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Viagra overnite I have spent more time at MCU Park this summer than I have at Citi Field. Viagra overnite For one thing the baseball team in Coney Island is a lot more fun to watch than in Flushing and the fact that I can get from my driveway to the parking lot at Abe Stark Rink in about a half hour helps as well.

Viagra overnite The first thing you notice about the crowd at MCU Park is the diversity. Viagra overnite I know the bashing of Citi Field for its Ebbets Field look and Brooklyn Dodger influence is en vogue amongst Mets fans and I feel sorry for those of you that hate the Brooklyn feel of the ballpark because it’s obvious you didn’t grow up or ever live in Brooklyn. Viagra overnite On any given night at a Cyclones game there are more different races and ethnic groups represented than the ” It’s A Small World “ride at Disney World. Viagra overnite  Where else but Brooklyn can you sit in a row with a couple of families from Crown Heights, viagra overnite one Orthodox Jewish, viagra overnite the other African-American and next to them a family with the women wearing the traditional Muslim Hijab ? You see Asian’s, viagra overnite Irish, viagra overnite Italians, viagra overnite Latinos , viagra overnite Poles you name the ethnic group and I guarantee they have been in attendance at a Cyclones game. Viagra overnite   I’ve been going to Cyclones games from the very first year they were in business in 2001 so in ten years I’ve gone to well over 100 games, viagra overnite I have never seen any kind of fighting, viagra overnite physical or verbal anytime . Viagra overnite Just a bunch of fans rooting for Brooklyn to win. Viagra overnite  See, viagra overnite we all can get along as long as a baseball game is involved.

Viagra overnite What I do get a kick out of is the yuppies and hipsters who have just discovered Brooklyn and act like they made some rare discovery that no one ever knew about. Viagra overnite  Brooklyn has been like that forever.

Viagra overnite As for the team, viagra overnite this may have been the best Cyclones team ever. Viagra overnite I’ve been critical of the Skill Sets for stacking the deck at Coney Island to make sure they have a winning record but this year maybe you could make the case that Corey Vaughn or Darrel Cecilliani should have been bumped  up but I think a full season of success, viagra overnite especially for Vaughn who was drafted this past June, viagra overnite was better call on their development and besides a championship flag flying over the Parachute Jump out in right field would look  very nice.

Viagra overnite The Cyclones lost last night and have one more regular season game to play today on Coney Island before the playoff start on Tuesday. Viagra overnite They play one road game in either Williamsport or Jamestown whichever one takes the wild card and then back to Brooklyn on Wednesday. Viagra overnite I hope to get out there on Wednesday for that game because not only as a born and raised Brooklynite do I have a rooting interest here but as a Mets fan we can only hope that players like Vaughn, viagra overnite Celliani and Jeff Flag keep getting better and make it to Flushing along with their manager to bring the same positive esprit de corp of Brooklyn to Queens.

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