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Female viagra pills Welcome to July. Female viagra pills Time for some Mets-cellaneous views and opinions as our favorite baseball team closes out yet another losing month:

Female viagra pills The angst expressed by some Mets fans and know nothings in the media over Zack Wheelers start yesterday was stunning. Female viagra pills  It wasn’t a great start for Wheeler but his problems came from lack of command and poor choice of pitches, female viagra pills two things that can be fixed. Female viagra pills Wheeler also altered his delivery which I’m not a big fan of doing this between starts as I’m starting to think there is too much information overload given to Wheeler than just letting him go out there and pitch comfortably.

Female viagra pills If you watched Wheeler pitch yesterday and think he’s a bust then you need to stop watching baseball and also stop going on social media with your dumb ass opinions because all you do is embarrass yourself. Female viagra pills  Pitchers like Matt Harvey come around once generations so just enjoy watching him pitch and enjoy watching him wear a Mets uniform and stop comparing every young pitcher in the Mets system to him.

Female viagra pills My only concerned with Wheeler is that he gets his instructions from Dan Warthen. Female viagra pills If Wheeler and the rest of the Mets pitchers can survive the next 3 months of Dandy Dan’s Guide to Pitching, female viagra pills next season should bring a new voice to the Mets pitching staff. Female viagra pills I’d have to think that there will be a new manager and coaching staff installed for the Mets 2014 season, female viagra pills and those hiring’s could be the most important free agent hiring’s of the Mets off season.

Female viagra pills Last Friday I saw a tweet from 95.7 The Game in San Francisco that Dave Duncan was going to be a guest on their morning show. Female viagra pills You can listen to the interview here. Female viagra pills As I listened to Duncan speak about pitching I went into full J. Female viagra pills Peterman mode, female viagra pills screaming at my computer screen, female viagra pills “NAME YOU’RE PRICE, female viagra pills MAN”!!!!!!!!

Female viagra pills Duncan left the Cardinals in 2012 to care for his ailing wife who unfortunately lost her fight with cancer in early June. Female viagra pills  From listening to Duncan in that interview it’s clear he still watched what’s going on in MLB and it would not be a reach to say he’d like to get back into the game.

Female viagra pills Sandy Alderson had a very successful relationship with Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan back in the late 80’s when Alderson ran the Oakland A’s, female viagra pills winning a World Series title in 1989. Female viagra pills Could Alderson place a call to LaRussa and Duncan offering them to get the band back together? As much as LaRussa annoyed me during his St Louis Cardinal days, female viagra pills I would be totally on board bringing LaRusa and Dave Duncan to the Mets. Female viagra pills Mets fans have discussed and debated who could be the next Keith Hernandez or the Gary Carter, female viagra pills the player who would bring the Mets back to prominence, female viagra pills maybe Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan in Mets uni’s fit that bill in a supervisory position?

Female viagra pills Now I know my whole scenario is pretty much a pipe dream, female viagra pills I mean who am I kidding, female viagra pills Freddy & Jeffy Skill Sets own this team not Mikhail Prokhorov SIGH!

Female viagra pills  

Female viagra pills Anyone miss Ike Davis? Would a Lucas Duda/Josh Satin platoon at 1B be more productive than trotting out Ike every game? What happens when Ike returns or better yet does Ike return?

Female viagra pills A big THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To David Aardsma for hitting Ian Desmond to lead off the 6th inning yesterday. Female viagra pills  Finally a pitcher with onions!

Female viagra pills And so it goes and so it goes and so it goes and so it goes

Female viagra pills Where it’s going no one knows:

Female viagra pills The Mets have not had a winning month since June of last year. Female viagra pills Here is the W/L record for the Amazin’s from July 201 to June 2013:

Female viagra pills July 2012 7-18

Female viagra pills Aug 2012 12-16

Female viagra pills Sept 2012 11-16

Female viagra pills Oct 2012 1-2

Female viagra pills Apr 2013 10-15

Female viagra pills May 2013 12-15

Female viagra pills June 2013 11-15

Female viagra pills That comes out to a grand total of 161 games and a 64-97 .397 winning percentage.

Female viagra pills Enjoy your Monday!

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Female viagra pills  

Female viagra pills  

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Discount cialis Let me offer my condolences to you NY Jets fans out there and I know the Mets/Jets connection runs deep (most people when they hear I’m a Mets/Giants fans seem very surprised. Discount cialis What surprises me are the number of people I know who are Highlander/Jets fans those are really rare birds) and team just could not overcome that brutal first half. Discount cialis  

Discount cialis Meanwhile, discount cialis just 22 days until pitchers and catchers so while you long time Jets fans but those Richard Caster jersey’s in moth balls and the bandwagon jumpers run to Models to get their money back on their SANCHEZ 6 shirts they wore yesterday, discount cialis let’s turn our attention to our favorite baseball team, discount cialis besides it’s 7 degrees in NYC today so thoughts of warm breezes and palm trees are in order:

Discount cialis Ed Ryan writes about how keeping Ollie Perez around is bad karma and in a way I agree. Discount cialis If I had my way both Perez and Castillo would be bad memories and the fact is neither one of these slugs will make the team, discount cialis the question is can the Mets get even a low level minor leaguer for either player and that’s why they’re still around. Discount cialis The Mets have a better shot of getting something of low value for Castillo, discount cialis especially if a team loses a second baseman during spring training. Discount cialis Perez looks unmovable as no fan base would ever accept their team taking on this lead weight. Discount cialis  The funny part is last week when Mike Pelfrey was asked about Perez, discount cialis he was quite diplomatic saying the understood it’s been rough for him but Pelf claims Ollie would report every day and workout and go to the bullpen and not really make any waves. Discount cialis Pelf hinted it would have been nice if Perez took the assignment to Buffalo and if he just showed up and ate seeds in the dugout that would have been a problem. Discount cialis Still it’s a thorn in all Mets fans sides seeing both Castillo and Perez in blue and orange and none of us will be happy until we see DFA next to both their names.

Discount cialis The Mets Police asks the question ‘Would you want a Mets FanFest” Well, discount cialis since I’ve be advocating this for a few years now I guess my answer is HELL YEAH!!!!! Mets PoPo also asks where should it be held and what players, discount cialis current and former, discount cialis would you like to see at this event. Discount cialis Most fans would say have it at Citi Field on a Saturday but I think the Javits Center would be better and make a weekend deal out it. Discount cialis You would love to have all the current players attend and as many former one’s as you can. Discount cialis The Mets could sell a lot of merchandise and season tickets at the event as well. Discount cialis You could have Gary Cohen and Howie Rose hold a Mets trivia contest too. Discount cialis I hope you’re reading this David Newman. Discount cialis      

Discount cialis Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times has a follow up to his 15 Worst Endings To A Regular Season Game with 10 Worst Endings to Postseason Games. Discount cialis Both posts are based on a column by Joe Posnanski on The Agony of Defeat but in his posts, discount cialis Chris doesn’t use any of the items that Joe Pos had. Discount cialis The Mets made the list twice. Discount cialis Guess which games they are?

Discount cialis I got some exciting news from Bill Ivie of I-70 Baseball Radio:

Discount cialis  I-70 Baseball Radio will air tonight and announce to the world one of
the largest and most unique baseball sites to come about in a long
time.  The site will go live in a few weeks but tonight we will make
everyone aware that it is on it’s way.

Discount cialis In addition, discount cialis we will feature a “I Miss Baseball” discussion and talk
to quite a few writers for the new site on the air about their passion
for this game.  We will also open the phone lines to anyone that wants
to call in and talk about why they love baseball.  Writers for the new
site are coming from all directions and backgrounds from people that
are new to the writing game to some of the most successful writers on
the internet today.

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Viagra sale online

Viagra sale online If there was ever a time that the NY Mets organization needed someone like Howard Megdal, viagra sale online it’s now. Viagra sale online A Megdal Administration would be the antithesis of the current stumble bums now running our favorite baseball team into the ground. Viagra sale online Howard is running on a platform of LOGIC, viagra sale online TRANSPARENCY, viagra sale online PASSION and oh how the Mets need an infusion of all three.

Viagra sale online Please vote now for Howard Megdal for GM and join Howard and myself on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO tomorrow night at 10PM ET, viagra sale online as we discuss the present day Mets and Howard’s blueprint of fixing the total Mets organization

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Best price for generic viagra Not much detail from me today as I have to get some work done so I can leave early and head to the field for a 5:30 game. Best price for generic viagra The good thing about the 5:30 games is there is a two hour time limit and the ride from the there to my house is about 10 minutes so I might just miss an inning of Mets-Phillies. Best price for generic viagra How things have changed from one season or even one week to the next, best price for generic viagra I can’t wait for Mets-Phillies tonight, best price for generic viagra tomorrow and Sunday. Best price for generic viagra It’s a good feeling to be excited about your favorite baseball team. Best price for generic viagra Check out this post by Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing who feels the same way.

Best price for generic viagra I’m contributing some posts to NYB Blogs and yesterday I submitted my first one on Jeff Francoeur’ influence in the Mets clubhouse.

Best price for generic viagra Buffalo Bison pitcher R.A. Best price for generic viagra Dickey went 0-2 on Fernando Perez of the Durham Bulls. Best price for generic viagra The next pitch Perez hit a single. Best price for generic viagra The next 27 batters all were set down by the knuckleballer Dickey. Best price for generic viagra Talk about the imperfect game. Best price for generic viagra It was the second complete game for Dickey this season and he hasn’t gone less than 8 innings in his other starts. Best price for generic viagra What’s a Dickey got to do to get some love in the Mets organization?  

Best price for generic viagra That’s it for me LET’S GO METS, best price for generic viagra LET’S GO BIG PELF, best price for generic viagra PHUCK YOU PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!

Best price for generic viagra

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Effects of viagra Look over yonder/what do you see?

Effects of viagra The sun is a risin/most definitely  

Effects of viagra

Effects of viagra Maybe all those who jumped off the Mets bandwagon will end up like a European tourist stuck at JFK, effects of viagra while those of us who stick by our team, effects of viagra through good times and bad, effects of viagra in pulled hamstrings and very rare good health till death or utter disgust do us part, effects of viagra can feel a little better about our favorite baseball team. Effects of viagra It was more than the debut of Ike Davis that has put a spring in my Mets fan step this morning, effects of viagra maybe it was the opponent, effects of viagra the Cubbies, effects of viagra Sweet Lou Pinella, effects of viagra whose every day personality was similar to an Icelandic volcano has turned docile. Effects of viagra This is Pinella’ last season on his managerial contract and he’s acting like a guy who is ready to go back to Florida and hit the Golden Corral for the 4PM early bird special. Effects of viagra It’s kind of sad to see the man who once as a player for the Highlanders challenged Earl Weaver and the whole Baltimore Oriole dugout to a fist fight turn into a guy hoping Walgreen’s is open late so he can pick up his Flomax prescription.

Effects of viagra Sure the marquee story today is Ike Davis and how nice is it to see a Met on the back page of the newspaper this morning and word to the Highlander fan, effects of viagra your team did not invent the shaving cream pie to the face, effects of viagra that ritual is as old as Yogi Berra’s tired stupid sayings, effects of viagra and besides A.J. Effects of viagra Burnett started his pro baseball career with the Mets so he could have learned that skill way back then. Effects of viagra I know most of you Highlander fans didn’t know Burnett was once a Mets farmhand. Effects of viagra Most self-centered blowhards never look beyond what’s in front of them. Effects of viagra (as I type this I’m listening to Beningno and Roberts first call they take is a Highlander fan who went to the Mets game last night and claimed he wore his Highlander cap to the game and was impressed by Ike. Effects of viagra It just proves my theory that Highlander fans will drop their allegiance to their team in a Manhattan minute when things go sour and jump on the Mets bandwagon.  You Highlander fans who troll this site know I’m right. Effects of viagra The Highlanders biggest fear is not the Red Sox, effects of viagra it’s the Mets. Effects of viagra That’s why that fan base loves to ridicule us and act the fools that they are because of fear, effects of viagra they fear that someday the light switch in Flushing will go on and the Mets will become a contending team and take over the town. Effects of viagra It will happen. Effects of viagra There are far more Highlander fans that go to Mets game than vice versa and you don’t need to interrogate  them a la Jack Bauer for them to tell you our ball park is where the cool kids hang out unlike their shrine to pomposity)

Effects of viagra Jon Niese showed what the “spit tobacco juice in a cup” baseball guys like to say, effects of viagra a lot of bulldog. Effects of viagra When a pitcher has all his pitches working and is in command for most of the games, effects of viagra fans go overboard with praise but for me when a youngster like Niese pitches a game where he gets into jams, effects of viagra doesn’t panic and gets out of those situation more on the plus side and not, effects of viagra that is the true test of a big league pitcher. Effects of viagra Niese threw a lot of pitches in a limited amount of innings but he threw strikes, effects of viagra got more ground balls than fly balls and only three line drives.

Effects of viagra Angel Pagan has done the only thing that could stop J-Man from using GMJ, effects of viagra he has produced at a high level. Effects of viagra Hopefully it continues as Carlos Beltran is off to Colorado to get his knee checked and even if he comes back with a positive report I doubt we’ll see him back until after the All-Star break.

Effects of viagra Welcome back Jason Bay

Effects of viagra Sure I’m overly giddy today after last night’s game, effects of viagra I don’t apologize for it and your right it most likely is a premature ejaculation of optimism but I just hope our baseball season started last night. Effects of viagra Mets fans just want to have fun!!!!!

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Viagra pill for women 11 days until pitchers and catchers

Viagra pill for women Yesterday I hopped over to Mid-Town Manhattan (where miraculously  there was no snow on the ground when I left about four inches of the white stuff on my walkway in Staten Island) to attend a meeting of the Casey Stengel Chapter of the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR). It was there that I met up with Dana Brand who was one of the guest speakers at the event.

Viagra pill for women As I greeted Dana I asked him “So are you ready for pitchers and catchers” ? He gave me that look you give the dentist when he says “would you like Novocain or gas”?  Dana was not the only Mets fan in attendance that had that same queasy feeling bout the 2010 Mets season.

Viagra pill for women I never thought it could happen but the Wilpon’s have now displaced the Dolan’s of MSG as the worst owners of a NYC franchise.  I thought I despised Jeffey Skill Sets more than most but after talking to the Mets fans yesterday, viagra pill for women I see I have competition.

Viagra pill for women By this time in the winter, viagra pill for women as a baseball fan , viagra pill for womenSuper Bowl Sunday signals the home stretch of winter and knowing that spring training is around the corner. Viagra pill for women Usually for Mets fans we start to think of April and opening day, viagra pill for women and opening day is usually cold. Viagra pill for women But we never cared about the cold. Viagra pill for women We wore Mets sweatshirts under our Mets jackets and figured our Mets gloves and the knit Mets hat we got last season on Fan Apprecitaion Day would shied us from the elements. Viagra pill for women We were just happy to have a ticket and a seat to root for our favorite baseball team. Viagra pill for women But from what I’ve read and heard from Mets fans this winter, viagra pill for women  I have a feeling opening day at $iti Field will not be a hot ticket, viagra pill for women in fact I figure the longer you hold out the better your chance to get a prime seat for below cost.

Viagra pill for women Where and when did this all go wrong? I’m starting to think the demolition of Shea Stadium will become our Curse of the Bambino, viagra pill for women or Billy Goat.

Viagra pill for women When a team opens a new ballpark, viagra pill for women the fan base is usually fired up about the new home and the great amenities so you’d think as Mets fans we’d be happy about all there is at $iti Field. Viagra pill for women But the more I talk to Mets fans and the more I think about it, viagra pill for women maybe we should have stayed at Shea. Viagra pill for women Shea was a pitchers park and no one screamed to pull in it’s fences. Viagra pill for women But after one season at $tit, viagra pill for women the cry is, viagra pill for women “the outfield fence is too high” “the ball doesn’t carry” “the fences need to come in” what we’re really saying is “this place sucks, viagra pill for women we want our Shea Stadium back”. Viagra pill for women Face it Mets fans we hate change and we hate $iti Field.

Viagra pill for women Now I ‘d say it’s mostly us old timey Mets fans that hate change and I know I’m of that crowd, viagra pill for women it surprises me that I’m like that with the Mets as I embrace progress with everything else in my world. Viagra pill for women I guess I need one small part of the old world to stay with me. Viagra pill for women I still want pinstripe unis with no name on the back and blue caps with and orange NY. Viagra pill for women I want organ music instead of ear splitting pop shit, viagra pill for women and this from a guy who still listens to Black Sabbath albums with the volume on 10 but at a baseball game I want to here the Mexican Hat dance played on a Thomas organ. Viagra pill for women I don’t want to be told to “Clap my hands” I’m not a idiot I know when to clap and when to cheer and when to say “AH SHIT!!”. Viagra pill for women I want my teams National League heritage to be displayed and educate fans of where we came from how our lineage evolved from the days of John McGraw and Mel Ott and Carl Hubble to Bobby Thomson and Willie Mays along with Zack Wheat and Joe Medwick and Dolph Camli and Jackie Ribinson and Duke Synder. Viagra pill for women NYC was always an NL town until now that the Wilpon’s let that distinction slip away and for that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Viagra pill for women Jeff Wilpon has not only surpassed Jim Dolan as the most spoil son of a rich man in NY sports but he is close to reaching M. Viagra pill for women Donald Grant status as a franchise killer. Viagra pill for women But we shouldn’t put the blame all on young Jeffey, viagra pill for women I put  90% of the fiasco that is now the NY Mets on Fred Wilpon. Viagra pill for women Freddy has the power to tell sonny boy, viagra pill for women “I’m sorry but you are in way over your head here my boy, viagra pill for women it’s time for me to find a real baseball man to run this franchise and bring it back to respectability and to being a championship baseball team”. Viagra pill for women If Fred Wilpon does not step up and do what is right for the NY Mets franchise, viagra pill for women he will become as hated here as much as Walter O’Malley. Viagra pill for women The only difference is Mets fans might be wishing he move himself and team someplace else.

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Viagra discussions

Viagra discussions For as bad as the NY Football Giants season has been, viagra discussions yesterday took some of the sting out of the painful failure, viagra discussions as team owner John Mara, viagra discussions stepped up big time by calling out his coaches and players for a lack of mental and physical toughness and lack of effort. Viagra discussions WOW, viagra discussions how strong are those words? Sure the cynic in me says, viagra discussions “John Mara needs to sell his Private Seat Licenses, viagra discussions so this is all a business move” but the Mara family have owned this team since it’s inception in 1925 and Giants have been one of the top teams in the NFL this decade and watching and listening to him he looked legitimately pissed off. 

Viagra discussions The way John Mara handled the day after the season is the way an owner of a team that not only disappoints but embarrasses themselves by quitting, viagra discussions and make no mistake the NY Football Giants quit, viagra discussions should. Viagra discussions He stood up like a man and articulated that, viagra discussions yes his team suffered injuries but they were not an excuse for not showing up the last half of the season. Viagra discussions He acted swiftly by axing way over his head offensive coordinator Bill Sheridan and put every player and coach on notice that if you don’t or  you can’t give him what he wants, viagra discussions then he will go out and find personnel that will. Viagra discussions As a Giants fan, viagra discussions I appreciate Mara’s words and action very much.

Viagra discussions Contrast John Mara’s words and actions to the stumbling, viagra discussions fumbling, viagra discussions mumble-oid of an owner like Jeffey Skill Sets who acted mealy mouthed and clueless in his season post-mortem of the season to forget. Viagra discussions There is a reason why the Mets brand is laughed at through out baseball and it starts at the top.

Viagra discussions Speaking of our favorite baseball team, viagra discussions I brought out my pinstripe uni top for toady’s Bay Day celebration. Viagra discussions In fact my co-workers have wished me happy Bay Day when I reported for duty. Viagra discussions I’ve become a charity case, viagra discussions as even the Highlander fans have stop teasing me and feel sorry for me. Viagra discussions I hate being a charity case or a baby face, viagra discussions I’d rather be a heel.

Viagra discussions There are rumors that the Mets could trade Rogers Castillo for Mike Lowell. Viagra discussions What would the Bosox want with Rogers Castillo when they have Dustin Pedroia and Marco Scutaro? Lowell would be a nice fit for the Mets, viagra discussions as he’s a respected vet with 2 World Series rings ( as you know I’m a major proponent of bringing in winners to this team)  I just wonder if he can play some 1st base and spell David Wright sat 3rd base.

Viagra discussions From reading some of the stories, viagra discussions if Carlos Delgado can stand up straight, viagra discussions the Mets would love to bring him back for a 1 year incentive laden deal. Viagra discussions That’s why it seems the Mike Lowell talk is interesting as a platoon of Lowell/ Delgado could be what the Mets are looking at for 1st base in 2010.

Viagra discussions The details of the Jason Bay contract are as follows:

Viagra discussions $8.5 mil bonus and $6.5 mil salary for 2010

Viagra discussions $16mil for the next 3 years + 4th yr option

Viagra discussions Full No Trade Clause.

Viagra discussions Not a killer contract, viagra discussions now the question is this. Viagra discussions I have a MILLEDGE 44 pro uni top. Viagra discussions Do I go and have the MILLEDGE taken off and add BAY? Your thoughts please?

Viagra discussions Waiting on the Bay presser. Viagra discussions I’ll be commenting on Twitter during the presser.

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Purchasing cialis Some fellas look at the eyes
Some fellas look at the nose
Some fellas look at the size
Some fellas look at the clothes
I don’t care if her eyes are red
I don’t care if her nose is long
I don’t care if she’s underfed
I don’t care if her clothes are worn
First I look at the purse!

Purchasing cialis J.Geils Band

Purchasing cialis I should be a happy Mets fan this morning, purchasing cialis with the news that Jason Bay will sign up to man left field for my favorite baseball team. Purchasing cialis What’s not to like about Bay ? Big time power hitter from the right side of the plate, purchasing cialis he stepped in to a situation in Boston, purchasing cialis as crazy a baseball town as NYC and he took the place of one of the greatest right handed hitters to ever pick up a bat in Manny Ramirez and excelled. Purchasing cialis I was  at Fenway Park for Bay’s first game as a Red Sox and his hitting and attitude won over the hearts of Royal Rooters that weekend. Purchasing cialis  So why am I not on the phone pleading with the Mets ticket office to please, purchasing cialis PLEASE, purchasing cialis sell me a season ticket, purchasing cialis I don’t care if a handrail or giant piece of Plexiglas impairs my vision of the field, purchasing cialis I JUST WANT TO BE AT $ITI FIELD IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!   Well, purchasing cialis because Jason Bay can’t pitch.

Purchasing cialis It’s not just that Bay is not a pitcher and the Mets need about three starting pitchers to even think of contending for an NL Pennant , purchasing cialis I still look at the Mets as Bay’s last resort.  You have to feel, purchasing cialis the Red Sox were his first choice to re-enlist with and his agent made a 4yr/$60mil offer to which Theo Epstein said “Do I know you”? That’s Cold Hearted Theo, purchasing cialis “Come back when you settle for as 2yr plus and option and maybe I’ll dance with you”. Purchasing cialis The Highlanders would seem to be choice two, purchasing cialis put it seems that the heirs to the Highlander fortune, purchasing cialis Hal and Hank A/K/A The Fortunate Son’s, purchasing cialis feel as though we won the World Series so now it’s time for us to set up our bank accounts because there will be a mucho disposable dinero flowing in the Bronx this summer and the Fortunate Sons want to bring back Bags O Cash to their Tampa lair. Purchasing cialis Then there is the Seattle Mariners , purchasing cialiswhich for Bay would have worked out the best for the Boy from BC. Purchasing cialis  Mrs. Purchasing cialis Bay is from the Pacific Northwest so the thought of playing house close to where he grew up with many millions in his pocket had to be very pleasing to the Bay’s. Purchasing cialis Problem is new Mariners GM Jack Z felt, purchasing cialis sure we’d love to have you here but not for some ridiculous sum of $16 mil a year. Purchasing cialis Instead Jack Z went for bat shit crazy Milton Bradley who came to the Emerald City with his pockets full of cash, purchasing cialis letting the M’s save money for something important like pitching. Purchasing cialis Did you know that Jack Z was once part of the Mets front office?

Purchasing cialis So the way I look at it, purchasing cialis Jason Bay had no other choice but to play for the Mets. Purchasing cialis But I still feel the Mets were that last fat kid picked when you would choose up sides in the school yard. Purchasing cialis I just hope that at the Bay presser he doesn’t start waxing poetic about being back in the Mets organization , purchasing cialisin fact I’d have a better appreciation for Bay if he didn’t have a presser but I’m sure Jeffey and Jay Horowitz are at King Kullen right now ordering the cold cuts.

Purchasing cialis Look you have to give Omar his props as he obtained a power hitting corner outfielder at his terms. Purchasing cialis For all the venom tossed at Omar’s way this winter once in a while you can give him a pat on the back. Purchasing cialis Beisdes, purchasing cialis Jeffey Skill Sets and Dave The Shyster would just the money on a house in the Hamptons.

Purchasing cialis Now is not the time for the Mets front office to take any bows, purchasing cialis there work is far from done. Purchasing cialis Now try to make a deal with the Reds and Royals for Aaron Harang, purchasing cialis Bronson Arroyo or Gil Meche . Purchasing cialis Get two of those three and I’ll bring a marble rye to the presser. Purchasing cialis  

Purchasing cialis           

Purchasing cialis  

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Viagra without prescription

Viagra without prescription  

Viagra without prescription So the whole world of Metsdom is in an uproar due to the proclamation from the Drive Time Bloviator on WFAN that he has some major update about our favorite baseball team. Viagra without prescription So what could this major update be?

Viagra without prescription  

Viagra without prescription Well, viagra without prescription I speculated on Twitter last night, viagra without prescription that the team is in talks with Bombo Rivera to make a comeback and man left field. Viagra without prescription Rivera has Expo blood in him so that’s enticing to Omar.

Viagra without prescription  

Viagra without prescription Or it might be that Frank McCourt, viagra without prescription the owner of the Los Angles Dodgers of Brooklyn, viagra without prescription who is in a nasty divorce with Madame Jamie, viagra without prescription needing cash will sell the name DODGERS to the Skill Sets who will finally get their wish to own the Dodgers.

Viagra without prescription  

Viagra without prescription Then again it could be that the Skill Sets have decided to have the team take a year off and cancel all plans to field a team in 2010. Viagra without prescription $iti Field will then be turned into a combination Chuck-E-Cheese/Catering hall to be rented out for birthdays, viagra without prescription weddings and bar mitzvahs.

Viagra without prescription  

Viagra without prescription Who knows? Only the Pontiff Mike knows.

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Viagra suppliers in the uk Livan Hernandez pitched like shit again last night but after the game GM Omar Minaya said he is not swayed by Hernandez awful second half, viagra suppliers in the uk in fact he is in the process of signing Livan to a three year extension. Viagra suppliers in the uk Minaya said “Look, viagra suppliers in the uk right now Livan is struggling, viagra suppliers in the uk I know that, viagra suppliers in the uk you know that, viagra suppliers in the uk Adam Rubin knows that, viagra suppliers in the uk but he has a track record, viagra suppliers in the uk so at the end of the day, viagra suppliers in the uk you know what I mean, viagra suppliers in the uk he has value for us as an organization plus his wife makes a mean paella”

Viagra suppliers in the uk In the Mets world of ugly, viagra suppliers in the uk Frenchy Francouer is starting to look beautiful to some Mets fans but be warned, viagra suppliers in the uk it’s the lighting that makes him handsome when you get him home you will regret it. Viagra suppliers in the uk Don’t be swayed by Frenchy, viagra suppliers in the uk it’s just lust in your heart, viagra suppliers in the uk he is not the answer.

Viagra suppliers in the uk Hummmm let’s see mow the lawn during the hottest part of the day or watch the Mets and Oliver Perez pitch ? I think I’ll mow the lawn and take my mother in law shopping !

Viagra suppliers in the uk I watched the Red Sox-Tigers game last night and yes I was very happy to see Youk charge the mound and even go extreme and throw his helmet at Jersey Rick Porcello ( I was waiting for the cage and ladder the come down on Fenway for an old time ECW throwdown) as it was not just the fact that Victor Martinez was hit by a pitch (in retaliation for Miguel Cabreara getting plunked on the hand) but this was the second game in a row Youk was HBP and add in the fact that the Sawx have been struggling lately it gave his team a lift. Viagra suppliers in the uk Yeah, viagra suppliers in the uk that’s right bench clearers have a way of lifting the team same as a good beat down in hockey does. Viagra suppliers in the uk I know a lot you folks love to watch sports while knitting a sweater and like it when the fella’s play nice-nice but the truth is a big part of competition is intimidation. Viagra suppliers in the uk That’s why our favorite baseball team is so disrespected because they are intimidated and need to grow some balls not just physically but mentally as well. Viagra suppliers in the uk This team, viagra suppliers in the uk since that Adam Wainwright curveball to Carlos Beltran in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS has been neutered. Viagra suppliers in the uk From the owner to the front office to the players this is one passive bunch that has a disconnected with it’s fan base and this city because we don’t tolerate passiveness and excuse makers which is what the New York Mets are now.

Viagra suppliers in the uk Word to Jerry Manuel: Neither you or Gary Sheffield are coming back to the Mets next year. Viagra suppliers in the uk In fact if Sheff is re-signed I won’t be coming back to $iti Field next year same goes if Carlos Delgado is re-signed as well.

Viagra suppliers in the uk Word is that Billy Wags will be activated to the big league roster this Sunday and now the speculation begins, viagra suppliers in the uk is it better to trade Wags before the 31st ? Or keep him and let him file for free agency and get a supplemental draft pick for him? I’d take the draft pick. Viagra suppliers in the uk Sorry Billy but it’s a business decision.

Viagra suppliers in the uk Keep a good thought for Scott Schoenwiese as he tries to deal with his life’s tragedy.

Viagra suppliers in the uk I’d say by the next two weeks most of the newspapers in this town will stop covering the Mets with more than one writer and in fact don’t be surprised by the next road trip all you get is the AP game story. Viagra suppliers in the uk With the financial crunch and the fact that the NFL pre-season is starting the big stories in this town will be The Highlanders, viagra suppliers in the uk The Giants, viagra suppliers in the uk The Jets and The Highlanders. Viagra suppliers in the uk Unless something Bernazard like happens the Mets will be a fart in the wind to the fish wraps..

Viagra suppliers in the uk  Most stories in sports don’t shock me anymore but I have to admit this story shocked the shit out me. Viagra suppliers in the uk I admired this guy but now he is just a no good scumbag

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