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Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Have you come to grips with the fact the Mets will not make the post season? I have. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer I’m not happy about it but it is what it is, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer the Mets have a big fork sticking out their collective oblique muscle. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer So that’s why I have gone from being totally pissed off that a team that is in the throws of bankruptcy, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer the Texas Rangers, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer are wheelin’ and a dealin’ while the Mets front office is at Jeffey Skill Sets Hamptons beach house walking the shore line with metal detectors looking for loose change.

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer There isn’t a proposed deal mention about the Mets that makes any sense for Omar (or the Omar like figure running these things these days) to pull the trigger on.:

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Octavio Dotel  for LHP Robert Carson. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer I would love to see Dotel in the Mets over worked and over used bullpen but not for Carson. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Carson is just 22 years old and throws a fastball that cuts, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer slder and  a change up. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer His has the abilty to change speeds on his fastball from high 80’s to low-mid 90’s. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Some scouting reports potray Carson a LOOGY in the bigs or if he continues to grow as a pitcher a back end starter. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer At this point, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer it’s a good thing for the Mets to hold on to Carson. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer If the Pirates would take Eddie Kunz then this would be a great deal for the Mets

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Brett Myers for Josh Thole and Bobby Parnell. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer First off I want no part of Myers and his baggage not only that Ed Wade is out of his fuckng mind if he asked for Thole and Parnell for Myers after giving Lance Berkman to the Highlanders for nothing. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer If I were the Mets GM and Wade called me with that offer I’d slam the phone down on him.

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Carlos Zambrano for Ollie Perez and Lusi Castillo. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer As per Jon Heyman, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Jim Hendry won’t take Castillo in the deal. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Even if the Cubs said yes to this it wouldn’t work out financially for the Mets. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Z is owed about $55 mil for the next three years, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer OP and Looie have the Mets in an $18 mil hole for 2011. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer So as I’ve said many many times it cheaper to DFA both these slugs. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer If the Mets really wanted to get creative they should revist this deal in the winter and switch Castillo with Frankie Rodriguez and offer that to the Cubs. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer I guarantee Mets fans will be cursing the K-Rod deal (if they’re not already) starting next year.

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer I think where some Mets fans miss the point with Mets front office, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer it’s not that the Mets don’t spend money, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer they just don’t know how to spend it. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer That’s why the GM and Manager (because Omar has lost the right to sign another manager) need to be reassigned and younger, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer hipper more analytical baseball executive needs to be brought in. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer I would love to see Paul DePodesta brought in or someone like him to go with Omar in his new assignment as Senior of Scouting and Player Development.

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Can someone with access to Jerry Manuel , canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer please for the love of God, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer ask him why he plays Jeff Francoeur every day!

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Viagra sample Hot Child in the city, viagra sample Hot child in the city, viagra sample running wild and looking pretty

Viagra sample Not much from me today between running around doing errands and it being so damn hot, viagra sample lots of perspiration not much inspiration today.

Viagra sample Loved what I saw from Johan Santana last night. Viagra sample I guess he got tired of of all the “what’s wrong with Santana” from the fans and media. Viagra sample It’s not just that he told Jerry Manuel to go sit down but he pitched a complete game shutout against a Reds team that is the best hitting team in the league.

Viagra sample Great post by Eric Simon on Amazin Avenue today on the educating fans on how to read saber stats and understand what the numbers tell us.  Gary Cohen got the ball rolling on this with his take on BAPIP during this past weekends telecast. Viagra sample Simon picked up on this and by explaining what the number tell us will hopefully convert the non-sabermetic believers .  I have to admit the one class I cut out of regularly during high school years  was math. Viagra sample I hate math and sometimes when I read the sabermetric sites, viagra sample the charts and graphs lose me, viagra sample just tell me what time it is I couldn’t give a shit how the clock was made and it seems Eric Simon is going to help me out and tell me the time of day.

Viagra sample Speaking of saber vs. Viagra sample non saber check out this video

Viagra sample If the Pirates take Eddie Kunz for Octavio Dotel then we have a deal

Viagra sample Check out my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Radio show from last night as myself and Dan Epstein author of Big Hair and Plastic Grass, viagra sample A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging 70’s

Viagra sample Don’t forget the polls are open at MetsGrrl and Mets Minor League Blog to vote in the primary for Howard Megdal for Mets GM

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What was up with Big Pelf last night? Was he channeling his inner Doc Ellis? Did he spend part of the day in Height-Ashbury? Or is he trying to be the new Bill Lee, lowest pill price viagra a/k/a The Space Man? Long strange trip for Big Pelf. Lowest pill price viagra  IF it weren’t for the brain farts leading to 3 balks, lowest pill price viagra Pelf would have had a stellar afternoon in Frisco. Lowest pill price viagra The best part of his performance was the 10 ground ball outs he got so I’d say it was still a positive outing for Pelfry.


What you’re shocked that Steve Phillips sounded like a total douchebag last night during the ESPN telecast? Whoever came up with the idea to add Smarmy Steve to the booth needs to be fired. Lowest pill price viagra Still smarting over getting canned by the Mets eh Stevie boy ? Well you sucked as a GM and you suck as a TV analyst in fact all you’re any good at is banging secretaries. Lowest pill price viagra When Joe Morgan becomes the voice of reason in the ESPN booth then the apocalypses is near. Lowest pill price viagra Jon Miller should be arrested for the fucking shirt and tie he wore last night. Lowest pill price viagra That outfit was gayer than a weekend on Fire Island.


Tip of the Mets cap to Dave Singer at NY Sportsdog for calling out J- Man for pinch hitting for Daniel Murphy. Lowest pill price viagra As I posted on Dave’s site, lowest pill price viagra whatever crime Ryan Church committed to get in the J-Man doghouse, lowest pill price viagra Daniel Murphy must have been an accomplice as he is not getting the Chateau de Bow Wow treatment. Lowest pill price viagra With Delgado gone (I think he’s gone for good) can we just let Murphy play first base? Either that or offer the Orioles Jeremy Reed and Eddie Kunz for Aubry Huff.


My evening started out great as I was a guest on The Seven Train To Shea radio show and had a great time with those guys. Lowest pill price viagra But after that the night sucked as my Boston Celtics had the rigors of old legs, lowest pill price viagra lack of size and lack of depth catch up with them to lose to the Magic (enjoy it now Orlando as you guys will be gone in 4 to the Cleveland Le Brons) and then the Mets loss coupled with the embarrassing announcing crew on ESPN topped off the evening.          





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Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me with suggestions to help me with my pitching staff. Viagra prescriptions I am happy to report that we won our first game of the season 10-0 (now 1-3 on the year) with only three walks against us in the game. Viagra prescriptions Rick Peterson would be proud of all of you.

Speaking of The Jacket, viagra prescriptions he will play himself in the movie version of “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt playing Billy Bean.  Art Howe will also be in the film playing the cadaver they extract  the ligaments from for Tommy John surgery.

The Mets are rolling through NOCAL yesterday 9-6 win. Viagra prescriptions Another strong start I felt, viagra prescriptions by Johan Santana who had one bad inning (the 6th) in the 7 innings he pitched as he had an incredible 79/22 K/B spilt plus he got the win to go to 5-2.

The pitching and hitting is as good for the Mets as any in baseball right now but the fielding needs to tighten up a bit especially with Wright and Castillo. Viagra prescriptions Yes I’m never happy I have to find something to bitch about with this team.

With Carlos Delgado on the DL (what a shock!) the Mets have to make decision on what to do with first base. Viagra prescriptions I don’t see how Jeremy Reed is an option over Daniel Murphy if they want to go a righty/lefty platoon. Viagra prescriptions In fact it looks like the increased playing time for Reed is more of a showcase as why would you need both Reed and Angel Pagan on this roster that now is top heavy with outfielders? Pagan can do as much if not more than Reed both with the bat and in the field plus the added bonus of being a switch hitter. Viagra prescriptions Maybe  a deal with the Orioles for Aubry Huff that would have the Mets send Reed and Eddie Kunz to Baltimore could snare Huff? By the way can we let Murphy play tonight at first base? It’s been four games since his last start. Viagra prescriptions FREE DANIEL MURPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reminder, viagra prescriptions I will be a guest tonight on The Seven Train To Shea Radio Program tonight at 7PM EDST.







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Order viagra I spent the morning at the Staten Island Ice Pavilion watching my daughter ice skate. Order viagra I was really enjoying myself  watching her glide along the ice and my XL Dunkin Donuts coffee and drifting off into thoughts of what will happen next week at the Winter Meetings especially since I will be joining Joe McDonald starting Monday night at 9PM EST on Pro Baseball Central with live reports from Las Vegas. Order viagra I’m trying to tell myself that Francisco Rodriguez is the missing piece to the pen. Order viagra But then I contradict myself with thoughts of Kerry Wood closing and then passing the torch to Eddie Kunz, order viagra Bobby Parnell or Bradley Holt. Order viagra I drift off in the thought of Omar Minaya pulling a deal that no one saw coming like this nutty one I read this morning. Order viagra I even day dreamed of D-Wright working out with a mind set of leading his team to the post season and an MVP award. Order viagra It felt sooooo good to think good baseball thoughts that I could see and feel myself in my Mr. Order viagra Met t-shirt, order viagra shorts and flip flops on a beautiful 80 degree Saturday waiting on line at the Shake Shack stand at $iti Field Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh But of course someone has to drop a turd in my punch bowl.

Order viagra  

Order viagra As soon as I heard “Well we’ll sign C.C  then Burnett and Texiera and that will put us back where we belong” Ughhhhhhhhhhh Highlander fans. Order viagra Can’t a man enjoy a Saturday morning without these blow hards? Then blow hards buddy Nit Wit chimes in “Yeah and wit Joba and Wang we’s will have da best rotation in baseball because we is da Yankees ya know” and they both laugh like retards. Order viagra Now I try to ignore them and just chill with my java but of course they can’t leave well enough alone. Order viagra “We ain’t like dem looosers da Mets” says Blow Hard to which Nit Wit replies “Uhhhhhhhh Da Mets suck” 

Order viagra  

Order viagra Now my morning is ruined. Order viagra I’m ready to get my daughter to go find their daughters and do a Tonya Harding on their ass but then I decide to do my own dirty work. Order viagra I pull my Mets cap a little more down in the front and turn to them and say “If I were you guys I’d worry more about the Red Sox and Rays than the Mets, order viagra since you can’t beat either of them” They see the Mets cap and reply to me how the Mets choked and how they are losers and yada, order viagra yada yada. Order viagra I answer them the best way I could. Order viagra I told these jokers that at least Mets fan realize their team’s flaws and are intelligent enough to look over the possibilities available to them to fix their problems and go back and forth with each other unlike Highlander fans who just say “buy whoever is out there”

Order viagra  

Order viagra Both dopes knew nothing about the teams farm system other then they both thought Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy should be traded and that Joba will win the Cy Young. Order viagra After I heard that I was thankful my daughters lesson was over and we could leave and I did with a good feeling knowing that it’s good to be a Mets fan.

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Alternative viagra external Greeting from the Catskill Mountains. Alternative viagra external Some how I got talked in to going up to hither lands for Thanksgiving Weekend and as I look out the big picture window of the lobby where it sure looks like winter and while my wife and kids go horseback riding( the last time I was on a horse was when my mother was putting dimes in the ride outside of Woolworth’s on 5 Ave in Bay Ridge) so while I have idle time I’ve read some stories on the direction the Mets are going for a closer and all I can say is I hope Omar is not the guide on the trial my family is riding on because I may never see them again.

Alternative viagra external I’m a bit cloudy on just what Omar’s strategy is when it comes to the pen. Alternative viagra external He doesn’t want to spend a lot of the Skill Sets dough on a K-Rod or Brian Fuentes and he could take out a patch up approach with Kerry Wood or Trevor Hoffman. Alternative viagra external He may trade for Bobby Jenks or Houston Street or he may just hand the job to Bobby Parnell and or Eddie Kunz. Alternative viagra external What Omar has become is the Johnny Rodz of baseball (old time wrestling fans remember The Unpredictable Johnny Rodz)

Alternative viagra external Hopefully this bullpen riddle will be clearer starting next week when the Winter Meetings kick off in Vegas.

Alternative viagra external As soon as that first snowflake fly’s I’m heading back to civilization

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Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Eddie Kunz has checked in from the AFL and puts a positive spin on his fall season and that of all the Mets prospects who’ve joined him:

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra {I have been pitching very well and making all my pitches work for me. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Now I know the numbers are not shoiwing it but this is a league to work on things and get better so era and those things don’t matter that much at all. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra I am getting stronger and a better feel for my piitches as well which is nice. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra The rest of the mets on the team have been doing really good also. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Murphy is still hitting the ball very well and getting alot better at 2nd base with his defense. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Josh Thole is hitting alot better and still is doing a great job at catching. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Bobby Parnell is still throwing the ball hard and getting people out, mexico pharmacy generic viagra while working on things and getting better as a pitcher. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Jason Vargas is also doing very well throwing all his pitches and keeping hitters off set and changing speeds, mexico pharmacy generic viagra he gets stronger with every outting and looks great.}

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra I hope Eddie is right as he does seem very confident that what he’s working on in Arizona will help him come spring. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra The more you read about Jason Vargas the more you realize he is becoming a valuable part for the bullpen plan for 2009

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It has got to be tough for the main streamers who cover baseball as this is a limbo period of the hot stove where it’s rumor after rumor (some of them made up just to fill up media space and time) because it will be one more week before teams can make contract offers to free agents. Fake generic viagra So while we wait the baseball owners to stimulate the economy there are some very interesting article on the web such as:


Paul Greco at Gotham Baseball has a great overview of Mets and Highlander prospect playing in the AFL. Fake generic viagra Reading the scouting reports on some of our prospects in the league there it looks more and more that the demise of the Mets farm system has been greatly exaggerated. Fake generic viagra I was upset over the thumbs down from the scouts that Eddie Kunz received as he has had an uneven performance so far in the AFL. Fake generic viagra I watch Kunz pitch in Brooklyn and his pedigree as a top collegiate closer made me think he’d emerge a lot faster as a viable pitcher in the bullpen especially with the fact that he throws a good sinking fastball that you’d think would translate into ground ball outs. Fake generic viagra I’m not ready to give up on Kunz yet and hopefully neither are the Mets. Fake generic viagra As we learn with Big Pelf, fake generic viagra you need patients sometimes with young arms.


So far the Highlander will sign every single free agent on the market and will go into the season with a 1.4 trillion dollar payroll. Fake generic viagra Not only will they sign CC Sabathia to 10yr/$200mil contract but they will give Manny Ramirez 4 yr/$190 mil deal and then sign Derek Lowe, fake generic viagra AJ Burnett and Ryan Dempster to $100 mil deals each. Fake generic viagra Then Pack A Day Hank will buy the San Diego Padres franchise just to get Jake Peavy. Fake generic viagra He will then sell the Padres to Mark Cuban (because he can’t buy the Cubs) at discount as Cuban agrees to let the YES Network televise  Dallas Mavericks  games so this way the NY/NJ/Brooklyn Nets can go to public access TV. Fake generic viagra Hank will then remove all of brother Hal’s vital organs to sell to pay for Mark Texiera’s 20 yr/$500 mil deal. Fake generic viagra And with all that the Highlander will finish no higher than third place in 2009.


Daniel Murphy is REAL and he is SPECTACULAR.


Murray Chass is a cranky old bastard who hates bloggers but I am trying to follow President-Elect Obama’s message of reaching over the aisle for unity (just like when I saw the Pope and had a feeling of calm and patients and understanding like I do now with the Obama Presidency this won’t last long because people will continue to piss me off like the assholes who walk along the subway platform with those ridiculous fucking backpacks on wheels that people trip over daily. Fake generic viagra What the fuck are you carrying around that you need a backpack on wheels? There’s something wrong with you mentally if you are toting around some much unwanted shit that you can’t carry it on your shoulder but have to wheel it around and to the woman who took exception to me kicking her wheelie-backpack this morning at the Staten Island Ferry terminal, fake generic viagra I’ll be on that 7AM boat again on Monday so bring your husband, fake generic viagra son, fake generic viagra grand son and other person you like and make sure they bring their wheelie backpacks too so I can kick them all the way to Whitehall Terminal. Fake generic viagra Man did I take the long way to link this Murray Chass column sorry for that marathon rant.)    Chass writes about George W Bush wanting the Baseball Commissioners job badly but The Used Car Salesman, fake generic viagra while denying it while he relocated the office from Manhattan to Milwaukee grab the job. Fake generic viagra One more reason to despise Bud.


I like that Omar is headstrong on adding pitching which is where his priority should be but do you get the same feeling I get that Omar is lying in the weeds when it comes to Manny Ramirez? I could see a scenario where Omar waits to see what the offers are and goes to the Skill Sets asking permission to match or better the offer. Fake generic viagra If its 4years or more Omar will pass but it it’s 3 yrs I could see him offering up 3yr/ close to 90mil with incentives and some creative bookkeeping. 

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Cialis testimonial First off I hope all of you went to vote and if you didn’t what are you waiting for? While I was waiting to cast my vote (I’m sure everyone knows you I voted for) I read the Mets news of the day via Adam Rubin. Cialis testimonial After reading how Omar states the starting 8 from last year could be intact for ’09 and Scarface Bernazard proclaiming that if Brian Funetes and K-Rod get to greedy the Mets are set to go with either Bobby Parnell or Eddie Kunz as the closer as Bernazard says “what are supposed to do if we don’t sign a closer, cialis testimonial not play”? Well if the plan is what way laid in Rubin’s Daily News story, cialis testimonial then yeah you’d be better off.

Cialis testimonial I’m sure this is just a smoke screen, cialis testimonial Minaya at his sandbagging best as Jeffey Skill Sets told us in his message to the fan base, cialis testimonial that there will be “addition by subtraction” but now his Brain trust tells us different. Cialis testimonial Here’s an idea for Omar, cialis testimonial Tony B, cialis testimonial and John Rico, cialis testimonial stop with the fucking mind games and roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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Overnight viagra Thank you Mark Healy for the hat tip from Gotham Baseball.  Heals, overnight viagra echos the feeling that the attituted of the Mets needs a blast from the past.

Overnight viagra Yes, overnight viagra Greg Prince, overnight viagra Next Year can not get here soon enough for me either.

Overnight viagra I think my head is still swiming from the managerial screw up by both Good O’ Cholly and Joey Specs so read the lay of the mis-managerial land from Beyond the Box Score.

Overnight viagra Eddie Kunz is not having a good go of it in the AFL as lefties are whipping his ass and it has me worried

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