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Before I give my views on the All Star Game and the four day extravaganza  of the events, viagra herb alternative I’d like for you to check out the Quaz Q & A I did with Jeff Pearlman and I’d like to thank Jeff for  including me in The Quaz.

The best part of the All Star Game and the baseball festival that comes with it is it put the NY Mets back on the baseball map. Viagra herb alternative No longer do Mets fan have to hide their allegiance to the Orange and Blue (why would you?) nope, viagra herb alternative time to show your colors as the organization, viagra herb alternative the City of New York and Mets fans put on a great display for baseball fans all over the world to envy.

Matt Harvey was real and spectacular last night. Viagra herb alternative Sure he was amped up in the first inning and his HBP of Robbie Cano was of course an accident, viagra herb alternative don’t ya know. Viagra herb alternative I’m sure NY Highlander fans are sweating profusely today, viagra herb alternative not due to the heat wave or Cano’s bruised quad but because they have seen the future of NY Baseball  in Matt Harvey and the NY Mets .

I cannot believe the poor taste displayed by FOX last night by not showing the Canadian National Anthem cutting to a commercial, viagra herb alternative really classless.

I have no idea who Candice Glover is but I know no one bought a ticket to last night’s game to hear her sing the Star Spangled Banner. Viagra herb alternative That is a fact lost on many folks who sing the anthem like they are auditioning for American Idol or X Factor. Viagra herb alternative   This man should have been tabbed to sing both Oh Canada and The Star Spangled Banner because no one does it better:

Viagra herb alternative <>

For the life of me I don’t understand how directors of sporting events on TV think the viewer at home wants to see crowd shots of people clapping. Viagra herb alternative When the starting lineups were announced we got a glimpse of David Wright emerging from the dugout then we got to look at the Schmohawks in the stands clapping. Viagra herb alternative It wasn’t until Wright got to the last of the players lined up did we see the handshakes. Viagra herb alternative Awful!

I know it’s all the rage to rag on Tim McCarver and at times it’s deserved especially when he’s reading the lyrics to Enter Sandman, viagra herb alternative YOWZAA! But it’s his last season as a FOX analyst and I’d agree with those who say not a moment too soon but for those of us who watched him as a player know he was a terrific catcher who was the preferred receiver by two hall of fame pitchers in Bob Gibson and Steve Carlton. Viagra herb alternative He was also a top of his game analyst for the Mets telecasts from 1983 to 1998 where he and Ralph Kiner had great rapport on the air. Viagra herb alternative Sure he should have packed it in years ago but I’m just glad he (or a FOX Sports suit) realized times up.

Can someone explain to me why Erin Andrews   has a job as a sideline reporter?  Shouldn’t she should be teaching cheerleading in a middle school somewhere?

How great was it to see Tom Seaver come out on the Citi Field mound to throw out the first pitch. Viagra herb alternative Seaver has had some health problems of late so I was very happy to see him at the game and looking great and throwing the first pitch to David Wright. Viagra herb alternative Yeah I was teary eyed.

Mike Piazza was also part of the festivities the last few days here in NY and with the news that Piazza will be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame I hope this means he and the Mets have straighten out any difference they had and he will be a part of the organization and around the team more often . Viagra herb alternative I’m not his biggest fan but I like when former players especially of his caliber are around the club.

Can we get a law passed that Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline be banned from anymore MLB games. Viagra herb alternative The song is all your Red Sox fans. Viagra herb alternative  I know it was a salute to Boston but they really should have played Lazy Mary that’s OUR song!

I hope David Wright is staying in bed with the A/C on and just crashing for the day. Viagra herb alternative Wright has been out in front of everything this All Star break and no one in the history of the New York Mets has represented the team as he has. Viagra herb alternative With all the sanctimony and false idol worship the NY sports media heaps on Derek Jeter, viagra herb alternative he doesn’t do half for the Highlanders that Wright does for the Mets. Viagra herb alternative  

How could anyone, viagra herb alternative that includes you Mets fans, viagra herb alternative have a problem with the Mariano Rivera moment last night? That was one of the great baseball, viagra herb alternative sports and New York moments we will ever see. Viagra herb alternative If you criticize Jim Leyland for bringing Rivera in the game in the 8th inning then there is no use in explaining to you as you’re too dense to get it anyway.

By the way, viagra herb alternative instead of having an All Star MVP why not just make it the All Star Player of the Game Award. Viagra herb alternative I don’t have a problem with Rivera getting the award and in this game it would be tough to give a true MVP but Chris Sale and our Matt Harvey stood out more than any other players in the game.

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Cialis drug viagra vs In April 2009, cialis drug viagra vs a bright-eyed woman named Lynn Cohen began exciting plans for the second annual fundraising event for her beloved foundation, cialis drug viagra vs Pitch in for a Good Cause (aka garykeithandron.com). Cialis drug viagra vs Hope for the future couldn’t have been more rosy, cialis drug viagra vs and the inaugural event at Shea Stadium had sold out so fast that she’d had to add extra tickets. Cialis drug viagra vs Surely the final weekend of Citi Field’s first season would be just as thrilling, cialis drug viagra vs if not more so. Cialis drug viagra vs Hey, cialis drug viagra vs maybe our Mets would already be in the playoffs by then!

Cialis drug viagra vs Optimistic Lynn purchased 800 tickets in the Big Apple seating area at Citi Field for the October 3, cialis drug viagra vs 2009 game. Cialis drug viagra vs With those tickets, cialis drug viagra vs she happily added on 800 “meal plans, cialis drug viagra vs” including a tasty gourmet appetizer extravaganza and a $15 swipe card to be used anywhere in the ballpark–more than enough for Shake shack burger and shake! What a gorgeous day it will be, cialis drug viagra vs she thought. Cialis drug viagra vs And the cheering, cialis drug viagra vs smiling GKR fans would send our Metsies off into October baseball…

Cialis drug viagra vs Clearly Optimistic Lynn will not be working as a fortune teller anytime soon. Cialis drug viagra vs Her powers of telling the future are alas way less potent than her ability to design a supercute t-shirt. Cialis drug viagra vs Who could have foretold what our August 2009 lineup would look like? Where’s our slugging first baseman, cialis drug viagra vs our lightening fast short stop, cialis drug viagra vs our brand new 8th inning set-up pitcher, cialis drug viagra vs our multi-Gold Glove center fielder? Lynn could swear this team looked different when she bought those shiny new tickets…

Cialis drug viagra vs On August 10th, cialis drug viagra vs Less Optimistic Lynn woke up and said “UH OH.” Obviously if the team is firmly in 5th place, cialis drug viagra vs the fundraiser is in danger! What to do with all of the tickets and swipe cards on the desk? Let’s make it a party, cialis drug viagra vs she thought. Cialis drug viagra vs Not an end of the year party, cialis drug viagra vs but the beginning of a new one! A 2010 New Beginning party. Cialis drug viagra vs Come to Citi Field with your GKR friends to purge the bad moments of 2009 and celebrate the good ones…and the even better ones that are sure to come next year. Cialis drug viagra vs

Cialis drug viagra vs Roses are red
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Come to our party and
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