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Viagra side effects As we head into the last game (thankfully) of the 2012 Mets season, viagra side effects we are looking at an off season that could make our heads spin. Viagra side effects As we Mets fans question why the manager and his coaching staff gets to come back intact for the 2013 season, viagra side effects I think the answer is clear, viagra side effects Sandy Alderson is holding the players responsible for this lousy season.

Viagra side effects All we’ve ever heard as sports fans for lousy teams is you can’t fire all the players so fire the coach or manager, viagra side effects well it seems Alderson is going to reverse that old bromide as it looks like a big majority of the roster will be traded or released.

Viagra side effects I side with the majority of Mets fans who can figure out how Dan Warthen gets to come back. Viagra side effects It seems as though the starting pitchers, viagra side effects especially R.A. Viagra side effects Dickey and Johan Santana, viagra side effects are Warthen allies as is the manager but I doubt you will find and Mets relievers who are members of the Dan Warthen Fan Club. Viagra side effects  Granted most of the Mets bullpen problems were caused by sucky relievers but Warthen has to take a hit for not having open lines of communications with his relief pitchers. Viagra side effects Terry Collins needs to take some accountability on this as well for not providing any structure with how guys are used and assigning roles. Viagra side effects It’s great for us as fans to say it’s a bunch of bullshit that every reliever should be ready when called on but again you need to know your personnel and if they are pining for leadership from the manger and pitching coach then it’s up to them to provide that.

Viagra side effects Just when you think R.A. Viagra side effects Dickey can’t add to his legacy we find out now that he has pitched much of the season with a torn abdominal muscle that requires surgery. Viagra side effects Are you kidding me? Last year Dickey pitched with a plantar fasciitis injury that required him to be shot with pain killers before pitching. Viagra side effects And you don’t want to sign this guy to an extension? You’re thinking of trading him? Are you fucking kidding me? Dickey isn’t looking for a big time deal, viagra side effects I would guess if you add two years to his option for next season he’d sign on the bottom line and if you have to give him $20mil for those two years you do it. Viagra side effects If the money is that tight with the Skill Sets that you can’t keep a guy who not only excels on the field but is the best representative you have off the field then you deserve every hateful comment that will come your way.

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Female herbal viagra This whole changing of the walls at Citi Field has me a bit perplexed to a point of being a bit pissed off. Female herbal viagra While I agree with lowering the height of the outfield walls to eight feet, female herbal viagra which they should have been when the park was first built, female herbal viagra it seems the lowering of the walls and bringing them in a bit closer to home plate is because some of the Mets starting eight have been traumatized by the outfield dimensions. Female herbal viagra According to Pitching Coach Old School Warthen, female herbal viagra his pitchers “got a bit lazy” due to the vast pasture of the Citi Field outfield that they had a hard time pitching in a place like Citizen’s Bank or even the Mall of The South Bronx.  What all this tells me is this team collectively is mentally weak and the pitching coach has no idea how to do his job.

Female herbal viagra I’ve always been a card carrying member of the David Wright Fan Club but his constant crying about the Citi Field dimensions have me wondering if I want to renew my membership. Female herbal viagra Same with Jason Bay, female herbal viagra I was never a fan of his as his signing was just another example of the damage Omar Minaya and Jeffey Skill Sets did to this organization. Female herbal viagra So now that the fences have been moved in and the walls lowered (I guess it is perfectly clear now that Citi Field was badly planed and put together between the skyscraper outfield walls, female herbal viagra the lack of a Mets-eccentric feel and the whole homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers that was met with Mets fans ire) there should be no excuse for Wright and Bay to not have monster seasons in 2012. Female herbal viagra Right? Wright?

Female herbal viagra As for Warthen his quote :

Female herbal viagra “We got into being a little bit mentally lazy and overly secure. Female herbal viagra … I think that caused a lot of the homers this year. Female herbal viagra I really do. Female herbal viagra …[The new dimensions] will help us focus and concentrate and not be so ready to go out there and throw a fastball away and hope they hit it to center field.”

Female herbal viagra As the pitching coach shouldn’t you have nipped this problem in the bud ? By saying this out loud didn’t you realize that you are just feeding into the frenzy of many Mets fans (this one included) that you have no clue on how to fix this staff and should have been relieved of your duties this off season? It’s quotes like this that make me wonder if it’s Warthen fault that Bobby Parnell, female herbal viagra he of the Howitzer arm, female herbal viagra had no clue on how to pitch? Same with Mike Pelfrey. Female herbal viagra Pelf has talent and his a big strong workhorse of a pitcher is that Old School can’t or doesn’t know how to tap into what it takes to make both pitchers the dominate arms we feel they can be?

Female herbal viagra Jeffey Skill Sets says, female herbal viagra not to worry about whom and when these minority shareholders of the Mets come on board. Female herbal viagra Besides it’s none of your business:

Female herbal viagra “Some of the people don’t want to be public, female herbal viagra” Wilpon said. Female herbal viagra “Some of the people might never be public. Female herbal viagra I don’t think anybody knows all the minority shareholders in each of the other teams. Female herbal viagra Do you know all the minority shareholders in Atlanta or Kansas City or St. Female herbal viagra Louis, female herbal viagra Cincinnati, female herbal viagra the Yankees? It’s just not widely known.”

Female herbal viagra Do I care who holds a minority share in the Braves, female herbal viagra Royals, female herbal viagra Cardinals or the Bronx Bastards? No, female herbal viagra because I don’t root or spend my money on tickets and merchandise on those teams but I do on the Mets. Female herbal viagra See I want to know as a Mets fan/customer what financial resources the team has to improve the product they are selling to me and my fellow Mets fans. Female herbal viagra I’m not going to pay Broadway prices for a high school production. Female herbal viagra  This is just another example of this ownership having not a clue of how to treat or connect with its fan base.

Female herbal viagra I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween maybe it was because the neighborhood I grew up in was more about ducking flying eggs or avoiding getting jumped by guys with socks full of chalk (usually pulling a knife on the sock hopper curtailed those attacks) than collecting candy but Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus went to a Mets Halloween Party last night and saw some interesting costumes. Female herbal viagra Oh and by the way Ed, female herbal viagra the image of you in KISS makeup is disturbing.

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Buy viagra in great britain News was just reported by Adam Rubin. Mets will name Terry Collins manager. Buy viagra in great britain Let the shit storm via Wally Backman Fan Club begin.

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Generic cialis sale Maybe it’s me. Generic cialis sale I’ve been told that I can be a bit dense at times but for the life of me I can’t understand how some Mets fans feel that the recently completed road trip from hell was because of Carlos Beltran’ return to the lineup ? Now let me set the record straight here, generic cialis sale I am not the President nor a member of the Carlos Beltran Fan Club, generic cialis sale in fact I have called on the Mets to deal Beltran since 2008 and I would hope he has a great second half as getting out from his contract would a huge plus for the organization, generic cialis sale but to say that Beltran has hurt the team chemistry by coming back, generic cialis sale is beyond stupid.

Generic cialis sale This team is only acts as  a cohesive bunch when they win, generic cialis sale once adversity hits and that by the way is how you measure this worn out word chemistry, generic cialis sale the NY Mets turn into the French Army. Generic cialis sale After wining games, generic cialis sale especially at home, generic cialis sale shirts are flying out of pants, generic cialis sale hats are tilted to the side, generic cialis sale players are jumping up and “high fiving” it’s quite the spectacle. Generic cialis sale But when they lose, generic cialis sale and they do this with regularity on the road, generic cialis sale their heads are down, generic cialis sale shirts stay neatly in their pants, generic cialis sale blank stares into space replace high jumping hand slaps. Generic cialis sale No team in sports acts in such a bi-polar way than the NY Mets.

Generic cialis sale Now the fans are starting to get like that. Generic cialis sale Beltran is a “clubhouse cancer” they say, generic cialis sale huh, generic cialis sale if anything Beltran is a low flame kind of guy, generic cialis sale but he produces both with the bat and the glove. Generic cialis sale He has looked very rusty with both so far since his return from knee surgery but it’s such a small sampling but who knows, generic cialis sale maybe he will never regain his old form. Generic cialis sale The same fans that hate Beltran, generic cialis sale have fallen in love with Jeff Francoeur and seem to think he was a big reason the Mets went on a nice run in June, generic cialis sale I guess an OPS of .845 is impressive to some. Generic cialis sale If Beltran had a month like that he’d be an underachiever.

Generic cialis sale I really don’t get it. Generic cialis sale The Mets right now are playing their three best outfielders in Bay, generic cialis sale Beltran and Pagan. Generic cialis sale Unfortunately, generic cialis sale Bay and Beltran are struggling but what both have over Francoeur is they have a body of work that is All Star caliber, generic cialis sale whereas Frenchy has a strong right arm and a great smile. Generic cialis sale I’d rather take the proven All Stars myself.

Generic cialis sale Again it comes down to what has been a problem in Flushing for the past couple or three years, generic cialis sale this team is made up of some very fragile folks who turn to over cooked spaghetti when times get tough. Generic cialis sale See, generic cialis sale  a guy like Jason Bay has surprised me as he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t make a lot of noise with his mouth and has proven to be capable of stepping up and performing when the spotlight is blinding as we saw when he went to Boston to replace Manny Ramirez. Generic cialis sale But then again when you have guys like Big Papi, generic cialis sale Mike Lowell, generic cialis sale Youk and Dustin Pedrioa it helps. Generic cialis sale The Mets don’t have anyone close to those guys on their team. Generic cialis sale Sure you have a  fake tough guy like Leader of Men, generic cialis sale Alex Cora but there is no one (sadly David Wright isn’t one either) who says” jump on my back boys and I’ll carry you” the closet guy like that amongst the everyday players right now is Angel Pagan. Generic cialis sale It’s not the loudest guy or the rah-rah guy who fits the leader mold, generic cialis sale it’s the guy who knows when to take pitches to get on base, generic cialis sale who gets the big base hit with two out man in scoring position but Mets fans seem to think the louder you shout the more productive you are, generic cialis sale that’s a fallacy. Generic cialis sale The People’s Cherce, generic cialis sale Jeff Francoeur with all his personality had never carried a team but the guy Mets fans love to hate, generic cialis sale Carlos Beltran has.

Generic cialis sale I can’t figure you people out sometimes.

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Viagra wholesalers When it comes to umpires, viagra wholesalers I link them with MTA Board Members, viagra wholesalers people who listen to iPods with cheap ass headphones, viagra wholesalers and morons who talk on their cell phone while on line at the deli, viagra wholesalers as the people in this world I can’t stand but after reading Bruce Weber’s new book “As They See ‘Em, viagra wholesalers A Fan’s Travel in the Land of Umpires” (published by Scribner) I may knock them down to my “people who annoy me list”.

Viagra wholesalers Weber a long time reporter for the New York Times, viagra wholesalers went to the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring in Kissimmee FL back in 2005 to do a story for the Times and ended up enrolling in the Academy and has written this book to give fans an insight on the men who arbitrate the game of baseball.

Viagra wholesalers Weber joins an umpiring crew in Double A and gives a first hand account on the travel, viagra wholesalers low pay, viagra wholesalers abuse and long days of umpiring in the bushes while dreaming of a Major League promotion just like the players in the lowly minors.

Viagra wholesalers Weber also covers QuesTech and how it has effected the game, viagra wholesalers the way Richie Phillips screwed over the umpires on 1999, viagra wholesalers thoughts on instant replay and anecdotes from some of the more veteran umpires in baseball.

Viagra wholesalers Weber writes a very entertaining book and it’s a subject not usually written about. Viagra wholesalers It won’t make you join the Angel Hernandez Fan Club but it’s well worth your time to read.

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Cialis dose A big thanks to Joe McDonald for getting the site back up and running, cialis dose I think it’s the Skill Sets doing this but THEY WILL NEVER SILENCE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cialis dose I had a couple of things I was going to get into like the Mets finally beating the shit out of a bottom feeder team and Billy Wags pitching lights out in Bingo to the point where he is bypassing Brooklyn and meeting the team in Pittsburgh and the fact that Nolan Ryan is classless for turning down the Mets invitation to come back for the last weekend at Shea but it’s getting late in the day and I’m finishing up work and listening to the Wake of the Mike and the Mad Dog Show with Mike Francesa coming out on top as he is in sole possession of 1-6 slot on WFAN. Cialis dose If you want to read some very funny stuff on MMD go to Mike Francesa .com and read the on going posts during the show. Cialis dose I’ll out myself here as I am a poster on that site under the handle Bob Husesler Fan Club.

Cialis dose I’ll have some stuff tomorrow.

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