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Viagra usa Give the Skill Sets some credit here as they are going full bore in the interview process for a new GM. Viagra usa There doesn’t seem to be a bad choice here as the caliber of candidates are quite impressive. Viagra usa As much as I’ve taken a seat on the Sandy Alderson bandwagon, viagra usa I could just as easily hop of and get on the cross-town  Rick Hahn Express as well. Viagra usa  You also have to feel good as a Mets fan that they are talking to Logan White of the Dodgers, viagra usa who supposedly has a deal in place with LA but with the Feuding McCourt’s tearing apart the franchise, viagra usa the Mets, viagra usa amazingly enough, viagra usa look like the more stable organization and quite possibly White would join the team as an executive in charge of scouting and player development which along with a hire of either Alderson or Hahn, viagra usa would push the respect meter to a point we haven’t seen in Flushing since the Frank Cashen days.

Viagra usa Seems an Alderson run team would allow the Skill Sets to hire Wally Backman as long as Backman realizes he’s there to carry out the Alderson Plan. Viagra usa As we’ve seen with Alderson’ run with the A’s and Padres, viagra usa the manager is more like a shift supervisor who enforces company policy.

Viagra usa No matter who is hired as the new man in charge of baseball ops, viagra usa it will be no longer be business as usual in Queens.

Viagra usa Adam Rubin has a great preview of Mets farmhands now competing in the Arizona Fall League. Brad Holt who I thought  was going to be a big time pitcher for the Mets when I saw him pitch in Brooklyn a few years back, viagra usa is trying to redeem himself in the eyes of the organization and CF’er Kirk Nieuwenhuis are two of the players for Mets fans to keep an eye on.

Viagra usa A lot of talk before last night’s Rays-Rangers Game 5 was about the looseness of the Rays players seems the Rangers took advantage of that attitude by going all out aggressive on the base paths against Tampa.

Viagra usa So we have the Highlanders v. Viagra usa Rangers and Phuck Phaces v. Viagra usa Fuck Yeahs in the LCS. Viagra usa The Highlanders own the Rangers so it is with a great sense of urgency, viagra usa that the Rangers play the same aggressive style in Game 1 against CC and his battery mate the defensively challenged Dumbo Posada. Viagra usa A Game 1 loss will send Highlander fans into a pure panic, viagra usa and isn’t that we haters of Bronx Bastards live for?

Viagra usa I am going all out to root for the Giants as I’m thinking of making a little shrine with my Jim Ray Hart bat, viagra usa Will Clark baseball cards, viagra usa and my photos of John McGraw. Viagra usa Game 1 Saturday is a must watch for all baseball fans with Halliday and The Freak hooking up.

Viagra usa Taryn Cooper has her last post of the season up at her My Summer Family site and she is also stepping away from the everyday grind of Mets blogging, viagra usa which is a major loss to Metsfandom. Viagra usa  Hopefully we can meet up at MSG Coop, viagra usa to root for our Broadway Blueshirts.

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Viagra for women I don’t know who I’m sick of hearing about more LeBron James or Cliff Lee? In Lee’s defense, viagra for women it’s not his fault as he is no where near a self promoting Ring Leader of a media circus, viagra for women that LBJ is. Viagra for women As much as Cliff Lee would be an injection of adrenaline to both the Mets pitching staff and it’s fan base, viagra for women I feel the price for Lee will be too expensive for the Mets. Viagra for women Not monetarily but player wise.

Viagra for women I am enjoying watching the Mets this season unlike any Mets team that’s been assembled since 2006. Viagra for women I love watching a home grown infield and the fact that Angel Pagan a one time farm hand that returned home, viagra for women and is playing All-Star caliber baseball. Viagra for women On the pitching side, viagra for women how nice is it to see Mike Pelfrey grow up before our eyes, viagra for women his lasted slump not withstanding? Jon Niese also pitching better than his scouting reports said he would.  Even Bobby Parnell coming back from a trip to Buffalo looks more grown up on the mound as well. Viagra for women It makes rooting for this team much more fun than when the roster is constructed of mainly mercenaries. Viagra for women That’s why I hope Cliff Lee goes to the Twins or Rays.

Viagra for women I’m sure some of you think that’s very short sighted of me to feel like that way and you may be right, viagra for women maybe Josh Thole, viagra for women Wilmer Flores and Jenry Mejia (the three players it would take to land Lee) never flourish in the big leagues and I know some say don’t fall in love with prospects but I guess I’m smitten by the Mets farmhands. Viagra for women I see Ike Davis and Jon Niese making a strong case for Rookie of Year and Ruben Tejada and his supersonic range at 2nd base (not even his natural position) and then Josh Thole comes up and shows a productive bat (his at bats against the Second Coming of Christ a/k/a Stephen Strasburg have raised Thole stock even higher) and his handling of R.A. Viagra for women Dickey and his magical knuckle ball has him pushing Rod Barajas for playing time.  Then there is the financial situation of the team.

Viagra for women This is the great mystery that surrounds this franchise. Viagra for women Are the Mets broke, viagra for women solvent or just keeping their heads above water? No one knows. Viagra for women I don’t think the Skill Sets are a bunch of brokesters but they’re not exactly livin’ large either. Viagra for women So even if you trade your fine farm fresh products for Cliff Lee, viagra for women what’s the odds you’re going to sign him long term? Not very good if you ask me.

Viagra for women That’s why Ted Lilly makes the most sense to try to acquire. Viagra for women I’m sure the Cubs would take F-Mart and a minor league pitcher of lesser renown for Lilly.

Viagra for women Lilly is a perfect Citi Field pitcher as he is an extreme fly ball pitcher. Viagra for women His velocity has been down early in the season but like Johan Santana he is coming off injury and little by little getting some speed back on his fastball that in the second half of the season should benefit him by making his change up more effective. Viagra for women A rotation of Santana, viagra for women Big Pelf, viagra for women Lilly, viagra for women Neise and Dickey looks very solid to me.

Viagra for women Sure Cliff Lee would be a huge score but I don’t want to pay the high price in kids. Viagra for women Get Lilly and a reliever either Chad Qualls or Matt Lindstrom and take your shot.

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Viagra drug interaction The best move Omar Minaya made yesterday was standing on the sidelines and doing nothing but take phone calls. Viagra drug interaction Could the Mets use a Jason Bay or Manny Ramirez, viagra drug interaction (forget Jr. Viagra drug interaction Griffey) of course but Minaya felt the price was too high player wise and he has realized it’s time to let the farmhands grow up to be Mets. Viagra drug interaction I think a lot of fans feel the same way. Viagra drug interaction It’s funny that when a player comes up through the teams farm system the fans seem to be more tolerant of mistakes and of lesser play than they are of guys who sign here for big free agent  money like Carlos Beltran or a money driven trade like Carlos Delgado and Johan Santana. Viagra drug interaction So let Jon Niese, viagra drug interaction Dan Murphy, viagra drug interaction Eddie Kunz and the Teen Aged Hitting Machine come up and make their  debut in a pennant race. Viagra drug interaction It may not pay off this year but it could pay huge dividends down the road. Viagra drug interaction Mets management has finally come around to the mind set of build a team that will contend for a few years instead of the one and done approach the Skill Sets have been famous for during the reign. Viagra drug interaction The Phillies and Marlins did nothing to have us take notice so with two months of baseball left let the race begin.

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Viagra drug interaction I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Remy yesterday in Hyannis. Viagra drug interaction He was appearing at a restaurant there for a local Cape Cod radio station and I ask him about Manny being traded and he was hoping that Manny would not be delt. Viagra drug interaction I asked about clubhouse reaction to the latest Manny Being Manny episode and Remy felt they have all seen this before so it’s nothing new it’s more management being disrespected than anything that fueld this deal. Viagra drug interaction After Manny said that the Sox didn’t deserve him that set off the front office who felt the team has been around over 100 years and they will still be around another 100 years Manny or no Manny. Viagra drug interaction I think the players were relived as well that Manny is gone even if his bat can not be replaced but his lack of hustle and desire and his disrespect for Terry Francona had become a major issue. 

Viagra drug interaction Go get’em tonight Petey!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra drug interaction As much as I love being here on vacation I MISS THE METS!!!!!!! I miss watching and listening to Gary, viagra drug interaction Keith and Ron and I almost miss Yalloff and Mazzilli (I said ALMOST)

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