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Viagra picture The days watching baseball get tougher and tougher now that our Mets are non-entities but last night I watched what was one of the best baseball games I have seen in years.

Viagra picture  The Seattle Mariners and Chicago White Sox hooked up last night in a game that if it were a post season game would be an instant classic. Viagra picture King Felix Hernandez and Mark Buehrle worked fast, viagra picture threw strikes and neither one gave an inch. Viagra picture King Felix was helped out by great defensive plays by Adrian Beltre and Ichiro and Buehrle had impeccable command, viagra picture The game went 14 innings until Junior Griffey drove in the game winner with a single to right to give the M’s a 1-0 win.

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Viagra picture So Carlos Delgado has pulled an oblique muscle as he tries to come back from hip surgery. Viagra picture Only the NY Mets could get a guy hurt rehabbing from an injury. Viagra picture Nah, viagra picture nothing wrong with the team training staff <eyes pointed up to the sky>

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Viagra picture I watched part of Petey’s return and it gave me a big YAWN!!!! I watched the Philly telecast and Tom McCarthy nearly pissed his pants going wild over Petey hitting 91 on the gun. Viagra picture He looked hittable and I’d bet by his third start he’ll get his tits lit.

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Viagra picture By the way Mike Silva has video of the Shane Victordouchebag getting a beer bath from some fat slob in the Wrigley bleachers. Viagra picture Phillies fans are outraged by the Cub fans gross behavior. Viagra picture That’s like Hugh Hefner calling Dennis Hoff a pimp.

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Viagra picture The Mets have decided to wear throwback uni’s this weekend but they will not not be “Mets Throwbacks” but more like the uniform worn by the 1905 World Champion New York Giants. The difference though will be a Mr. Viagra picture Met patch on the sleeve and the sleeve cuffs will be blue and orange. Viagra picture Next season the Skill Sets have planned to rename the team the Bridegrooms.

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Viagra picture Check out Pro Baseball Central tonight at 9PM EDST as Joe McDonald and I talk about the mess that is the NY Mets and what the future of the franchise looks like you can join the conversation as well at (646) 595-4462. Viagra picture If you can’t join us live you can listen on the podcast right here at TEKS or on our Pro Baseball Central site.  

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Viagra picture More than Beltran, viagra picture or Delgado or anyone of the dozen players on the DL The player who is missed the most is Jose Reyes, viagra picture not just for his bat and glove but for his energy. Viagra picture Love him or hate him you can not deney this lifeless bunch of Mets could use a does of Jose-Jose-Jose.

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