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Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Before I get started with some Mets-cellaneous items, sildenafil citrate voltammetry a moment of silence please to remember both Earl Weaver and Stan Musial two baseball titans who passed away this past Saturday.

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry  

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry  

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry I would like to congratulate David Wright on the announcement of his engagement to his long time squeeze Molly Beers. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry I’ll be checking the mail for my wedding invitation

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry The Bitter Bill got to meet R.A. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Dickey last Saturday night at the New York Baseball Writers dinner and found out what everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting and talking to R.A. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry discovered, sildenafil citrate voltammetry he’s not only a gentleman but one of the most interesting people you’ll ever run into in your life. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry  

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry It took me awhile to wrangle this but I am proud to announce I was able to purchase the sponsorship of Ed Kranepool’s player page on Baseball-Reference.  The other pages I sponsor are, sildenafil citrate voltammetry Ken Boswell, sildenafil citrate voltammetry Duffy Dyer, sildenafil citrate voltammetry Jay Hook, sildenafil citrate voltammetry 1947 NY Giants, sildenafil citrate voltammetry and 1977 NY Mets. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry It’s the least I can do for all the info I pluck from the Baseball-Reference site.

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry So Sandy Alderson made a funny at the baseball writer’s dinner:

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry There’s been a lot of talk about our outfield. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry And I want you to know that I’m in serious discussions with several outfielders I met on the Internet. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry There’s one I really like. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry He says he played at Stanford.’’

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry  and some folks are upset that he made a joke about the Mets outfield situation. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Really? Seriously? Lighten up!

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry The San Francisco Giants honored their New York roots this past weekend by bringing not only the 2012 World Series trophy to town but the great Willie Mays as well. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry  By the way, sildenafil citrate voltammetry with all the debate over retiring numbers that we Mets fans seem to love argue about, sildenafil citrate voltammetry how a dialog about retiring #24 to honor the greatest player in baseball history?

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry You should also read this column by George Vecsey on the Giants World Series trophy tour of NY.  I let out a big “SIGH” when I was done reading.

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Oh the Cubs had a FanFest over the weekend. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Tip O’ the Mets cap to Mets Police for the linkage and for putting me in a more pissed off mood about the baseball team I love.

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Hey look whose back, sildenafil citrate voltammetry Perpetual Pedro all recovered from shoulder problems and full of Highlander bucks has come home albeit with a minor league deal. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Feliciano will join Robert Carson, sildenafil citrate voltammetry Josh Edgin, sildenafil citrate voltammetry Darin Gorski, sildenafil citrate voltammetry Aaron Laffey, sildenafil citrate voltammetry and post-op Tim Brydak as the Mets attempt to form the first all left handed bullpen in history of baseball.

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry My podcast mate on Mets Kult of Personalities Tayrn Cooper, sildenafil citrate voltammetry has penned a guest column on Jeff Pearlman’s website, sildenafil citrate voltammetry taking up the cause for Mike Piazza’ enshrinement into the Hall of Fame and calling out the voters for short sightedness in not voting Piazza in his first year of eligibility. Sildenafil citrate voltammetry Pearlman will also be guest on Coops Gall For All Seasons Podcast this week as well.

Sildenafil citrate voltammetry  

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Listen to internet radio with Mike Silva on Blog Talk Radio

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Gnc viagra On the latest edition of the Sports Media Watchdog Podcast, gnc viagra Mike Silva and I talk about the Manti Te’o and Lance Armstrong controversies , gnc viagra the NBA playing regular season game in Europe, gnc viagra the deaths of baseball legends Stan Musial and Earl Weaver and a look at the NFL Championship Sunday.

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Overnight viagra “Perception is reality in our game and the perception I have right now is we’ve folded it up, overnight viagra” Collins said in a passionate postgame news conference. Overnight viagra “You want to see intenseness? You want to see me be intense? You guys are going to see it. Overnight viagra I won’t play that game. Overnight viagra You come and play the game right. Overnight viagra I don’t care what the situation is. Overnight viagra I don’t care about anything but playing the game correctly. Overnight viagra That’s all I care about. Overnight viagra Our fans should be upset. Overnight viagra I don’t blame them one bit.”

Overnight viagra Those are the words of Mets manager Terry Collins, overnight viagra who kind of erupted after the Mets latest loss yesterday. Overnight viagra The Washington Nationals, overnight viagra a team that could become a big thorn in the Mets side the next few years, overnight viagra came into Citi Field with nothing to play for except that they are a professional baseball team that gets paid a lot of money to compete and they are managed by Davey Johnson, overnight viagra who actually won a championship in blue and orange clothing and was raised in Baltimore under Earl Weaver during the halcyon days of the Orioles of the 1970’s

Overnight viagra As I was getting ready to do this post I read Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest and he hits on all the same points I was ready to lay out here so thank you Mike you’ve saved me from another 1, overnight viagra000 post on the demise of the Mets. Overnight viagra Silva’s analysis of David Wright is 100 % spot on:

Overnight viagra “Although David wants to win and tries hard, overnight viagra he continues to allow his surroundings to get the better of him. Overnight viagra When the team goes bad he doesn’t rise above it; he becomes part of the problem instead of the solution. Overnight viagra He needs to realize that behavior gets him the same treatment as the other 24 players; $14 million dollar salary and All Star resume be damned. Overnight viagra I wouldn’t trade Wright coming off this type of season, overnight viagra but he needs to be told that 2012 is his last chance to turn his Mets career around and show the organization he is closer to the player we saw from 2005-2008.”

Overnight viagra You know, overnight viagra we all killed Freddy Skill Sets when he said that Wright was a good kid and a good ballplayer but not a guy who carries the team, overnight viagra and guess what? Freddy was on target. Overnight viagra Wright is a good baseball player who would thrive on a team that has outstanding players. Overnight viagra He’s more a supporting actor than a leading man. Overnight viagra Quite frankly, overnight viagra I don’t know what value he has in the trade market over the winter but I would think Sandy Alderson will find out.

Overnight viagra Speaking of the GM, overnight viagra he’s been mighty quiet during this tailspin, overnight viagra is that a good thing or a bad thing? Is he sitting back taking notes of who has “folded up” to decide who stays and who goes?  Most likely.

Overnight viagra So tonight let’s see if the manager is serious or just giving lip service. Overnight viagra  I’d sit Wright and Pagan and if Bay can’t go please, overnight viagra enough of Willie Harris all he’s good at is preparing whip cream pies, overnight viagra put Nick Evans in LF and let Josh Satin play 1B. Overnight viagra I know there isn’t much to choose from but the mangers best friend is the bench when he wants to get his message across.

Overnight viagra  

Overnight viagra  

Overnight viagra  

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Viagra india It was nice to see Terry Collins get pissed off last night even if it wasn’t a total tirade I mean the way Collins acted at his post-game presser was the kind of demeanor Earl Weaver had ordering breakfast, viagra india but it was nice to see a Mets manager show passion instead of the “hey, viagra india shit happens” attitude of Jerry Manuel and the deer in the headlights way of Willie Randolph.

Viagra india Collins said there will be changes, viagra india but really what changes can be made? The easiest move would be to release Willie Harris as he has lived up to his rep as a Mets killer even while wearing the Mets colors. Viagra india Harris made a grave mistake when he said he pined for the days of the camaraderie of the Nationals clubhouse. Viagra india He should have been cut that day. Viagra india  It’s bad enough that Harris can’t hit for shit, viagra india his baseball IQ is as minuscule as his OPS. Viagra india Not getting the force at third base and not knowing to go home on a sharp groundball with the bags juiced are the stupid baseball plays that have been tolerated around here for too many years. Viagra india Good bye Willie Harris.

Viagra india If Collins really wanted to send a message he’d go to Sandy Alderson and ask for Lucas Duda or F-Mart to come back up and make left field a platoon with either player and Jason Bay. Viagra india Remember when we heard player salary wouldn’t be taken into account when making on field personal decisions? Well it’s time for Bay to grab some pine and if he has a problem with that either have his agent find a team to take him off the Mets hands or work out a buyout. Viagra india I’ve seen enough of Bay, viagra india nice guy but he’s spooked by Citi Field to the point that he stands so far off the plate he might as well try to hit from the dugout steps.

Viagra india Not much you can do with the bullpen. Viagra india As Bobby O said last night, viagra india this runs in cycles, viagra india the pen has gone from sugar to shit the last couple of weeks so hopefully they can sweeten themselves in the right direction. Viagra india At this point though, viagra india you could send Bobby Parnell back to Buffalo as he’s closer to driving a UPS truck as he is to being the closer of the future. Viagra india It’s one thing to throw 95+ mph but to throw that hard and straight over the plate you get your tits lit up in the big leagues. Viagra india Problem is who comes up? Manny Acosta has been great out of the Bison pen and John Lujan, viagra india who looked good in spring training, viagra india would be a nice candidate but really Alderson is at the bottom of the minor league pitching barrel. Viagra india    

Viagra india You have to feel for Terry Collins. Viagra india He’s trying so hard to stay confident with his Buffalo Soldiers and maybe they are just not up to the task. Viagra india No matter what level of baseball you’re talking about, viagra india if you give the opposition 4, viagra india 5, viagra india 6 outs in an inning you will lose the majority of your games no matter what. Viagra india Then add in an impotent offense that can’t get past 3 runs in a game, viagra india well then you have nights like last night. Viagra india Collins’ Buffalo Soldiers are starting to crumble as badly as Saddam Hussein Republican Guard. Viagra india I hope Collins has a better luck than ol’ Saddam

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Viagra wholesalers Ask me where I left my cell phone or a family members birthday or where I put my glasses and I stand and stare like a dumbass trying to remember, viagra wholesalers but ask me where I was on April 22nd 1970 and I can remember vividly.

Viagra wholesalers It was Easter vacation and I spent my time off where I spent all my time off at my favorite resort, viagra wholesalers the school yard of P.S. Viagra wholesalers 105 on 59th St off 10 Ave in Brooklyn playing baseball. Viagra wholesalers While we played we listened to the Mets-Padres game from Shea on a transistor radio because Tom Seaver was on the mound for the Mets.  What’s better than no school, viagra wholesalers playing ball and listening to Lindsay Nelson, viagra wholesalers Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner call a Mets game with Seaver pitching?

Viagra wholesalers Now this is the beginning of the Mets first season as reigning World Series Champions, viagra wholesalers and the Highlanders were a few years removed from their glory days (although the Highlanders got off to a slow start the did rally to win 93 games in 1970 but they still finished 15 games behind Earl Weaver’s Orioles who won 108 games and the World Series that year) now, viagra wholesalers as juvenile as I am at 52 years old just think what a little asshole I was at 12 years old (Moiser (Bobby Murcer)? Wadda ya snififn’ glue or somethin’?  fuckin’ Tommy Agee’s ahundred fuckin’ times betta ‘dan Moiser.  Get the fuck outta here!) so I berated all my Highlander fan friends (believe me they have given it back to me in spades over the years) to the fact that my team the Mets, viagra wholesalers were the best team in baseball.

Viagra wholesalers It was a typical Seaver game, viagra wholesalers pitch lights out and get no run support but this was the San Diego Padres, viagra wholesalers give Seaver one run and this game would be over.

Viagra wholesalers After 6 innings Seaver had K’d 10 and the Mets held a slim 2-1 lead, viagra wholesalers the only Padre run, viagra wholesalers a solo home run from Brooklyn born and raised Al Ferrara. Viagra wholesalers In the top of the 7th Seaver sent Nate Colbert, viagra wholesalers the Padres top hitter, viagra wholesalers Dave Campbell (yes THAT Dave Campbell) and future Met Jerry Morales down on strikes. Viagra wholesalers   Come the top of the 8th and same thing 3 up and 3 down all on strikeouts. Viagra wholesalers That’s 16 K’s in 8 innings for Tom Terrific. Viagra wholesalers Now Seaver has all our attention. Viagra wholesalers We leave whoever was in the dugout, viagra wholesalers in charge of letting the rest of us know when it was the top of the 9th inning. Viagra wholesalers When we here “the Padres are up” we all run to the radio to hear the finish of this remarkable game.

Viagra wholesalers BANG-BANG-BANG, viagra wholesalers the last punch-out was Seaver’s 19th and the 10th batter in a row to go down on strikes, viagra wholesalers a new all time record for strike outs in a game (since topped by Roger Clemens) and the most consecutive batters struck out, viagra wholesalers a record that still stands (by the way, viagra wholesalers Ike Davis’ dad Ron K’d 8 batters in a row for the Highlanders on May 4th, viagra wholesalers 1981). Viagra wholesalers Al Ferrara played a major part in this game, viagra wholesalers he hit the solo home run for San Diego’s lone run and he was the first and tenth strike victim of the streak.

Viagra wholesalers Wow, viagra wholesalers what an unbelievable game, viagra wholesalers I remember it like it was yesterday…….. Viagra wholesalers Hey, viagra wholesalers anybody see my keys?

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Indian cialis About last night:

Indian cialis So how many folks suffered a sprain or broken leg jumping back on the Johan Santana bandwagon?  I guess he’s back to being the Ace of the staff eh?

Indian cialis Funny I’m hearing any of the Carlos Beltran’ range is shot talk either ?

Indian cialis And how about Angel Pagan playing a mean right field? Let me help you with those bags Mr. Indian cialis Francoeur!

Indian cialis Even though Jerry Manuel was tossed from the game in the second inning, indian cialis we still were treated to some “Jerry Ball” in the 8th inning. Indian cialis With the Mets up 2-1, indian cialis Jose Reyes leads off with a walk off Vicente (Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka look a like) Padillia. Indian cialis Reyes procedes to steal 2nd base. Indian cialis Luis Castillo then walks as well, indian cialis so maybe the Mets are getting set for that elusive big inning we al have been waiting for. Indian cialis But hold on there you Earl Waever devotees, indian cialis J-Man will have none of that big inning stuff, indian cialis no way. Indian cialis From the bowels of Dodger Stadium, indian cialis the Gansta’ sends word to Dave Jauss the pretend manager, indian cialis to have Angel Pagan sacrifice the runners over. Indian cialis Pagan by the way has a .940 OPS with runners on base and an even more impressive 1.072 OPS with runners in scoring position. Indian cialis Some where in a retirement home in Florida, indian cialis Earl Weaver lit up a Raleigh and muttered, indian cialis “what a fuckin’ moron”

Indian cialis Not to be outdone, indian cialis St Joseph of Torre decided to go reliever for batter in the inning helping the Mets and the struggling Jason Bay break the game open via Bay’s three run double. Indian cialis My eyes were bleeding after that inning.

Indian cialis Darryl Strawberry wants this current Mets team to turn back the clock and play like the 86ers. It’s a nice thought but it’ll never happen. Indian cialis This group is too fragile psychologically. Indian cialis When the going is good, indian cialis they are all smiles and back slaps, indian cialis but as soon as adversity rears it’s ugly head, indian cialis they dive under the bed instead of meeting it head on. Indian cialis Part of it is the makeup of the team and part of it is the manager who plays not to lose (as we saw in last nights 8th inning) Players are too cautious especially the relievers as the slightest slip could cost you a job. Indian cialis The front office takes a big brunt of this as well by telling the world that the team is solvent but still won’t pay off  or trade off non productive players. Indian cialis A big move for this organization is to DFA Fernando Nieve and bring up Manny Acosta. Indian cialis Then when Nieve clears waivers, indian cialis they will resign him and send him to Buffalo and bring him back up sometime in August. Indian cialis So predictable.  The team mirrors it’s owner, indian cialis it talks a good fight but lacks the balls to back it up.

Indian cialis Let’s hope Big Pelf fixed whatever was broken and pitches a gem today in LA LA Land

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Buying viagra with no prescription Look over yonder/what do you see?

Buying viagra with no prescription The sun is a risin/most definitely  

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Buying viagra with no prescription Maybe all those who jumped off the Mets bandwagon will end up like a European tourist stuck at JFK, buying viagra with no prescription while those of us who stick by our team, buying viagra with no prescription through good times and bad, buying viagra with no prescription in pulled hamstrings and very rare good health till death or utter disgust do us part, buying viagra with no prescription can feel a little better about our favorite baseball team. Buying viagra with no prescription It was more than the debut of Ike Davis that has put a spring in my Mets fan step this morning, buying viagra with no prescription maybe it was the opponent, buying viagra with no prescription the Cubbies, buying viagra with no prescription Sweet Lou Pinella, buying viagra with no prescription whose every day personality was similar to an Icelandic volcano has turned docile. Buying viagra with no prescription This is Pinella’ last season on his managerial contract and he’s acting like a guy who is ready to go back to Florida and hit the Golden Corral for the 4PM early bird special. Buying viagra with no prescription It’s kind of sad to see the man who once as a player for the Highlanders challenged Earl Weaver and the whole Baltimore Oriole dugout to a fist fight turn into a guy hoping Walgreen’s is open late so he can pick up his Flomax prescription.

Buying viagra with no prescription Sure the marquee story today is Ike Davis and how nice is it to see a Met on the back page of the newspaper this morning and word to the Highlander fan, buying viagra with no prescription your team did not invent the shaving cream pie to the face, buying viagra with no prescription that ritual is as old as Yogi Berra’s tired stupid sayings, buying viagra with no prescription and besides A.J. Buying viagra with no prescription Burnett started his pro baseball career with the Mets so he could have learned that skill way back then. Buying viagra with no prescription I know most of you Highlander fans didn’t know Burnett was once a Mets farmhand. Buying viagra with no prescription Most self-centered blowhards never look beyond what’s in front of them. Buying viagra with no prescription (as I type this I’m listening to Beningno and Roberts first call they take is a Highlander fan who went to the Mets game last night and claimed he wore his Highlander cap to the game and was impressed by Ike. Buying viagra with no prescription It just proves my theory that Highlander fans will drop their allegiance to their team in a Manhattan minute when things go sour and jump on the Mets bandwagon.  You Highlander fans who troll this site know I’m right. Buying viagra with no prescription The Highlanders biggest fear is not the Red Sox, buying viagra with no prescription it’s the Mets. Buying viagra with no prescription That’s why that fan base loves to ridicule us and act the fools that they are because of fear, buying viagra with no prescription they fear that someday the light switch in Flushing will go on and the Mets will become a contending team and take over the town. Buying viagra with no prescription It will happen. Buying viagra with no prescription There are far more Highlander fans that go to Mets game than vice versa and you don’t need to interrogate  them a la Jack Bauer for them to tell you our ball park is where the cool kids hang out unlike their shrine to pomposity)

Buying viagra with no prescription Jon Niese showed what the “spit tobacco juice in a cup” baseball guys like to say, buying viagra with no prescription a lot of bulldog. Buying viagra with no prescription When a pitcher has all his pitches working and is in command for most of the games, buying viagra with no prescription fans go overboard with praise but for me when a youngster like Niese pitches a game where he gets into jams, buying viagra with no prescription doesn’t panic and gets out of those situation more on the plus side and not, buying viagra with no prescription that is the true test of a big league pitcher. Buying viagra with no prescription Niese threw a lot of pitches in a limited amount of innings but he threw strikes, buying viagra with no prescription got more ground balls than fly balls and only three line drives.

Buying viagra with no prescription Angel Pagan has done the only thing that could stop J-Man from using GMJ, buying viagra with no prescription he has produced at a high level. Buying viagra with no prescription Hopefully it continues as Carlos Beltran is off to Colorado to get his knee checked and even if he comes back with a positive report I doubt we’ll see him back until after the All-Star break.

Buying viagra with no prescription Welcome back Jason Bay

Buying viagra with no prescription Sure I’m overly giddy today after last night’s game, buying viagra with no prescription I don’t apologize for it and your right it most likely is a premature ejaculation of optimism but I just hope our baseball season started last night. Buying viagra with no prescription Mets fans just want to have fun!!!!!

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Cost of viagra Sorry for the late posting today especially after one of the most biziare loss the Mets had suffered in awhile.

Cost of viagra Someday the main streamers in the press and talk radio will give fans the credit they are due for knowing their team better than they ever could. Cost of viagra Why is everyone in the media so shocked that Jerry Manuel has no use for Ryan Church? We knew this since late February when J-Man made it known that Church would platoon with Fernando Tatis in RF. Cost of viagra Back then Daniel Murphy was the fair haired boy but now he is closing in on Church status.

Cost of viagra Just viewing the video of J-Man giving Church his ass to kiss after Church missed 3rd base. Cost of viagra I have no doubt that Church missed that base in fact Church deserves to grab some pine after that but Manuel HAS TO go out and argue that call no matter what. Cost of viagra Let’s face facts, cost of viagra Manuel is no Earl Weaver when it comes to moves and counter moves from the bench his strength is holding his clubhouse together but after last night there could be a crack in that clubhouse. Cost of viagra Manuel not going out to argue was reminiscent of Willie Randolph not fighting for the home run taken away from Carlos Delgado in Highlander Stadium last year.

Cost of viagra Carlos Beltran is 100 % right that Angel Pagan (the new Jerry Manuel flavor of the month) should have backed off when he called for that ball. Cost of viagra The center fielder is the ruler of the outfield roost, cost of viagra but throwing Pagan under the bus in the press is not what a leader does. Cost of viagra Flame his ass in private Carlos.

Cost of viagra With D-Wright stepping up big time with his bat (after taking Omar’s “this team has no edge” remark personally) now with Delgado on the shelf for 2 months minimum Wright needs to grab that clubhouse but the balls and get his teams attention. Cost of viagra After that embarrassing loss last night maybe a gathering of teammates only is in order before tonight s game.

Cost of viagra Lost in the slop of last night was the stellar effort by Tim Redding and the bullpen’s strong outing as well.

Cost of viagra Can we please just put Daniel Murphy at 1st base everyday and see what he can do? Go with Tatis in RF if you want and Sheffield in LF. Cost of viagra I don’t know what the hell Murphy sis to J-Man but it’s time to forgive and forget if you’re J-Man. Cost of viagra I swear Manuel is part Irish the way he holds a grudge.

Cost of viagra When the manager is more upset about losing Alex Cora than Reyes then we know we’re in for a turbulent summer .

Cost of viagra I have a 5PM game today and you know making sure you touch all the bases willbe brought up in my pre game talk

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