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Buy pfizer viagra online This post is part of a progressive game blog as a joint venture between members of the St. Buy pfizer viagra online Louis Cardinals chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and the NY Mets chapter of the BBA. Buy pfizer viagra online Members of both chapters have been assigned an inning to write about on their blogs with your’s truly asked to write a Mets prospective  post game wrap up of today’s game. Buy pfizer viagra online At the bottom of this post are the links to the other Cardinals/Mets bloggers involved in this endeavor

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Buy pfizer viagra online To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets, buy pfizer viagra online the organization has brought back many of the fans favorite things such as blue and orange as the team’s primary colors, buy pfizer viagra online the pinstripe uni and blue cap, buy pfizer viagra online blue outfield walls, buy pfizer viagra online Banner Day and last but not least, buy pfizer viagra online winning baseball.

Buy pfizer viagra online The only way R.A. Buy pfizer viagra online Dickey would have been able to top the historic no hitter tossed by Johan Santana last night would have been to pitch a perfect game. Buy pfizer viagra online You know what? He came damn close.

Buy pfizer viagra online Dickey scattered seven hits in a complete game shutout win over the St. Buy pfizer viagra online Louis Cardinals by a score of 5-0. Buy pfizer viagra online Dickey has taken his game to another level this season. Buy pfizer viagra online With the win today he is 8-1 with a 2.69 ERA and a head spinning 70 K in 73.2 IP, buy pfizer viagra online this from a pitcher who today threw his knuckleball at a Bugs Bunny- like 54 mph.

Buy pfizer viagra online The Mets were led on offense by whom else? David Wright. Buy pfizer viagra online The Mets have had a lot of firsts between last year and this year, buy pfizer viagra online the dearly departed Jose Reyes won the first (tainted) batting title ever by a Mets player last year and of course Johan Santana with the first no hitter in franchise history last night, buy pfizer viagra online so maybe we are looking at the first NL MVP award ever won by a Met with David Wright? The way this season is going never say never.

Buy pfizer viagra online Cardinals starting pitcher Lance Lynn, buy pfizer viagra online will be staring at the ceiling of his hotel room tonight, buy pfizer viagra online trying to figure out how the hell he gave up three runs in the Mets half of the second inning. Buy pfizer viagra online Ike Davis led with the only solid hit of the inning, buy pfizer viagra online a single to right field. Buy pfizer viagra online Fourth string shortstop Omar Quintanilla was hit on the left wrist with a pitch to make it first and second for the Mets, buy pfizer viagra online no one out. Buy pfizer viagra online The faster than your average catcher, buy pfizer viagra online Josh Thole reached on an infield single and the Mets had the bags juiced with no one out.

Buy pfizer viagra online When you look back after the Thole hit, buy pfizer viagra online Lynn should have been out of the inning and if he did escape unscathed and unscored upon this could have been a whole different ball game, buy pfizer viagra online alas the defensively changed Matt Adams botched a play on an R.A. Buy pfizer viagra online Dickey ground ball hit by not catching a toss from second baseman Daniel Descalsco allowing Davis to score. Buy pfizer viagra online Lynn got Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Andres Torres to ground out but instead of being down 1-0, buy pfizer viagra online runs scored on both outs leaving the Mets with a 3-0 lead and Lynn and the Cards trying to figure out what just happened.

Buy pfizer viagra online The Mets tacked on two more runs on a wild pitch and a David Wright new Citi Field dimension home run.

Buy pfizer viagra online There are still many amongst the ranks of Mets fans that have not seen the light with the 2012 Mets. Buy pfizer viagra online These are not your “Willie Randolph, buy pfizer viagra online Jerry Manuel we couldn’t care less Mets” there is finally accountability and an esprit de corps in the Mets clubhouse led by field manager Terry Collins.  The toughest thing for a manager to do is getting his players to buy in to what he’s selling and in his second year at the managerial helm, buy pfizer viagra online the Mets are buying in big time. Buy pfizer viagra online Eat your heart out Mark Zuckeneberg.

Buy pfizer viagra online For those new to watching Mets baseball in 2012, buy pfizer viagra online you got a good view of the new Mets under Terry Collins on Friday night especially if you saw Collins post-game presser as he tried hard to hold his emotions in check when talking about the historic night.

Buy pfizer viagra online Many of you Cardinals fans reading this post are Missourians hailing form the Show Me State. Buy pfizer viagra online Well when it comes to the Mets, buy pfizer viagra online Mets fans are from the Prove It To Me State so far the proof is on the playing field.

Buy pfizer viagra online During the off season Mets Executive Vice President David Howard met with few of the Mets Bloggers to discuss the season ahead and the festivities for the 50th anniversary season. Buy pfizer viagra online  We talked about the low attendance numbers at Citi Field and Howard made a very interesting statement. Buy pfizer viagra online He said there are a whole lot of Mets fans out there, buy pfizer viagra online millions of them but many of them are dormant Mets fans. Buy pfizer viagra online What he was getting at is there are Mets out there who still root for the team but when they’re losing  they find it hard to come out to the ball park or watch on TV but when the team starts winning they come out of hibernation. Buy pfizer viagra online After Santana’s no hitter Twitter blew up with so many Mets tweets that the top ten trending topics on Twitter were Mets related. Buy pfizer viagra online Glad to see the dormant Mets fans come out of the cave.

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Buy pfizer viagra online Game Recap C70 At The Bat

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Viagra wholesalers I don’t have much ambition today; I mean when the folks down at St. Viagra wholesalers Lonesome start Tweeting about parking spots, viagra wholesalers I know I have company in the “can’t get it together” mode. Viagra wholesalers Seriously don’t you people get tired of busting on Daniel Murphy?

Viagra wholesalers Ike Davis participated on a Q & A over at Baseball America and was quite entertaining I must say. Viagra wholesalers Here a few of my favs:

Viagra wholesalers Josh (New Jersey): What are the pressures of playing in a big media market like New York?

Viagra wholesalers Ike Davis: I’m looking forward to play in NY. Viagra wholesalers The only way to play baseball is to have pressure on yourself and to expect to win everyday.

Viagra wholesalers {careful what you wish for Ike}

Viagra wholesalers Matt (Cedar Rapids, viagra wholesalers IA):  What are your favorite things to do in your downtime?

Viagra wholesalers Ike Davis: I fish and hunt as much as possible when I have free time.

Viagra wholesalers {has there ever been a baseball player who didn’t like to fish and hunt? I’m waiting for the player who says he likes making scrapbooks and shadow box frames}

Viagra wholesalers Rich (NY): How do you feel your time in Brooklyn during 2008 prepared you for playing in New York?

Viagra wholesalers Ike Davis: Playing in Brooklyn gave me a look of how involved the fans are. Viagra wholesalers They live and die with their teams in NY.

Viagra wholesalers {how you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Mermaid Avenue ?}

Viagra wholesalers steve (glenville ny): Which position do you like playing better right field, viagra wholesalers first base or pitcher? Which do you think you are best at?

Viagra wholesalers Ike Davis: I would have to say first base because I have played it more but I don’t mind the outfield either.

Viagra wholesalers {hummmmmmm this got me to thinking, viagra wholesalers what about Davis to RF and Murphy stays a first base ? }

Viagra wholesalers Great column this morning by Kevin Kernan of the NY Post on Jason Bay. I’ve mentioned before I was in Boston and at Fenway when Bay made his debut for the Red Sox and taking the place of Manny Ramirez is a whole lot tougher than coming to a 90 loss team. Viagra wholesalers You have to admit this little nugget from Bay is impressive:

Viagra wholesalers “Having played in that market (Boston) it’s all about putting up numbers, viagra wholesalers regardless of where you are. Viagra wholesalers I find it funny; you got the ‘best shape of my life’ routines. Viagra wholesalers People don’t care if you come in the best shape of your life or not, viagra wholesalers just show up and produce. Viagra wholesalers It’s all about production.”

Viagra wholesalers “Show up and produce” simple and to the point. Viagra wholesalers That should be the Mets motto for 2010.

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Viagra wholesalers This is called hockey heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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