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Viagra viagra nude As promised in my last post, viagra viagra nude it’s time for the 2013 NY Mets first half report card.  Unlike years past there is room for optimism even though the team has not had a winning monthly record since June of 2012, viagra viagra nude that’s seven consecutive months of losing, viagra viagra nude but the tide seems to be turning.  There is optimism in that the young arms are starting to emerge as we see today with Matt Harvey being named the starter for tomorrow nights All Star Game. Viagra viagra nude Zack Wheeler has shown some growing pains but he should figure it out and Noah Syndergarrd talk is all the rage.

Viagra viagra nude But the club needs bats and needs them badly but that’s a post for another day. Viagra viagra nude On to the grades:

Viagra viagra nude John Buck Grade C

Viagra viagra nude Took off like a rocket in April with the bat hitting 9 HR and driving in 23 runs. Viagra viagra nude From months May thru July, viagra viagra nude Buck has hit 5 HR and knocked in 23 runs. Viagra viagra nude The biggest aspect of catching is defense, viagra viagra nude while Buck is not a great catcher; he is a vast improvement over what the Mets have had the last two years. Viagra viagra nude He’s holding the seat warm until Travis D’Arnaud gets himself healthy and ready for the big leagues, viagra viagra nude most likely next season.

Viagra viagra nude Ike Davis Grade F

Viagra viagra nude UGH! What a mess Ike is. Viagra viagra nude So far the great re-invention of Ike Davis approach at the plate has been a failure.  His first couple games when Ike came back from Las Vegas there was a bit of an improvement but the last week he’s back to his ass going one way and his arms going the other. Viagra viagra nude UGH! I sense Sandy Alderson’ patience are wearing thin with Ike and with Davis arbitration eligible next season  Ike looks like a lock for non-tender status.

Viagra viagra nude Daniel Murphy Grade D

Viagra viagra nude Who doesn’t love Murph? He plays his ass off, viagra viagra nude worked very hard to be a serviceable 2nd baseman and has battled serious injury to come back strong.  But Murphy like Ike is at a crossroads in his career. Viagra viagra nude He’s making just a shade under $3mil this season and would be looking for a raise towards the $5mil mark in 2014. Viagra viagra nude He’s 28 years old he doesn’t draw walks and he hits with little power and is not a solid fielder. Viagra viagra nude Add 2nd base as another position the Mets will need to upgrade in 2014.

Viagra viagra nude Ruben Tejada Grade F

Viagra viagra nude I’ve never been a fan of Tejada’s and never understood what some baseball people saw in him. Viagra viagra nude He’s in Las Vegas now and will most likely be there until September. Viagra viagra nude Call this addition by subtraction.

Viagra viagra nude David Wright Grade A+

Viagra viagra nude Just put a decent bat behind Wright and he’ll put up numbers like have never been seen in Flushing. Viagra viagra nude Just having a decent bat like Marlon Byrd protecting him has allowed Wright to put up solid numbers. Viagra viagra nude His defense has also improved to where you might as well give him the Gold Glove now. Viagra viagra nude He has also embraced the role of Captain showing more leadership on the field than we’ve ever seen. Viagra viagra nude David Wright is one of the top 10 players in baseball and we are damn lucky to have him on our team.

Viagra viagra nude Lucas Duda Grade C

Viagra viagra nude Duda and Josh Satin could be the demise of Ike Davis. Viagra viagra nude Duda will never see left field again as a Met and that’s a major plus. Viagra viagra nude It’s not Duda’s fault that he was a lousy outfielder, viagra viagra nude he never played outfield and when he was moved back to his natural position of 1st base he looked like a new man. Viagra viagra nude But then he went down with a strained intercostal muscle pull and hasn’t be heard from since. Viagra viagra nude  Duda’s 14 % BB rate and .204 ISO is what has me not quitting on him, viagra viagra nude I’d love to see him get back soon healthy and coupled with Satin as a very productive 1st base platoon. Viagra viagra nude Sorry Ike.

Viagra viagra nude Juan Lagares Grade D

Viagra viagra nude Tough grade for the young center fielder but when you break it down his offense is an F and his defense is an A. Viagra viagra nude Thought of giving him a C but he lost his job to Kirk Nuienhuis so that dropped it to a D

Viagra viagra nude Marlon Byrd Grade A

Viagra viagra nude All the Sandy Alderson critics were screaming “where’s the bargain signing that pays off” well here you have him in Marlon Byrd. Viagra viagra nude Now no one, viagra viagra nude even the Mets GM , viagra viagra nudethought Byrd would contribute as much as he has. Viagra viagra nude Byrd leads the team in HR’s (15) and Rib Eyes with 51 his wOBA is solid .346 and his play in right field has been stellar. Viagra viagra nude So where do you fall? Keep Byrd, viagra viagra nude Trade Byrd? I get the feeling Byrd will stay as the Mets GM is sick of his team sucking in the second half and is looking for a strong finish to build on for 2014. Viagra viagra nude Byrd stays.

Viagra viagra nude Omar Quintanilla Grade D

Viagra viagra nude Best part of Q’s game is he takes a walk as in base on balls with an 11% BB rate. Viagra viagra nude His defense is plausible and he’s 31 years old so he’s not the future. Viagra viagra nude Mets have a big ? at shortstop

Viagra viagra nude Jordany Valdespin Grade F

Viagra viagra nude Good bye and good riddance.  If Valdespin had called John Buck the name he called Terry Collins, viagra viagra nude he’d be getting fit for dentures today.

Viagra viagra nude Mike Baxter Grade D

Viagra viagra nude Still can’t understand why he had to go to Las Vegas and JV1 got to stay big big mistake. Viagra viagra nude Baxter better lefty bat off the bench than Vladespin.

Viagra viagra nude Justin Turner Grade D

Viagra viagra nude Teammates love him and his pies but where does he fit on this team on the field? Isn’t Josh Satin Justin Turner but with talent?

Viagra viagra nude Kirk Nieuwenhuis Grade C

Viagra viagra nude Looks like Kirk has won the CF job and the last couple of weeks his bat has come alive and his play in centerfield has been solid. Viagra viagra nude A C grade may be a bit generous but Kirk gets a little more love due to grit.

Viagra viagra nude Anthony Recker Grade Incomplete

Viagra viagra nude Poor guy doesn’t play enough but when he does he hits with pop with a .237 ISO but it’s a very limited sample. Viagra viagra nude He could find his way as a Sunday catcher with Mets when Travis d’Arnuad makes his debut

Viagra viagra nude Josh Satin Grade Incomplete

Viagra viagra nude Again small sample size but he has forced Terry Collins hand as Ike Davis regresses and the team looking to win games and stop the loser mentality Satin has played his way into the lineup. Viagra viagra nude Easy guy to root for.

Viagra viagra nude Terry Collins Grade C

Viagra viagra nude Some days I’m pro-Collins some days I’m looking for his replacement. Viagra viagra nude Collins handles the press and his clubhouse as well as anyone in the game but when it comes to in game strategy and handling his bullpen, viagra viagra nude Collins is playing checkers while the opposing manger is playing chess. Viagra viagra nude Second half of the season will determine if Collins is the Mets skipper in 2014

Viagra viagra nude Tomorrow the pitching staff.

Viagra viagra nude  

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Buy viagra no prescription sorry for lack of a post on this New York Highlanders Elimination Day but it’s been busy today with lot of work around the house. Buy viagra no prescription I don’t know what has me more giddy, buy viagra no prescription the fact that the Bronx Bastards played only 5 more games than the Mets or that Alex Rodriguez still has 6 years and $143 mil due to him on his worst contract ever, buy viagra no prescription the tide is turning Mets fans, buy viagra no prescription the tide is turning

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Viagra results It’s time like these where I like to sit back and watch Mets fans devour each other and the organization. Viagra results Mets fans can go from JOSE-JOSE-JOSE to YOU SUCK REYES! In a bi-polar second.  These are the same Mets fans who told us all winter that the Mets were not going to any good this season and would avoid Citi Field like it was a Japanese nuclear plant. Viagra results That’s fine and I don’t blame you but what I don’t get is how some fans are killing Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson and his baseball operations for this horrendous start. Viagra results What exactly would you like them to do?

Viagra results Every report that came out of St Lonesome was how Collins was working this team hard on the fundamentals of the game  and how there will be no spectators on the field when the ball is put in play. Viagra results Not one story came out negative of Collins camp, viagra results all you heard from players, viagra results media and fans was “it’s about time” The impression portrayed to Mets fans was this team will be ready, viagra results willing and able to play solid baseball, viagra results they seem ready and willing but the able to play solid baseball part still needs work. Viagra results    

Viagra results If you think the shitty play of this team is bothering you just think how Collins feels. Viagra results Same for Alderson, viagra results you think he wants any part of failure or ridicule this team is going through? He has never settled and has never sat back and let shit like this fester. Viagra results  Let’s not forget one tiny little fact here, viagra results he inherited a total mess and if you want to criticize him for anything it’s that maybe he underestimated what a mess this organization is. Viagra results  

Viagra results You could tell from listening to Terry Collins in his post game presser when asked about worrying about Bobby Parnell, viagra results he made it known he’s not concerned about Bobby Parnell his concern is the NY Mets and that should be music to Mets fans ears. Viagra results  Parnell I’m sure is a fine young man but if he can’t handle the bullpen role then see ya later. Viagra results  All the work he put into his drills with the players have gone for naught. Viagra results It’s one thing for pitchers to be ineffective but when you can’t execute a 1-2-3 double play, viagra results you’ll pay a price.

Viagra results Bobby Ojeda sees it as well. Viagra results He has become a must watch on the post-game show. Viagra results  Ojeda laid out the same scenario as Collins it’s time to take the diapers off some of these players such as Pelfrey and Parnell. Viagra results It’s not about their feelings or their mental wellbeing; it’s about wins and loses. Viagra results  Players have been coddled enough in Flushing it’s time to put up or pack a bag for Buffalo or other destinations. Viagra results   

Viagra results Big Pelf wasn’t great but he was better than the last two starts.  He showed more velocity but he still gave up more fly balls than ground balls and that’s not his game. Viagra results His command was lacking as well. Viagra results What gets me is the fans and media who ordained Pelfrey as the Ace of the Staff are the same folks who now kill him for being ineffective and not Ace worthiness.

Viagra results Me and Mike Ganci of The Daily Stache  used the photo of Willie Harris on scoreboard on opening day to amuse ourselves on Twitter last night during the latest Mets meltdown.  #WILLIEHARRISFACE will scare you straight.

Viagra results The one bright spot in the pen was the work of Jason Isringhausen making his return to Flushing. Viagra results His curveball was working very well so maybe this is the light at the end of the Cliff Floyd Tunnel.

Viagra results Please Jon Niese gives 7 innings tonight please!

Viagra results I’m not crazy about this year’s model of Angel Pagan.

Viagra results I’m shocked that the bullpen failures have not been pinned on Carlos Beltran.

Viagra results Dear R.A. Viagra results Dickey, viagra results

Viagra results I will be at the game tomorrow night and I have a request, viagra results could you please throw strikes as I cannot endure a three hour plus game as I have to go to Philadelphia on Thursday morning and I have leave very early. Viagra results Thank you in advance.

Viagra results All the best, viagra results

Viagra results Steve

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Viagra for sale Saturday ramblings in no specific order:

Viagra for sale While I applaud Jerry Manuel for yanking John Maine the other night and showing that if you don’t perform you’re gone, viagra for sale Manuel went a bit too much and it show how much he really can’t stand Maine when it was reported to Manuel that Maine said “he wanted to pitch so badly he’d go out and throw left handed” to which Manuel said with his Gangsta’ laugh “That’s not out of the question , viagra for sale he might have more stuff lefty” funny line but said at the wrong time. Viagra for sale There’s nothing to joke about here with this team. Viagra for sale The only fans buying tickets to Mets games at $iti Field are the opposing teams fans.  If you’re a Mets fan why would you want to sit in $iti Field and get ridiculed for three hours. Viagra for sale Mets fans have been on an island the last few years, viagra for sale the players and management couldn’t care less that everyone who knows us as Mets fans repeatedly asks us the questions about the team failure and get the badgering for the failure of this team and organization. Viagra for sale I don’t mind it from friends and family but it’s the front running douchebag Highlander fan who’s knowledge of the team goes as far as wearing a 2 JETER t-shirt and that the organization has won 27 World Series and if you’re a true Highlander fan that person should embarrass you as well.

Viagra for sale David Wright has argued more third strikes this past month than he has his whole career combined. Viagra for sale At some point the home plate umpire needs to tell Wright, viagra for sale “it’s not me, viagra for sale it’s you” The “hasn’t been good since the beaning” theory is starting too look spot on after each Wright at bat. Viagra for sale Maybe it’s not Hojo’s fault but I just wonder if a different voice would help Wright at this point ? It’s just too easy to pitch to David right now. Viagra for sale Start him off with an inside pitch and work your way outside, viagra for sale he won’t stride toward the outside at all. Viagra for sale The ground out he hit against Rivera to finish the game was the pitch he used to go to right center with, viagra for sale now with this too long swing of his you get a little fart of a ground ball.

Viagra for sale Benny Agbayani left the Chiba Lotte Marines because of the way the treated Bobby Valentine. Viagra for sale Mike Hampton on WFAN yesterday said Valentine was the best manager he ever played for. Viagra for sale  John Franco and Mike Piazza have said the same about Bobby V. Viagra for sale You think any of the current Mets will have such loyalty to Jerry Manuel when he’s given his walking papers?

Viagra for sale Let Bob Melvin or Terry Collins finish the season and then bring back Bobby V in 2011.

Viagra for sale Kevin Russo ? Who the fuck is Kevin Russo? Now every year when this played out Mayor’s Trophy series is played we’ll have to read a Where Are They Now feature on Kevin Russo as he works as a valet parker at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.

Viagra for sale Welcome back Uncle Elmer.

Viagra for sale So Roy Oswalt has agreed to be traded, viagra for sale good for him, viagra for sale would he be a fit on the Mets?  Hummm  tough to say. Viagra for sale At first glance you’d say of course but he’s 32 yrs old with a history of back trouble and his contract runs through 2012 with $15 mil for this year and $32 mil the next two years but there is a $2mil buyout in 2012. Viagra for sale It’s not the money that would scare me off but the back issue would and the fact that Oswalt is a countryboy and played in a city that watches baseball until football training camp opens so that would be a concern as well but what would it take personnel wise to bag Oswalt ? Would the ‘Stros take a big bag of junk like Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo ? Or Perez and Fernando Martinez (can we all agree it just isn’t going to happen for this kid?)  and a low level busher?    Like I say the point is moot the Skill Sets won’t pay the money.

Viagra for sale It may be ridiculous that the Highlanders have this ban on iPad’s and laptops by fans coming into The Mall on River Avenue and they are ridiculous with their law and order policies on what you can and can not bring into the park (I want to know how much of a kickback security gets from the bowling alley across the street for holding bags? What’s the number for NYC Consumer Affairs ?) but really why do you need to use a laptop or iPad as a fan during a game ? Sit back and watch the game don’t make a job out of it.

Viagra for sale Time to finish things off on the parquet floor starting tonight, viagra for sale as pissed as I am over the Mets who cower under the bed when things get tough, viagra for sale I have to make a 180 degree move as a Celtics fan. Viagra for sale The C’s are so confident they border on cocky but when Paul Pierce looks in the camera and tells Celtics fans that “we’re coming home to finish this off” and ends it with a wink , viagra for sale I believe him, viagra for sale I mean he is The Truth right? But what I love is the way the team leaders are not afraid to call out anyone on the team, viagra for sale I still laugh at Big Baby Davis after fouling in a bad spot in the game and getting called out from the bench by Kevin Garnett yelling “ I know , viagra for sale I know I fucked up, viagra for sale I fucked up”   Can I get David Wright to do that just once?

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Canada cheap viagra As I watched the Frankie Rodriguez (Frankie will be the name he goes by here)  press conference I should have felt happy and excited but all I could think about was the presser was held in the Bunch of Broke Ass’ (Citigroup) Headquarters and the owner of our team is very close to be an Old  Broke Ass and there is his son who could be a Dumb Broke Ass and all I could do was laugh and think that makes me A Dumb Mets Blogger Broke Ass and that led me to shout as the Great  Joe Bada Bing Benigno would say “OH THE PAIN”

Canada cheap viagra  

Canada cheap viagra The more the Skill Sets say the Mets are not effected by his getting duped by his buddy Bernie Maddoff the more I worry because as we all know “Don’t Worry” is doing 10 to 15 in Sing-Sing.

Canada cheap viagra  

Canada cheap viagra So now that everyone took their bows at the Bunch of Broke Ass’ Building today and we all patted Omar on the back for a job well done what’s the next move? It better be for Derek Lowe and one more veteran pitcher. Canada cheap viagra If it’s Lowe and OP even better. Canada cheap viagra But you know what I don’t think the Mets are signing either one of them because I think this Madoff scandal is bigger and more damaging to the Skill Sets than they are letting on. Canada cheap viagra The company line is “things are fine, canada cheap viagra no effect on the teams finances” but if that’s so prove it. Canada cheap viagra The Mets money woes go deeper than Bernie Madoff. Canada cheap viagra Every deal the Skill Sets are in has turned to shit. Canada cheap viagra They start a TV Network and I guess it makes money but for the most part it’s unwatchable. Canada cheap viagra There is not one show on SNY I have any desire to take my finger and press the channel on my remote to. Canada cheap viagra Then there is the deal with Citigroup and that name on the ball park marquee. Canada cheap viagra The place hasn’t open yet and it has failure written all over it. Canada cheap viagra Now the Madoff cluster fuck; it just adds to failure after failure by the Skill Sets regime. 

Canada cheap viagra  

Canada cheap viagra Remember boys and girls, canada cheap viagra if it weren’t for Nellie D when he was an equal partner in the team you would not be prancing along in your 31 PIAZZA jerseys as he made the push to acquire Mike Piazza and Doubleday also had no fear of the Highlanders as he knew that between he and Freddy Skill Sets that could buy and sell the Bronx Robber Barron, canada cheap viagra Nellie D was the aggressive owner who loved to make a back page splash. 

Canada cheap viagra  

Canada cheap viagra I guess what I ‘m getting to is maybe with all these bad investments and bad karma it’s time for the Skill Sets to sell the team. Canada cheap viagra If not outright maybe they need to sell parts of the team and put together a Board of Directors that are not family or cronies. Canada cheap viagra Get some people on board that can bring the franchise forward. Canada cheap viagra As much as I hate to get into a “keeping up with the Highlanders” mind set I want someone in this organization that has some creativity and foresight to market the team as it should “The Flagship Team of the National League” For years NYC was an NL town. Canada cheap viagra The Highlanders had fans but didn’t ‘t draw as many to the ballpark as the Dodgers, canada cheap viagra Giants or Mets, canada cheap viagra but the last decade or so that’s changed and the Mets have just say back and taken it under the Skill Sets leadership. Canada cheap viagra Maybe now is time for a change just like in the White House maybe after almost 30 years of owning the team it may be time for the Skill Sets to get out.

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