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Buy in vancouver viagra After digesting all the fallout from What Said Fred, buy in vancouver viagra I was struck by the obvious, buy in vancouver viagra Freddy Skill Sets is just like every other suit in high management of a corporation, buy in vancouver viagra he’s an ingrate and has no appreciation for his workers. Buy in vancouver viagra Just like your boss and my boss.

Buy in vancouver viagra When was the last time someone in the upper management of your job came to you and said “you know your productivity is just amazing? Without a worker like you this company would never be as prosperous as it is, buy in vancouver viagra whatever we’re paying you is not enough, buy in vancouver viagra so please accept this raise and an additional week of paid vacation”   Ha! Like never.

Buy in vancouver viagra Management is never appreciative of its workers, buy in vancouver viagra” How many orders did you process today, buy in vancouver viagra a 1, buy in vancouver viagra000? I’m sure you could have done better that if you didn’t need so many bathroom breaks and an hour lunch? ““Are you guys sure that’s how you fix a water main, buy in vancouver viagra I mean just cutting the pipe and fusing a new one in, buy in vancouver viagra is that the best way to do it, buy in vancouver viagra who me? I’ve never fixed a water main in my life, buy in vancouver viagra yes, buy in vancouver viagra I know you’ve been doing this for 25 years and are the go to guy for these types of jobs, buy in vancouver viagra but………OH GOD, buy in vancouver viagra I GOT MUD ON MY BROOKS BROTHER SUIT………Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh.

Buy in vancouver viagra See Freddy can’t help the way he feels about his team, buy in vancouver viagra it comes with the title of Ungrateful Chief Executive Officer. Buy in vancouver viagra Every company has one. Buy in vancouver viagra Welcome to the workforce David, buy in vancouver viagra Jose and Carlos.

Buy in vancouver viagra What more can you say about last night’s game, buy in vancouver viagra the defense treated the ball like it was “shitty” (that “shitty  quote will live on forever, buy in vancouver viagra just like Steve Philips “Skill Sets” and Art “He lights up a room “ Howe) The guy you have to have empathy for is Terry Collins, buy in vancouver viagra just when he gets the team playing well and has a bump in the road losing 2 of 3 in the Bronx, buy in vancouver viagra I bet he figured this was a good time to go on the road to bond a bit as club and all that good rah-rah stuff and then Freddy goes all crazy old man on him, buy in vancouver viagra making his job a little tougher.  It was like the Mets were sending a message to Freddy, buy in vancouver viagra “You want shitty, buy in vancouver viagra we’ll show you shitty”

Buy in vancouver viagra Speaking of schmucks (?) I was listening to Boomer and Carton this morning as they took phone calls from Highlander fans that bailed out of last night’s game with the Bronx Bastards down 4-1 in the 7th. Buy in vancouver viagra   All the callers expressed their love for the Bombers and said they were long time fans but still they had no faith in their team that they couldn’t come back from a 3 run deficit at home in a park with a right field wall a mere 314 ft away? You call yourselves “die hards” what you are is an embarrassment to baseball fans everywhere. Buy in vancouver viagra And yes I watch the Mets-Cubs game in its entirety. Buy in vancouver viagra  I may be a schmuck but at least I’m a loyal schmuck.

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