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Long term effects of viagra Let me offer my condolences to you NY Jets fans out there and I know the Mets/Jets connection runs deep (most people when they hear I’m a Mets/Giants fans seem very surprised. Long term effects of viagra What surprises me are the number of people I know who are Highlander/Jets fans those are really rare birds) and team just could not overcome that brutal first half. Long term effects of viagra  

Long term effects of viagra Meanwhile, long term effects of viagra just 22 days until pitchers and catchers so while you long time Jets fans but those Richard Caster jersey’s in moth balls and the bandwagon jumpers run to Models to get their money back on their SANCHEZ 6 shirts they wore yesterday, long term effects of viagra let’s turn our attention to our favorite baseball team, long term effects of viagra besides it’s 7 degrees in NYC today so thoughts of warm breezes and palm trees are in order:

Long term effects of viagra Ed Ryan writes about how keeping Ollie Perez around is bad karma and in a way I agree. Long term effects of viagra If I had my way both Perez and Castillo would be bad memories and the fact is neither one of these slugs will make the team, long term effects of viagra the question is can the Mets get even a low level minor leaguer for either player and that’s why they’re still around. Long term effects of viagra The Mets have a better shot of getting something of low value for Castillo, long term effects of viagra especially if a team loses a second baseman during spring training. Long term effects of viagra Perez looks unmovable as no fan base would ever accept their team taking on this lead weight. Long term effects of viagra  The funny part is last week when Mike Pelfrey was asked about Perez, long term effects of viagra he was quite diplomatic saying the understood it’s been rough for him but Pelf claims Ollie would report every day and workout and go to the bullpen and not really make any waves. Long term effects of viagra Pelf hinted it would have been nice if Perez took the assignment to Buffalo and if he just showed up and ate seeds in the dugout that would have been a problem. Long term effects of viagra Still it’s a thorn in all Mets fans sides seeing both Castillo and Perez in blue and orange and none of us will be happy until we see DFA next to both their names.

Long term effects of viagra The Mets Police asks the question ‘Would you want a Mets FanFest” Well, long term effects of viagra since I’ve be advocating this for a few years now I guess my answer is HELL YEAH!!!!! Mets PoPo also asks where should it be held and what players, long term effects of viagra current and former, long term effects of viagra would you like to see at this event. Long term effects of viagra Most fans would say have it at Citi Field on a Saturday but I think the Javits Center would be better and make a weekend deal out it. Long term effects of viagra You would love to have all the current players attend and as many former one’s as you can. Long term effects of viagra The Mets could sell a lot of merchandise and season tickets at the event as well. Long term effects of viagra You could have Gary Cohen and Howie Rose hold a Mets trivia contest too. Long term effects of viagra I hope you’re reading this David Newman. Long term effects of viagra      

Long term effects of viagra Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times has a follow up to his 15 Worst Endings To A Regular Season Game with 10 Worst Endings to Postseason Games. Long term effects of viagra Both posts are based on a column by Joe Posnanski on The Agony of Defeat but in his posts, long term effects of viagra Chris doesn’t use any of the items that Joe Pos had. Long term effects of viagra The Mets made the list twice. Long term effects of viagra Guess which games they are?

Long term effects of viagra I got some exciting news from Bill Ivie of I-70 Baseball Radio:

Long term effects of viagra  I-70 Baseball Radio will air tonight and announce to the world one of
the largest and most unique baseball sites to come about in a long
time.  The site will go live in a few weeks but tonight we will make
everyone aware that it is on it’s way.

Long term effects of viagra In addition, long term effects of viagra we will feature a “I Miss Baseball” discussion and talk
to quite a few writers for the new site on the air about their passion
for this game.  We will also open the phone lines to anyone that wants
to call in and talk about why they love baseball.  Writers for the new
site are coming from all directions and backgrounds from people that
are new to the writing game to some of the most successful writers on
the internet today.

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Original viagra  

Original viagra On this date in 1966, original viagra the Mets traded Jim Hickman and Ron Hunt to the Dodgers for the pride of Boy’s High in Brooklyn, original viagra Tommy Davis. Original viagra Davis lasted one season with the Mets as he was delt along with Jack Fisher to the White Sox for Tommie Agee and Al Weis .

Original viagra I think we can now stop with all the questions of Terry Collins about the 1999 Angels and his eight year old DUI. Original viagra I give Collins a lot of credit and it shows he has patients as I would have told the media to go fuck off by now. Original viagra  Collins has also shown he won’t throw players under the bus as in all the stories you hear about that Angels team, original viagra the main culprit in the uprising was Mo Vaughn, original viagra one of the biggest fucking quitters in baseball history. Original viagra  

Original viagra Nice to see Ollie Perez is the Tom Seaver of the Mexican Winter League. Original viagra Maybe Sandy Alderson can work out a deal with any team in the Mexican League for Perez. Original viagra I’d take a couple of roosters (for cock fighting purposes, original viagra of course) two cases of Bohemia Beer and an enchilada to be named later.

Original viagra Ed Ryan makes the case that Carlos Beltran’s contract might not be so prohibited that he could be dealt. Original viagra The way Ed puts it out there, original viagra with the Mets picking up $5mil of the deferred dough in the deal that would live Beltran owed $13 mil for the season. Original viagra   Would Theo Epstein be an interested buyer?

Original viagra I wouldn’t be looking for John Maine Bobble Head Day on the 2011 promotional schedule.

Original viagra R.I.P. Original viagra Frank Drebin and don’t call me Shirley.

Original viagra Joe Janish brings up a name from the past RHP Pedro Beato, original viagra that at one time had my blood boil. Original viagra Beato pitched for Xaverian H.S. Original viagra in Bay Ridge and was drafted by the Mets, original viagra who due to their lock step way with the Used Car Salesman, original viagra were talked out of going over slot to sign him. Original viagra Beato went back into the draft the next year, original viagra and was drafted by the Orioles who had no problem going over slot to give the right handed putcher the same $1mil bonus the Mets were told they couldn’t give out. Original viagra Well, original viagra Beato could be a Rule 5’er and maybe an interesting pitcher to place in the Mets bullpen for 2011.

Original viagra Who has December 1 in the “When will Pat Riley take over as coach of the Heat”?

Original viagra Finally an athlete figures out that God doesn’t give a shit about a sporting event.

Original viagra Javier Vasquez signs a one year deal with the Fish for $7mil with a no trade clause (duh!) and a provision that the Fish cannot offer Vasquez arbitration. Original viagra Not bad for a suck ass pitcher.

Original viagra Tom Brady is the NFL MVP and the best QB in the game and one of the three best of all time (Johnny Unitas, original viagra Joe Montana, original viagra then Brady who is ready to move past Montana) if you want to argue this, original viagra talk to the hand.

Original viagra Joe Posnanski hits another blog post out of the park, original viagra this time taking on the “closer”. Original viagra I’m really, original viagra really hoping that the new Mets brain trust thinks like Posnanski and uses Frankie Rodriguez (if he’s still with the team) in the 7th and or 8th inning.

Original viagra Tonight is hockey night as I’m headed to MSG for Rangers-Penguins. Original viagra If you are not of the hockey fan persuasion, original viagra the NY Rangers are what we could hope the Mets will be in 2011. Original viagra They have a lot of young, original viagra talent and dedicated players, original viagra who while learning the ropes of the NHL, original viagra grind out game after game. Original viagra They have two superstars in Henrik Lundqvist  and Marian Gaborik and two young players in Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan, original viagra who are having break out seasons on the ice and in the locker room as the new leaders of this team. Original viagra The team also sticks up for one and other (something that has not been seen with the Rangers in years) and are becoming a tough team to play. Original viagra Cindy Crosby better have some vagina protection on tonight.

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Cialis woman Day/Nighter today and I was sooooo ready to cut work and head to Flushing to watch Santana do his magic, cialis woman but my desk is piled as high with cases as thick as Fernando Martinez’ medical folder, cialis woman  So I’ll pass on going to the game to spend the afternoon with Howie, cialis woman Wayne and my un-fucking-believable case load. Cialis woman So while you wait for Game 1 some great links to peruse:

Cialis woman Ed Ryan at Mets Fever feels the time is right to bring back Bobby Parnell and his high heat to bolster the bullpen. Cialis woman I agree as it my be time to send Ryota Igarhashi down and when John Maine comes back, cialis woman stick him in the pen as well. Cialis woman To make room for Maine, cialis woman the Mets can put Fernando Nieve on the DL saying he is suffering from exhaustion. Cialis woman No one will dispute that.

Cialis woman Nice gesture by the Mets to draft John Franco’s son JJ in the first year draft even though he is headed off to Brown University. Cialis woman I watched JJ play at Staten Island Little League when I was managing a team and John would come to the complex whenever the Mets were off and his son played. Cialis woman Another young man from Staten Island Little League, cialis woman Bobby Lanigan has been very impressive pitching for the Ft. Cialis woman Myers Miracle of the FSL.

Cialis woman Ike Davis is a rare species of Met 

Cialis woman When David Wright can slap Big Pelf in the mush with his batting gloves and live to tell about it, cialis woman then you know all is right in Metsland.

Cialis woman I swear the guys over at Amazin’ Avenue get up with the roosters (or they just stay up all night) and I for one am glad they do as their Daily Mets Farm Report is a must read for me every morning.

Cialis woman Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for ending their 49 year drought by winning the Stanley Cup last night on one of the strangest goals in hockey history. Cialis woman Patrick Kane scored in OT but it wasn’t until the video review verified it. Cialis woman Kane and his teammates were celebrating but the Flyers and their fans just stood around like “now what” even the great Doc Emrick was a bit flustered. Cialis woman Anyway it’s nice to see an Original Six team win the cup. 

Cialis woman Memo to David Stern: Your thieving bastard refs are ruining the NBA Finals. Cialis woman When they are not gambling and throwing games or trading first class airline tickets for coach seats and pocketing the difference, cialis woman they all but destroy the flow of the game and are so inconsistent with their calls that I don’t know what is and isn’t a foul anymore. Cialis woman And to you Mike Breen, cialis woman your lucky I’m not working with you as I’d have punched you in the head by now you referee toady suck up.

Cialis woman Here’s your lineup for game 1:

Cialis woman             Reyes SS

Cialis woman •           Pagan CF

Cialis woman •           Bay LF

Cialis woman •           Davis 1B

Cialis woman •           Wright 3B

Cialis woman •           Francoeur RF

Cialis woman •           Cora 2B

Cialis woman •           Blanco C

Cialis woman •           Santana P

Cialis woman Will there be a Jesus sighting in game 2 ? How about the Animal?

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Natural viagra substitutes  

Natural viagra substitutes

Natural viagra substitutes   2 days until pitchers and catchers

Natural viagra substitutes Ed Ryan over at Mets Fever has a great write up on Shawn Riggans, natural viagra substitutes the catcher cut loose by the Tampa Bay Rays and picked up by the Mets as part of the parade of back up catchers. Natural viagra substitutes After reading Ryan’s piece, natural viagra substitutes if Riggans is healthy he could make a run at one of the catcher roster spots on the Mets.

Natural viagra substitutes JOSE, natural viagra substitutes

Natural viagra substitutes  JOSE-JOSE-JOSE, natural viagra substitutes

Natural viagra substitutes  JOSE, natural viagra substitutes

Natural viagra substitutes  JOSE 

Natural viagra substitutes “Once again, natural viagra substitutes Daniel Murphy was the first player to arrive. Natural viagra substitutes This kid won’t lose the job because he was lazy.”

Natural viagra substitutes And my Murphy man-crush continues to blossom.

Natural viagra substitutes Adam Rubin can write it and Omar Minaya can say it but it would be a major upset for Mike Jacobs to beat on Murph for the first base job. Natural viagra substitutes Why the Mets keeping fucking with Murph is puzzling. Natural viagra substitutes He has been working out in Florida all winter; he’s the first guy at the workouts and the last to leave. Natural viagra substitutes He is doing everything plus more to become a strong first baseman and a better hitter. Natural viagra substitutes I have no beef with Mike Jacobs but I just don’t see where he is a fit here. Natural viagra substitutes Jacobs reeks of DH.

Natural viagra substitutes Dave Singer at NY Sports Dog has the complete TV/Radio Mets Spring Training Schedule posted.  First game Tuesday March 2 will be on SNY.

Natural viagra substitutes D-Wright has been in camp since late January, natural viagra substitutes and it seems his mind set is to pull the ball more in 2010. Natural viagra substitutes The biggest plus for Wright this year will be the protection in the lineup he’ll get from Jason Bay. 

Natural viagra substitutes Ladies and Gentlemen, natural viagra substitutes Sandy Koufax is in the house!

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