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Dirt cheap viagra Today is holiday here at The Eddie Kranepool Society as we celebrate the birthday of Edward Emil Kranepool our favorite Mets player of all time.

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Order viagra now Two more days left of my vacation and another day at the Magic Kingdom, order viagra now where I swear our family are the only Americans visiting Orlando this summer. Order viagra now The Brits seem to be the leading European visitors here with “Name Any Spanish Speaking Country Here” as the runner up.

Order viagra now I guess it’s good news that Johan Santana has “only” a fatigued shoulder and will be shut down for a while to build up strength. Order viagra now The question it seems is “what’s the rush”? Does it matter at this point if Santana pitches a game for the Mets this season? Hopefully, order viagra now this latest set back shows that it’s better to look forward to February 2012 for Johan.

Order viagra now Speaking of pitching, order viagra now Howard Megdal has a great piece today on Jon Niese and his strong season.

Order viagra now The Mets are having a luncheon today at Citi Field to honor Military vets of the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. Order viagra now The Mets Alumni will be there including Tom Seaver, order viagra now Ralph Kiner Ed Kranepool, order viagra now Bud Harrelson, order viagra now Ed Charles and Joe Pignatano. Order viagra now The Mets organization has really stepped up big time when it comes to honoring our military heroes and also involving the Mets Alumni this season. Order viagra now Great job.

Order viagra now That’s it for now, order viagra now the next post will be from the Kranepool Society headquarters in Staten Island

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Non pescription cialis The Greatest!!!!!!!

Non pescription cialis This off season Ed Marcus (a/k/a RustyJr) of Real Dirty Mets took on the project of asking his readers to send in their list of the Top 50 NY Mets of All-Time. What’s great about the list that Ed tabulated as we enter the 50th season of Mets baseball, non pescription cialis there are three generation Mets fans, non pescription cialis the oldtimers (my crowd) who have lived through the best and worst of this franchise, non pescription cialis the early to mid 40’s Mets fan who aligns very close with the old timer but didn’t witness the ’69 Championship but reveled in ’86. Non pescription cialis Then there is the young guns of the Mets fandom, non pescription cialis the 20-30 something’s who are sick and tired of the previous generations (especially the old-timers) talking about the halcyon days of the franchise.

Non pescription cialis When I look at the list (Ed has the list of the top 50 posted today but you should look in the archive of that site to read the essay he put together on each player which are well researched and well written especially for you neophyte Mets fans who need a history lesson) there were some pleasant surprises and a few head shakers as well.

Non pescription cialis At the last game at Shea Stadium, non pescription cialis Felix Millian(#50) was introduced and fans my age were clapping and imitating Millian batting stance complete with choking up half way up on our makeshift Mets magazine/bat. Non pescription cialis More surprising to me was Little Al Jackson coming in at  #35 who has been in the organization as a player/coach/instructor from day 1. Non pescription cialis Robin Ventura was a shocker at #9 as he played only three seasons with the Mets with 1999 his best, non pescription cialis the other two were so-so although like I told Ed I still have my “Mojo Risin’” t-shirt from the 1999 post season.

Non pescription cialis Of course I feel Ed Kranepool should have placed higher but that’s my personal bias. Non pescription cialis I can see Mike Piazza at #2 even though I’m not a big Piazza fan (Jerry Grote is still the best catcher in Mets history with Gary Carter close second) and of course the #1 choice will always be the #1 choice as he is then, non pescription cialis now and forever THE FRANCHISE, non pescription cialis George Thomas Seaver

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Viagra mexico So Bobby Valentine is trying to put together a group to buy the Mets or at least a minority share. Viagra mexico I doubt that BV has the coin to pull this off but he what he does have is the “it” factor and the ability to front the franchise in a positive way unlike Freddy, viagra mexico Jeffey and Uncle Saul who infuriated the fan base. Viagra mexico If he can get some deep pocketed investors to join him and let him be the out front guy, viagra mexico it could be interesting

Viagra mexico  With the passing of Duke Snider yesterday, viagra mexico lost in the days news was the untimely passing of former Met Greg Goosen. Viagra mexico Last night the Mets 1965 Yearbook played on SNY and there was Goosen shown as one of the up and coming young stars of the Mets along with “Robust” Ron Swoboda, viagra mexico Johnny Lewis and Ed Kranepool. Viagra mexico Goosen was also a key figure in Jim Bouton’ classic book, viagra mexico  BALL FOUR. Viagra mexico One story, viagra mexico when Goosen was a teammate of Bouton’s on the 1969 Seattle Pilots on a bus ride passing an old building  that had an inscription” Erected in 1883″, viagra mexico to that Goosen replied “that’s some long errection. Viagra mexico R.I.P. Viagra mexico Greg.”

Viagra mexico Sniff, viagra mexico Snifff what kind of smoke is that, viagra mexico that Chipper Jones is blowing up the Mets ass? Hickory? Mesquite?

Viagra mexico On my last visit to Citi Field, viagra mexico I wrote about Josh Thole being a good guy and helping me get access onto the media scrum by moving a chair and taking my backpack for me now if that weren’t enough to endear Thole to me it was announced that he will be the Mets union rep this year. Viagra mexico So now Thole and I are Union brothers in arms. Viagra mexico Sorry all you wanna be union busters!!!!!!!!

Viagra mexico How in the world could anyone watch the Academy Awards when the Knicks-Heat game was on at same time? I’m not even a Knicks fan but I was glued to that game. Viagra mexico As a basketball fan it’s good to see the Knicks and St Johns back on the right track and have the city talking basketball again.

Viagra mexico Oliver Perez still sucks.

Viagra mexico Mets and Nats today in St Lonesome. Viagra mexico Big Pelf makes spring debut, viagra mexico Dan Murphy plays 3rd base, viagra mexico F-Mart DH, viagra mexico Castillo gets another start at 2nd Base

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Viagra prescriptions Ed “RustyJr” Marcus posts to day that Ed Kranepool has finished in his Top 50 Mets of All Time Series. Viagra prescriptions While Ed is my top Mets player of all time I knew he wouldn’t crack the top 5 but I was hoping for a top 10 finish.

Viagra prescriptions Kranepool still leads the club all time in games played as a Met (1853) At Bats (5436) Hits (1418) and Total Bases (2047) and many Mets fans today have either never seen him play or really know who he is so I guess a 13th place finish is quite good for an original Met who played his whole career in blue and orange.

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Drug sample viagra As expected, drug sample viagra Wally Backman will remain in the Mets organization as manager of the Binghamton Mets. Although there was an outcry in the some parts Metsville on Backman getting the big league job as skipper, drug sample viagra a jump from managing short season team to a Double A team is very impressive.

Drug sample viagra Nothing sparks debate better than a list of all time players and Mike Silva has stoked the fire of Mets fans hearts with his Top 50 All Time Mets list. Drug sample viagra I will be quite curious to read the comments on Mike site over this list as I found out with Kerrel Copper writing about retiring Ed Kranepool’s #7, drug sample viagra there is a bit of a generation gap between the guys of my generation and the 20-30 something Mets fans. Drug sample viagra 2011 will be the 25th Anniversary of the 1986 World Champs, drug sample viagra that means the twenty something’s have never witnessed a Mets parade down the Canyon of Heroes (my old ass has seen both Mets parades) and the thirty something’s  have a vague memory of the festive day on Broadway. Drug sample viagra I don’t blame the younger Mets fans for getting tired of old farts like myself waxing poetic about the Mets of yesteryear but then again don’t discount the players of the era either. Drug sample viagra  

Drug sample viagra By the way, drug sample viagra I e-mailed Mike with my displeasure of John Franco being ranked higher that Ed Kranepool on his list. Drug sample viagra  Same with Johan Santana at #20, drug sample viagra a bit high. Drug sample viagra Tug McGraw and Rusty Staub should definitely be ranked higher than Santana. Drug sample viagra  Jerry Grote at #30?  Com’on way tooooooooo low and by the way all you kids better get off my lawn. What about George Theodore, drug sample viagra Joel Youngblood, drug sample viagra Ron Swoboda, drug sample viagra Ron Hunt and Dennis Ribant, drug sample viagra okay Ribant is a reach.          

Drug sample viagra The best part about the end of the holidays is that the Mets front office should be open for business next week and maybe we can start seeing some signings or trades for pitchers. Drug sample viagra Yeah I’m beyond antsy.

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Generic viagra in uk Kerel Cooper of On The Black feels it’s time to retire Ed Kranepool’s #7 and of course, generic viagra in uk yours truly is on board on this crusade.

Generic viagra in uk Kerel was kind enough to ask me about my feelings on retiring #7 in honor of Steady Eddie and he added my sentiments in his post.

Generic viagra in uk It would be a great gesture by the organization to honor Kranepool by retiring his number with the 50th Anniversary of the franchise a year away

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Viagra without prescription I didn’t watch one pitch of yesterday’s Mets-Phillies game. Viagra without prescription With opening Sunday of the NFL in full swing and the New York Football Giants on Ch. Viagra without prescription 5 and Tom Brady and the Pats on Ch. Viagra without prescription 2, viagra without prescription there was no reason to move the dial any further. Viagra without prescription Oh I didn’t blow off baseball altogether, viagra without prescription by 4PM I was ready for the Giants-Padres game and the match up of Tim Lincecum and Matt Latos, viagra without prescription in fact my baseball viewing from today on will include watching the Giants, viagra without prescription Padres, viagra without prescription Rockies, viagra without prescription Rays, viagra without prescription and the on the downward spiraling Highlanders.

Viagra without prescription It hit me around 7PM last night when I didn’t even know that the  Mets lost to the Phillies 3-0, viagra without prescription that the NY Mets franchise has collectively climbed in the Mr. Viagra without prescription Peabody and Sherman’s Way Back machine and have arrived at 1979.

Viagra without prescription What year 1979 was. Viagra without prescription I was 21 years old with more hair than I knew what to do with (give me a moment please………………………..sniff! sniff!……………..ok back to the post) hanging out at Max’s Kansas City and CBGB. Going to the Palladium to see The Clash and Graham Parker and the Rumor (The Palladium was a great venue, viagra without prescription first time I ever saw Bruce Springsteen ad the E Street Band was there in 1976, viagra without prescription YES I SAID 1976!) I spent my winters and spring watching the NY Rangers from Section 432 in my Blue Seat all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals where they lost to Les Habitants but at least the Blueshirts beat the Icelanders as that was the year that no good scumbag Denis Potvin took out Ulf Nilson and the POTVIN SUCKS Chant was born.

Viagra without prescription More to the point of this post though, viagra without prescription 1979 was the year the NY Mets drew 788, viagra without prescription905 live bodies to Shea Stadium, viagra without prescription less than 10, viagra without prescription000 a game (9, viagra without prescription621 to be precise) and I can not remember if I were a part of that 788, viagra without prescription905-details are very hazy-but I’m sure I was because it was Richie Hebner’s one and only season as a Met and I remember him giving Mets fans the finger. Viagra without prescription I also remember it was Ed Kranepool’s last year. Viagra without prescription I remember Bob Murphy telling the tale of Ed Glynn a relief pitcher who also hawked hot dogs at Shea as a youth. Viagra without prescription The one bright spot of ’79 was that miserable, viagra without prescription no good, viagra without prescription saboteur of the franchise; M. Viagra without prescription Donald Grant was no longer around, viagra without prescription dumped by Lorinda de Roulet after the 1978 season. Viagra without prescription But the team still sucked.

Viagra without prescription Right after the season, viagra without prescription de Roulet thankfully sold the team as she had no clue on how to run it, viagra without prescription she sold it to the dynamic duo of Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon and the rest as they say is history.

Viagra without prescription Myself and many Mets fans lived through 1979 and not only was it not fun but it was painful. Viagra without prescription Painful because of what could have been. Viagra without prescription What if Tom Seaver was never traded ? What if Joan Payson wasn’t sick and then dying during the advent of free agency with that asshole Grant advising her ? Remember Mrs. Viagra without prescription Payson had no problem spending money on her team, viagra without prescription in fact when the Mets were born in 1962 she told Horace Stoneham that she wanted to buy the contract of Willie Mays and money was no object. Viagra without prescription What would have happened if Whitey Herzog would have been named manager after the death of Hodges instead of the overmatched Yogi Berra?

Viagra without prescription As much as I would to re-live 1979 all over again I wouldn’t want to relive the Mets season of that year as the Mets were so bad no one cared. Viagra without prescription At least we still care, viagra without prescription we still have passion for this team, viagra without prescription though it’s mostly negative, viagra without prescription it’s still passion. Viagra without prescription Let’s hope the right moves are made for a new GM and manager and that deadwood and players who don’t like it here are sent off, viagra without prescription no matter the cost monetarily. Viagra without prescription It’s time to restore some pride in this organization but I’m not optimistic the people in charge are intelligent enough to pull it off. Viagra without prescription All Jeffey Skill Sets needs to do is start collect batting practice baseballs, viagra without prescription clean them and use them again and he’d be Linda de Roulet all over again.

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Generic viagra online I’m exhausted. Generic viagra online After sitting through last nights game, generic viagra online then heading home and getting to bed about four hours before I needed to get up to go to work, generic viagra online I’m going to need three XL Dunkin’ Dounts coffee’s to get through the work day.

Generic viagra online My day at Citi Field started out with a great surprise. Generic viagra online As we were walking from the car to the front of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, generic viagra online I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Ed Kranepool. Generic viagra online Yes, generic viagra online THE Ed Kranepool, generic viagra online my FME (Favorite Met Ever). Generic viagra online He was with a bunch of people and was busy distributing tickets to them when I went over to say hello. Generic viagra online I reminded him that we met at a luncheon at Gallagher’s for the 69 Champs and that I run this blog named after him, generic viagra online he started laughing and said “Oh now I remember you” we just chatted for a minute or two before we shook hands and bid each other well. Generic viagra online  That was my “Let It Be” moment as a Mets fan. Generic viagra online Just when I wonder is all this worth it, generic viagra online as I get more and more aggravated with the ownership, generic viagra online front office and manager and question why I actually give a shit about this team, generic viagra online I hear that song in my head:

Generic viagra online When I find myself in times of trouble, generic viagra online

Generic viagra online Eddie Kranepool comes to me, generic viagra online

Generic viagra online Speaking words of wisdom, generic viagra online

Generic viagra online Let it be, generic viagra online let it be.

Generic viagra online After my Kranepool encounter, generic viagra online we then took a stroll through the Mets Museum. Generic viagra online This was just my third trip to Citi Field this season (now that my baseball season has come to a close with a second round ousting in the playoffs, generic viagra online I hope to make a few more trips this summer to Flushing) but the first time I had the time to go a look around the Hall of Fame. Generic viagra online I must say, generic viagra online I was thoroughly impressed. Generic viagra online I love the fact that the two World Series trophies are on displayed for us, generic viagra online the great unwashed, generic viagra online to look at and enjoy instead of the days at Shea when the swells in the suites and Diamond Club, generic viagra online the folks who have zero attachment to them, generic viagra online had them in plain view. Generic viagra online I also like how the plaques are made just like the one’s in Cooperstown. Generic viagra online The display of Mets uniforms of the past is a treat as well and the baseballs from the first and last games at the Polo Grounds and Shea Stadium scream of our history. Generic viagra online I don’t say this too many times but bravo Mets management on putting together a great place for Mets fans to relive and learn Mets history.

Generic viagra online A few thoughts on last night’s game:

Generic viagra online This team is madding. Generic viagra online How does Johan Santana go from throwing batting practice in the first inning to morphing back into an Ace from innings 2-5?    

Generic viagra online We sat in seats last night that allowed us access to the Caesars Club, generic viagra online as my wife said we needed to splurge since it was my birthday. Generic viagra online Our seats were great, generic viagra online section 326 between third and home, generic viagra online but I’m just not cut out to be among the people who frequent that area. Generic viagra online We may have been the only ones in the section actually watching the action on the field.  I was not impressed with the surroundings of the Cesar’s Club either. Generic viagra online The furnishings look like the came off the set of Mad Men, generic viagra online with the couches and coffee tables that looked just like the furniture in my living room when I celebrated my 6th birthday in 1964. Generic viagra online One very nice feature though was the air conditioning which was welcome relief on a stifling night.

Generic viagra online I also grew weary of telling all the “Johnny Come Lately” Mets fans that life story of Mike Hessman.

Generic viagra online I’m sure Jerry Manuel has all sorts of facts and figures in his binder that he keeps in the dugout. Generic viagra online I am also sure that on one of those pages there shows Pedro Feliciano gets pounded by right handed hitters to the tune of .333/.446/.405 and that Raul Valdes, generic viagra online even though he’s a lefty, generic viagra online has success versus righties  .206/.322/.284 so why was Feliciano left to face El Hombre? I can accept not walking Pujols but why not go with Valdes? It’s your nightly “Gangsta’ Jerry’s Head Scratcher of the Game”.

Generic viagra online I have really, generic viagra online really REALLY had enough of Luis Castillo.

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Prescription viagra I ‘m getting ready to head for the hills A/K/A my annual week long camping trip with my sons Boy Scout Troop. Prescription viagra Our camp may resemble the prison scene in Godfella’s as we’ve decided to cook all our meals this year. Prescription viagra So we’ve packed up cans of crushed tomatoes, prescription viagra tomato paste, prescription viagra garlic, prescription viagra onions, prescription viagra peppers, prescription viagra chop meat and sauseeeege (Italian sausage to you out of towners.) so as the boys go off to earn their merit badges, prescription viagra the dads will be over a hot burner “makin’ the gravy”

Prescription viagra The leaders office has computers and internet access so I should be able to put up a post or two during the week when I get a little time off from cooking, prescription viagra cutting wood and yelling at kids plus it’s the All-Star break so I won’t be missing much as I don’t revere the All Star game like I did when I was a kid so it might be a good time to go into the woods.

Prescription viagra I haven’t read any game stories last from last night as I have a lot of last minute things to do before we leave so I’m still a little foggy on why Jose Reyes hit second last night and is schedule to hit in that spot again today. Prescription viagra I’ve heard a theory that he is seeing a lot of sliders in the lead off spot so by flip floping Pagan and Reyes he may see more fastballs as Jose is still plagued by the sore oblique. Prescription viagra  After watching Reyes slide back into second last night and coming up sore, prescription viagra I would think management would order him to forgo the All Star game and take the three days to rest his injury.

Prescription viagra Hard to kill R A Dickey for last night as he continues to pitch great. Prescription viagra If anything, prescription viagra the Mets half of the 6th inning is what did the team in. Prescription viagra With Ike Davis on second and Jason Bay on first, prescription viagra no one out, prescription viagra up steps Josh Thole. Prescription viagra Ike is not exactly fleet of foot in fact, prescription viagra and I say this will all due respect, prescription viagra Ike has Ed Kranepool speed, prescription viagra and Thole, prescription viagra a contact hitter up, prescription viagra how about a hit and run? Nope, prescription viagra Jerry Manuel decides to go with the bunt, prescription viagra and Bobby Cox, prescription viagra being the Hall of Fame manager that he is, prescription viagra smelled it from a mile away so he put on the wheel play (a Bobby Valentine favorite play as well) where 3rd baseman Omar Infante and 1st baseman Troy Glauss charge in and mentally challenged short stop Yunel Escobar covers 3rd and 2nd baseman mar-TEEEN Prado covering first. Prescription viagra The play worked for the Braves beautifully. Prescription viagra If Thole was a little bit more experienced he would have pull back the bunt and swung away. Prescription viagra As Keith Hernandez said, prescription viagra “Thole might have been afraid of his manager yelling at him” if he did that. Prescription viagra If Manuel chastised Thole for a heads up play like that, prescription viagra then he’d be a more clueless strategist  than I make him out to be.

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