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Online cheap viagra Not much Mets on field news today as we await the official opening of camp tomorrow with pitchers and catcher ready to check in, online cheap viagra but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any off field Mets news.

Online cheap viagra Mike Piazza has written a book with Lonnie Wheeler called Long Shot (Simon & Shuster) which I hope to get my hands on tomorrow. Online cheap viagra But before the book drops, online cheap viagra there have been some excerpts of what to expect in this tome that I can guarantee won’t come close to approaching R.A. Online cheap viagra Dickey’s book in both substance and style. Online cheap viagra If the excerpts I read this morning with my bagel and coffee are any example I hope I don’t get whiplash from all the head shaking I’m anticipating while reading Long Shot. Online cheap viagra You know what? That’s really not fair, online cheap viagra I should hold final judgment until I read the complete work but still there are some things I’ve read so far that made me take notice.

Online cheap viagra Piazza is still haunted by Roger Clemens and the night he took one Clemens fastballs off the side of his head.

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Online cheap viagra Piazza talks about taking karate lessons after the beaning with the premeditated thinking of confronting Clemens if or when he faced him again. Online cheap viagra That time came just about three months later in Game Two of the World Series when Clemens threw the barrel of a shattered bat at Piazza who did turn and walked toward Clemens but as he said:

Online cheap viagra “There were complications, online cheap viagra” he ( Piazza) recalls. Online cheap viagra “The least of them was the realization that Clemens was a big guy, online cheap viagra and I stood a pretty fair chance of getting my ass kicked in front of Yankee Stadium and the world. Online cheap viagra That was a legitimate concern.”

Online cheap viagra Maybe in the book Piazza goes into more detail and at least using getting tossed out a World Series game and possible suspension of another game in the series as reason for not charge at Clemens because turning tail fearing an ass kicking is mighty weak.

Online cheap viagra It seems not only was Piazza intimidated by big powerful pitchers he also got smacked around by ex-girlfriends as well:

Online cheap viagra One of his best-known girlfriends was Debbe Dunning, online cheap viagra the actress who played the “Tool Time” girl on the hit comedy “Home Improvement.” One Halloween night when Dunning came over with a pumpkin and her dog, online cheap viagra Piazza decided to break off the relationship.

Online cheap viagra There was screaming and crying and then the Tool Time girl waffled my ass, online cheap viagra” he recalled. Online cheap viagra “I hadn’t taken a punch like that in a long time.”

Online cheap viagra WOW!

Online cheap viagra Piazza speaks about taking androstenedione and of course everyone’s skirts go up in the air when they hear this. Online cheap viagra This morning on WFAN, online cheap viagra Richard Neer was all up in arms over this revelation and in his ranting over this proclamation by Piazza failed to remember (I could see him falling asleep listening to his own voice) that Andro was both legal  to use in MLB and was sold over the counter at health and nutrition  stores like GNC. Online cheap viagra This never occurred to Neer who acted like he was Bobby Goren cracking a Major Case.

Online cheap viagra Piazza also fesses up to taking amphetamines which puts him a class with over three-quarters of those enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Online cheap viagra Piazza also states that he needed to grab some Vioxx on those days when the grind of squatting behind the plate was taking its toll. Online cheap viagra Vioxx, online cheap viagra, online cheap viagra a powerful anti-inflammatory has since been banned in the U.S. Online cheap viagra due to the bad side effects from the drug, online cheap viagra the most harsh being death.

Online cheap viagra The excerpt goes on about the stories of Piazza’s sexuality and his rough relationship with Latin teammates, online cheap viagra which will be more strained after the read his quotes about “Latin’s should learn English and not be as pampered as they are by MLB teams” and the “Latin Mafia” that had it in for him. Online cheap viagra Safe to say a managerial or coaching spot in pro baseball is not in the cards for Piazza.

Online cheap viagra Again I shouldn’t pass judgment on the book until I read it, online cheap viagra I just pray it’s better than this book which may be the worst written book of all time

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Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Sorry NY Highlander fans you lost your right to bitch and moan about bad umpire calls 16 years ago

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery So Chipper Jones will sit out todays finale at Citi Field, cheapest cialis overnight delivery I guess even Jones is suffering from Chipper-Fatigue as much as we are but what is Ruben Tejada suffering from?

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Tejada is sitting out again today and I’m not buying Terry Collins line of “he’s tired” either, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Tejada has to be nursing some sort of injury that the Mets are not letting on.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery I’m still trying to figure out the reasoning behind having Jureys Familia warm up then sit for an hour then warm-up again to come into to pitch and guess what? He had no commanded of his pitches and got behind and threw fastballs right down the middle of the plate. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Who didn’t see that coming?

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Viagra usa Yeah, viagra usa I’m excited when Big Hoss’ takes the mound!

Viagra usa Could it be? Four wins in a row? Hell yeah! What makes the wins even sweeter, viagra usa the last two were against the Phuck Phaces with Jon Niese on the mound for the sweep, viagra usa yeah that’s right THE SWEEP!!!  

Viagra usa Back on August 5th Matt Harvey threw a lot of breaking balls in his start against the Padres. Viagra usa I’ll take a wild guess that Dan Warthen ordered him to go with that many breaking balls. Viagra usa Harvey lasted 5 innings and gave up 5 runs in what became a 7-3 Padres win.

Viagra usa Something good came of that loss; Matt Harvey went back to being what he is, viagra usa a power pitcher. Viagra usa No more following the Warthen Doctrine of nibble the corners and pitch passively. Viagra usa From watching the last 2-3 Harvey starts, viagra usa there is nothing passive about him and it seems the message has been sent to the Mets pitching coach, viagra usa leave Harvey alone. Viagra usa Of Harvey’s 98 pitches last night, viagra usa 63 were fastballs that averaged 95 mph, viagra usa that’s power pitching.

Viagra usa Is it a coincidence that the Mets have won 4 in a row and the bullpen has been solid? The pen has not allowed a run in its last 13.1 innings pitched, viagra usa spanning over 5 games and is 7 for 7 in saves for the month of August. Viagra usa The Mets relievers have even improved bit in stranding inherited runners as they are up to 70 % LOB up from the mid 60 % range they have been at most of the season.

Viagra usa There has been lots of talk about the way Terry Collins has used Josh (Everyday) Edgin lately but the fact is Edgin has been a bullpen revelation. Viagra usa  Edgin has stranded 11 of the 14 runners he’s inherited as well as striking out 24 batters in 19.1 innings pitched. Viagra usa I can see the concern about going to the whip to often with Edgin especially getting him up multiple times during a game to warm-up , viagra usa that’s where the wear and tear takes its toll, viagra usa so it may be a good idea for Collins to take his foot off the gas a bit the last month of the season with Edgin.

Viagra usa Jon Niese is pitching with an extra days rest today. Viagra usa When Niese has an extra day off he is 6-3 with a 2.29 ERA as this covers 15 starts.

Viagra usa One thing to watch for today at the launching pad known as Citizen Bank Park, viagra usa Niese has given up the long ball a lot this season, viagra usa a career high 20 home run so far this season.

Viagra usa Niese has a better day time record than night. Viagra usa He’s 4-1 with a 2.85 ERA in 10 starts in the sunshine and in 15 starts under the lights he’s 6-6 with a 3.98 ERA.

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Online viagra sales Looks like the Sandy Alderson regime has come to face its first real crisis of its reign with what looks like the season ending shoulder surgery that Dillon Gee will undergo. Online viagra sales I call this a crisis because Gee’s ailment came out of nowhere and starting pitcher was not on Alderson’s shopping list.
So what’s a GM to do? It seems the last thing the Mets want to do is promote Matt Harvey to the big leagues because they would love to see some more consistency out him and the fact that he has a tendency to leave his fastballs up in the strike zone and in the big leagues that’s a batting practice pitch. Online viagra sales Emotionally Harvey is ready and quite frankly he’d fit right into this Mets team as he is young and confident and an ex-teammate of many of the young Mets and besides what are the other options?
Alderson is on record as saying he will not trade a top prospect at the deadline so to getting Matt Garza or Ryan Dempster is out as that would be cost prohibitive in terms of players. Online viagra sales Do pitchers like Paul Malholm or Kevin Millwood excite you? Didn’t think so.
It’s great that the Mets want to try to solve this unexpected problem without disrupting the development of a top prospect but sometimes you have no choice. Online viagra sales Miguel Batista is clearly not the answer and Jeremy Heftner is like a dounut spare tire, online viagra sales he’s good once in a while for an emergency start or two but more than that you run a great risk of serious damage.
I would love to hear the talk going on in meetings today the Mets brass will have in Atlanta before that start of the second half starts tomorrow night, online viagra sales just to hear who is pro-Harvey and who’s not.

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Buy viagra online I just hope a week from Thursday the weather is better than today in NYC. Buy viagra online I’ll take the sunshine but this morning at 6AM it was 31 degrees which meant I had to retrieve my winter coat from my basement closet. Buy viagra online I hate wearing my winter coat.

Buy viagra online Speaking of a week from Thursday, buy viagra online I’m more than ready to get the season started as it will put up and shut up time and we get to talk about games that count. Buy viagra online  But before we do there is some Mets Miscellany to discuss.

Buy viagra online ITEM: Johan Santana Decreased Velocity

Buy viagra online There was a bit of a panic in Metsville yesterday as the beat writers were sending Tweets from the frontline on Johan Santana’s start. Buy viagra online It seems all the JUGS guns had Santana with less than Autobahn numbers, buy viagra online along with an ineffective first inning sent the sky is falling Mets fans out in droves.

Buy viagra online It would be great if Santana was hitting 90+ but according to the stories from the game his velocity increased as the game went on. He walked 3 in the first inning but then regained his command to settle in and pitch very well:

Buy viagra online  “I was struggling locating my fastballs, buy viagra online” Santana said. Buy viagra online “I threw two-seamers. Buy viagra online And, buy viagra online then, buy viagra online by the time I threw my breaking ball, buy viagra online I wasn’t able to throw strikes. Buy viagra online But then I made some adjustments and I started hitting the inside corner and I was better after that. Buy viagra online … It was just one of those days where things take a little longer. Buy viagra online That’s all it was.”

Buy viagra online See what gives you optimism with Santana that he will come back to form is he’s a very smart pitcher and knows exactly how to execute and how to adjust. Buy viagra online I didn’t think we’d see Santana until the end of May but now I’ll be disappointed if Santana is not on the Citi Field bump on opening day.

Buy viagra online ITEM: David Wright Back In Action

Buy viagra online Good to see Wright back in action but let’s see if (when) he can go a couple, buy viagra online three days straight without aggravating his stomach injury. Buy viagra online As Wright stated there is getting into physical shape and then there is game shape. Buy viagra online Wright will be off today but then I’d like to see him play the rest of the week .

Buy viagra online ITEM: Chris Young Signs Minor League Deal

Buy viagra online Never have enough arms. Buy viagra online Low risk high reward but there are still some Mets fans  that will knock this signing because that what those Mets like to do.

Buy viagra online ITEM: Carlos Beltran pays Jon Niese $10K

Buy viagra online Someday I’d love to carry that kind a coin around with me to just write a check to a co-worker for cosmetic surgery. Buy viagra online I’d have my office look like the waiting area of the Bunny Ranch.

Buy viagra online ITEM: Texas Rangers Release Connor Jackson

Buy viagra online We are going to see a bunch of these releases as Jackson fits the description of players signed to minor league deals who are guaranteed $100 K if they are still in camp on March 30th. Buy viagra online The Rangers are hoping to strike a deal with Jackson to start the season in the minors but it wouldn’t be bad for the Mets to swoop in a sweeten the pot a bit to add Jackson to the 25 man squad as he’s a right handed bat who can play the corner outfield spots and 1st base.

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Buy herbal viagra What’s worse than watching a baseball game in September that’s meaningless? How about watching a meaningless baseball game in September being played in “Your Name Here” Stadium in South Florida in front of dozens of fans with an hour plus rain delay? Then when the game resumes your team in this meaningless contest has the lead and the pitcher who is thought to be the closer of the future comes in and blows the save for the fourth time in nine chances, buy herbal viagra but his ass is saved by a player who you couldn’t give away at least three times this season getting the game winning hit?

Buy herbal viagra So is the tale of Bobby Parnell and Nick Evans. Buy herbal viagra Parnell has been given the opportunity to show he should be the closer for the Mets from now until whenever but he has shown that he does not have the qualities needed to be effective at that position. Buy herbal viagra Parnell has a flamethrower for a right arm but has a ton of trouble locating pitches for strikes. Buy herbal viagra He also has this nasty habit of giving up a hit and then falls apart by falling behind in the count to the next batter who either walks or gets a nice juicy fastball or a flat slider to mash at. Buy herbal viagra It’s not just the pitches that are ineffective; it seems Parnell loses some nerve and confidence when he’s behind the 8 ball. Buy herbal viagra  Small fires become forest fires for him on the mound.

Buy herbal viagra It looks as though the manager who has shown a lot of faith in him is starting to doubt if Parnell can close out games:

Buy herbal viagra “Well, buy herbal viagra we’re going to talk to Bobby tomorrow, buy herbal viagra” Collins said. Buy herbal viagra “I mean, buy herbal viagra there’s a couple things (pitching coach) Dan (Warthen) had talked about with him, buy herbal viagra a couple of little pitch-location stuff that he’s just got to be able to make. Buy herbal viagra He’s got to make some pitches. Buy herbal viagra

Buy herbal viagra “He’s got a great arm and he’s got really great stuff. Buy herbal viagra But the bases on balls hurt him. Buy herbal viagra Getting behind in the count hurts him. Buy herbal viagra You saw the first hitter, buy herbal viagra he went right at him with good fastballs, buy herbal viagra got ahead of him in the count, buy herbal viagra and throws him a slider and it’s a mismatch. Buy herbal viagra But you’ve got to be able to get ahead.

Buy herbal viagra It has got to be deflating  to the team to have Parnell blow as many saves as he has and Collins made be sensing some frustration in the clubhouse so why not take Parnell out of this roll and let him work on getting his mind as well as his pitches back to where he can be effective. Buy herbal viagra There is too much talent in that right arm to give up on Parnell, buy herbal viagra but Terry Collins wants to end this season on a winning note as well as evaluating players who have a future with the Mets and who doesn’t. Buy herbal viagra  Using a committee of Manny Acosta, buy herbal viagra Jason Isringhausen  and the neophyte Josh Stinson looks to be the way to go for these final weeks of the season.

Buy herbal viagra As for Nick Evans, buy herbal viagra how can you not root for him? He’s been tossed on the scrap heap time and again but never gets discouraged and when he gets opportunities, buy herbal viagra as he is now playing 1st base on a nightly basis, buy herbal viagra he is producing with his bat and his glove. Buy herbal viagra From trolling around the team you can tell the players hold Evans in high regard as they know how hard he works to stay in the big leagues and if he can continue to produce like he has, buy herbal viagra and impress the manager like he has, buy herbal viagra he will have a spot on the 2012 Mets 25 man roster.

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Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer These late inning collapses are wearing me out, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer and I’m sure the manager and players feel the same way. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer So how do the Mets stop this rash of late inning chokes? Beat’s the shit out of me.  Is Pedro Beato feeling the effects of the tendonitis in his right bicep that landed him on the DL? Is Izzy feeling the fatigue from back to back appearances? Is Dale Thayer feeling the effects of being Dale Thayer? What’s a manager to do? Maybe TC can go with Bobby Parnell and Manny Acosta a bit more but really so far this season it doesn’t matter who is in that bullpen, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer after a solid start the back end of the pen has become a problem and moving the pieces around isn’t solving anything. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer   

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Jason Bay sounds like a guy who has given up. After reading these quotes it seems he asking Terry Collins to take him out of the everyday lineup:

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  The underachieving Mets left fielder has been around long enough to realize every manager has a breaking point. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Bay knows he needs to start hitting — or prepare for the possibility he will relinquish his everyday spot in the Mets’ lineup.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “That’s the reality of the situation we’re in, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer” Bay told The Post. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that is not an option. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I’m pretty aware of what’s going on.”

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “It’s a results business, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer and this is a place where team-wise you need to win and you need to perform, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer” Bay said. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “Regardless of who you are, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer you get enough chances and it’s like ‘OK, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer let’s go [in a different direction].’ That’s out of my control.”

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Watching Bay’s AB’s last night you can see he has absolutely no confidence in himself as a hitter. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer In the 4th inning he was HBP in his knee and never made an attempt to get out of the balls way. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I guess he felt taking one for the team was the least he could do. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer In the 6th, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer after getting ahead 2-0, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Bay missed on two fastballs, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer fouling them off. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer He then took another ball to get the count to 3-2. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer He fouled off another pitch he was late on and then took a called third strike. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer As the ump called strike three, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Bay just looked at him calmly and asked where it was, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer the ump told him and Bay just shrugged his shoulders, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer got his glove and went to LF. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer It’s time for an intervention, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer either platoon Bay or talk to him and his agent about going to Buffalo or St Lonesome to work out his problems at the plate. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer He will not be released and he has zero trade value so this would be the best thing for the team and for Bay. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Lucas Duda is ripping up Triple A pitching, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer he deserves a shot at the LF job.

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Generic cialis canadian I ‘m getting ready to head for the hills A/K/A my annual week long camping trip with my sons Boy Scout Troop. Generic cialis canadian Our camp may resemble the prison scene in Godfella’s as we’ve decided to cook all our meals this year. Generic cialis canadian So we’ve packed up cans of crushed tomatoes, generic cialis canadian tomato paste, generic cialis canadian garlic, generic cialis canadian onions, generic cialis canadian peppers, generic cialis canadian chop meat and sauseeeege (Italian sausage to you out of towners.) so as the boys go off to earn their merit badges, generic cialis canadian the dads will be over a hot burner “makin’ the gravy”

Generic cialis canadian The leaders office has computers and internet access so I should be able to put up a post or two during the week when I get a little time off from cooking, generic cialis canadian cutting wood and yelling at kids plus it’s the All-Star break so I won’t be missing much as I don’t revere the All Star game like I did when I was a kid so it might be a good time to go into the woods.

Generic cialis canadian I haven’t read any game stories last from last night as I have a lot of last minute things to do before we leave so I’m still a little foggy on why Jose Reyes hit second last night and is schedule to hit in that spot again today. Generic cialis canadian I’ve heard a theory that he is seeing a lot of sliders in the lead off spot so by flip floping Pagan and Reyes he may see more fastballs as Jose is still plagued by the sore oblique. Generic cialis canadian  After watching Reyes slide back into second last night and coming up sore, generic cialis canadian I would think management would order him to forgo the All Star game and take the three days to rest his injury.

Generic cialis canadian Hard to kill R A Dickey for last night as he continues to pitch great. Generic cialis canadian If anything, generic cialis canadian the Mets half of the 6th inning is what did the team in. Generic cialis canadian With Ike Davis on second and Jason Bay on first, generic cialis canadian no one out, generic cialis canadian up steps Josh Thole. Generic cialis canadian Ike is not exactly fleet of foot in fact, generic cialis canadian and I say this will all due respect, generic cialis canadian Ike has Ed Kranepool speed, generic cialis canadian and Thole, generic cialis canadian a contact hitter up, generic cialis canadian how about a hit and run? Nope, generic cialis canadian Jerry Manuel decides to go with the bunt, generic cialis canadian and Bobby Cox, generic cialis canadian being the Hall of Fame manager that he is, generic cialis canadian smelled it from a mile away so he put on the wheel play (a Bobby Valentine favorite play as well) where 3rd baseman Omar Infante and 1st baseman Troy Glauss charge in and mentally challenged short stop Yunel Escobar covers 3rd and 2nd baseman mar-TEEEN Prado covering first. Generic cialis canadian The play worked for the Braves beautifully. Generic cialis canadian If Thole was a little bit more experienced he would have pull back the bunt and swung away. Generic cialis canadian As Keith Hernandez said, generic cialis canadian “Thole might have been afraid of his manager yelling at him” if he did that. Generic cialis canadian If Manuel chastised Thole for a heads up play like that, generic cialis canadian then he’d be a more clueless strategist  than I make him out to be.

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Online cheap viagra It’s not the loss that has me pissed, online cheap viagra it the way it happened that makes me wonder if under the stewardship on Mr. Online cheap viagra Jerry Manuel, online cheap viagra this team can make the post season as the manager has absolutely no feel for in game managing.

Online cheap viagra First there was the lineup. Online cheap viagra With both Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan ailing, online cheap viagra was it wise to give Jason Bay the day off? I’ve advocated giving Chris Carter some playing time but again the manager has to have a feel for knowing when to play guys and when to let them sit, online cheap viagra you can’t keep Bay out the line up when your two offensive catalysts are sitting. Online cheap viagra Wouldn’t giving Bay a game off in Puerto Rico be more beneficial since he wouldn’t have to run on an artificial turf laded outfield?

Online cheap viagra Then we have this whole “I wanted to get Johan out on a positive note” line of bullshit? Santana pitched his best game in over a month and not just that he is still the Ace of the staff. Online cheap viagra Maybe it’s just a figurehead title but can you imagine Roy Halladay, online cheap viagra Tim Lincecum, online cheap viagra CC Sabathia or Cliff Lee coming out of a game like last night? I know Johan said he wanted to stay in the game but acquiesced to the managers move, online cheap viagra maybe he should have demanded to stay in I bet those pitchers I mentioned would get into a fist fight with their skipper to finish a game like that.

Online cheap viagra The 9th inning was just a pure disaster as Manuel let Ryota Igarashi, online cheap viagra a guy who walks as many batters as he strikes out, online cheap viagra pitch in bases loaded spot one out and Ryan Zimmerman up. Online cheap viagra I can buy the notion of saving Frankie Rodriguez for the save spot as the Mets are the road team, online cheap viagra but if you’re not going to use Bobby Parnell in that spot, online cheap viagra then why is Parnell here?    

Online cheap viagra You could hear the disgust in Ron Darling’ voice as Igarashi fell behind 2-0 to Zimmerman by throwing tow breaking balls, online cheap viagra when the situation called for challenging the hitter with fastballs. Online cheap viagra That’s why this situation cried out for Parnell to be brought in. Online cheap viagra If Zim hits a 98 mph fastball for a game winning hit, online cheap viagra tip your hat and move on. Online cheap viagra I just wonder if Igarashi would have walked in the winning run, online cheap viagra would that be grounds for the manager’s dismissal?

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How quick does a cialis work Pitching a one hitter against the Mets right now is like going bass fishing and catching a minnow. How quick does a cialis work Sure you caught a fish but how much skill did it take to reel in that little fellow? Same with pitching to the Mets just don’t pitch to David Wright and throw fastballs down the middle to the est of the lineup and you should be fine. How quick does a cialis work End of scouting report.

How quick does a cialis work No problem here with Mark DeRosa going to the Cardinals for pitcher Chris Perez and a PTBNL. How quick does a cialis work Then Mets equivalent to Perez is Bobby Parnell and I wouldn’t trade Parnell for a 34 year old rental player. How quick does a cialis work The Mets problems are beyond adding DeRosa.

How quick does a cialis work With all due respect to some of my Highlander buddies (Ben Kabak, how quick does a cialis work Alex Bleth, how quick does a cialis work Rebecca Glass) just observing Highlander fans most of the young ones are clueless when it comes to not only the rules of baseball or the strategy of the game but have no idea at all about their teams history. How quick does a cialis work The older ones have a Pavlovian way about them as soon as you mention the name of the team they all bark out “26 Championships” I guess what I’m saying they’re a sad bunch. How quick does a cialis work Our team may not win much but we’re a better class of fan.

How quick does a cialis work A little bit of Tim Redding is good a lot of Tim Redding…..ahh…not so good. How quick does a cialis work If there is one pitcher on the Mets that is the picture of a mop up guy in the pen, how quick does a cialis work it’s Tim Redding.

How quick does a cialis work Ol’ Cholly Manuel laced into his team after a another loss on Friday night and his club responded with a 10-0 win over the Blue Jays. How quick does a cialis work After losing two straight to the Highlanders, how quick does a cialis work Jerry Manuel took his team to the Lemon Ice King of Corona and told them it’s not their fault we have a lot of injuries and “You’re all winners YEAH!!!!!” Maybe that’s why Ol’Cholly has a ring and J-Man doesn’t. How quick does a cialis work I’d love to see J-Man lace into his team and remind them this is the big leagues and they need to compte like big leaguers even if he doesn’t believe half of his roster belongs here.

How quick does a cialis work I hate to bring up this Michael Jackson is dead thing again but there are a few things bothering about this whole Jacko worship that’s on going. How quick does a cialis work As I stated the other day I was not a big fan of Jackson the man or the music. How quick does a cialis work Pop music is not what I listen to I’m a Garage/Punk kinda of guy plus all the folks who think that Jackson was the greatest showman alive obviously had never seen a Stones concert, how quick does a cialis work a Queen concert or a Plasmatics concert but that is neither here nor there

How quick does a cialis work My biggest trouble with Jackson is the fact he slept with little boys, how quick does a cialis work and that is fucking sick. How quick does a cialis work My feeling for this does not just lie with Jackson but with the Catholic church as well and it’s the reason why I have no respect for the clergy any more.

How quick does a cialis work Now if you bring up this part of Jackson’s life to a fan of his you get called al kind of names from a racist (which is funny as the guy went above and beyond to be white) or a heartless fuck. How quick does a cialis work And that is because the truth hurts. How quick does a cialis work But his fans and the media have given him a pass on his past crimes and have treated him like an American hero in his passing.

How quick does a cialis work Michael Vick didn’t sleep with little boys (as far as we know) but he did maim, how quick does a cialis work torture and kill animals which is still despicable and I would love to see Vick tortured the same way he did to those dogs. How quick does a cialis work I’m not some crazy PETA zealot but I do own pets and I’ve been around dogs and just the thought that this scumbag gained the trust of the dogs then made them fight and the ones who weren’t fighters he killed makes my blood boil. How quick does a cialis work Again if you are anti Vick you’re a racist, how quick does a cialis work and a heartless reactionary and the man severed his time and deserves another chance. How quick does a cialis work Not to me as Michael Vick is nothing but a fucking coward and also he wasn’t a very good QB either but he will get a chance some place and his past history of cruelty and murder of dogs will be replaced with cheering fans and enablers

How quick does a cialis work What I’m getting to in my long winded way is Alex Rodriguez, how quick does a cialis work Roger Clemens, how quick does a cialis work Manny Ramirez, how quick does a cialis work Mark McGwire, how quick does a cialis work Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds are just some of the biggest stars in baseball who have been found to use performance drugs to enhance their play on the field and to recover from injury to stay on the field. How quick does a cialis work Of course their actions were wrong as taking PED’s they way they did were unlawful but for the most part not against the laws of baseball well not until the jig was up and the Used Car Salesman acted with shock and horror that players were using PED’s, how quick does a cialis work a performance worthy of an Oscar.

How quick does a cialis work In no way do I condone the actions of the players involved in what is now the Steroid Scandal Era (especially since I’m reading American Icon which will become the essential reading when people look back on this time in baseball) but what I don’t get is how these players are treated worse than a guy who slept with little boys and a guy who killed dogs?

How quick does a cialis work I just wish there was the outcry for the actions of Michael Jackson and Roger Vick like there is for Manny Ramirez who of the three committed the lesser crime.

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