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Get viagra avoid prescription Sorry NY Highlander fans you lost your right to bitch and moan about bad umpire calls 16 years ago

Get viagra avoid prescription So Chipper Jones will sit out todays finale at Citi Field, get viagra avoid prescription I guess even Jones is suffering from Chipper-Fatigue as much as we are but what is Ruben Tejada suffering from?

Get viagra avoid prescription Tejada is sitting out again today and I’m not buying Terry Collins line of “he’s tired” either, get viagra avoid prescription Tejada has to be nursing some sort of injury that the Mets are not letting on.

Get viagra avoid prescription I’m still trying to figure out the reasoning behind having Jureys Familia warm up then sit for an hour then warm-up again to come into to pitch and guess what? He had no commanded of his pitches and got behind and threw fastballs right down the middle of the plate. Get viagra avoid prescription Who didn’t see that coming?

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Viagra movies Seems this play is the root of Johan Santana’s problems and will force him to the DL “Paging Matt Harvey, viagra movies Mr. Viagra movies Matt Harvey…………”

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Viagra movies I think we all agree that there is something not right with Johan Santana, viagra movies the question is what’s wrong?

Viagra movies It doesn’t seem it’s a physical problem as Santana said he feels fine but know Johan, viagra movies he’ll tell you he’s fine as the prep him for surgery, viagra movies but again I don’t think this is a physical problem. Viagra movies It could be he has hit a wall. Viagra movies Being that Santana has said he has lost the feel for his pitches and it shows in his lack of command. Viagra movies Some are pointing to the no hitter of June 1st and the subsequent handling of Santana by the Mets after that, viagra movies I guess that’s the easy way to look at and as we all know the favorite past time of Mets beat writers is to point their mocking fingers at the Mets.  The problem with Johan could simply be that after missing a year of pitching, viagra movies he’s tired.

Viagra movies What would be the crime of putting Santana on the DL where he’ll miss two starts and then bring him back with limited innings or pitches? If Santana’s problems are fatigue and not structural, viagra movies then the Mets are ahead of the game, viagra movies beside we’re all dying to see Matt Harvey pitch aren’t we?

Viagra movies (UPDATE: while I was out checking the field at SI Tech to make sure it was in game shape for our 3PM playoff game , viagra movies I come back to find out Santana has been placed on the DL due to the ankle injury he suffered that made him use more arm that lower body while pitching hence a fatigued arm. Viagra movies Carry on)

Viagra movies Jeremy Hefner has been recalled for today’s game as a safety net for Miguel Batista so that means someone has got to go and that someone looks to be Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Viagra movies It makes sense for Kirk to go to Buffalo since  he has slumped to the point Terry Collins would rather go with Andres Torres than him and when Nieuwenhuis did play he was striking out at an alarming rate. Viagra movies Kirk seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a trip to Buffalo won’t devastate him, viagra movies I’m sure he’ll work on his game and will be back in the big leagues soon.(UPDATE PART 2 Looks Kirk gets reprieve from Buffalo with Johan on DL wish the Mets would have done this sooner and saved me the time it took to do this post)  With that said if I’m Sandy Alderson I’d have released Andres Torres and that might just happen when Mike Baxter gets back. Viagra movies If Baxter when healthy, viagra movies is not brought right up to Queens there will be hell to pay believe me.

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Viagra patent I’m already feeling Mets fatigue as the stories out of St Lonesome other than Santana’s healthy and Matt Harvey is a stud, viagra patent all the other news has the stink of negativity to it. Viagra patent But is it really that bad or is it because it’s the Mets that it’s portrayed that way?

Viagra patent Sure the rash of pulled obliques is a concern but is it serious enough to where some fans are going off the deep end? Of all the pull muscles in the abdomen area that bother me it’s Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ because I thought he had a real shot of making the team but this will most likely stall his major league debut. Viagra patent Scott Hairston’ is somewhat disconcerting but he’s a 4th outfielder who can be replaced by a waiver pick up at end of spring. Viagra patent Lucas Duda’ back looks to be fine as his Grand Slam yesterday is testament to.

Viagra patent Tim Byrdak is having his knee operated on today and contrary to all the bridge jumpers he’ll be back by mid-April. Viagra patent Is there a fan base in baseball that would get all worked up about a LOOGY missing 4 weeks of action in spring, viagra patent some Mets fans reacted like idiots over the news of Byrdak’s injured knee.

Viagra patent If you want to throw yourself on the ground and kick up a tantrum, viagra patent then do so over David Wright’s sore side. Viagra patent That’s the injury to watch.

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Buy viagra in canada I’m looking forward to getting out to Citi Field this evening to watch R.A Dickey battle Aaron Harang and the Pads as it’s been awhile since I’ve been out there. Buy viagra in canada Between work, buy viagra in canada vacations and baseball coaching obligations (our season ended by the way with my team losing in the Championship Series 2 games to 1, buy viagra in canada we finished in 1st place but giving up 4 and 5 out innings in the final round killed us) and the team on a long road trip, buy viagra in canada a trip to Flushing has been long overdue, buy viagra in canada I’m pumped up to get  out there tonight.

Buy viagra in canada Seems the MSM is as usual a little late in picking up the fact that Mets fans really like this team. Buy viagra in canada Better late than never I guess. Buy viagra in canada One quote in this piece by Larry Brooks in the Post today made me smile when I read it, buy viagra in canada it comes from Ginger Turner:

Buy viagra in canada “I don’t know why anyone would have thought our team would throw in the towel or give up, buy viagra in canada” Justin Turner told The Post. Buy viagra in canada “That’s kind of a slap in the face to the guys who are here.

Buy viagra in canada “Players get traded and players get hurt. Buy viagra in canada That’s part of baseball. Buy viagra in canada We’ve got 25 guys in here busting their butts to try to win games and who believe in ourselves and our team.”

Buy viagra in canada Can’t you tell that Turner is new around here? Maybe it because the last two season the team has laid down and played dead but thankfully those days are gone. Buy viagra in canada Did you see Terry Collins jumping up and down in the dugout the other night after Lucas Duda’ game winning single? That is passion.

Buy viagra in canada Good news on Johan Santana as it “only” fatigue in the shoulder not anything structural that’s derailed is rehab from shoulder surgery.

Buy viagra in canada Great story in the Times today (guess they had to make up for Jim Luttrells’ hack piece the other day) on Mike Baxter who will get a start in the outfield today. Buy viagra in canada I love the part about Baxter organizing the purchase of championships rings for his Archbishop Molloy team and that legendary coach, buy viagra in canada Tom Curran still wears his every day. Buy viagra in canada That is impressive.

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Canadian healthcare cialis These late inning collapses are wearing me out, canadian healthcare cialis and I’m sure the manager and players feel the same way. Canadian healthcare cialis So how do the Mets stop this rash of late inning chokes? Beat’s the shit out of me.  Is Pedro Beato feeling the effects of the tendonitis in his right bicep that landed him on the DL? Is Izzy feeling the fatigue from back to back appearances? Is Dale Thayer feeling the effects of being Dale Thayer? What’s a manager to do? Maybe TC can go with Bobby Parnell and Manny Acosta a bit more but really so far this season it doesn’t matter who is in that bullpen, canadian healthcare cialis after a solid start the back end of the pen has become a problem and moving the pieces around isn’t solving anything. Canadian healthcare cialis   

Canadian healthcare cialis Jason Bay sounds like a guy who has given up. After reading these quotes it seems he asking Terry Collins to take him out of the everyday lineup:

Canadian healthcare cialis  The underachieving Mets left fielder has been around long enough to realize every manager has a breaking point. Canadian healthcare cialis Bay knows he needs to start hitting — or prepare for the possibility he will relinquish his everyday spot in the Mets’ lineup.

Canadian healthcare cialis “That’s the reality of the situation we’re in, canadian healthcare cialis” Bay told The Post. Canadian healthcare cialis “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that is not an option. Canadian healthcare cialis I’m pretty aware of what’s going on.”

Canadian healthcare cialis “It’s a results business, canadian healthcare cialis and this is a place where team-wise you need to win and you need to perform, canadian healthcare cialis” Bay said. Canadian healthcare cialis “Regardless of who you are, canadian healthcare cialis you get enough chances and it’s like ‘OK, canadian healthcare cialis let’s go [in a different direction].’ That’s out of my control.”

Canadian healthcare cialis Watching Bay’s AB’s last night you can see he has absolutely no confidence in himself as a hitter. Canadian healthcare cialis In the 4th inning he was HBP in his knee and never made an attempt to get out of the balls way. Canadian healthcare cialis I guess he felt taking one for the team was the least he could do. Canadian healthcare cialis In the 6th, canadian healthcare cialis after getting ahead 2-0, canadian healthcare cialis Bay missed on two fastballs, canadian healthcare cialis fouling them off. Canadian healthcare cialis He then took another ball to get the count to 3-2. Canadian healthcare cialis He fouled off another pitch he was late on and then took a called third strike. Canadian healthcare cialis As the ump called strike three, canadian healthcare cialis Bay just looked at him calmly and asked where it was, canadian healthcare cialis the ump told him and Bay just shrugged his shoulders, canadian healthcare cialis got his glove and went to LF. Canadian healthcare cialis It’s time for an intervention, canadian healthcare cialis either platoon Bay or talk to him and his agent about going to Buffalo or St Lonesome to work out his problems at the plate. Canadian healthcare cialis He will not be released and he has zero trade value so this would be the best thing for the team and for Bay. Canadian healthcare cialis Lucas Duda is ripping up Triple A pitching, canadian healthcare cialis he deserves a shot at the LF job.

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Viagra fun Very inconsistent pitching by Jon Niese in his ML debut. Viagra fun All of his three innings were a chore as he had base runners and deep counts each of the innings. Viagra fun 73 pitches (39K/34B) in three innings is the definition of laboring. Viagra fun The first inning Niese was clearly nervous as he gave up a HR to Rickie Weeks on the second  pitch of the game. Viagra fun It wasn’t a total loss for Niese as he showed a real good curve ball that had a great break and he was able to change speeds as well, viagra fun hitting 90 mph on the fastball and then coming in with a curve and change in the mid 70’s. 

Viagra fun Niese’ biggest problem on the night was location early, viagra fun then fatigue from throwing so many pitches early as the Brewers just were teeing off on him in the 3rd. Viagra fun Hopefully Niese will have gotten over his bad case of big league-itis before his next start if there is a next start as J-Man has let it be known that this no time for auditions as we are in a pennant race.

Viagra fun Nelly Figs has come on and pitched well as it’s 5-5 in the top of the 6th so it will be up to the bullpen to keep the Brewskis off the board. Viagra fun Secure that pair of Depends folks it could be a rough night.

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