight years ago, cialis daily I was envious of the bloggers at a now defunct site Elephants in Oakland who wrote about the Oakland A’s as they were given an audience with Billy Beane.  As we all know the A’s under Alderson and Beane were the most progressive of front offices. Cialis daily The same thing when Theo Epstein  took over the Red Sox and Paul DePodesta ran the Dodgers. Cialis daily Here I was as a Mets fan stuck with Joe McIllvaine a GM who much better fitted for a head scout or head of minor league development, cialis daily Al “The Empty Suit” Harrazin, cialis daily Steve “Lively Libido” Phillips, cialis daily Jim “Never Had A Chance” Duquette and Omar “See Joe Mcillvaine Description” Minaya running my favorite team, cialis daily turning a blind eye to present and future of baseball management. Cialis daily  When I knew that the Minaya regime was ready for over throw, cialis daily the first name on my wish list was Sandy Alderson and ownership came to its senses and hired him and not only Alderson but his top lieutenants Paul DePodesta and J.P. Cialis daily Ricciardi. Cialis daily To the average everyday Mets fan, cialis daily who gets his Mets news from fish wraps and entertainers on talk radio, cialis daily they don’t get the excitement of this new regime that resonates from those of us who sit on our laptops all day wondering you will manger Appalachian League Kingsport Mets but in due time they will. Cialis daily  All the bitching and moaning about not signing a big ticket free agent is off base, cialis daily this front office may be the best free agent signings in Mets history.

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Viagra propranolol A very busy couple of days kept me away from here yesterday. Viagra propranolol It all started Tuesday morning. Viagra propranolol I had a 5:30 game that evening so I wanted to get my work done in the morning so I could take a couple of hours off. Viagra propranolol I get an e-mail from fellow BBA member, viagra propranolol Daniel Shoptaw of C 70 at the Bat to see if I could pinch hit as host for the BBA Baseball Talk podcast that night. Viagra propranolol With my game at 5:30, viagra propranolol there is a curfew of 2 hours after first pitch as we have no lights at the field where we play. Viagra propranolol The podcast was scheduled for 11PM so it all works out for me.

Viagra propranolol The way the game started for our team I thought it might even be an earlier night as there is a 10 run mercy rule after 5 innings. Viagra propranolol We were down 6-0 after 3 as our pitchers didn’t throw many strikes and the one’s they did were hit hard. Viagra propranolol After showing my annoyance with my offense for not being aggressive at the plate (“enough window shopping fellows, viagra propranolol time to make purchase, viagra propranolol swing the bats, viagra propranolol next guy who takes a called third strike will need some big tweezers pull the splinters out of their butts”) they took my advice and got aggressive, viagra propranolol that and the opposing pitcher getting gased, viagra propranolol we get back in the game and make it 6-5 in the bottom of the 6th (we play 7 innings) and it’s getting darker and darker. Viagra propranolol Now to this point we have bases loaded two outs and as I say not much offense, viagra propranolol I tell my runner on 3rd to get a good lead as he’s not being held and the pitcher is focused on the batter. Viagra propranolol First pitch, viagra propranolol my runner goes more than half way down the line, viagra propranolol and the pitch is a strike. Viagra propranolol When he gets back I tell him, viagra propranolol if the ball gets past the catcher, viagra propranolol run to the plate. Viagra propranolol Sure enough the next pitch is in the dirt, viagra propranolol I scream to my runner (I coach 3rd base) GO! GO! GO! So he tears down the line and as he attempts his slide in the plate the catcher puts the tag right on his lead leg and is called out. Viagra propranolol Game over.

Viagra propranolol It took me a good half hour to leave the field. Viagra propranolol The kids were pissed off and I told them this loss is on me, viagra propranolol I told him to run and if you guys want to be mad at anyone be mad at me. Viagra propranolol I know one of my other coaches wasn’t happy with my decision and I’m sure some of the parents weren’t happy either but to tell you the truth I don’t care. Viagra propranolol I play aggressive and sometimes it works sometime it bites you in the ass, viagra propranolol so Tuesday night I had a sore ass.

Viagra propranolol Now by the time I get home, viagra propranolol it dawns on me, viagra propranolol “oh shit, viagra propranolol I’ve got to host the BBA Podcast.” So I scramble to get some material together and at 11PM Daniel and I are on the air. Viagra propranolol Check out the show here I think it went pretty good for two guys pinch hitting at the last minute.

Viagra propranolol So yesterday I took a mental health day as my managerial decisions were still driving me crazy.

Viagra propranolol Metsermized online has a great must read post on the events of April 22, viagra propranolol 1970, viagra propranolol the day Tom Seaver struck out 19 San Diego Padres, viagra propranolol the last 10 batters in a row. Viagra propranolol How fitting is it that The Franchise is in town to help inaugurate the new Mets Alumni Association where former Mets players from all eras of Mets history will be on hand at $iti Field and also represent the Mets at community events. Viagra propranolol I’m ecstatic over this new Met Alumni Association because, viagra propranolol it’s long over due and the initiative of the association of having former Mets on hand at the ball park and having them rep the organization at events has been something I’ve been advocating for some time. Viagra propranolol Maybe someone in the front office is reading this stuff if they are, viagra propranolol thank you. 

Viagra propranolol Looks like my projection of Carlos Beltran coming back to the lineup around the All Star break now looks like an optimistic view.

Viagra propranolol If Mets fans want to be ignorant enough to boo David Wright that’s there prerogative, viagra propranolol but as bad as Wright has looked at the plate the last week, viagra propranolol I still believe if Jason Bay and the suddenly ice cold Frenchy could start getting productive it would help Wright. Viagra propranolol No doubt the middle of the batting order is not very productive right now and maybe it’s time for a big shake up like say, viagra propranolol moving Wright to the lead off spot and Reyes to the 3 hole? Then move Castillo to 8 and Pagan to 2 ? The lineup would look like this:

Viagra propranolol Wright

Viagra propranolol Pagan

Viagra propranolol Reyes

Viagra propranolol Bay

Viagra propranolol Francouer

Viagra propranolol Davis

Viagra propranolol Barajas

Viagra propranolol Castillo

Viagra propranolol Pitcher

Viagra propranolol All this is moot if you have a healthy Beltran and a productive Bay, viagra propranolol in fact with both those player in the lineup and productive with the very good pitching the team has gotten early, viagra propranolol the 6-9 record the Mets have would be no worse than 9-6 or 10-5 and with the Phillies at 9-5 in first place, viagra propranolol Mets fans would be in a much better state of mind.

Viagra propranolol Ryota Igarhashi going down with a strained hammy is a killer right now. Viagra propranolol I guess Tobi Stoner can’t be called back up for 10 days from the time he was sent down so it looks like we’re stuck with Manny Acosta.

Viagra propranolol Now that we know Carlos Beltran is a couple of months away from rejoining the lineup, viagra propranolol can we please give GMJ his release and bring up Chris Carter ?

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