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Can teens take viagra Why can’t every game be like last night’s Mets-Brewers game? A solid 6 inning by Chris Capouano in his return to Milwaukee, can teens take viagra and 9 up 9 down by Beato, can teens take viagra Izzy and Frankie Rodz add in a 2 run triple for Jose Reyes and you have a Mets fans paradise.

Can teens take viagra No way will Jose Reyes be traded by the Mets, can teens take viagra no way. Can teens take viagra  Somehow, can teens take viagra some way the Mets will sign Reyes to a new deal. Can teens take viagra When it was first mentioned that trading Reyes was on the same level as when Tom Seaver was dealt I thought that was ridiculous but now I can see that  the departure of Reyes could be the move, can teens take viagra that straw that breaks the fan base’ back.  Mets fans of my generation will be very angry and maybe we won’t go to as many games or maybe we won’t make watching games on SNY a nightly event but even as distasteful a thought of not seeing Reyes at short, can teens take viagra I’ll still call myself a Mets fan. Can teens take viagra It’s too late for me to switch my baseball allegiance but I could see the 30 and under crowd turning on the organization and heading elsewhere if Jose Reyes becomes an ex-Met due to money. Can teens take viagra This is a very serious issue that the Skill Sets, can teens take viagra Minority Einhorn and Sandy Alderson have to seriously take into account when dealing with Jose Reyes. Can teens take viagra If the Mets let Jose Reyes go, can teens take viagra then you might as well turn Citi Field into Old Trafford. Can teens take viagra  I can’t see Reyes wearing a diferent uni , can teens take viagra  I just can’t .

Can teens take viagra They did play soccer last night at Citi Field and it looks as if it was a success. Can teens take viagra The only problem I see is the fans are really far away from the pitch. Can teens take viagra It was smart of whoever put this match together to pick two teams from countries that make up the biggest percentage of the boro of Queens population, can teens take viagra Ecuador and Greece. Can teens take viagra  The Ecuadorian players however, can teens take viagra had issues with the MO-ZONE.

Can teens take viagra By the way, can teens take viagra I am going to my first professional soccer game on Friday as my daughter’s soccer team got tickets for the Red Bulls-Revolution game at Red Bull Arena. Can teens take viagra One more venue to add to my list.

Can teens take viagra I bought one of these t-shirts. You should too.

Can teens take viagra Ok I’m out of ideas on what to do with Jason Bay and I think Terry Collins is as well.

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Online viagra sales When I was first notified of this event I thought it was stupid. Online viagra sales Why? Because it’s pretty obvious that Mets fans don’t want Reyes going anywhere and I don’t think Sandy Alderson wants him to go anywhere and no matter how much you stomp your feet and scream that won’t put funds in the in Mets empty coffers.

Online viagra sales But my view of this event has changed and I now feel this is a great time an opportunity for Mets fans to show the new minority owner that Reyes (and David Wright) needs to be A Met 4 Life. Online viagra sales  Frankly I would love to protest the keeping of Reyes by having a mass walkout of Citi Field during the bottom of the 5th inning of a game, online viagra sales just to show the Skill Sets and Minority Einhorn, online viagra sales what the ball park will look like next year without our beloved shortstop.

Online viagra sales I know I’m putting too much faith in Minority Einhorn to stepped up and kick some Wilpon ass but I have to believe the Stealth Bomber GM (Sandy Alderson) will have a big say in this as well. Online viagra sales  Alderson chucked Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo not only because they sucked but he felt negative fan sentiment was so strong, online viagra sales it was the right thing to do. Online viagra sales Now with that same Mets fan passion in a positive way, online viagra sales Alderson seems to have gotten the message that he needs to be as creative as possible in keeping Reyes a Met. Online viagra sales If he doesn’t then the message will be sent to the Mets fan base, online viagra sales WE DON”T WANT YOU EITHER!

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Over the counter viagra Looks like Minority Einhorn is getting quite cozy at Citi Field. Over the counter viagra I’m sure the Skill Sets are sweating and not just because of this recent hot spell in NYC. Over the counter viagra  Einhorn seems to fancy this period of the media swooning over him trying to feel him out as the white knight that will come in a save the franchise. Over the counter viagra   

Over the counter viagra Right now, over the counter viagra Einhorn can’t say much as the shysters are still finalizing the paper work but when the ink dries on his signature what happens then? How much say does Minority Einhorn have?  As much as he enjoys taking his kids to Citi Field, over the counter viagra I’m sure he didn’t write a $200 mil check just to visit the Mets dugout and avoid the lines at the Shake Shack .

Over the counter viagra Does Einhorn whisper in Sandy Alderson’ ear “don’t trade Reyes, over the counter viagra we’ll pay him but keep it on the down low”?

Over the counter viagra How about on the day the deal is final, over the counter viagra Einhorn announces that he is taking bids from area sculptures for a statue of Tom Seaver that will be placed in the newly renamed Metropolitan Rotunda with Jackie Robinson’s 42 and tribute to John McGraw.

Over the counter viagra How great would it be if Einhorn came out against the black unis and caps.

Over the counter viagra How about letting everyone know that #8 will never be worn by a Mets player ever again and as soon as Gary Carter lets the organization know he’s up to it, over the counter viagra the Mets will celebrate Gary Carter Day with a number retirement ceremony  

Over the counter viagra  How about if his kid’s say to him “Dad bring back Banner Day”

Over the counter viagra Since Einhorn is a family man maybe he will take into account that not all family men run hedge funds but most work at jobs that pay far less. Over the counter viagra So he will institute family packs at Citi Field for reduced tickets and concessions. Over the counter viagra Not everyone can feed a family of four at the Shake Shack you know.

Over the counter viagra Maybe this all just my imagination running wild too. Over the counter viagra I don’t know what the future holds with Minority Einhorn but from reading about this guy, over the counter viagra he didn’t get into this partnership to sit back and watch the Skill Sets piss away what’s left of this organization. Over the counter viagra The next couple of months could be the most interesting and crucial months in Mets history.

Over the counter viagra Join me tonight at 11PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN as my guest Ed Marcus (a/k/a Rusty Jr) of The Real Dirty Mets and I recap tonight’s Mets-Pirates game and talk about the on and off the field Mets news on Blog Talk Radio. Over the counter viagra If you can’t join us live you can hear the podcast here at Kranepool Society (bottom right side bar) or at our show page on Blog Talk Radio or download the show on iTunes.

Over the counter viagra  THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN is part of the Seamheads National Podcasting Network.   

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