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This is the lovely Coco Rocha modeling the latest in Mets apparel at Citi Field yesterday for more on Coco and the CFDA check out their website. Viagra vs cialis

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Viagra vs cialis My day at Citi Field started out with listening to Terry Collins spin the latest in what is now becoming the Mets annual swirly into the irrelevant baseball teams in MLB. Viagra vs cialis I like Collins but this “we’re a good team playing badly” mantra has got to stop as he is close to getting to the Rich Kottie/Art Howe territory of his Mets managerial reign where “we’re a good team playing badly” or “we battled out there” becomes manager speak for “we really suck but I can’t say we really suck”

Viagra vs cialis Collins then spoke about demoting Lucas Duda. Viagra vs cialis When asked how Duda took the news he was headed upstate New York, viagra vs cialis Collins answered the question with a question, viagra vs cialis another thing you shouldn’t do, viagra vs cialis but he expanded his explanation that Duda was upset, viagra vs cialis my question is “how can you tell”?

Viagra vs cialis Collins then went on a bit of a rant on how when he was a minor league manager the way he handled guys getting sent down after they have had led a major league lifestyle was “you have 24 hours to pout” and but after that you got go out and play. Viagra vs cialis The biggest surprise was when Collins said Duda will play left field and some first base in Buffalo as Collins, viagra vs cialis took responsibility for putting Duda in right field and made it seem like Duda is done as a right fielder

Viagra vs cialis To listen to the whole pre game presser click here.

Viagra vs cialis A definite required read to day is from The Bitter Bill who is 100 % spot on in his post.

Viagra vs cialis While myself and my fellow Mets bloggers were watching batting practice and taking in the whole pre-game scene at Citi Field, viagra vs cialis there was a lot of commotion as folks from the Council of Fashion Designers of America were showing off their line of Mets apparel which was modeled by a lovely young model named Coco Rocha. Coco came over to the group of Mets bloggers and we were requested to ask some questions about the fashion line and any quires for madam Coco. Viagra vs cialis  Now the extent of my fashion knowledge comes from shopping at Modells and Old Navy and I know every married man reading this knows anything that you look well in was picked out by your wife. Viagra vs cialis I’m not ashamed to admit that any suit, viagra vs cialis sport coat or pair of dress shoes I have ever owned was either picked out by my wife or my mother. Viagra vs cialis  So here I am standing next to this fashion metrosexual guy who is eying me up and down checking out my shirt from Khol’s , viagra vs cialis jeans and Converse All-Stars and we both kinda gave each other a look like “let’s just make the best of this” The Mets clothing line is available at the Mets Team store at Citi Field (check out these pics from Mets Police) and at on the web.

Viagra vs cialis One more thing about Coco Rocha, viagra vs cialis she is a beautiful young lady but way to skinny for my taste. Viagra vs cialis There were a couple of the Mets main stream press corps checking out Miss Rocha after myself and the bloggers were done talking to her. Viagra vs cialis I had some fun with Coco as I racked my mind to figure out what can I ask her I mean can ask her how she trains for modeling “So Coco what do you tip the Toledo’s at 90-92 lbs how do you maintain that”? Or “how many hours a day to you work on your runway walk? Do you feel you’re stronger as left foot or right foot first model”? So I asked the only thing I could think of “So Coco (as you can see I am infatuated with the name Coco, viagra vs cialis it is quite a cool name) what about this Mets bullpen what do you think is needed to straighten it out” Everyone laughed and I think Coco gave me a little wink (or maybe some of the infield dirt got in her eye) that’s when the Metrosexual felt it was time to break this up. Viagra vs cialis Best move all day.

Viagra vs cialis Back to the writers, viagra vs cialis one writer who shall remain nameless was asking about Coco, viagra vs cialis wanting to know who she was, viagra vs cialis what’s her name etc. Viagra vs cialis etc. Viagra vs cialis I said to him, viagra vs cialis “why don’t you go over and talk to her”? He gave me a look like we were back at a high school dance. Viagra vs cialis Look Miss Coco is not my type I mean if I took her out for dinner it would be so awkward me having a T-Bone steak with a baked potato and Coco with three peas and some bean sprouts. Viagra vs cialis Talk about awkward. Viagra vs cialis Again I chided the writer to go over and introduce yourself, viagra vs cialis hell, viagra vs cialis just make believe your writing something, viagra vs cialis don’t be intimidated Geez. Viagra vs cialis  He never went to talk to Coco. Viagra vs cialis So sad. Viagra vs cialis Why are some guys intimidated by beautiful women?  What is the worst thing in the world that could happen, viagra vs cialis she tells you to get lost? Big deal. Viagra vs cialis So the writer just stood there never getting a shot at sweeping Coco off her feet, viagra vs cialis all I could do was shake my head.

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Viagra vs cialis  

Viagra vs cialis  

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