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Izzy For Pitching Mets Coach Ohhhhh this makes so much sense!!!

It has been a while since I thought about Yusmeiro Petit. Viagra wholesale Back in 2004 and 2005 Petit was moving at shooting star pace in the Mets minor league system, viagra wholesale with great command of his pitches, viagra wholesale none of which was a blazing fastball. Viagra wholesale In fact there were some “oooohhhs” let out by Mets fans when he was a piece in the deal that brought Carlos Delgado to the Mets from the Marlins but hey, viagra wholesale you have to give up something to get something right?

As great as Petit’s numbers were with the Mets minor leagues, viagra wholesale they never translated to the big leagues and Petit became a stumble bum of an arm. Viagra wholesale  So it was a shock when perusing Twitter last night I saw that Petit had a perfect game going through 7 innings. Viagra wholesale  I then saw that the game was the D’Backs vs. Viagra wholesale Giants and I thought that’s nice that the D’Backs brought him up from the minors, viagra wholesale I had no idea the Petit was with the Giants. Viagra wholesale When did that happen?

What a heartbreaker for Petit to go 8.2 innings of perfect pitching to lose it to a 3-2 barely out of the reach of Hunter Pence single to right field.

Petit has banged around the big leagues and in Mexico, viagra wholesale hell the Giants cut him twice to have room on the 40 man roster and each time he resigned just to stay in the organization and pitch in Fresno. Viagra wholesale It’s a shame that Petit didn’t get the perfect game as it would have been nice to have a perfect game on his imperfect resume.

While everyone is having flashbacks over Scott Kazmir’ Mets career and the reliving the Victor Zambrano trade that was made 9 years ago since Kazmir K’d 12 Mets last night, viagra wholesale we seem to be missing the big picture, viagra wholesale Zack Wheeler needs to be shut down for the season. Viagra wholesale Wheeler had major command issues last night and looked like he could not get comfortable on the mound. Viagra wholesale All are warning signs that Wheeler is an injury waiting to happen. Viagra wholesale  Does it really matter who starts in his place? Isn’t more important to shut him down and let him get ready for St. Viagra wholesale Lonesome in 2014? Can someone wake up Dan Warthen and have him protect his pitcher?

Speaking of Warthen, viagra wholesale how about replacing him with Jason Isringhusen as Mets pitching coach? Izzy may be the most responsible for the emergence of Bobby Parnell as a top flight closer. Viagra wholesale Izzy worked with Parnell on mastering the knuckle curve and I’m sure he gave him the life lesson on how to be an effective closer. Viagra wholesale Izzy also would be a great guy to have on staff to advise the new generation of Mets pitchers on the trials and tribulations of what a young talented player will go through pitching in NYC. Viagra wholesale  He has also gone through the bumps and bruises of a big league career from being a starter and then converted to reliever to suffering injuries and a few arm surgeries as well. Viagra wholesale Izzy is just one season removed from being an active player so he knows how to relate to today’s pitchers. Viagra wholesale  I think Izzy taking the Mets pitching staff under his wing would a solid hire.

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Viagra online uk

Are we looking at a Mets Renascence ? 

I’ve been quite lax in posting on the site for the last week or so. Viagra online uk It’s been tough to fine time to sit and write as I’ve been visiting colleges that my son has been admitted to and getting ready to move the office I work at to Downtown Brooklyn. Viagra online uk In between that I’ve been doing my Kranepool Society podcast, viagra online uk Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast and of course The Sports Media Watchdog podcast.

But since I think I’m done visiting college campuses up and down the east coast and all I have to pack now is the crap in my desk, viagra online uk I figure let me take some time out and look at what’s going on with our Amazin’ Mets:

Matt Harvey is no longer a secret. Viagra online uk  Each Harvey start has now become an event and there is much anticipation of a Friday night match up of Harvey v. Viagra online uk Stephen Strasburg. Viagra online uk Harvey just over powered the Twins line up going mainly with fastball after fastball, viagra online uk getting ahead in counts and then using his slider to keep Twins batters off balance. Viagra online uk Fooling hitters. Viagra online uk Pitching 101.

The Friday night game at Target Field was uncomfortable to watch on television so I can imagine how tough it was to play in those lousy conditions which of course didn’t hurt the Mets offense. Viagra online uk Still, viagra online uk  playing baseball in ski hats and thermal underwear just out right sucks.

It gets no better as the Mets head to Denver where it supposed to be colder and just as snowy as it was in Minneapolis. Viagra online uk  You wonder how and why MLB would send the Mets to two cities Minneapolis and Denver, viagra online uk so early in the season when you know it’s the only time this season the will visit and knowing the unpredictable weather both cities are known for in early spring? Phyllis Merhige the Sr. Viagra online uk VP of MLB gets very defensive when she’s questioned about the ridiculous scheduling saying it’s very difficult to schedule 30 teams for a 162 game season. Viagra online uk No one is questioning the effort in putting the scheduling together, viagra online uk what I question is the common sense that goes into making up the scheduling.

By the way, viagra online uk Happy Jackie Robinson Day, viagra online uk of course the Mets are on the road and not at Citi Field to celebrate the day Robinson made his big league debut, viagra online uk yeah, viagra online uk yeah I know it’s difficult to schedule 30 teams yada, viagra online uk yada, viagra online uk yada……………

I haven’t had time to go see “42”, viagra online uk I hope to go Wednesday to see it, viagra online uk but from what I’ve read and heard from those you have seen the film it’s quite informative and entertaining. Viagra online uk  Can’t wait to see it.

Zach Wheeler pitched again yesterday and it was his best outing of the season. Viagra online uk His last two starts Wheeler has been hampered by blister on the index finger of his pitching hand so yesterday’s start with 0 BB and 8 K’s was quite encouraging. Viagra online uk I hope the Mets will promote Wheeler on merit and not leave him in Triple A just to keep his “Super 2” status in check. Viagra online uk The days ofnickel and diming are over. Viagra online uk Management should be bowing to Matt Harvey for rejuvenating the fan base and the thought of a Harvey-Wheeler-Niese top three in the rotation is the first ray of hope we’ve seen in a long time.  I hope the Skill Sets are aware that as soon as Matt Harvey finishes a start, viagra online uk Mets fan are going to the schedule counting off 4 days of rest to be ready for his next start. Viagra online uk Harvey is now approaching Seaver/Gooden status. Viagra online uk The same will happen with Wheeler as well. Viagra online uk This is how you fill a ball park.

So far so good with the bullpen for the Mets. Viagra online uk 30 K’s and just 8 BB in 27.2 IP and along with a 75 % inherited runners stranded percentage is outstanding.

Oh by the way, viagra online uk there is no way in hell I’d trade Wheeler and Travis D’arunad for Giancarlo Stanton .



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Try viagra for free Isn’t it amazing how we feel as Mets fans after a Matt Harvey start? Have you noticed how the other fan bases around baseball look at us now that we have Matt Harvey? 

Try viagra for free Matt Harvey’ performance hides alot of the Mets imperfections, try viagra for free like Ike Davis playing first base like its’ 3:45 AM or Capt Kirk getting bad jump on a fly ball in centerfield or holding our breath on a ground ball to Ruben Tejada, try viagra for free when you’re down about the Mets play at times all you have to say is, try viagra for free Is Matt Harvey a stud or what? It makes it all better.

Try viagra for free Harvey was large and in charge again last night at a library quiet Citizen Bank Ball Park as he sliced and diced the Dirty Old Phuck Phaces with a Frisbee like slider and fast ball after fastball. Try viagra for free Sure Harvey had a bit of an issue with command but he still was never in any danger in this game, try viagra for free unlike the once great Roy Halladay who turned into an old man in front of our eyes. Try viagra for free Ron Darling even went into an old pitchers stick together soliloquy over the demise of Doc Halladay but then realized he was working this game for SNY and not TBS and stopped in mid-sentence to realize his Mets fan audience was enjoying their team stepping on Halladay’s throat.

Try viagra for free As you all know I am a fin of Collin Cowgill but when I see him with that flat brim on his cap it drives me up a wall. Try viagra for free I hate flat brims on baseball cap with a passion BEND THAT BRIM COLLIN!!!!!!!

Try viagra for free I’m not worried about Ike Davis at the plate but I am stunned at how bad a first base he’s been playing. Try viagra for free Last few games, try viagra for free he’s been a mess in the field.

Try viagra for free I like the blue uni top the Mets wear at home but I’m not a fan of the blue road top. Try viagra for free I’m ok with the snow whites but they wear them too damn much. Try viagra for free There is nothing better than watching the Mets when they are in their pinnies in fact I’d love them even better without the names on the back. Try viagra for free The all blue cap is the best cap in baseball. Try viagra for free The new blue and orange caps would be better if the “ny” was all orange. Try viagra for free I LOVE, try viagra for free LOVE , try viagra for freeLOVE the Mr. Try viagra for free Met cap but then again I have always had a strong affection for Mr.Met.

Try viagra for free Last night David Wright went after a pop up in foul territory. Try viagra for free A Phuck Phace fan tried to interfere with Wright as he caught the pop up and then had the balls to ask Wright for the baseball. Try viagra for free Wright shot this shit head a “Are you fucking me” look that was straight out of Bensonhurst.

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Cialis refractory

Yes it was an ugly loss last night but not ugly enough to throw up your hands just yet Mets fans. Cialis refractory  I will say though, cialis refractory it would be a huge boost to the Mets and the fan base if they take the next two from the Fish. Cialis refractory Some more about last night:

Hats off to Jeremy Hefner as he continued with the parade of solid starting pitching the Mets have gotten so far this week. Cialis refractory Hefner showed nice command of his fastball and slider, cialis refractory keeping the ball down in the zone as well. Cialis refractory He threw a lot of pitches in the 2nd and 3rd innings (49 total) but all he gave up was solo home run to Greg Dobbs.

Jordany Valdespin will drive us crazy all year. Cialis refractory As good an offensive player as he is JV1 has absolutely no baseball instincts. Cialis refractory  The 3rd inning brought it all into perspective. Cialis refractory From be too far off the bag at 1st on Daniel Murphy’s soft liner to short that the throw to pick him at first base caught his bicep to then getting picked off at first with David Wright up and before a pitch could be thrown to Wright. Cialis refractory MY GOD!

SNY cameras caught a great scene in the dugout after JV1 got picked off. Cialis refractory He retreated to the corner of the dugout both to stay out of ear shot of Terry Collins and because is arm was hurting. Cialis refractory That didn’t stop John Buck from coming over to him to give some “advice”. Cialis refractory The funniest part of the exchange was Buck cornered Valdespin so there was no place for him to go until Buck was done “talking” to him.

I don’t know what you expect from Lucas Duda in left field. Cialis refractory He’s not an outfielder; he’s a first baseman/DH and at some point Sandy Alderson is going to have a make a decision on what to do with Duda.

Don’t panic about Ike

As you know I’m not a fan of Ruben Tejada and with the scuttlebutt that it was thisclose as to who went to Vegas him or Omar Ouintanilla, cialis refractory I agree with what Bobby Ojeda said on the post-game show  as much as you can play your way on to a team, cialis refractory you can play your way off a team. Cialis refractory The only way Tejada keeps his job is with his bat and his glove and range at short are subpar.

Not a great night for Greg Burke, cialis refractory Scott Rice and LaTroy Hawkins to say the least. Cialis refractory  

Got to take the next two from the Fish. Cialis refractory Got to

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Viagra sales canada Sing it Godfather, viagra sales canada Sing It!!!!!!!!

Viagra sales canada  

Viagra sales canada Are we seeing the last of the Dan Warthen influence on Mets pitchers? Matt Harvey pitched last night like the power pitcher he’s been advertised as. Viagra sales canada Harvey went almost exclusively with his fastball and slider and more importantly he threw inside and challenged hitters. Viagra sales canada Harvey went away from the Warthen School of Pitching which is nibble, viagra sales canada nibble and nibble some more. Viagra sales canada Harvey pitched a man’s game last night even plunking Ryan Ludwick in the shoulder and of course Ludwick gave the phony tough guy stare down as he went to first base, viagra sales canada because he’s a rook, viagra sales canada Harvey just let Ludwick have his fake tough guy moment but I’d bet if Harvey had a couple of season under his belt, viagra sales canada he’s have told Ludwick to take his ass down to first base.

Viagra sales canada Justin Turner in the outfield in 2013? You cannot be serious Terry, viagra sales canada you just can’t. Viagra sales canada  I have to think Collins was talking out his ass on this one, viagra sales canada as it make absolutely no sense , viagra sales canadahell, viagra sales canada Turner back for 2013 doesn’t make much sense. Viagra sales canada  Don’t the Mets have an overabundance of outfielders without any power?

Viagra sales canada Heard a rumor that Sandy Alderson sent a link to the video of Jason Bay’s home run last night to Brian Sabean with the message “Com’on Brian you know you want him”

Viagra sales canada I can get the Mets going to a 6 man pitching rotation being that Johan and Young could benefit from the extra days rest as could Jon Niese, viagra sales canada who at some point has to show he strong enough to pitch effectively  in second half of the season and as long as Dickey and Harvey stay on schedule, viagra sales canada it’s all good but why does the spot guy have to be Jeremy Hefner? I hope come September 1st the club calls up Collin McHugh and let him take that spot or Jenry Mejia. Viagra sales canada Seriously, viagra sales canada enough of Jeremy Hefner.

Viagra sales canada Mike Pelfrey is ready to start throwing as his rehab from Tommy John surgery is progressing well. Viagra sales canada As an arbitration eligible player much speculation is that the Mets will non-tender him come December. Viagra sales canada That much I agree with but I’d bet the Mets try to work a deal with Big Pelf for the 2013 season. Viagra sales canada I’m not ready to call Pelfrey an ex-Met yet.

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Viagra tablets no prescription Tuesday night I Tweeted from Citi Field, viagra tablets no prescription the fact that I stood next to Matt Harvey in the Mets dugout during batting practice and just his presences oozed Major Leaguer to me.  He wasn’t one of these rail thin peach fuzz cheeked rookies, viagra tablets no prescription nope, viagra tablets no prescription he had that thick trunk that the best power pitchers possess and he just carried himself around the dugout, viagra tablets no prescription that was boarding on a three ring circus with Mets bloggers, viagra tablets no prescription main streamers and models posing by bat racks in tank tops. Viagra tablets no prescription None of this fazed Harvey. Viagra tablets no prescription I had my voice recorder in hand and wanted to get at least a five minute interview with Harvey but he was headed to the bullpen to get his work in so all I could muster was a quick “how ya doing” and “good luck”

Viagra tablets no prescription It was a pleasure watching Harvey pitch last night (you could tell Keith Hernandez in Phoenix doing the game and Ron Darling in the SNY studios in Midtown were enjoying Harvey’s performance as well especially Darling) as I said he, viagra tablets no prescription has that thick trunk and uses it to push off the rubber to where he’s not using all arm to pitch. Viagra tablets no prescription A guy named Seaver used to that way back when and he was pretty good too. Viagra tablets no prescription  Harvey hit a high of 98 MPH with his fastball and averaged 95 for the night. Viagra tablets no prescription One thing missing from Harvey’s repertoire was use of his curve ball which according to Brooks Baseball he threw just three times. Viagra tablets no prescription It was a mix of fastball/slider for Harvey all night and he was at his most effective when he hit corners, viagra tablets no prescription especially the outside corner of the plate and work his fastball up the ladder. Viagra tablets no prescription Bobby Parnell should sit with Harvey and watch tape of this performance because if Parnell could approach pitching like Harvey did last night, viagra tablets no prescription the Mets would never have another 10 game losing streak.

Viagra tablets no prescription It’s hard to harness one’s enthusiasm for Matt Harvey and what’s to come the rest of this season and beyond after last night. Viagra tablets no prescription  With the awful start to the second half and the infighting amongst some players and the fans looking for a miracle in Sandy Alderson’s second year of stewardship with the Mets, viagra tablets no prescription Matt Harvey gave the team and fans the pick me up both needed, viagra tablets no prescription lets’ hope it lasts.

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Canadian viagra best deals Was yesterday’s blow up between Tim Brydak, canadian viagra best deals Josh Thole and Dan Warthen a shock or surprise to anyone? I didn’t think so. Canadian viagra best deals This situation has been simmering for a few weeks  and as the losses pile up the finger pointing stars to sprout and in the words of Dan Reeves, canadian viagra best deals “when you point a finger, canadian viagra best deals remember there are four fingers pointing back at you”. Canadian viagra best deals Terry Collins said something similar after the game about guys needing to take on accountability for their actions, canadian viagra best deals which was directed at Tim Brydak, canadian viagra best deals but is Brydak the villain here? Not to me he isn’t.

Canadian viagra best deals For most of this collapsible second half, canadian viagra best deals the bullpen has been held as public enemy #1 but there is so much more to the ineffectiveness of the Mets relievers than lack of talent, canadian viagra best deals it’s more of lack of direction.

Canadian viagra best deals Most Mets fans were puzzled when Dan Warthen was retained at the end of last season and many are pointing the fickle finger at him for the suckitude of the pen. Canadian viagra best deals I would put myself in the group questioning why Warthen was retained, canadian viagra best deals but the one part of the pitching game that has been as much a problem as blown saves and three run late inning jacks is the lack of a veteran backstop.

Canadian viagra best deals Let’s face facts, canadian viagra best deals if Josh Thole were in any other organization he’d be the Sunday catcher or the starter at Triple A, canadian viagra best deals what earned him the job was his ability to hit for a decent average and get on base. Canadian viagra best deals  His work on defense is not very good and since he’s so green around the grills as a receiver, canadian viagra best deals he’s left to relaying signs given to him by Warthen to the pitcher on the mound and as we witnessed yesterday, canadian viagra best deals Brydak is tired of it.

Canadian viagra best deals Warthen and Terry Collins put Thole in a bad situation as he’s being told by Warthen on what fingers to throw down only to have Brydak shake him off. Canadian viagra best deals Warthen I guess being adamant on what pitch he wants thrown, canadian viagra best deals flashes the sign to Thole again for a fastball , canadian viagra best deals Brydak shakes him off again as he wants to throw a breaking ball which to me his his perogitive since he is, canadian viagra best deals you know, canadian viagra best deals the guy responsible for what happens when that ball leaves his hand, canadian viagra best deals but Brydak gives in an releases a heater and Adam LaRoche turned on it for a home run. Canadian viagra best deals After giving Thole a stare down, canadian viagra best deals Brydak comes out of the game is hotter than the Roosevelt Ave asphalt.

Canadian viagra best deals What Thole should have done before the pitch to LaRoche was call time, canadian viagra best deals motion to Warthen to come to the mound and then address both the pitching coach and Brydak by saying “can you two fucktards get on the same page”. Canadian viagra best deals There’s no way in hell Thole would ever do this but I’m sure Jerry Grote would have punched both of them is the jaw.

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Sildenafil citrate omnigen There are loses, sildenafil citrate omnigen bad loses and I can’t believe it loses which is where I’d file last night’s stunner. Sildenafil citrate omnigen To have a 4-0 lead handed to our Ace against a team that has scored the least runs in all of baseball and to do it with a Buffalo flavored lineup, sildenafil citrate omnigen it looked like this would be one the best wins of the season, sildenafil citrate omnigen but then in the 7th with one on, sildenafil citrate omnigen Santana served up an 87 mph meatball fastball to the Pirates version of Mike Nickeas, sildenafil citrate omnigen Mike McKendry, sildenafil citrate omnigen that was deposited over the left center field wall to tie the game at 4-4.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Santana seemed to labor from the 4th inning on as he lost command of his fastball and it seemed ironic that Santana who has had a tough time recording a win when he was out pitching the opposition would be in position to get a win in game where he was ordinary at best.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen The Mets had a good shot at taking the lead back in the 8th as Kirk Nieuwenhuis got a pinch hit single to lead off the 8th and made it 3rd on a Ronny Cedeno ground out and a wild pitch, sildenafil citrate omnigen runner on 3rd 1 out all the Mets need is a fly ball but up steps Mike Nickeas who of course strikes out. Sildenafil citrate omnigen I wish Terry Collins would give Rob Johnson the bulk of the playing time while Josh Thole recuperates. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Nickeas just cannot hit and his defensive prowess quite frankly is overrated. Sildenafil citrate omnigen  I’m guessing that Johnson‘sore thumb is still a problem and the reason he’s not behind the plate every day. Sildenafil citrate omnigen  After Nickeas failed to get Nieuwenhuis home, sildenafil citrate omnigen it was left to Andres Torres and his icicle of a baseball bat to get the job done and of course he failed as well with his shitty little ground out 4 to 3.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen When Nickeas, sildenafil citrate omnigen Torres and Ike Davis are in the same lineup they are 3 automatic outs add in the pitchers spot that 4 outs so multiply that by say 4 times through the order, sildenafil citrate omnigen that  16 of the 27 outs you get in a game that you are giving away. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Nickeas shouldn’t start another game, sildenafil citrate omnigen Torres is ready to be regulated to 4th outfield status and Ike it seems is a DL activation away from becoming a Buffalo Bison. Sildenafil citrate omnigen When Vinny Rottino gets the nod over you, sildenafil citrate omnigen lefty or no lefty, sildenafil citrate omnigen it’s safe to say you’ll be headed upstate soon.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Now if the top of the 8th didn’t piss you off enough, sildenafil citrate omnigen the Mike Baxter-Kirk Nieuwenhuis mix up of Neil Walker fly ball sure had to. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Simple “Fundies” right there, sildenafil citrate omnigen it’s the centerfielder is king of the outfield and to their credit both Baxter and Kirk took responsibility for the screw up for what became the winning run on 3rd base. Sildenafil citrate omnigen As bad an offensive team as the Bucs are, sildenafil citrate omnigen they at least were able to get the runner on 3rd home with less than 2 outs.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen  

Sildenafil citrate omnigen  

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Levitra vs cialis WHEW!!!!!  Yesterday’s Mets-Rockies game is like trying to eat a Carnegie Deli sandwich, levitra vs cialis where do you begin?

Levitra vs cialis I’ll start with Johan Santana who has topped everyone’s expectations so far this season. Levitra vs cialis  Santana relied on fastball/change up combo and I hate using this word, levitra vs cialis battled. Levitra vs cialis If you want to take Johan to task (I don’t know why you would) his walk rate 4.13 BB/9IP is high but as he progress through the season that should drop. Levitra vs cialis  The main thing that separates Santana from Mark Prior and Chen Ming Wang, levitra vs cialis the two pitchers who have had the same surgery as Santana, levitra vs cialis is he is a superior pitcher than either two. Levitra vs cialis Prior was more a thrower than a pitcher and Wang is a back of the rotation guy, levitra vs cialis Santana is an anchor. Levitra vs cialis Since his 1.1 IP performance in Atlanta on April 17 th, levitra vs cialis his last two starts have been outstanding, levitra vs cialis having  pitched 12.2 innings and given up 1 earned run dropping  his season ERA from 3.97 to 2.25. Levitra vs cialis See how easy life is with a solid #1 pitcher.

Levitra vs cialis Well somewhat easy I guess. Levitra vs cialis I have no problem with Terry Collins pulling Santana after 6 innings in a start where Johan had thrown 105 pitches in his last start with an extra day rest. Levitra vs cialis  So far the program the Mets have put together for Santana has been working so why get greedy, levitra vs cialis besides with the exception of Frank Frisco, levitra vs cialis the back end of the bullpen has been good. Levitra vs cialis Now would I have gone with Miguel Batista in the 7th inning? No, levitra vs cialis I’d have gone with Bobby Parnell, levitra vs cialis but when I thought about why TC would go with Batista in that spot, levitra vs cialis I thought it would be to show confidence in Batista after that awful start last Monday, levitra vs cialis putting him a spot to succeed. Levitra vs cialis Collins is the anti-Joe Girardi, levitra vs cialis he’s more a feel and from the gut kind of manager, levitra vs cialis he knows when a player needs a confidence boost and when a guy needs a day of reflection from the bench. Levitra vs cialis Binders? Terry Collins doesn’t need no stinkin’ binders. Levitra vs cialis Batista pitched a fine 7th inning and things were moving along nicely until………………

Levitra vs cialis We could scream and yell about home plate ump Paul Emmel squeezing the strike zone on Jon Rauch especially on the Michael Cuddyer at bat (as per pitch f/x, levitra vs cialis Rauch only hit the strike zone with a pitch once but look at the 4th and 5th pitch of the AB, levitra vs cialis can we have some consistency please !)But the Carlos Gonzalez at bat was the at bat to look at. Levitra vs cialis Rauch’ first pitch was a strike that was called a ball after that Rauch lost all control of the strike zone. Levitra vs cialis Getting Cargo there would have left Fowler on first with 2 out but instead it’s 1 out runners on first and second with Troy Tulowitzki up. Levitra vs cialis Rauch starts off with two straight strikes and then gets Tulo to hit the next pitch back to him for a 1-3 put out and it looked like Rauch was getting out of this jam until of course the Cuddyer base on balls and out goes an irate Jon Rauch and in comes Tim Byrdak to face Todd Helton with the bases loaded.

Levitra vs cialis Just like that, levitra vs cialis a slider that was middle in took away a stellar start by Santana, levitra vs cialis a breakout game for Ike Davis, levitra vs cialis the continued wonderment of Kirk Nieuwhenhuis, levitra vs cialis the continued rejuvenation of David Wright and of course a 4 run lead, levitra vs cialis went for naught as the ball of Helton’s climbed to the upper reaches of right field for a Grand Salami. Levitra vs cialis Heads of Mets fans were hung, levitra vs cialis obscenities were screamed, levitra vs cialis scapegoats were being named, levitra vs cialis jobs had to be terminated, levitra vs cialis but this Mets team laughs at your lack of faith, levitra vs cialis you think they packed all those cowboy clothes to wear to Houston for a loss, levitra vs cialis HELL NO!!! This Mets team does not go quietly.

Levitra vs cialis I guess it’s due to the Mets having had some bad managers the last few years from Art Howe, levitra vs cialis the Admiral James Stockdale of baseball managers (Who am I ? Why am I here?) The insecure and overmatched Willie Randolph and the “is it payday”?  skipper Jerry Manuel , levitra vs cialis we are still getting used to the passion of Terry Collins.

Levitra vs cialis TC has learned a hard lesson in baseball, levitra vs cialis his last three managerial stints ended very badly and he had to go back to baseball purgatory as a minor league coordinator to rebuild his resume. Levitra vs cialis Give the man credit, levitra vs cialis he could have left baseball, levitra vs cialis gone to a 9 to 5 job and just be another working stiff, levitra vs cialis instead he went back to the bushes and rebuilt his reputation as baseball man and worked on what were his short comings. Levitra vs cialis  If it weren’t for the financial fallout from the Madoff mess, levitra vs cialis Collins wouldn’t have gotten this shot. Levitra vs cialis He got the job because he came cheap and this cheap investment is paying dividends.

Levitra vs cialis Collins holds players accountable, levitra vs cialis you know Ike Davis was mad to be pinch hit for and I’m sure he was livid to be out the lineup but he wasn’t producing and as TC said I have faith in my players but it’s about the team and it’s about winning. Levitra vs cialis Since that time of his benching and with some work with hitting coach Dave Hudgins, levitra vs cialis Ike has picked up his hands and maybe using his anger as a positive, levitra vs cialis has started to look like the Ike we love. Levitra vs cialis Give tons of credit to Ike for his two run single in the top of the 11th that proved to be the game winner but don’t forget the manager for instilling a mindset into this team that they are a good baseball team and to the other 24 players who refuse to give up.

Levitra vs cialis  

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Viagra gay This whole changing of the walls at Citi Field has me a bit perplexed to a point of being a bit pissed off. Viagra gay While I agree with lowering the height of the outfield walls to eight feet, viagra gay which they should have been when the park was first built, viagra gay it seems the lowering of the walls and bringing them in a bit closer to home plate is because some of the Mets starting eight have been traumatized by the outfield dimensions. Viagra gay According to Pitching Coach Old School Warthen, viagra gay his pitchers “got a bit lazy” due to the vast pasture of the Citi Field outfield that they had a hard time pitching in a place like Citizen’s Bank or even the Mall of The South Bronx.  What all this tells me is this team collectively is mentally weak and the pitching coach has no idea how to do his job.

Viagra gay I’ve always been a card carrying member of the David Wright Fan Club but his constant crying about the Citi Field dimensions have me wondering if I want to renew my membership. Viagra gay Same with Jason Bay, viagra gay I was never a fan of his as his signing was just another example of the damage Omar Minaya and Jeffey Skill Sets did to this organization. Viagra gay So now that the fences have been moved in and the walls lowered (I guess it is perfectly clear now that Citi Field was badly planed and put together between the skyscraper outfield walls, viagra gay the lack of a Mets-eccentric feel and the whole homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers that was met with Mets fans ire) there should be no excuse for Wright and Bay to not have monster seasons in 2012. Viagra gay Right? Wright?

Viagra gay As for Warthen his quote :

Viagra gay “We got into being a little bit mentally lazy and overly secure. Viagra gay … I think that caused a lot of the homers this year. Viagra gay I really do. Viagra gay …[The new dimensions] will help us focus and concentrate and not be so ready to go out there and throw a fastball away and hope they hit it to center field.”

Viagra gay As the pitching coach shouldn’t you have nipped this problem in the bud ? By saying this out loud didn’t you realize that you are just feeding into the frenzy of many Mets fans (this one included) that you have no clue on how to fix this staff and should have been relieved of your duties this off season? It’s quotes like this that make me wonder if it’s Warthen fault that Bobby Parnell, viagra gay he of the Howitzer arm, viagra gay had no clue on how to pitch? Same with Mike Pelfrey. Viagra gay Pelf has talent and his a big strong workhorse of a pitcher is that Old School can’t or doesn’t know how to tap into what it takes to make both pitchers the dominate arms we feel they can be?

Viagra gay Jeffey Skill Sets says, viagra gay not to worry about whom and when these minority shareholders of the Mets come on board. Viagra gay Besides it’s none of your business:

Viagra gay “Some of the people don’t want to be public, viagra gay” Wilpon said. Viagra gay “Some of the people might never be public. Viagra gay I don’t think anybody knows all the minority shareholders in each of the other teams. Viagra gay Do you know all the minority shareholders in Atlanta or Kansas City or St. Viagra gay Louis, viagra gay Cincinnati, viagra gay the Yankees? It’s just not widely known.”

Viagra gay Do I care who holds a minority share in the Braves, viagra gay Royals, viagra gay Cardinals or the Bronx Bastards? No, viagra gay because I don’t root or spend my money on tickets and merchandise on those teams but I do on the Mets. Viagra gay See I want to know as a Mets fan/customer what financial resources the team has to improve the product they are selling to me and my fellow Mets fans. Viagra gay I’m not going to pay Broadway prices for a high school production. Viagra gay  This is just another example of this ownership having not a clue of how to treat or connect with its fan base.

Viagra gay I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween maybe it was because the neighborhood I grew up in was more about ducking flying eggs or avoiding getting jumped by guys with socks full of chalk (usually pulling a knife on the sock hopper curtailed those attacks) than collecting candy but Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus went to a Mets Halloween Party last night and saw some interesting costumes. Viagra gay Oh and by the way Ed, viagra gay the image of you in KISS makeup is disturbing.

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