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Indian cialis canada Happy Brithday to Dennis Ribant, indian cialis canada one of my favorite Mets and the best starting pitcher the Mets had until of course Tom Seaver. Checkout this very interesting bio from SABR on Ribant 

Indian cialis canada Thinking out loud:

Indian cialis canada Matt Harvey went into a real damage control yesterday after his cringe worthy interview/infomercial on the Dan Patrick Show. Indian cialis canada  Good for Harvey and his advisors to get him to go back on the DP show and make amends. Indian cialis canada  I know what Qualcomm is, indian cialis canada a digital wireless telecommunication company but for the life of me, indian cialis canada I still don’t know what it is that Harvey is a spokesman for?

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Indian cialis canada As for Matt Harvey going the rehab route instead of Tommy John surgery, indian cialis canada the only people who are chastising Harvey for forgoing an operation are folks who never had surgery. Indian cialis canada Harvey received diagnosis from two of the best orthopedic surgeons in the country in the Mets Dr. Indian cialis canada David Altcheck and Dr. Indian cialis canada James Andrews, indian cialis canada if either doctor felt the tear of the ligament was bad enough to be surgically repaired; Harvey would be readying himself for surgery. Indian cialis canada  

Indian cialis canada I’m not a fan of Ruben Tejada’s but I do feel very bad for him. Indian cialis canada Tejada has carried the self-inflicted label as a lazy, indian cialis canada overweight, indian cialis canada under achiever who was given a put up or shut up ultimatum by the front office. Indian cialis canada So as he tries to show he has the play hard gene, indian cialis canada he breaks his leg. Indian cialis canada That sucks. Indian cialis canada I think this seals it for Tejada, indian cialis canada he will not be the Mets starting shortstop next April.

Indian cialis canada  

Indian cialis canada Good article in the NY Times about the Mets ready to finish in 4th place in the NL East for the 5th straight season. Indian cialis canada There are some great quotes from Ed Kranepool and Ron Swoboda but it’s this one from Terry Collins that tells you all you need to know about the mindset of this organization:

Indian cialis canada  

Indian cialis canada Manager Terry Collins said beating out the Phillies would be a “great accomplishment with all the things we’ve went through.” His players did not disagree, indian cialis canada although it was clear that the constant fourth-place finishes was not the foremost thing on their minds.

Indian cialis canada  

Indian cialis canada Really? Finishing in 3rd place is a great accomplishment? This is a winner’s mentality? I guess Collins has never heard of the Bill Parcells line of “The don’t give out medals for trying” Terry Collins would make a great kids soccer coach. Indian cialis canada  

Indian cialis canada I would love nothing more than to see Troy Tulowitzki playing shortstop for the Mets, indian cialis canada but I don’t see how it can happen since it seems as though the Rockies want young ready for the big leagues position players, indian cialis canada a commodity the Mets lack.

Indian cialis canada Sure it’s noble of David Wright wants to play again this season but why? Is it for his satisfaction? Is it to show the young wet behind the big league ears teammates that you never give up on a season? Is it a bit of both? That’s what I think; it’s a bit of both. Indian cialis canada Hopefully he won’t blowout the hammy busting down to first base.

Indian cialis canada Any Mets fan complaining about SF Giants fans coming into Citi Field and putting their feet up, indian cialis canada knocking over a lamp or  two and spilling drinks on the carpet while cheering on their team are too young to remember what it was like to root for the 80’s Mets. Indian cialis canada The disgust for Giants fans behavior is the same disgust the rest of baseball had for the Mets and Mets fans back then. Indian cialis canada Winning does that. Indian cialis canada    

Indian cialis canada  

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Soft gel viagra tablets Before I get started with some Mets-cellaneous items, soft gel viagra tablets a moment of silence please to remember both Earl Weaver and Stan Musial two baseball titans who passed away this past Saturday.

Soft gel viagra tablets  

Soft gel viagra tablets  

Soft gel viagra tablets I would like to congratulate David Wright on the announcement of his engagement to his long time squeeze Molly Beers. Soft gel viagra tablets I’ll be checking the mail for my wedding invitation

Soft gel viagra tablets The Bitter Bill got to meet R.A. Soft gel viagra tablets Dickey last Saturday night at the New York Baseball Writers dinner and found out what everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting and talking to R.A. Soft gel viagra tablets discovered, soft gel viagra tablets he’s not only a gentleman but one of the most interesting people you’ll ever run into in your life. Soft gel viagra tablets  

Soft gel viagra tablets It took me awhile to wrangle this but I am proud to announce I was able to purchase the sponsorship of Ed Kranepool’s player page on Baseball-Reference.  The other pages I sponsor are, soft gel viagra tablets Ken Boswell, soft gel viagra tablets Duffy Dyer, soft gel viagra tablets Jay Hook, soft gel viagra tablets 1947 NY Giants, soft gel viagra tablets and 1977 NY Mets. Soft gel viagra tablets It’s the least I can do for all the info I pluck from the Baseball-Reference site.

Soft gel viagra tablets So Sandy Alderson made a funny at the baseball writer’s dinner:

Soft gel viagra tablets There’s been a lot of talk about our outfield. Soft gel viagra tablets And I want you to know that I’m in serious discussions with several outfielders I met on the Internet. Soft gel viagra tablets There’s one I really like. Soft gel viagra tablets He says he played at Stanford.’’

Soft gel viagra tablets  and some folks are upset that he made a joke about the Mets outfield situation. Soft gel viagra tablets Really? Seriously? Lighten up!

Soft gel viagra tablets The San Francisco Giants honored their New York roots this past weekend by bringing not only the 2012 World Series trophy to town but the great Willie Mays as well. Soft gel viagra tablets  By the way, soft gel viagra tablets with all the debate over retiring numbers that we Mets fans seem to love argue about, soft gel viagra tablets how a dialog about retiring #24 to honor the greatest player in baseball history?

Soft gel viagra tablets You should also read this column by George Vecsey on the Giants World Series trophy tour of NY.  I let out a big “SIGH” when I was done reading.

Soft gel viagra tablets Oh the Cubs had a FanFest over the weekend. Soft gel viagra tablets Tip O’ the Mets cap to Mets Police for the linkage and for putting me in a more pissed off mood about the baseball team I love.

Soft gel viagra tablets Hey look whose back, soft gel viagra tablets Perpetual Pedro all recovered from shoulder problems and full of Highlander bucks has come home albeit with a minor league deal. Soft gel viagra tablets Feliciano will join Robert Carson, soft gel viagra tablets Josh Edgin, soft gel viagra tablets Darin Gorski, soft gel viagra tablets Aaron Laffey, soft gel viagra tablets and post-op Tim Brydak as the Mets attempt to form the first all left handed bullpen in history of baseball.

Soft gel viagra tablets My podcast mate on Mets Kult of Personalities Tayrn Cooper, soft gel viagra tablets has penned a guest column on Jeff Pearlman’s website, soft gel viagra tablets taking up the cause for Mike Piazza’ enshrinement into the Hall of Fame and calling out the voters for short sightedness in not voting Piazza in his first year of eligibility. Soft gel viagra tablets Pearlman will also be guest on Coops Gall For All Seasons Podcast this week as well.

Soft gel viagra tablets  

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Viagra sales Today we take time out to acknowledge the anniversary of Felix Unger’s wife asking him to remove himself from their place of residence.

Viagra sales The Mets have hired Jim Malone as their new strength and conditioning coach and as we all know if there is a team in MLB that is dire need of strength and conditioning it’s the Mets. Viagra sales Hopefully Malone will work closely with Ruben Tejada to help fortify his stamina so the poor kid doesn’t suffer from fatigue in August like last season. Viagra sales Maybe mega-doses of Flintstones vitamins will do the trick. Viagra sales Yaba-Daba-Doo.

Viagra sales Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing is conducting a fantastic contest titled 50 Sheas of Krane in which you answer 50 questions about the legendary and iconic Mets player Ed Kranepool (bows head). Viagra sales The winner of this contest will be awarded the must have item for everyone who calls themselves a Loyal to the Orange and Blue Mets fan, viagra sales the New York Mets 10 disc 50th Anniversary Edition DVD package.

Viagra sales Speaking of must have Mets memorabilia, viagra sales the folks at have put together a  reprint compilation of New York Times stories highlighting great moments in Mets history  all printed on newspaper stock and encased in a acid free envelope to protect this fantastic Mets keepsake.

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Viagra stories

Viagra stories As most of you know Shannon Forde of the Mets Media Department is battling Stage IV breast cancer and fund raiser has set up to help her and her family with the expenses that have come up during her fight. Viagra stories  There will be a dinner and Greet and Meet on Thursday November 1st from 7PM to 11PM at the Westmount Country Club which is located in Woodland Park NJ. Viagra stories Ron Darling will emcee the evening’s proceedings which will include an open bar, viagra stories cocktail hour and dinner.  There will also be a silent and live auction for memorabilia from all the teams in the New York area and other teams from MLB as well. Viagra stories Tickets for this event are $100.

Viagra stories There will also be a special Meet and Greet at the same time and same venue as the dinner. Viagra stories Tickets for this are $250 and includes meeting and receiving autographs form  Dwight Gooden, viagra stories Darryl Strawberry, viagra stories John Franco, viagra stories Bobby Ojeda, viagra stories Edgardo Alfonzo, viagra stories Ed Charles, viagra stories Ed Kranepool, viagra stories Matt Harvey, viagra stories Daniel Murphy, viagra stories Willie Randolph and Joe McEwing.

Viagra stories Along with the dinner/Meet and Greet there is an ongoing online auction that includes some truly once in a lifetime experiences that you can bid on like personnel pitching lessons for R.A. Viagra stories Dickey and Johan Santana, viagra stories hitting lessons from David Wright, viagra stories meeting Kelly Rippa and Michael Strahan and touring their studio, viagra stories visit ESPN headquarters in Bristol CT and get a behind the scenes look at Baseball Tonight set with a guided tour and how about this one? You can bid on being a New York Highlanders P.R. Viagra stories Department employee for the day!

Viagra stories As you’ve read and heard (excellent job by WFAN and Mike Francesa who have made mention of the charity every day during the drive time show) Shannon is revered by everyone who has had the great fortune to be around her, viagra stories especially the group of Mets bloggers that she and Danielle Parillo have graciously taken under their wings and provided us with access we never thought we’d ever have to cover and be around the team we’ve loved our whole lives.

Viagra stories If you cannot attend the dinner/meet and greet you can still make a donation to this great cause, viagra stories you can send you generous donation via check made out to Hope Shines for Shannon and send it C/O DTRF P.O. Viagra stories Box 3145 Point Pleasant, viagra stories NJ 08742.

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Which is better viagra cialis <

Listen to internet radio with Ivie League Prod on Blog Talk Radio

Which is better viagra cialis > 

Which is better viagra cialis  

Which is better viagra cialis Stop whatever it is you’re doing and tune in to our Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast from last night. Which is better viagra cialis Our special guest was Mets great and my all time favorite player Ed Kranepool. Which is better viagra cialis Eddie did not hold back on his opinions and told some great stories of his days under Casey Stengel and of course Gil Hodges. Which is better viagra cialis Krane also talked about why he felt the Mets never were able to sustain their winning ways after winning in 1969

Which is better viagra cialis The best story of the podcast though is Kranepool telling us how he was thisclose to being a big part of a new ownership group who was ready to buy the club from Lorinda de Roulet and who his bombshell choice would have been to manage the Mets.

Which is better viagra cialis If you want to hear a no bullshit podcast from passionate Mets fans whose only agenda is rooting for the orange and blue, which is better viagra cialis then Kult of Mets Personalities is the podcast for you

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Generic drug for viagra

Generic drug for viagra Tonight on the Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast our guest will be none other than Ed Kranepool. Generic drug for viagra  We will be on live at 8:30PM ET on Blog Talk Radio. Generic drug for viagra We will talk about David Wright taking Ed’s spot as the Mets all-time hits leader and get his take on the season and what he thinks is needed to get the Mets back on winning track.

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Cialis alternatives no prescription I’m not going to lie, cialis alternatives no prescription it was always cool to look at the section of the NY Mets media guide that houses the all-time Mets records and see Ed Kranepool’ name in the top spot as the Mets all-time hits leader. Cialis alternatives no prescription After last night though Steady Eddie has been relegated to the second all-time spot surpassed by David Wright and his squib single in the 3rd inning last night.

Cialis alternatives no prescription Kranepool has been coming to the games of this recent home stand to see Wright take his spot and according to Wright Eddie has been his biggest supporter:

Cialis alternatives no prescription   “Eddie came and saw me before the game, cialis alternatives no prescription wished me luck, cialis alternatives no prescription and reiterated the fact that he’s happy for me and excited for me, cialis alternatives no prescription and that meant a lot to me, cialis alternatives no prescription” Wright said. Cialis alternatives no prescription “I’m very proud and humbled at the same time.”

Cialis alternatives no prescription  So with that let offer my heartiest congratulations to David Wright on the occasion of earning the title the NY Mets All-Time Hits Leader.

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Viagra collection service Last night I attended the naming of the All Time Mets team at the 92nd St Y. Viagra collection service The venue was terrific as was the host for the evening, viagra collection service Kevin Burkhardt  Mets voices Gary Cohen and Howie Rose who joined Burkhardt on stage to talk about voting for the team and to greet and interview the honorees who attended the event.

Viagra collection service Although the show was announced as a sellout, viagra collection service there were many seats in the first three or five rows that were empty. Viagra collection service Since this show was being recorded to be shown on SNY this Thursday night, viagra collection service a frantic SNY director was offering seat upgrades galore so there would not be any empty seats shown on TV. Viagra collection service The Mets should implement this exercise at Citi Field.

Viagra collection service For the most part the results of the voting went the way you’d expect, viagra collection service so let’s look at the nominees and the winners:

Viagra collection service First Base nominees :

Viagra collection service Ed Kranepool, viagra collection service Keith Hernandez, viagra collection service John Olerud, viagra collection service Dave Kingman

Viagra collection service Of course my heart says Kranepool and Olerud was a great all around player but a short tenure as a Met and Kingman? I’d rather have seen Willie Montanez nominated. Viagra collection service The winner of course was Keith Hernandez, viagra collection service who came on stage and as you might suspect, viagra collection service was quite engaging. Viagra collection service His story on coming to Mets and why he stayed are classic. Viagra collection service I won’t spoil the show for you folks so I won’t relay any of the stories but I’ll tell you this it’s a must see program.

Viagra collection service 2nd Base nominees:

Viagra collection service Edgardo Alfonzo, viagra collection service Felix Milian, viagra collection service Doug Flynn, viagra collection service Wally Backman

Viagra collection service No secret I love Howie and Gary not only because they are great announcers but they are also my contemporaries as a Mets fan. Viagra collection service  After the nominees were announced, viagra collection service Howie mentioned Ron Hunt and how he was as worthy of being on that list with the other nominees. Viagra collection service Gary then spoke about watching Milian and how he held the Mets record for hits in a season for the longest time. Viagra collection service The winner here was no surprise, viagra collection service Fonzi.

Viagra collection service Shortstop nominees:

Viagra collection service Bud Harrelson, viagra collection service Raphael Santana, viagra collection service Rey Ordonez, viagra collection service Jose Reyes

Viagra collection service Reyes is the winner but Gary told the audience how Harrelson was his favorite Mets player of all time and it took all his resolve to vote with his head and no his heart. Viagra collection service By the way the voters were Howie and Gary along with Mike Vaccaro of the NY Post, viagra collection service Mike Lupica of the Daily News and Marty Noble of

Viagra collection service 3rd base nominees:

Viagra collection service Charley Smith, viagra collection service Roy Staiger, viagra collection service Lenny Randle, viagra collection service Felix Mantila

Viagra collection service Do I really have to tell you who won this one?

Viagra collection service Catcher nominees:

Viagra collection service Jerry Grote, viagra collection service Gary Carter, viagra collection service Todd Hundley, viagra collection service Mike Piazza

Viagra collection service This is where my middle aged head and heart becomes very stubborn. Viagra collection service  I am a Jerry Grote fan then, viagra collection service now and always, viagra collection service so if I was on the voting committee I’d vote Grote and then leave the room. Viagra collection service The winner was Mike Piazza who should be the next Mets player enshrined on Cooperstown. Viagra collection service Now all of the players named to the Mets All-Time team were present at the event except for the one’s still active that sent their thanks and humble acceptance via video message, viagra collection service the only no show in person or on video was Piazza. Viagra collection service I’ve not seen or heard a reason why Piazza didn’t show or at least send a video but as many of you know I am not a Mike Piazza fan and its things like this (and other’s) as to why I’m not.

Viagra collection service Left Field nominees:

Viagra collection service Cleon Jones, viagra collection service George Foster, viagra collection service Kevin McReynolds, viagra collection service Cliff Floyd

Viagra collection service The winner was Cleon Jones. Viagra collection service As I posted on Saturday, viagra collection service I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Cleon this past Friday night at Citi Field so I was very happy he was named to the Mets All Time Team as the left fielder. Viagra collection service Gary Cohen spoke of McReynolds as one of the most talented players to ever wear a Mets uni but his personality convened a guy who wished he was someplace else. Viagra collection service Cohen was 100 % on point. Viagra collection service The baseball cliché of the “5 Tool Player” fits McReynolds to a tee, viagra collection service but K-Mac had two huge flaws, viagra collection service he played the game like it was a job he didn’t enjoy and he hated NYC. Viagra collection service That was a real shame as if he had a bit of passion for the game and opened his mind to what the city and region had to offer he may have been one of the best players in Mets history.

Viagra collection service Center Field nominees:

Viagra collection service Tommy Agee, viagra collection service Mookie Wilson, viagra collection service Lenny Dysktra, viagra collection service Carlos Beltran

Viagra collection service If Beltran never signed with the Mets, viagra collection service this would have been a very interesting category as I bet they would have nominated Lee Mazzilli at which point I’d have gotten violently ill. Viagra collection service Thank you Carlos. Viagra collection service By the way, viagra collection service Beltran sent a video thanking the voters and fans for this great honor and he also wished he could have been healthier during his Mets career. Viagra collection service Beltran is one of those players who won’t be recognized for his contributions until he retires . Viagra collection service He’s kind of a Phil Simms of the Mets

Viagra collection service Right Field nominees:

Viagra collection service Ron Swoboda, viagra collection service Rusty Staub, viagra collection service Bobby Bonilla, viagra collection service Darryl Strawberry

Viagra collection service Mets fans are not shy about showing their emotions. Viagra collection service When Bonilla’s name was announced there was a loud grown of disgust from the crowd. Viagra collection service It got me to think, viagra collection service who is the most hated Met of all time? Bonilla is right there along with Jeff Kent who was also a  world class asshole, viagra collection service Richie Hebner or Armando Beneitez  and I guess I’d put McReynolds on that list as well. Viagra collection service Oh yeah Straw was the pick.

Viagra collection service Right Handed Reliever:

Viagra collection service Skip Lockwood, viagra collection service Neil Allen, viagra collection service Armando Benitez, viagra collection service Roger McDowell

Viagra collection service I think Kevin Burkhardt was slightly embarrassed when he read Benitez’ name as I thought the crowd was going to burst into a BULLSHIT chant. Viagra collection service Gary Cohen represented for us old guys when he spoke of how good a reliever Lockwood was but then he spoiled it by trying to justify Benitez on the list. Viagra collection service The winner was McDowell who sent a nice video acceptance but no hot foot.

Viagra collection service Left Handed Reliever nominees:

Viagra collection service John Franco, viagra collection service Tug McGraw, viagra collection service Jesse Orossco, viagra collection service Randy Myers

Viagra collection service When I saw the nominees I was hoping for either Tug or Jesse but I thought this was going to go to Franco. Viagra collection service I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Tug McGraw was the winner. Viagra collection service Tim McGraw sent a video of thanks and Tug’s son Mark and his brother Hank were both there to accept in Tug’s behave and Hank’s stories was outstanding.

Viagra collection service Left Handed Starting Pitcher nominees:

Viagra collection service Jerry Koosman, viagra collection service Jon Matlack, viagra collection service Sid Fernandez, viagra collection service Al Leiter

Viagra collection service Had to be Koos. Viagra collection service  Matlack, viagra collection service El Sid and Leiter were worthy Mets but Koos was as strong and as tough as any pitcher of his era as a Met. Viagra collection service Koos was also a guy who earned the rep as a big game pitcher

Viagra collection service Right Handed Starting Pitcher nominees:

Viagra collection service Tom Seaver, viagra collection service Dwight Gooden, viagra collection service Ron Darling, viagra collection service David Cone

Viagra collection service He was then, viagra collection service he is now, viagra collection service and he will always be THE FRANCHISE. Viagra collection service It’s a shame they didn’t just do this as the All-Time Mets pitching rotation so Doc could have gotten the acclaim he deserves but it’s hard when you are in the same category as THE FRANCHISE! Seaver was in excellent form, viagra collection service as funny and animated as I’ve seen him in a long time. Viagra collection service Seaver knows he was great and he knows he is still the greatest player in the history of this franchise and as he gets older he has taken on that role with a lot of pride. Viagra collection service I know how much he loves taking care of his vineyard and how he loves to be home on the West Coast but I just wish he come around Citi Field more often like how Ralph Kiner is doing now. Viagra collection service I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel knowing I watched Seaver pitch, viagra collection service same with Doc when both pitchers took the mound, viagra collection service it was a special event.

Viagra collection service Manager nominees:

Viagra collection service Casey Stengel, viagra collection service Gill Hodges, viagra collection service Davey Johnson, viagra collection service Bobby Valentine

Viagra collection service How the hell did they get this wrong? Believe me I love Davey and I will never have a bad word to say about him but how could you not name Gil Hodges as the All-Time Mets Manager? When Seaver came out on stage his jovial mood changed when he started speaking about Hodges. Viagra collection service Seaver was choked with emotion and said he knew he start crying once he started talking about Hodges and when he said how he wished “Gil was here with me right now” I have to say my eyes were a bit runny as well. Viagra collection service It’s tough enough dealing with the disrespect Hodges gets from the Baseball Hall of Fame voters but to be snub like this for a Mets voting committee is even more disturbing.

Viagra collection service  

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Does Herbal Viagra Really Work

Poker viagra For some reason I had a problem getting the site to load but seems like we are good to go now, poker viagra so let me put up a late day stream of Mets consciousness:

Poker viagra The 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets conference on now in Day 2 at Hofstra University and from hanging out on Twitter it looks like it’s been a success and a lot of fun, poker viagra a true tribute to Dana Brand. Poker viagra I will be out at Hofstra tomorrow and I will join a panel discussion with Taryn Cooper and John Coppinger with Greg Prince as our moderator.

Poker viagra As we all know the Mets played a solid 1-9 “homegrown” lineup yesterday for the first time since September 19th 1971, poker viagra a 5-2 Mets win over the Pittsburgh Pirates at Three Rivers Stadium. Poker viagra The lineup for that game was:

Poker viagra Teddy Martinez 2B

Poker viagra Bud Harrelson SS

Poker viagra John “The Hamer” Milner LF

Poker viagra Ed Kranepool 1B

Poker viagra Mike Jorgensen CF

Poker viagra Ken Singleton RF

Poker viagra Duffy Dyer C

Poker viagra Jerry Koosman P

Poker viagra Interesting as well about that home grown lineup was having three homegrown New Yorkers in there as well, poker viagra Kranepool of the Bronx, poker viagra Jorgensen of Bayside Queens and Singleton of Mt. Poker viagra Vernon.

Poker viagra It’s real early in the season but a positive sign for this team is that they are 5-1 in 1 run games and 7-1 in games of 2 runs or less, poker viagra only good teams mange that kind of record.

Poker viagra Here’s your line up for tonight as the Mets start Chris Schwinden in Big Pelfs rotation spot against LHP Drew Pomeranz

Poker viagra  Kirk Nieuwenhuis – CF

Poker viagra Ruben Tejada – SS

Poker viagra Daniel Murphy – 2B

Poker viagra David Wright – 3B

Poker viagra Scott Hairston – LF

Poker viagra Lucas Duda – RF

Poker viagra Zach Lutz – 1B

Poker viagra Mike Nickeas – C

Poker viagra Chris Schwinden – RHP

Poker viagra So Ike Davis sits against Pomeranz a neophyte big leaguer, poker viagra very interesting move by Terry Collins

Poker viagra  

Poker viagra  

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Viagra prices This Ike Davis Bobblehead was given out at MCU Park and is one my favorties  

Viagra prices  

Viagra prices The New York Mets have released their schedule of bobblehead giveaways and each one is a must have if you are like me a serious bobblehead collector.

Viagra prices On Sunday April 22nd at 1:10PM vs. Viagra prices the SF Giants will be Tom Seaver Bobblehead  Day

Viagra prices Saturday May 26th at 1:10PM vs. Viagra prices the SD Padres will be Rusty Staub Bobblehead Day

Viagra prices Sunday June 17th at 1:100PM vs. Viagra prices the Cincinnati Reds will be Keith Hernandez Bobblehead Day

Viagra prices Saturday July 21st at 1:10PM vs. Viagra prices the Los Angeles Dodgers will be Edgardo Alfonzo Bobblehead Day

Viagra prices Saturday August 25 at 1:10PM vs. Viagra prices Houston Astros will be Mike Piazza Bobblehead Day

Viagra prices An impressive list of bobblehead honorees even with the omission of Ed Kranepool Bobblehead day.

Viagra prices To get tickets for these games go to and   

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