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Canadian viagra 50mg From watching Sandy Alderson with Kevin Burkhardt  on Mets Hot Stove, canadian viagra 50mg I come to the conclusion that when he took the job last year and looked over the landscape of the organization , canadian viagra 50mg he couldn’t believe the mess it was in. Canadian viagra 50mg One of the things he spoke about last year that had me singing his praise was putting together a uniform system of teaching the Mets farm hands the right way to play baseball. Canadian viagra 50mg One of the glaring weaknesses we saw last year from the major league team was the lack of understanding baseball fundamentals and baseball instinct. Canadian viagra 50mg   Alderson realized that the way the Mets were conducting player development was so deficient that a major changes had to be made.

Canadian viagra 50mg Fast forward to this off season. Canadian viagra 50mg  Alderson has just finished his first season as the Mets baseball boss and what he saw up close and personal is what shapes his thinking for this off season. Canadian viagra 50mg He saw a team that when hit by injury was deficient in depth at the Triple A level, canadian viagra 50mg sure some of the call ups played above and beyond and the team for the majority of the season was known as hard working and never giving up, canadian viagra 50mg a testament to the manager (who lit into his team when they slacked off, canadian viagra 50mg again something we haven’t seen here in years), canadian viagra 50mg but Alderson saw that there is no New York quick fix here, canadian viagra 50mg this rebuilding of the Mets will take some time.

Canadian viagra 50mg Yes, canadian viagra 50mg this is a rebuild, canadian viagra 50mg from the way the organization is viewed by outsiders (if Alderson could just get the Skill Sets to go underground for say the next 10 years that would be major plus in rebuilding the brand)and the way it’s looked at by other players and front office types throughout baseball.  The later has improved a lot under Alderson, canadian viagra 50mg the former, canadian viagra 50mg well, canadian viagra 50mg that will take more time.

Canadian viagra 50mg When Burkhardt asked about signing Reyes, canadian viagra 50mg and the fact that the majority of Mets fans are clamoring for him to be resign by any means necessary, canadian viagra 50mg Alderson explained how this is not going to happen, canadian viagra 50mg a six year deal for Reyes would be a disaster for the organization. Canadian viagra 50mg I loved Burkhardt’s  follow up question where he brought up that Alderson mentioned that the release of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo had to do somewhat with fan sentiment, canadian viagra 50mg Alderson explained, canadian viagra 50mg while the voice of the people played a bit of a part, canadian viagra 50mg it was more the poor performance of both players that led to them becoming ex-Mets.

Canadian viagra 50mg Now Reyes not returning will not be due to poor performance by him but by poor performance of the team and the fact that the Mets are at least two seasons away from being a pennant winning factor. Canadian viagra 50mg  You don’t need someone to tell you that Mets fans, canadian viagra 50mg in your heart of hearts you know it. Canadian viagra 50mg So to give Reyes a long term deal and tie up money that will be better spent on getting the part or parts needed to put the club over the top in 2013 or 2014 is a better investment. Canadian viagra 50mg I agree 100 %.

Canadian viagra 50mg There are still some of us among the Mets faithful that want to spend and spend and spend. Canadian viagra 50mg First, canadian viagra 50mg it’s hard to spend what you don’t have. Canadian viagra 50mg  The ownership is doesn’t have the money to throw around as in years past and that may be the best piece of news this off season. Canadian viagra 50mg I guess once the Mets season ends some of you stop watching baseball because if you did you’d realize that you can win with a $90-$100 mil payroll, canadian viagra 50mg you just have to know how to spend your money wisely. Canadian viagra 50mg Alderson does and he will but it won’t happen overnight. Canadian viagra 50mg Just stay patience and let him and his staff do its work, canadian viagra 50mg the man’s track record shows this could work in positive way.

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Cialis generic viagra It feels like the Mets are in a holding pattern as is the fan base and yours truly as we wait for the spike show to drop a/k/a the trade of Carlos Beltran.

Cialis generic viagra It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when and how much teams with post season aspirations are willing to pay and by pay I mean with a top notch prospect. Cialis generic viagra Sandy Alderson has made it known that he will cover the Beltran nut for the remainder of his contract but he must have one of your finest farm hands in return.

Cialis generic viagra So, cialis generic viagra how bad do the Giants need Beltran’s bat to repeat as World Champions? How much will Theo Epstein pay to add a solid bat and right fielder to put the fear of ash into the American League? How about the Phuck Phaces? I have no problem dealing with the enemy but I doubt they have the prospect we need to deal. Cialis generic viagra Step right up those who feel they can make a run at the World’s Championship but be prepared to pay the freight as Sandy Alderson means business.

Cialis generic viagra If I had my druthers, cialis generic viagra I’d love to see Beltran go to the Old Towne Team and contribute to another post season and with any luck a World Series championship.  He deserves it.

Cialis generic viagra Terry Collins passed his first test early in the season getting the Mets off the matt after a 5-13 start to go 42-35 after that with a team, cialis generic viagra the main stream media ridiculed as less than major league quality. Cialis generic viagra Collins went from a question mark choice as manager to a Manager of the Year candidate. Cialis generic viagra The final exam for Collins and his new found leadership qualities will come as soon as Beltran is sent away.

Cialis generic viagra As we of the Blue and Orange persuasion know too well, cialis generic viagra in prior seasons, cialis generic viagra poorly managed Mets teams would lay down and died in the second half of seasons. Cialis generic viagra This was due to the Laissez-Faire attitude of the previous field bosses. Cialis generic viagra  How Collins gets this Mets team to finish will be what Mets fans will remember most of this season. Cialis generic viagra I don’t mean wins and losses I’m talking about giving 100 % busting ass to win games. Cialis generic viagra If this team continues to play like it has with passion and determination it has all season then we’ll know the “same ol’ Mets” are no more.

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Herbal alternative to cialis In a story today in the New York Post, herbal alternative to cialis Davey Johnson is quoted as saying that Terry Collins would be the right choice by the Mets to be the next manager. Herbal alternative to cialis  As much as Johnson loves Wally Backman, herbal alternative to cialis it’s his opinion that Collins’ experience as the Mets Minor League Coordinator would help with the organization making a determination as to which farm hands are of immediate help to the big league club.

Herbal alternative to cialis On the same day of this story comes word that Scouting Director Rudy Terrasas will be reassigned in the organization. Herbal alternative to cialis So if Collins does get the job then the message sent will be that main job by this front office is to rebuild the farm system and the way they draft talent. Herbal alternative to cialis Even if Bob Melvin gets the job I think the rebuilding of the farm system will still be the Alderson mission statement with Collins staying with the organization and working with DePo in such a capacity.

Herbal alternative to cialis That’s why as Mets fans you need to forget about any big splash signings of free agents and unless Alderson is bowled over with a great return on a trade, herbal alternative to cialis the best moves you can hope for this off season would be the release of Ollie Perez (and the more he’s sucks in winter ball the better the chance that Alderson tells the Skill Sets “EAT THE CONTRACT “) and Luis Castillo. Herbal alternative to cialis I’m fine with that.

Herbal alternative to cialis There is a segment of Mets fans who feel the Mets should have gone after Dan Uggla. Herbal alternative to cialis That would be fine if the Mets were a player or two away from being a contender but they’re not, herbal alternative to cialis so Uggla is not the answer.

Herbal alternative to cialis This doesn’t mean the winter will be boring around here, herbal alternative to cialis just the opposite. Herbal alternative to cialis This will be the most interesting hot stove since 1980 when Frank Cashen came aboard and was handed a mess to clean up and clean it up he did. Herbal alternative to cialis Let’s hope history repeats itself.

Herbal alternative to cialis Hojo’s Mojo at Mets Merized Online posts that the Sports Pope broke from his Pop Warner persona this morning to report that the Texas Rangers have inquired about Carlos Beltran and are willing to take on $10-$12 mil of his contract. Herbal alternative to cialis If this is true, herbal alternative to cialis the Mets have to make this deal. Herbal alternative to cialis Even if you get back a couple of prospects just the fact you’re freeing up $6-$8 mil dollars to spend on much needed pitching would push me to make this deal.

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Viagra deaths So it just happens that Jeffey Wilpon en route to St Lonesome to watch some of his prized farm hands with GM in training John Ricco in tow, viagra deaths makes a pit stop in Atlanta maybe to watch his team play but most likely to buy a pair of high class kicks, viagra deaths but anyway while he was in town taking in the ball game, viagra deaths his manager for the next month, viagra deaths Jerry Manuel felt this was as good as time as ever to show Jeffey Skill Sets where is daddy’s hard earn cash is going. Viagra deaths First J-Man inserted Luis Castillo and Jeff Francoeur in the lineup, viagra deaths because I don’t know if you’ve heard (come closer to the screen because this info needs to be kept on the downlow) the Mets still think they are in contention for the post season shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t let the rest of the NL know shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Viagra deaths Pat Misch made every Mets fan who wondered why he wasn’t given the call up earlier the answer to that query by getting pounded harder than an British Heavyweight . Viagra deaths But just as Jeffey Skill Sets and Executive in Training Ricco were ready to leave, viagra deaths Manuel sent a note to them to hang in for another inning or two as he had a really big surprise for them. Viagra deaths So Jeffey grabbed another cotton candy and went back to his seat.

Viagra deaths So now it’s the bottom of the seventh inning and the Mets down five runs and Jeffey on his eighth Coca-Cola is getting antsy as he’s seen enough of this listless team and all he can think about is watching Nickelodeon on the TV of the St. Viagra deaths Lonesome Motel 6 when all of a sudden the visitor’s bullpen gate opens and on the big screen at the Ted this video appears and the crowd let’s out a collective gasp:

Viagra deaths “One singular sensation, viagra deaths every little step he takes……………….

Viagra deaths IT’S…..IT’S……OLLIE PEREZ…………………

Viagra deaths Welllllllll Jeffey drops his Coke, viagra deaths Cotton Candy and his Mets Build A Bear. Viagra deaths Ricco drops his Baseball General Managing for Dummies book and both men stare at the Mets manager as he stands on the top step of the dugout laughing his lame duck ass off.

Viagra deaths For the first time in a month Ollie Perez takes off his Mets Snuggie to enter a game and throw live pitches. Viagra deaths Oh and did Ollie ever throw a live pitch to Brian McCann. Viagra deaths McCann just missed the first offering by OP, viagra deaths I guess he was still startled by the Resurrection but he made sure he got a hold of the next pitch and launched it over the right field wall for a home run. Viagra deaths Ahhhhh so good to see Ollie hasn’t lost a step in his month layoff; if he’s anything, viagra deaths he is consistent. Viagra deaths Of Perez’ 29 pitches 14 were K’s not bad. Viagra deaths With only 17 home games left in this scintillating Mets season we can only hope that J-Man uses OP in a few of those games as Perez is such a fan fave we all want to express our feeling for him.           

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Lot’s of Mets news today and I have to peruse my brackets. Female viagra cream I miss the days of the great NCAA Tournament contest at Jody’s on Forest Ave in Staten Island. Jody ran a pool where you played a ticket for 10 bucks and you had to pick the Final 4, female viagra cream the Championship game. Female viagra cream The tie breaker was the total combined score of the championship game. Female viagra cream The pool started out as something for the barflies to do while wiling away their time at the bar and through word of mouth on the Island kept growing and growing. Female viagra cream Friends and relatives started sending in picks and before you knew it there were over 100, female viagra cream 000 entries and the cash prize went over $1mil bucks. Female viagra cream


But of course some dumb fuck who one a boat load of dough reported this on his Income Tax which got the attention of the IRS and due to the hot spot light on the US Government the pool is no more. Female viagra cream Sad so so sad.


Who’s better than Toby Hyde when in comes to knowing the baseball farm hands? No one. Here is his write up on newest Mets chucker, female viagra cream Fernando Nieve.


Nick Evans has been an after thoughT all off season and early spring as the right handed bat the Mets need off the bench but with a very productive spring due to increased playing time with the Wright, female viagra cream Delgado and Tatis off playing in the Patriot Games, female viagra cream Warlord Jerry is starting to think that Evans will head to Cincinnati with the team come April 6. Female viagra cream I still feel the same about Evans as did the first time I saw him play, female viagra cream he looks and plays like Dave Magadan clone


On this date in 1961 the State of NY voted to approve a bond issue to develop a parcel of land that was used for the 1939 Worlds Fair in Flushing Meadow for the construction of a new multi sports stadium. Female viagra cream That stadium would become <bows head> Shea Stadium


Speaking of ball parks, female viagra cream Paul Goldberger has a piece in the March 23rd issues of New Yorker magazine looking at $iti Field and that ornate piece of shit they are building in the Bronx. 


I’m close to the point where I’m ready to demand the Mets give Jon Niese the 5th spot in the rotation and tell everyone else to go the fuck home. Female viagra cream That includes Petey as well. Female viagra cream Enough already with the retreads and old men give the kid the job show him some confidence and guidance and bet the results will be better than anything Livan, female viagra cream Freddie, female viagra cream or Rotund Redding will give you.



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