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Discount cialis My pessimism for the upcoming season of my beloved Mets intensified a bit because one of our cats woke me up before I wanted to rise and shine for a bit of breakfast. Discount cialis  So after filling the bowls with leftover grilled chicken breast, discount cialis I went to the living room with the intent of browsing Netflix for a movie. Discount cialis But first I took a tour of the 1763 channels on my FiOS system and lo and behold I stumble on to The Last Play at Shea on The Movie Channel. Discount cialis  I was going to turn the channel quick so as not get involved in this film but then the face of an old friend, discount cialis the late Dana Brand came on my screen and that made me sit up straight with a touch of sadness. Discount cialis Then another blogger buddy was present on the TV, discount cialis Greg Prince sitting in a seat at the our old house, discount cialis Shea Stadium talking about all the great times we had at that place and more sadness fell over me. Discount cialis I started to think out loud and staring at Mittens our cat and shouting to him “Where did we go wrong”???? Mittens looked up for a second and went back to cleaning himself off after his satisfying breakfast.

Discount cialis Where did we go wrong? When did this organization make the turn from Ya Gotta Believe Boulevard to Embarrassment Lane?   I’m watching the film and seeing the Mets of the 80’s I just stared and drifted off into the Way Back Machine of my mind. Discount cialis Everyone hated us back then. Discount cialis  As a Met fan of that era we all had a “Do you know who the fuck we are” attitude that rubbed off on the fan base from our beloved team.  Keith Hernandez was that guy who rolled the cigarette pack in his sleeve, discount cialis Darryl Strawberry was a physical specimen who hit baseballs liked they owed him money, discount cialis  Ray Knight would smack the shit out you because he could, discount cialis  Gary Carter was the definition of don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Discount cialis  Dwight Gooden had guys coming down with the flu on days he took the mound and they were led by the chip on his shoulder skipper Davey Johnson. Discount cialis The New York Mets were MLB’s Bad Ass’s

Discount cialis Today the Mets are the kick ass’s as in they have been on the receiving end of the ass kicking they use to hand out. Discount cialis Not to mention a team that plays in a tidy baseball McMansion, discount cialis Citi Field as the old Mets with bad attitudes played in a tenement called William Shea Housing Project. Discount cialis  As much as I try to accept Citi as the new home of the Mets and try hard to let the past of Shea go, discount cialis when I see movies like Last Play at Shea, discount cialis I wonder if we are cursed. Discount cialis Is there a Curse of Shea Stadium?

Discount cialis Think about it the Mets haven’t been the same since the move to Citi. Discount cialis The owners were taken in by a flim flam man named Madoff, discount cialis real fans have been moved out to outfield stands while the areas around 1st base, discount cialis 3rd base and home plate have been surrounded by cement and security guards stationed to make sure no real fans try to sneak into the plethora of empty padded seats vacated by the swells who would rather sit in air conditioned luxury of a club while drinking expensive wine and eating gourmet foods. Discount cialis  Back at Shea the food sucked but the baseball was good, discount cialis I’ll take winning baseball with an over cooked hot dog, discount cialis half thawed pretzel washed down with watered down Bud any day.

Discount cialis There is hope, discount cialis hope that the tide is turning. Discount cialis Where the everyday eight are not much to look at, discount cialis the pitching staff has some talent and charisma. Discount cialis Matt Harvey looks like he could have anchored a staff in the 70’s or 80’s. Discount cialis Zack Wheeler and Travis d”Arnud should make a solid contribution once they are freed from Super Two purgatory.  Other than that and few wet behind the ears minor leaguers, discount cialis there is much to be optimistic about with this 2013 edition of the NY Mets.

Discount cialis I hope I’m wrong. Discount cialis  I hope Lucas Duda visits the Wizzard of Baseball Oz to  get some baseball confidence. Discount cialis I hope I’m right about Colin Cowgill that he is the surprise of the season. Discount cialis I hope Ike Davis has the breakout season he and Mets fans have been waiting for. Discount cialis I hope David Wright finds some support in the lineup, discount cialis I hope Freddy Skill Sets is not pissing on our legs and does have money to allow Sandy Alderson to bring in a big league bat with power. Discount cialis I hope the bullpen doesn’t suck like last year. Discount cialis I hope Citi Field is full of METS FANS in September making noise and rooting for a team that plays hard and wins baseball games. Discount cialis I hope I’m not setting myself up for disappointment.

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Pfizer viagra canada If you have not seen or heard former Patriot and Jets RB Curtis Martin’ acceptance speech last night in Canton, pfizer viagra canada do yourself a a favor a click on the video and watch this very inspirational speech. Pfizer viagra canada By the way, pfizer viagra canada what an embarrassment to the NFL HOF voters that Bill Parcells has not been inducted and also Jerry Kramer of the great Lombardi Packers. Pfizer viagra canada Disgraceful

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Buy pfizer viagra in canada  

Buy pfizer viagra in canada Let’s face it, buy pfizer viagra in canada when Terry Collins rolls out his majority right handed hitting lineup the opposition isn’t exactly quaking in their cleats. Buy pfizer viagra in canada So add the righty lineup with sloppy base running and defense (besides bullpen help and a right handed power bat, buy pfizer viagra in canada Sandy Alderson really needs to put getting a defensive catcher high on his things to do over the all star break list, buy pfizer viagra in canada really enough of Mike Nickeas already!) and Clayton Kershaw you get an 8-2 Mets loss but this game was more the Mets losing it than the Dodgers winning it.

Buy pfizer viagra in canada A 3-1 Mets lead disintegrated  again by poor defense (I’ve been a supporter of Lucas Duda and the job he’s done in RF but lately he’s been regressing out there and I’m getting a little worried)  which seems to happen every time I think the Mets are ready to run off a big win streak (My daughter and I were in a t-shirt store in Hyannis  yesterday when the clerk saw my Mets cap and t-shirt, buy pfizer viagra in canada he said “wow the Mets are doing really well this year what are they like 5 games out of 1st place”? and in my “no you asshole “voice I told him the Mets were 2.5 games out of 1st  at which point my daughter walk slowly out of the store full of embarrassment) but still the Mets have had three winning months in a row and have not been below .500 all season so with that and the fact they are a mere 3.5 games back of the Nationals for first place in the NL East it’s been a great first half of the season.

Buy pfizer viagra in canada And you want to know why I think so highly of Sandy Alderson, buy pfizer viagra in canada the truth hurts doesn’t it Mets fans

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Viagra pill A tip of the BLUE Mets cap to The Mets Police for this pic of the offensive Seinfled cap

Viagra pill Observations from a busy weekend, viagra pill and a happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there:

Viagra pill I went to the Mets-Dodgers games Saturday night as we live a in a time where you can go on your computer in the afternoon and buy and download tickets to a ball game that night in the comfort of your own home. Viagra pill I wish the atmosphere at the ball park could be as blissful as purchasing the tickets.

Viagra pill The Mets gave out caps on Saturday sponsored by Seinfeld, viagra pill now I am a great fan of Jerry Seinfeld, viagra pill but those caps that were given out were an embarrassment.  My wife told to stop complaining as what were you expecting for free, viagra pill a New Era cap? No, viagra pill not at all but they could have spent an extra dollar to make the cap something I’d wear instead of a one that felt and looked like it was made from scrap paper. Viagra pill Then to top it off it was BLACK. Viagra pill Maybe if they went with blue I wouldn’t have been this upset but really that cap was a piece of shit.

Viagra pill We sat in the Pepsi Porch which is my favorite spot of Citi Field but on Saturday, viagra pill I felt like I was watching the game on the corner of 42 St and Broadway, viagra pill people getting up during play and then trying to get to seat 17 by going through the first 16 seats of the row in the middle of an inning. Viagra pill I wouldn’t bitch so much if it was once or twice but this went on all game long. Viagra pill  The Mets need to do what the Garden and Prudential Center enforce, viagra pill keep ushers near the section entrances and hold people up until an at bat is done then let them get back to their seats. Viagra pill And another thing, viagra pill is it so hard to know where you’re sitting? How many times do you see some clueless asshole holding four beers standing on the steps of the section with a stupid look on his or her face not knowing where they sit? All you have to do is remember three things Section, viagra pill Row, viagra pill and seat. Viagra pill  How do these people function in everyday life?

Viagra pill I tried the Keith Burger on Saturday night and I wasn’t impressed at all, viagra pill in fact in my opinion the only food that’s any good at Citi Field is Mama’s of Corona, viagra pill Blue Smoke, viagra pill or Sausage and Peppers hero, viagra pill the rest of the food, viagra pill even the highly vaunted Shake Shack, viagra pill is overrated.

Viagra pill If there is anyone of the Highlander persuasion reading this site (Michael maybe you can explain this phenomenon that I’m about to address and please remember you are excluded from the group I’m about to call out) can you explain why Highlander fans come to Citi Field dressed like they are going to a Highlanders game and root for the Mets opponent of the day? Do you know what kind of dick heads you people are? I can’t even get angry at these morons; I’m just stunned by their stupidity. Viagra pill I go to Highlander Stadium but I never wear my “colors” when I go (unless it’s Mets-Highlanders) I always wear my “civvies” and I just sit and enjoy the game and the company as I couldn’t give two shits if the Highlanders win or lose the game. Viagra pill It’s not like it just of few of these simpletons that come to Mets games, viagra pill there’s so many that we Mets fans look at each other with that puzzled “what the fuck”? look when they stroll around our park.

Viagra pill Just to closeout my Highlander fan rant, viagra pill last week Highlander fans were ready to run Derek Jeter out of town. Viagra pill If it were up to Highlander fans, viagra pill “El Capitan” would be lucky to get a paving stone in Monument Park forget a deserving tribute to his career. Viagra pill  Fans felt that Jeter was done, viagra pill finished, viagra pill a detriment to the team. Viagra pill Fuck those 3, viagra pill000 hits and 5 World Series rings and that first ballot Hall of Fame sitting with his name on it, viagra pill Jeter has to go. Viagra pill But wait, viagra pill yesterday he went 4 for 6 with 2 HR’s and 3 RBI, viagra pill so now he’s back in the pantheon of Highlanders, viagra pill that is until he goes 0 for his next 15 at bats, viagra pill then he’s back to a bum.

Viagra pill The more I watch Dillon Gee pitch, viagra pill the more impressed I am with him. Viagra pill  Gee was called on in an emergency as Chris Young is on the DL with shoulder trouble and what made his start impressive in my eyes was the way he worked out of tough situations. Viagra pill Gee looks on the mound like a guy who knows exactly what he wants to do and tries to translate what’s in his head to his arm and more times than not he succeeds. Viagra pill He may not be an Ace but Gee will be around the big leagues a long time as long as he stays healthy.

Viagra pill Give Sandy Alderson credit for honesty when he says, viagra pill “After Dillon Gee, viagra pill there isn’t much left” as far as pitchers to called up to step into the rotation if need be. Viagra pill Just the fact that Pat Misch was recalled made that statement real. Viagra pill Really Pat Misch ? I’m sick of seeing him and Willie Harris as well and while I’m at it throw in Chin-lu Hu too. Viagra pill How in good conscious can Terry Collins send Hu up to pinch hit? I’d use R.A. Viagra pill Dickey or Big Pelf as a PH’er before Hu.

Viagra pill Keith Hernandez shocked me a bit yesterday when he said during David Wright’s at bat in the 9th inning against Vicente Padillia that Wright’s bat speed looked like a guy late in his career who can’t get around on a fastball. Viagra pill Hernandez was shocked that Wright could not get around on Padilia’s fastball as he was the tying run at the plate. Viagra pill Wright has been bad at the plate so far this season but with RISP he’s been horrendous. Viagra pill It’s time for Terry Collins to drop Wright in the batting order and I guess the only thing stopping that move is Jason Bay not hitting. Viagra pill I’d like to see Collins us a lineup of:

Viagra pill Reyes

Viagra pill Murph

Viagra pill Beltran

Viagra pill Ike/Bay (depending on if it’s a LHP or RHP

Viagra pill Ike/Bay

Viagra pill Wright

Viagra pill Pridie

Viagra pill Thole

Viagra pill Pitcher

Viagra pill On days that Paulino catchers place him 7th and Pridie 8th. Viagra pill Hey it’s couldn’t hurt this lineup needs a shakeup.

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Free sample offers in canada Finally, free sample offers in canada someone has stepped up and given the NY Mets the kick in the ass they need, free sample offers in canada not the pats on the back they have been getting from Father Flanagan Terry Collins, free sample offers in canada what R.A. Free sample offers in canada Dickey said last night should have come from the manager or from Sandy Alderson but leave it to Dickey to put it eloquently that his teammates suck and need to realize the level of suck they have attained and until the team comes to the grips that the way they have played is an embarrassment and the reason they have been so bad so far this season is that they suck:

Free sample offers in canada “It starts with me, free sample offers in canada” said R. Free sample offers in canada A. Free sample offers in canada Dickey, free sample offers in canada who generally pitched well but gave up three runs in the second inning and the decisive home run to Hunter Pence in the eighth. Free sample offers in canada “We have to find a way to be honest with ourselves about what kind of team we are. Free sample offers in canada We can’t keep telling ourselves, free sample offers in canada ‘Oh, free sample offers in canada we’re a better team than this.’ We may not be.

Free sample offers in canada  

Free sample offers in canada “We’ve got to be honest about that and identify what we’re doing wrong and do it better.”

Free sample offers in canada In other words, free sample offers in canada you are what your record says you are. Free sample offers in canada When you have the worst record in baseball, free sample offers in canada then you are the worst team in baseball. Free sample offers in canada The problem the last few years in Flushing , free sample offers in canada the delusion in the clubhouse has clashed with the stark reality that the talent on 25 man roster is just not very good.

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Cheapest viagra world I don’t know maybe I think a little differently than some folks. Cheapest viagra world If me and my family were embroiled in a fight to save everything we’ve worked for and the embarrassment we’ve faced due to either stupidity, cheapest viagra world nativity or out right lying and I owned a baseball team in the biggest media market in the world, cheapest viagra world I’d kind of lay low for a while and not want to have to answer questions about an on going court case that I really can’t answer or baseball questions that I don’t know how to answer. Cheapest viagra world I’d stay out of the public eye. Cheapest viagra world Unfortunately Jeffey Skill Sets doesn’t think like that.  Here was Jeffey in all his glory and bad hair cut meeting the media at St. Cheapest viagra world Lonesome.

Cheapest viagra world Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the organization to not have a side show on the day pitchers and catchers report? Especially when you are having a tough time selling tickets? Wouldn’t be in the best interest of the organization to just let Sandy Alderson do the talking this spring and season as well?

Cheapest viagra world Just when I’m getting stoked for Mets baseball and decided to purchase a flex pack ticket plan, cheapest viagra world I see this video and think hummmmmmmmmm is buying a ticket plan a wise choice? I’m sure I’m not they only one who is thinking this way as well.

Cheapest viagra world Besides Jeffey being there do I have to hear about our domestic violence abuser having his Lamborghini shipped down on a flat bed truck to spring training?  Then hear how great it was that he spoke to the media and a couple of day time yackers on radio? Why is it the guys I want to hear from the least I hear from the most?

Cheapest viagra world The beat guy at the Daily Lupica likes to break Mets fans balls with some stupid Tweets. Cheapest viagra world During last season I guess I tweeted him to many times telling him what a hack he was and how he seemed upset he wasn’t covering the Phillies anymore so he blocked me from his Twitter account which is no big deal to me but I would think it would be a big deal to his bosses at the Daily Lupica since I stopped buying the paper and I never link a story from their site. Cheapest viagra world From the tweets I’ve read today it seems this beat guy has taken to calling Jose Reyes (Michael our resident Highlander fan, cheapest viagra world you better sit down for this one) a “future Yankee”. Cheapest viagra world Mets tweeters have been outraged and have started a campaign on Twitter to unfollow him. Cheapest viagra world That’s great but take it a step further, cheapest viagra world don’t link any stories of his or anything in the Daily Lupica on your sites or on Twitter. Cheapest viagra world I ‘m sure Daily Lupica Sports Editor Teri Thompson will not be happy about that.

Cheapest viagra world Ed Marcus/Rusty Jr. has number 21 in his list of the Top 50 Mets of All Time and this one is a bit of a controversial choice as he didn’t spend many years with the Mets and the years he did while showing flashes of brilliance from time to time didn’t exactly make a great contribution. Cheapest viagra world But when he left he was legendary.

Cheapest viagra world I had a great time conversing with Joe Demayo of  PSL to Flushing on the THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN podcast today. Cheapest viagra world Check it out here or on iTunes

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Female viagra uk Happy Highlander Elimination Day to ya! I can’t wait to see Michael Kay’s head explode on the YUCK post game show if Bronx Bastards lose game five. Female viagra uk I hope Joe Girardi studied that binder of his and found the page where it says, female viagra uk “when a suck ass pitcher like AJ Burnett gives you five innings, female viagra uk take it an run”

Female viagra uk No Mets news today except for Frankie Rodriguez getting a mere $3mil deduction from his personal worth for his altercation and embarrassment of himself and of the Mets organization. Female viagra uk Hopefully who ever takes the reigns of the baseball operations let’s K-Rod know his days as a Mets closer are done. Female viagra uk Welcome to a setup role K-Rod.

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Try viagra for free It was a move long overdue. Try viagra for free In fact give John Ricco credit for getting a live body for Jeff Francoeur  but the organization shouldn’t have stopped there. Try viagra for free It’s quite clear that again for the third season in a row the Mets have rolled over and died. Try viagra for free How Jerry Manuel gets to fill out a lineup card today for the Mets is a smack in our Mets fan faces. Try viagra for free Sure it doesn’t matter anymore this season but by firing Manuel and Omar Minaya today would send a message that a tidal wave of changes are coming. Try viagra for free But I have absolutely no confidence that inept bullshit ownership has the balls to do this.

Try viagra for free A real owner who owned this close to one BILLION dollar company would go into that clubhouse and rip the living shit out of this team. Try viagra for free But that won’t happen.  The only passion comes from the fan base. Try viagra for free It’s not just a matter of screaming and yelling in fact screaming and yelling wouldn’t have any effect on this team anyway. Try viagra for free If the owner would just go into that clubhouse and tell this team the truth that they are an embarrassment and what has him baffled is they don’t seem to mind that they are saddled with this label. Try viagra for free The owner would also be of the right to let them know that this little Country Club mentality that has infected the clubhouse will be dismantled. Try viagra for free The owner should then go on about how there will be a new GM and manager next year and if this new management team says to me that (pointing at players) you, try viagra for free you or you need to go, try viagra for free then you got to go. Try viagra for free The owner should also stress that his office is closed to any player who has a baseball related issue, try viagra for free all of those inquires must go through chain of command from manager to general manager. Try viagra for free If you have a personal or family issue as the owner, try viagra for free he should let them know he will help him as best he can.

Try viagra for free As fans we can talk about who to cut, try viagra for free who to trade for, try viagra for free who to sign as a free agent but all that talk is a waste of words and oxygen unless ownership either cleans out the front office and makes a concerted effort to change the perception that the organization is clueless, try viagra for free leaderless and headed on the fast track to nowhere.

Try viagra for free By a show of hands, try viagra for free how many of you Mets fans out there are still wearing your Mets gear in public?  Not many I see. Try viagra for free I can’t blame you as it wears you down to wear your WRIGHT 5 or REYES 7 and have to answer inane question after inane question about the team. Try viagra for free I don’t know about you but I’m worn out from answering question after question about why this organization is so bad and can’t get out of its own way.  All I can tell them is “Blogging about the Mets ain’t easy “

Try viagra for free All you need to know about the player’s view of the team is in this Tweet from Steve Popper. Try viagra for free First Rod Barajas now Francoeur, try viagra for free if the players don’t want to be here then why should I buy a ticket or watch SNY or wear drape myself in Mets regalia? Why do I feel the chasm between the team and fan base exists because the Mets fans take this much more personally than the players do? Did you see the smile on Francoeur’ face last night when he spoke to the media about being sent to Arlington? When was the last you smiled as a Mets fan?

Try viagra for free I’ve seen some of the Tweets of Mets fan who are actually upset that Jeff Francoeur was dealt to the Texas, try viagra for free are you fucking kidding me?

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Viagra affects on women There are losses and there are losses but then again THERE ARE LOSSES and last night was one of those LOSSES.

Viagra affects on women You will read and hear a lot today about last nights Mets 11-5 loss to the Phillies some will say it’s much to early to worry and losing a series in the beginning of May is not the end of the world and Johan Santana himself said “it was just one those games” but to me and many Mets fans it wasn’t just one of those games, viagra affects on women quite frankly it was a major embarrassment.

Viagra affects on women It all started when the lineup was posted, viagra affects on women the Mets Twitter Nation was up in arms over seeing GMJ and Fernando Tatis, viagra affects on women two players who could not play on any other major league team, viagra affects on women playing instead of Angel Pagan and Ike Davis. Viagra affects on women Supposedly the numbers that Tatis and GMJ have against Jamie Moyer favored the move but I would hope that the manager would have thought, viagra affects on women “I have a chance to take the series from my top rival that is reeling a bit, viagra affects on women I have my Ace pitcher going so I need to play my best eight guys today” But Jerry Manuel decided he could play his best six and win and after the first inning he looked like a prophet. Viagra affects on women To be honest this loss had nothing to do with GMJ and Tatis in the line up (even though it is very interesting that the Mariners cut Eric Byrnes after their game yesterday but GMJ keeps on keepin’ on with the Mets even as Chris Carter is more deserving of his spot, viagra affects on women by the way when was the last time Omar Minaya made an in season trade to help the team? Don’t say Ryan Church for Frenchy as Minaya stated that John Rico was responsible for that move) it was more of Johan Santana not stepping up in the first big spot of the season.

Viagra affects on women I don’t want to kill Santana because I really like and admired him. Viagra affects on women He proved his mettle in the next to last game in 2008 against the Marlins but I am so disappointed over last nights game that anything I write here will be pure emotion, viagra affects on women but as I watched the Santana come up small a few things whirled around in my head.

Viagra affects on women When reporters ask you who the best pitcher is in the NL East, viagra affects on women I would hope Johan Santana now knows to shut the fuck up. Viagra affects on women Just say, viagra affects on women “it’s not for me to say who’s the best and all that, viagra affects on women let the records speak for themselves”. Viagra affects on women Roy Halliday said nothing in spring training but on Saturday, viagra affects on women I don’t care how big a Mets fan your are or how big a Phillies hater you are, viagra affects on women Halliday made his statement on Saturday on who is the best in the NL East.

Viagra affects on women The 4th inning was one of the worst innings I have endured in a long time but the big picture here is what happened in the bottom of the 1st. Viagra affects on women David Wright just gave Santana a 3-0 cushion and Mets Twitter-verse were popping champagne corks. Viagra affects on women But Santana broke a cardinal sin of pitching, viagra affects on women when your team puts up a crooked number in your half of the inning, viagra affects on women you need to pitch a scoreless inning in the oppositions half inning, viagra affects on women Santana failed that. Viagra affects on women There were some stupid Tweets about if the game was at “Citi Field those wouldn’t be home runs” bottom line Santana needed a 1-2-3 inning there and he failed.

Viagra affects on women The other thoughts I had after this disaster was about Tom Seaver and Doc Gooden and Jerry Koosman  those three guys would not have lost that game yesterday, viagra affects on women in fact all three  would have stepped off the mound and adjusted there cups to show the Phillie fans just what they thought of them. Viagra affects on women  I even thought of Frank “Sweet Music “ Viola or Rosalita Leiter and Petey, viagra affects on women they would not only not walk Jamie Moyer, viagra affects on women they would have attacked Carlos Ruiz. Viagra affects on women Neither would have Sid Fernandez or Craig Swan. Viagra affects on women Or Ron Darling or Bobby Ojeda. Viagra affects on women Or John Matlack or David Cone. Viagra affects on women Or Orel Hershiser or even T-t-t-t-o-m G-g-g-g-lavine (God forgive me!)

Viagra affects on women If Santana pitches like the Ace he says he is last night and the Mets win, viagra affects on women I leave my house this morning without pants on as my arousal couldn’t be contained, viagra affects on women instead I’m as flaccid as Johan Santana’ fastball.

Viagra affects on women Johan Santana has lost me right now, viagra affects on women and I think he’s lost his teammates a bit as well. Viagra affects on women After the 4th inning the Mets bench was dead. Viagra affects on women Their top pitcher just got his ass handed to him and all the good cheer of the last homestand and the game on Friday went out the window. Viagra affects on women Of course the players won’t say so and all would deny it loudly, viagra affects on women but actions speak louder than words. Viagra affects on women Forget Mets fans trust, viagra affects on women Santana needs to regain his teammates trust more.

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Purchase cialis

Purchase cialis Still sifting through the fall out of the Beltran situation. Purchase cialis I’m trying to figure out the who, purchase cialis what and where of this recent shit storm to hit the Mets:

Purchase cialis Carlos Beltran

Purchase cialis Beltran will turn 33 years old by the second week of the 2010 season and he has what looks like chronic osteoarthritis in his right knee. Purchase cialis Hopefully the arthroscopic surgery performed on him will alleviate the pain and clean out loose cartilage that was floating around his knee. Purchase cialis The post op outlook is Beltran will be out 12 weeks and then resume baseball activity. Purchase cialis So earliest we will see Beltran in a Mets uniform is May.  There is no replacement for Beltran as 25-30 HR 100+ RBI and his coverage in CF can not be replaced. Purchase cialis As it stands now, purchase cialis Angel Pagan will be the CF’er unless the Mets go out and sign Rick Ankiel or hope the Highlanders re-sign Johnny Damon and release Brett Gardner. Purchase cialis In other words the Mets are fucked.

Purchase cialis Mets Medical Staff

Purchase cialis More embarrassment for this group. Purchase cialis Obviously, purchase cialis Beltran has no faith in them as he went to his own doctor to have the surgery done. Purchase cialis Now the team is circling the wagons by releasing a statement that Dr Altcheck, purchase cialis the Mets team doctor was consulted by Dr. Purchase cialis Steadman, purchase cialis Beltran’ surgeon of choice, purchase cialis to show they are all on the same page, purchase cialis which is of course bullshit. Purchase cialis The medical staff of the Mets should have been addressed after last season but the club decided to bring back the whole staff. Purchase cialis Mets players show what they think of that decision by going outside the organization for medical treatment. Purchase cialis What an endorsement.

Purchase cialis Mets Front Office

Purchase cialis Who is in charge? It’s not Omar that’s for sure. Purchase cialis I will bet a dollar that David Howard is the voice behind the conference call today to wipe the egg off the teams face after this miscommunication. Purchase cialis One thing we do know is, purchase cialisthe organization had its pants pulled down on them in public again and it again calls for Freddy Skill Sets to step up and take is incompetent son out of the baseball loop. Purchase cialis Put aside the on field problem with no Beltran, purchase cialis this episode again makes the Mets look like amateurs. Purchase cialis Just when the fan base was feeling a tad optimistic with the signing of Jason Bay and the self control the front office has displayed with the overrated talent on the free agent front, purchase cialis this just wipes away any goodwill. Purchase cialis It’s SOM Same Old Mets.

Purchase cialis Hey don’t worry, purchase cialis Bengi Molina is on the way YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purchase cialis

Purchase cialis I will have much more on the Beltran saga and other Mets news tonight on Pro Baseball Central at 9PM ET on Blogtalk Radio. Purchase cialis My guest will be Joe Fiorello of Disgruntled Mets fan and a fellow member of the BBA. Purchase cialis You can join in the conversation as well by calling in at (646) 595-4462.

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